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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/19/05



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At Capricorn’s, R.J. wishes Evangeline Happy Birthday. He tells her it is too bad she is there alone. John comes behind her and kisses her. Evangeline thanks John for showing R.J. up. John tells her that it wasn’t for his pleasure. He gives her a gift.

At Llanfair, Cristian looks in the mirror and he hears the voice telling him what he has to do. He screams at himself, and Natalie comes in the room and asks him whom he is talking to.

At the cabin, Todd tries to dig himself out of the snow.

Margaret is in Ms. Bigelow’s hospital room. She picks up a pillow to smother her. She tells her that it was such a pity that she nearly killed herself looking for Todd. Blair is hiding inside the room. Dorian is outside on the phone trying to find out where the guy is that is supposed to be helping them with Margaret.

Back at Llanfair, Cristian tells Natalie that it was nothing. He loses s temper with her and tells her that he will see the shrink. He tells her that he never wants to hurt. He grabs her and they kiss and make love.

Back at Capricorn’s, John tells Evangeline that he can call it a birthday gift and piece offering. Evangeline tells him that she is sorry and if she knew about his brother, she wouldn’t have acted the way she did.

On the other side of the room, Nora asks R.J. if it bothers him that Evangeline has moved on. He tells her that he has moved one. Nora wants to know if she knows the person. R.J. smirks and tells her that she does. Nora says please doesn’t tell her she has moved onto Lindsay.

Lindsay goes to see Rex at the police station. She sees him working out and has a flash of a time that they made love. She wants to know if he killed Paul. He tells her that he is sure she knows who did it.

Todd lights a fire to keep the cabin warm.

Back at the hospital, Margaret realizes that Ms. Bigelow is already dead. Margaret tries to make a run for, and Dorian comes into the room. Blair asks Margaret where Todd is.

Back at the police station, Lindsay tells Rex if she knew who killed Paul she wouldn’t be there. Rex asks her if she is wearing a wire. Lindsay tells him that she is the one who is paying for his lawyer. He tells her that he put the gun in Dorian’s office after he received a letter telling him where it was and was giving ten grand after moving the gun. Rex thinks Jen killed Paul. Lindsay tells him that she is convinced Jen is innocent. Lindsay tells him that he has to talk to Bo. Rex tells her to go it him.

Natalie is at Capricorn’s and she sees Evangeline and John. Evangeline and John discuss Michael’s situation. John tells her not to turn her birthday in to work. He tells her to open her present. Natalie walks over and tells John she has something to say to him.

R.J. tells Nora that he was pulling her chain about Lindsay. Nora tells him that he sounds very convincing. She tells him that every man that has gotten involved with Lindsay has been screwed.

Lindsay goes to see Bo, but he brushes her off before she can talk to him. She goes to a police officer and tells him to tell Bo that Rex wants to speak to him. Daniel over hears her, and he goes to the holding cell.

Margaret tells Blair to let her go or she will call the police. Blair tries to call her bluff, but Margaret says if she does how will, they explain the dead body. Dorian tells her that she is chief of staff. Margaret knows otherwise. Blair and Margaret struggle and Margaret purse falls, and her gun fall out. Margaret gets to it first and she pulls it on Blair.

Cristian reads from his notebook. He says that he loves Natalie so much, but what if she is the one he is suppose to kill. He says that he has to figure it out. He puts the notebook under the mattress, and he leaves.

Natalie tells John that Cristian loves her more than ever, and he could never hurt her. She tells him to leave them alone. Evangeline asks him if he will leave them alone. He tells her no and it is probably not, what she wants to hear. She tells him that she is okay with it now because of all that he has been going through with his friend and now his brother.

When Evangeline and John leave to go on the patio, R.J. tells Nora that John and Evangeline is a strange couple. Lindsay comes and the two of them kiss. Nora leaves them, and Lindsay asks R.J. what he and Nora was all about. R.J. tells her that he was just killing time.

Daniel goes down to the holding cell to see Rex. Rex tells him that he asked to speak to Bo. Daniel tells him to talk to him because Bo can’t come down right now. Daniel gets Rex to tell him what he was going to tell Bo. Bo comes down and asks Daniel why he is down talking to Rex when he asked for him. Daniel tells Bo that he doesn’t believe what Rex is saying about being given ten grand for planting the gun.

