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One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/20/05



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Bo and Nora look over the info he has about Babe and Ace being in New Orleans. She wants to tell him about setting the wedding date with Daniel, but he gets a phone call about the Paul Cramer murder case file. Then he has to go out of the office, where he over hears Evangeline congratulating Daniel for setting the wedding date. Things are then awkward for Nora, who tells Bo that they are getting married May 1st. Bo observes that the date is right before the state senate primary and that he thinks Daniel will run. Nora gets annoyed at Bo's insinuations, but Bo avoids the issue. Daniel kisses Nora and then leaves. Later, Daniel wants to discuss the Paul Cramer case with Bo. He says that he thinks he can get Rex convicted. Bo accuses him of only wanting to make a name for himself. They argue. Bo explains about how he is still investigating the case. Nora confronts Bo about Daniel, and they argue. Bo says he doesn't like Daniel and wonders why Nora changed her mind about liking him. He promises that he won't let it interfere with their working relationship. When Nora asks him about their personal relationship, he doesn't answer.

Adam Chandler is on this private jet, yelling at someone on the phone about how he has to get down to New Orleans. He says to himself that Daniel Coulsen will tell him where to go.

David and Dorian are at lunch at the Palace. She frets about how they can help Kelly get Ace. She plans to make sure neither the Chandlers nor the Buchanans get Ace. David gets jealous about Adam, but she assures him that she does not plan to seduce Adam. Instead, she plans to pit Adam and Kevin against each other. She phones Adam while David listens in. She tells Adam that she wants to help him find Ace and destroy Kevin. He is suspicious and reminds her that she thinks he is the devil. He seems open to the idea, however. She suggests they pool their resources. She says she will work on Kelly to find out where Babe is, in exchange for any info he finds out. He laughs, saying it's too little, too late. He has an inside source, he tells Dorian, then he hangs up. She wonders who that could be.

Marcie finds Jess at the Palace, sitting alone. Marcie asks Jess about the article in the Sun about Michael, but Jess tells her that she doesn't work there anymore. Marcie shows her the paper, which has a huge headline over Michael's picture, calling him "Doctor Death". Marcie feels very bad for him and admits she still in love with him. Jess says she's busy with work. She confides that she is trying to find out about the elevator crash. Jess is worried about things and wants to investigate what's going on. She also says she is still in love with Antonio. Marcie points out that they are in the same boat with their men because they love them but are not connecting lately. They discuss their problems.

Viki finds Michael at the hospital just as he is going in to see a patient. The patient is afraid of Michael and tells him he can't come near him. Viki watches all this. Paige arrives and comforts the patient, assuring him that he will get another doctor. Michael argues with that idea. Paige tells him that the new evidence puts his situation in a different light. Viki shows him the headline. She informs him sadly that the board has already met and that he is suspended. He protests that it's not fair. Paige and Viki tell him that the scandal affects the hospital and they need to put the patients first. He begs Viki to let him work and says it's not his fault. Paige assures him that he is a good doctor. He sighs that he has to go clean out his locker. Paige frets to Viki that Bo is also in a bad positiong because of having to investigate Michael when he works with John. Viki sympathizes and observes warmly that she and Bo have gotten very close. She seems to approve of their relationship, so Paige thanks her. She mentions that everyone else seems to support a Bo and Nora reunion.
Viki gets a little uncomfortable, admitting that she is an old friend of both; however, she says they must know their own minds.

Michael shows up at the Palace, so Marcie goes over to him to tell him that she's sorry about what he's going through. They discuss it a bit, then another doctor comes by and expresses his sympathy to Michael. He says everyone on the staff supports him. Michael tries to be optimistic while Marcie comforts him. They almost kiss, then Hayes arrives. He shows Marcie some newspaper reviews of her and her book, which are all positive. She is thrilled. Michael, however, looks sick.

