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One Life to Live Update Friday 1/21/05



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Cristian is at Llanfair looking at a picture of Natalie. He says the book is driving them apart, and if he gets rid of it, he can start something new with Natalie. He says he have to try to take his life back.

At the hotel, Natalie tells Evangeline even if she could get Cristian’s book back she wouldn’t give it to John because she doesn’t trust him. Evangeline tells her that John sees her as someone he needs to protect. Evangeline tries to convince her to tell John. John walks in and says what.

At the police station, Daniel tells Bo and Nora that Adam feels Bo has conflict of interest. Bo asks him what he thinks. Blair comes into the office, and asks Bo if he has lifted the restraining order. Bo tells her he will do it later.

Outside of the cabin, Margaret calls Todd and she tells him that he better not be playing possum and worrying her.

Todd is still trapped under the fallen ruff. He begins to cough from the lantern that has fell down, and now it is pushing out fumes.

Blair asks Bo if he has done anything. Bo tells her that Todd is not their top priority. Blair is upset by this and tells him that Margaret is dangerous. Nora takes her out of the office to talk to her.

Daniel tells Bo that Adam Chandler has a right to feel that he is in to deep with this situation

A lady comes into the Palace and commends Kevin on his speech about missing kids. She has a child and Kevin asks if he can hold him. Kelly watches him interact with the child. Kevin tells the lady about missing Ace.

Back at the police station, Blair tells Nora about how she and Dorian had Ms. Bigelow put in the hospital after her memorial service. Nora says she looks a little loopy by doing that. Nora asks if there is any evidence that Ms. Bigelow didn’t committee suicide. Blair tells Nora about Margaret’s harassment since she has been out of St. Ann’s. Nora asks her if they reported it. Blair tells her that Todd told her she was nothing to worry about, so they didn’t bother doing it. Blair says that her and Todd under estimated Margaret. Blair asks Nora to help her.

Margaret screams to Todd not to give up hope. Todd tries to reach the lantern. Margaret tells him to say something. Todd, barely above a whisper says, Blair come find me.

Nora tells Blair that they are sending up Margaret’s file. Blair tells her that she and Bo are a lot like Todd and her. She tells her that the two of them share a child together and no matter what they are always going be apart of each other’s life. Nora pokes fun. Nora tells her that she is taking it serious. Blair to herself pleads with Todd stay a live so she can find him.

Inside the cabin, it is as if Todd heard Blair. He calls her name, and he reaches and finally turns off the lantern.

Back at Llanfair, Cristian reads from his notebook. Reads that John is out to get him and has to be careful since he has another mission. Cristian tears pages from the book.

John asks Natalie what she should tell him. Natalie tells him that she heard about his brother. John tells her that Michael didn’t kill Tico, but has now been suspended from because of the situation. Natalie still doesn’t tell him what she should talk to him about, and Evangeline tells John that she told Natalie that she should talk to him. Evangeline leaves them alone to try to straighten out Michael’s suspension from the hospital, and so Natalie can tell her what she told her. John tries to get her to confide in him, but Natalie tells him that she can’t choose him over Cristian and she leaves.

Margaret continues to try to call out for Todd. Todd tries to get from under the fallen ruff. Margaret hears him grunt. She tells him not to worry because they still have time to conceive. Todd tells her to go get help. Margaret tells him that she isn’t going to let him die because their baby is counting on them. She leaves to get some help.

Blair tells Nora that Daniel in a mercenary. Nora tells her that he isn’t he is the DA trying to do his job. Nora tells her how much she loves Daniel. Blair tells her that she has been there, forced to fall in love with one man because she can’t get the other.

Bo tells Daniel that he has never had a problem drawing a line between his duties and family. Daniel tells him that he is still trying to see that line.

