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At Ms. Bigelow’s funeral, Dorian, David, and Starr sign their names on the guest book. Blair comes in behind them and signs her and Todd’s name. Dorian asks her why she did that.

At the cabin, Margaret tells Todd tonight may be the night they make their baby.

At the police station, Michael explains to Bo that he and his brother are the only ones to have those special gloves. John asks Bo to keep this quiet until he finds out more.

At Llanfair, Cristian tells Natalie what if he is the one stalking Jessica and he don’t even know.

Antonio goes to Jessica’s room to get the note to be analyzed. Jessica tells him she’ll do it for him, and she reads the note, and says the note says they are never going to be together and they are right. Antonio says sorry to her again for breaking her heart. Jessica gets angry tells Antonio that he hurt her when he ran to Sonia and pushed her away. Antonio points out that they could’ve have been married, but she never wanted to pick a date with him. Antonio tells her that she misses him as much as he misses her. Jessica accuses him of not listening to her and they would still be together if he did.

Back at the police station, Michael refuses to let John throw his career away for him. He tells him that he trusts him to clear his name. Bo tells him that they can’t hide evidence. Bo tells him he can put it off for a little, but he cannot just let it go.

In their room at Llanfair, Natalie tells Cristian that he isn’t stalking anyone. Natalie tells him that he loves Jessica and she was his first love, and he would never hurt her. Cristian tells her that she doesn’t know, and that things happened to him on the ship. Natalie tries to convince him that he is the man she married and she will not let him forget it. Natalie asks him what reasons he would have to leave Jessica a note. Cristian didn’t know about the note, and he asks her about it. Cristian goes to Jessica’s room to see the note.

Back in Jessica’s room, Antonio tells Jessica that the elevator accident could have been meant for her. He tells her he found cable cutters on Llanfair, and has taken it to the police department to be analyzed. Jessica tells Antonio that he isn’t a police officer anymore, and if she needs help, she will go to John or Bo. Cristian comes in the room and tells Jessica that he needs to see the note.

David and Starr view Ms. Bigelow body. Starr touches her and says that she feels rubbery. Starr says that her dad liked her and she did to. She says that when she was around she believed that her dad was coming home.

Blair tells Dorian that Ms. Bigelow didn’t have a ridiculous theory. Blair tells her that Margaret pulled a gun on her. She says that she was hoping that one of Ms. Bigelow friends would come and tell her something.

Margaret tells Todd they will have the most handsome and intelligent baby that ever lived. Todd asks her what she put in his drink. Margaret tells him she gave him a little picks me upper. She looks under the cover, and says that it is working.

Inside Jessica’s room, Cristian tells her that he wants to see the note to find out if it is his handwriting. Natalie is behind him, and when she sees the note, she gets upset with Jessica and tells her that it isn’t his handwriting and she doesn’t want to hear about it again. Antonio looks at it and tells her that the handwriting looks familiar.

Marcie goes to see John at the police station, but Evangeline is at the desk. Marcie accidentally tells Evangeline about the glove and Michael’s situation. When she realizes that Evangeline doesn’t know, Evangeline tells her that it is okay, and that she worried about John. Marcie tells her the whole story about the glove.

Paige pulls the records of Tico for Bo and John. She tells them that the life support system was pulled. She tells him the events as they occurred. Michael doesn’t have an alibi. Paige asks why he would need one. Michael tells her that he didn’t pull the plug. He says he would never do anything to jeopardize a patient. Bo asks if there is any other way the plug could have come out. Paige goes to get something that may help Michael. John asks Bo if they should keep it among themselves. John thinks something like this could ruin Michael’s career. Bo thinks he should take him off the case to save him.

Evangeline tells Marcie that her and John got into it. She was trying to write and apology. Marcie tells her that the two of them make a good couple. Marcie says the Mc Bain boys are complicated. She says that she is just confused. Evangeline tells her that she is as well.

Margaret tells Todd that if the test comes out positive they will be ready to make a baby. She goes to do the test, and Todd tries to get one of his hands free from the bed railing.