Natalie is reading Cristian's journal when he finds her and grabs it out of her hand, very angry. He is upset, but she tells him that what he wrote about her was beautiful. She reads the passage where he talks about her love for him. She is very touched and begs him to let her help him. She keeps questioning him, but he is reluctant to tell her anything. She assures him that she will understand and talks about their history. He says that things are different now; she keeps asking him questions. He says he is trying to be worthy of her. This surprises her because she feels that she has to be worthy of him. He holds her head and asks her not to give up on him. She feels he's not ready to share with her yet, so she leaves. He gets angry and throws the book, then he lies down. He wrestles with himself about killing someone close to him and he grabs his head like it hurts. Viki comes in and asks if he's okay. He admits that he had a fight with Natalie. They discuss things. He wonders if he should go away for a while, but he's afraid of losing Natalie. She assures him that Natalie never gives up on people that she loves. Viki tells Cris that she knows about demons; she talks about how painful they are and how hard it was to keep them away. He wants to know how it felt, so she tells him that they were so frightening, like her whole world was out of tune and out of her control, that it might self-destruct any moment. Cris asks her what he should do. She points out that what helped her was therapy and the support of her loved ones. She says that he has to decide for himself to get help, but she says it's worth it.

Jessica figures out that Cris was the first one in the elevator, so she thinks he may have been trying to lure someone in there. Viki finds Jess working on her article at home. Viki asks if she still suspects Cristian of everything. Jess says she hasn't ruled him out yet. Viki tells her about the talk she had with Cris and that she doesn't think he is the one stalking Jess. She reminds Jessica about the talk they had before about her inability to see the evil in people like Dr. Haver, Tico, etc. Jessica doesn't want to be reminded. Viki wonders if Jess is trying too hard now to make up for that by only seeing bad in people. She points out that Jessica is suspicious of both Antonio and Cris. Jessica defends herself and her motives.

Cristian goes to confession. He tells the priest that he has been keeping secrets about bad things. He doesn't know who he is, but he's not Cristian Vega. He tells about his time on the ship and how he has these dream-like memories. He thinks he was programmed and hears voices telling him to do bad things. He says he can't stop himself and confesses that he killed Tico, plus he might kill again. The priest urges him to go to the police and turns himself in. Cris wants to put things right. He takes out the book and says maybe he gets rid of the book, he can be Cristian. He figures he has to destroy it.

Evangeline runs into Natalie at the hotel where John lives. She gets angry and yells at Nat for running to John with her problems again. Natalie tells her that she was looking for Roxy. Evangeline tells her that she's sorry. She can tell Nat is upset, so she questions her and asks if she can help. She knows they are not friends but tells Nat that she can trust her. They argue about Cristian. Evangeline wonders if Cris hurt her, which provokes Nat to angrily retort that if Cris was going to hurt her, he would have done it just now. She explains what happened with Cris' journal. She says that there is some secret in that book and she is very frustrated about it. Evangeline suggests she tell John about it, but Nat thinks he's the last person she should tell because he won't give up on it. They argue some more, and then Evangeline tells her to get Cristian's book and give it to John.

Paige congratulates Daniel and Nora at the police station about their engagement. She visits Bo in his office and they kiss. She can tell he's had another argument with Nora. Meanwhile, Nora and Daniel make dinner plans, but he's interrupted by his cell phone. It's Adam. He and Daniel have made a deal. Adam will back Daniel's senate campaign if Daniel gives him information about where Ace is. Paige tells Bo about Michael's suspension. She tells Bo that she has faith that he will catch the real killer. He is touched and they talk about going out dancing. Nora sits around, waiting for Daniel to return, clearly down in the dumps about fighting with Bo. Daniel tells Adam that there's nothing new. Dorian and David overhear Daniel chatting with Adam on the phone; they grab the phone out of his hands to find out who's on the other end. They argue. Daniel claims he was trying to get information from Adam, not give it to him. Bo and Nora come in. Bo tells Dorian that this is none of her business; he orders her out. As David and Dorian leave, she points out triumphantly that they've learned two things: Daniel is a liar, and the police don't know where Ace is. Bo quizzes dnaiel about what Dorian was ranting about. Daniel tells Bo and Nora that Adam is willing to fight dirty. They wonder what he means, so he says that he has something to tell them.

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