Back at the Palace, Kevin tells the lady how Ace would recognize his voice, and his wife use to tease him and tell him that she isn’t sure who the baby is. Kelly comes over and says quiet a team. The lady leaves with her baby, and she tells Kevin that she hopes he finds his child. Kevin tells Kelly that they were great together. He tells her when Ace comes home maybe she should to.

In the study at Llanfair, Cristian picks up the paper from the couch and runs when he hears Natalie call his name. She finds a piece of paper on the floor. Cristian is watching her outside on the patio.

John tries to get Evangeline to tell him what she and Natalie were talking about. Evangeline tells John that she can’t tell him because she doesn’t want to be in the middle. She tells him that if Natalie wants to tell him she will. John tells her that she is something else, but in a good way. John gets a phone call from Natalie telling him that she has to see him. She tells him to come to Llanfair right away. John tells her that he is on his way. Natalie reads the note about Cristian saying one more slip up and everything is bad. Natalie is horrified.

Kelly and Kevin go on the balcony. She tells him that he has no idea how much she wanted to hear those words before. Kelly tells him that she believes that him wanting her back is a form manipulation. Kevin tells her he just thought it would be nice to be a family again.

Daniel tells Bo that Adam Chandler is going to be watching him close. Bo tells him that he wants to do his job. Bo gets a phone call. Bo tells the person on the phone to maintain surveillance and not to let them get out of his sight. Daniel asks Bo if the phone call has something to do with Ace, and he tells Bo to fill him in on the phone call.

Nora tells Blair that Margaret rented a room at the Palace the night they were to get married. Blair starts to fear the worse about Todd, and Nora calms her down.

Margaret goes for help, and she goes into a shop. She frantically asks the man for help. The man leaves to get his keys. Margaret looks at cabinet, which contains explosives.

Todd calls Margaret, but she has gone. Todd tries to free himself.

Margaret gets the cabinet open, and she gets some explosives. Todd continues to try to free himself, and he finally gets himself free.

Todd tries to get out of the cabin, and Margaret returns with the explosives. She tells told that she is going to get him out of there.

The guy comes back and sees that his cabinet is wide open, and some of his explosives are missing. He calls the police.

Margaret places the explosives in the snow.

Blair tells Nora that Margaret planned this from the beginning. A police officer brings Nora a picture that has just come in through the fax machine. Nora tells Blair it is Margaret.

Natalie shows John the note. John says that it proves that he loves her. Natalie tells John that he is trying to get her scared of her husband. John tells her that it is nothing like that, and he cares about her. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t think Evangeline would like to hear that. Natalie tells him that it is wrong of her to call him every time she needs help. John tells her that it is okay for her to call him.

Daniel tells Bo that he wants to know about the information. Bo tells him about the address they got of Ace’s mother Babe and Jamie. Daniel believes that Adam Chandler has a right to know. Bo tells him to do whatever he wants, but he has a job to do.

Kevin tells Kelly that he doesn’t blame her for thinking the way she is. Kelly says Ace was the only good thing that came of them. Kevin asks her how she does it. Kelly tells him that she knows how it feels to lose a child, and doesn’t want anyone else to go through it. Kelly tells him all the legal documents in the world doesn’t give him the right to take a child from it’s real mother. Bo calls him and tells him they found Ace.

Evangeline fantasizes about John giving her the string of pearls.

John tells Natalie if she is saying that for Evangeline sack she doesn’t have to because the two of them are in a good place. Natalie says that Cristian freaked out when she was caught reading his notebook, why would he leave that lying around. She goes to look in a drawer, and she sees that Asa’s lodge keys are missing and tells John he is there. She tells John that she can’t lose Christian a second time. John goes to the lodge.

At the lodge, Cristian burns the notebook in the fireplace.

Nora looks at the file, and she shows it to Blair. Blair wonders where Todd is. Nora tells him that Margaret stole a half of dynamite. Blair tells her that she is going to look for Todd. Nora tells her that it is a police matter now.

Margaret lights the explosives. She tells Todd to seek cover. Todd tries to move further away from the door.

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