Margaret has the gun pointed at Blair. Dorian tells her that they should listen to her because she does have a gun. She locks them in the closet and takes off. The Security that was already supposes to be there arrives, and lets them out of the closet. They run after Margaret.

Todd tries to dig himself out of the snow. He sees an open, but when he steps back, part of the ceiling collapses and falls on him.

Cristian goes to Capricorn, and R.J. asks him why he is drinking so early in the day and it is unlike him. R.J. talks to him about the time he tried to set him up. Cristian loses his temper and he grabs R.J. by his shirt. Lindsay gets Cristian to stop.

Natalie goes to see Rex and brings him some food. She tells him that Jen is not worth the trouble. Rex tells her that it is really all for nothing and he tells her about the money he received for planting the gun in Dorian’s office.

Bo tells Daniel that Rex evidence checks out. Daniel says that Rex is slick. Bo tells him that they don’t want to put the wrong person behind bars. Daniel makes the case personal. He tells Bo that he just doesn’t want to see him with Nora. Bo tells him that he is a phony. Daniel tells him to go to hell. Nora is standing in the doorway and has heard everything.

Blair and Dorian go to the police station to see Bo. They tell a police officer that they want to see Bo, but he tells them that he is busy. Blair tells him that it is important and about the whereabouts of Todd. Margaret is there and she has put a restraining order on Blair. Blair gets upset and goes after her, but Dorian stops her. Margaret asks the police officer if he can make sure Blair doesn’t follow her. Blair is certain that Margaret has Todd.

Rex thanks Natalie for the food. She tells him that she will try talking to Bo on her way out. Rex tells her to talk to Mc Bain. Natalie tells Rex about what is going on between her and John. She tells him about Cristian. Rex tells her that she and Cristian belong together.

Lindsay gives Cristian his commission for his artwork. She tells him that she is running low on his work and will need more. He tells her that he is not an art machine. Lindsay tells him that she knows how it feels to be loss and unable to control you’re self. She reminds him that she killed Sam. Cristian asks her how she got better. She tells him that it was from help. He takes the money and tells her thanks.

R.J. asks Lindsay how Cristian is doing. Lindsay tells him that he is having it ruff right now. She tells him that Cristian has family that love him, and it will help him.

Evangeline tells John that lunch was great. John tells her to open her gift. It is a pearl necklace. John tells her that they are his moms, and his father gave them to her. He tells her that his mother wants him to give them to him to give to someone to make them happy. Evangeline tells him that she cannot accept the pearls.

Todd is lying underneath the collapsed ruff. Margaret comes back and sees what has happened. She calls Todd’s name and asks him if he can hear her.

Margaret screams and asks Todd to let her know he is all right. Todd calls her and tells her that he needs her help. After he tells her that he will do anything, she begins to dig.

Blair tells Bo that Margaret is unstable and responsible for Todd being missing.

Daniel tells Nora that he is sorry that she had to hear him talking like that to Bo. He tells her that he just doesn’t want to let Rex go if he is the one who killed Paul. Nora tells Daniel that she tends to trust Bo judgment. Daniel thinks that she is picking sides. He tells her that they haven’t even picked a wedding date yet, and he leaves her standing alone.

Bo tells Blair that he needs proof. Blair tells him that she will get him proof. Bo warns her to be careful about how she gets that proof. Dorian tells Blair that they may have under estimated Margaret.

Bo gets a phone call from Page. She asks Bo if would like to go dancing. Bo agrees to go.

Nora hears Bo on the phone talking to Page about going dancing. Daniel walks back over to Nora, and he apologizes to her. Nora picks a date for their wedding, May.

Evangeline tells John that she can’t accept the pearls unless he is ready for a deeper relationship. He tells her to stop talking and turn around. He places the pearls around her neck. The two of them kiss.

Natalie goes home and looks at a wedding photo of her and Cristian. As she makes up the bed, she finds Cristian notebook again. Cristian comes back home and is on his way into the room.

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