Blair tells Dorian that she has to find out what happened to Todd. Dorian tells her that she should forget about Todd because he left her and the kids. Blair is upset, and she raises her voice with Dorian. Starr hears the two of them arguing and wants to know why. Blair tells her it is nothing, and she asks Starr if she paid her respects. Blair goes over and talks to Ms. Bigelow. She tells her that she is sorry for what happened to her. She tells her that she wish she wasn’t dead, and Ms. Bigelow opens her eyes, and says what makes you think I am dead. Blair jumps back and screams in horror.

Natalie asks Cristian if he will believe her that he is not stocking her sister. Cristian tells her that everything is not okay. He tells her that he doesn’t know what he is capable of. He tells her that he will call in and make an appointment with a shrink tomorrow. Natalie is thrilled by this news. He tells her that he wants to talk to her, but it is hard. He flashes of him pulling Tico’s plug.

Antonio tells Jessica that he seen the handwriting before. Jessica says she can do it herself. He tells her that he just wants to help. He tells her that it is a lot more serious then him keeping her out of the loop at LPD. He tells her that he will not be leaving, so unless she can physically carry him out he is not leaving her side. Jessica says she hate this macho side of him. He tells her that he thinks the two of them can be together again.

Back at the cabin, Todd has gotten one of his arms free. Picks up candle and places it by him. Margaret asks him if he wants another drink. He tells her that he doesn’t want another pick me up. Margaret says she will get rid of Blair if she gets close to finding her out the same way she got rid of Ms. Bigelow.

Back at the funeral, Blair was hallucinating when she thought she saw Ms. Bigelow open her eyes and talk to her. She tells them what she thought Ms. Bigelow said, and they all look closely at Ms. Bigelow. Dorian tells her to calm down. She tells David and Starr to get some water for Blair. Blair thinks that maybe she was trying to tell her something.

Evangeline tells Marcie it sounds like she still cares about Michael. Marcie tells her that she really cares about him. Marcie asks Evangeline if she can be Michael’s lawyer. Evangeline tells her that she can’t. Marcie asks her if she can recommend someone. Evangeline tells Marcie that John will take care of him.

John tells Bo that he can be objective on the case. Bo tells him starting now. John says that he will follow everything properly. Page comes back with the janitors log only to find out that the gloves were removed from the trash before Tico’s murder.

Natalie asks Cristian to tell her what he was going to tell her before. Cristian remembers picking up gloves that Michael threw in his trash can after checking on him. He doesn’t tell Natalie about it, and he says that he was going to tell her about his time on the ship. Natalie tells him that maybe he will be able to talk to his therapist.

Starr asks David if he thinks her mom really saw Ms. B say something. Dorian tells her that they should leave so she can get rest. Blair tells Dorian that she knows what Ms. Bigelow was trying to tell her, she knows how to find Todd.

Todd tells Margaret that it isn’t time yet. Todd messes with test while Margaret goes to get something to drink. Margaret comes back and says the test is fool proofed and she comes to check it. After she sees that it is negative, she is unhappy with the results. She then realizes that Todd has one of his arms free, and pulls her gun on him.

Michael looks in the hospital room. He says it doesn’t look good for him. Bo tells him that it isn’t over by long shot. John agrees with Bo.

John calls Jessica to see if she remembered who pulled the plug. She speaks very sarcastically to John, and tells him that she doesn’t remember, but she will try. Antonio tells her that if they could find the answer of who killed Tico they maybe able to find out what is going on with her now.

At Llanfair, Cristian and Natalie lie in bed. Cristian stares blankly as Natalie sleeps.

Margaret tells Todd she should shoot him right now. He tries to talk her out of it by saying that it is a part of their song and dance. He gets loose and she ties him back up. She tells him that they will make a baby.

Blair asks David to take Starr to the car. Blair tells Dorian they can trick Margaret into believing that Ms. Bigelow didn’t die in the fall. Margaret would come to finish her off at the hospital. Blair talks to Ms. Bigelow and tells her that she is going to help them find Todd.

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