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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/18/05



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Kevin tells Asa that he invited Duke and Adrianna for breakfast. Asa tells him to un-invite them, Duke betrayed the Buchanons by withholding Ace’s location. Kevin stands up for Duke, while Duke is listening outside the door.

Blair tells Dorian that their plan is set, Mrs. Bigelow is in the van and ready to go to the hospital. The funeral director then approaches them and asked them what they are doing with the body.

Jen and Marcie are at the coffee shop, where Jen tells Marcie that she can’t believe the accusations being brought against Michael, he’s one of the good ones. Jen then asks Marcie how things are going with her book. Marcie says that she can’t concentrate on her book when Michael’s future is at stake. Jen tells Marcie it’s obvious that her and Michael still care about each other as much as they ever did. Michael and Riley enter the coffee shop.

Antonio returns to Llanfair after he goes for a run and calls for results on the wire cutters he had found outside of Llanfair. While he is on hold, Jessica tells him that it’s obvious he still cares about her and wants to protect her. Antonio tells her it’s because it’s love that makes him do those things.

Dorian produces official looking papers for the funeral director, and using her doctors status convinces him to call Mrs. Bigelow’s family to okay the removal of her body. This buys Blair and Dorian enough time to leave.

Margaret informs Todd that today is the day to make their baby. She produces a positive ovulation predictor. She leaves to go freshen up as Todd attempts to hide a knife. Margaret comes back with a gun informing Todd to put the knife down or she will kill him.

Antonio receives his results. There were no fingerprints on the cable cutters, but there were pieces of plastic wire casing. Antonio then asks Jessica to work with him to catch whoever is doing this to her.

Asa yells at Duke, telling him to give Ace up, and then says that Adrianna is only there to act as a spy for Dorian. Adrianna says that Dorian told her Kevin only asked her there to pump her for information of Ace’s whereabouts, but they were both wrong. Asa berates her and Duke jumps to her defense.

Margaret asks Todd why it is so hard for him to complete this one task. Todd tells her that when he looks at his kids, he sees souls that are better than their parents. He tells Margaret that he knows she wants to be loved, but this isn’t the way to be loved.

Blair and Dorian make Mrs. Bigelow situated in a hospital room; and are waiting for Margaret to come and finish the job.

Jessica tells Antonio that she really wants to help, but doesn’t know where to start. Antonio tells her to write a series of articles for the paper about what it’s like to be a victim, basically calling her stalker out.

Duke demands that Asa apologize to Adrianna, Asa refuses. Duke then explains that he can’t justify taking Ace away from his real family. Adrianna tells them she can’t blame Duke for being angry since Kevin is ignoring his biological child for one that isn’t even his.

Margaret asks Todd what he would do if she let him go, he says he would go home, and help her to get the help that she needs. Margaret takes this as a sign of love and tells him to get ready for baby making time. Just then a news broadcast comes across the radio saying that Mrs. Bigelow is at Llanview hospital in stable condition but is expected to make a full recovery. Margaret is shocked to learn this.

Blair and Dorian discuss their plan, and how to make Mrs. Bigelow look a little more alive. Their conversation is interrupted by Asa; he wants to know who they have murdered now.

Jessica meets Kevin at The Palace and tells him she is being stalked and her room and car have been ransacked. She tells him that Antonio and her are working together, but she needs to work at The Banner to put their plan in motion. Kevin is against the plan, but eventually gives in.

Marcie and Michael both make excuses to leave, Jen pulls Riley aside so Marcie and Michael can talk. Marcie asks Michael how he’s doing, Michael says he’s hanging in there.. Marcies’s cell phone rings. It’s Hayes. Marcie tells Michael the call can wait.

Margaret tells Todd that she needs to go finish off Mrs. Bigelow. Todd tells her not to, it’s her chance to make things right. Margaret tells him to shut up, and she leaves.

Asa asks Blair and Dorian why Mrs. Bigelow isn’t underground yet. Dorian says she’s actually making a miraculous recovery. Asa feels her, proclaims her dead and states he’s calling security. Blair begs, saying that it’s a life or death matter. Dorian threatens him with taking everything away from Kevin.

Jen tells Riley that she hopes Marcie and Michael make it, and that Hayes is their problem, he makes Marcie feel like she’s not pretty, or good enough. Riley says that Jen was the same way, and Marcie will get it soon enough.

Marcie tells Michael that her book will be out in a few weeks and she can’t wait for it to be over. Michael tells Marcie that she’s got everything she ever wanted, Marcie says “Do I?” Hayes calls again, Michael tells Marcie to get it.

Adrianna apologizes to Duke about what she said, and he said she’s partially right, he’s upset that Kevin didn’t fight this hard to keep him. Adrianna defends Kevin and states that Kevin was the same age they are back then.

Blair convinces Asa to leave, Dorian follows him to make sure he’s good on his word. As Dorian closes the elevator, Margaret shows up and asks the nurse where Mrs. Bigelow’s room is.

Todd breaks the window and shoots off a flare, which causes an avalanche. Snow starts pouring in the cabin through the broken window and fireplace.

Michael leaves to take a phone call, and when Marcie gets off her phone she sees that Michael is gone. Upset, she goes and orders three brownies with everything to go.

Antonio is pleased to see that Jessica got through to Kevin. His cell phone rings, and he receives more results. He learns that the casings were from the elevator at The Gallery. Jessica is disturbed to learn that the person who cut the cables was at Llanfair.

Blair hides behind a divider as Margaret enters the room with an evil grin on her face.

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