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One Life to Live Update Friday 1/14/05



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At the Buchanan’s mansion, Asa holds a meeting. Nigel takes roll and calls everyone by their full names. Matthew is shocked by Bo's real name.

At the police station, Michael asks John if he think he killed Tico. John tells him that the odds are that they were probably the only two with the type of gloves found on the scene. Michael tells him that maybe he killed him. He tells John that he saves lives, does not take them.

Cristian opens the door to Natalie and his room, and he has a flash of him pulling Tico’s plug. Natalie tells him she has been looking all over for him. He tells her that he was at St. Jude’s confessing his sins.

Todd struggles to free himself from the bed at the cabin. He gives up, he sees a vision of Viki, and she tells him that she won’t let him give up.

At Margaret’s place, Blair tells her to go ahead and call the police. With her back to Blair, she screws on the silencer to the gun. Blair refuses to leave until she tells her where Todd is. Margaret pulls the gun on Blair and she tells her that she has a better idea.

Todd continues to hallucinate, and he thinks he sees Viki, and he asks her to untie his ropes. Viki tells him that she can’t do that and is there to give him hope. She tells him that people are at home pulling for him, like her, Starr, Jack, and Blair. Now Todd imagines Dorian there, and she says that Blair is out of Todd’s life forever.

Blair pleads with Margaret for her not shoots her. Margaret says that she should heave had her life, but she is just poor living in a questionable neighborhood. She tells Blair that there are break-ins all the time, and she will tell the police that’s why she shot her.

Natalie asks him about his sins that he confessed. Cristian doesn’t tell her. She begs him to tell her, and she tells him that she will tell no one. Cristian tells her that she worries too much and kisses her on the cheek. Natalie knows he is not telling her everything and she begs him to let her in.

Michael is upset that John accused him of murder. John tries to tell him that he knows he didn’t kill Tico. He tells him that he is going to delay evidence until he finds out what really happened. John believes that the board will come down hard on Michael since he has just been put on probation. Michael doesn’t want him to take the fall for him. Evangeline walks in on their conversation, and she asks Michael if he is in trouble. Michael leaves the station and tells her to ask him. John goes after him

Nigel is trying to conduct the meeting. Asa interrupts him, and he continues to curse. He tells Matthew that it is good for business. Asa has held the family meeting to try to get Ace back. He refuses to let him be with the Chandlers. Duke disagrees with Asa and says that Ace is not a Buchanan. Kevin says he is his legally. Duke doesn’t think he has the right to go after a child that doesn’t belong to him. Asa tells him that it is not about rights, and it’s about family. Asa asks him who side he is on and he ask Bo as well. Bo makes it clear that he has put out an APB on Babe, and that is as far as it goes. Kevin tries to make Bo take their side by saying that Sam kept Matthew away from him. Bo tells him that he is doing the same thing with Ace. Asa is upset that Bo isn’t taking their side. He tells them to get out. Asa asks Duke if he is going to stand by his family or should he be thrown out.

Marcie goes to a coffee shop in hopes to get a job. The manger asks her if she has experience, and when she tells him that she worked at a diner, he asks her why she left. She tells him that she was fired. She goes on to tell him about working at the police station, and the hospital, only to tell him she was fired there too. He asks her if she lost a patient. Marcie tells him her situation. She tells him that she’s a total failure.

Evangeline asks John what’s going on with him and Michael. She is not pleased when John tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it, and that it is police business. John asks her if she wants to say something say it. He tells her that she wouldn’t understand. Evangeline feels like he doesn’t want to open up to her because she crossed the line. She is upset and says he can’t talk to her about the fight he had with his brother and it isn’t about Tico’s murder. John loses his temper and screams to her that it is about the murder.

Back at Llanfair in Natalie and Cristian room, they lie in the bed. Cristian tells her he didn’t mean anything by when he said he was confessing his sins. He takes a shower. Natalie goes through his things and finds his note pad. She puts it down, but says she has to know and picks it back up.

Asa questions Duke on whether he is a Buchanan or not. Kevin tries to jump in for him by telling Asa that it isn’t fair. Duke tells Asa that he loves his family, but cannot support them going after Ace. He says he knows that Kelly loved him and thought she wouldn’t be able to give him up but she did because she knew it was the right thing to do. Duke questions his dad on how he could put Kelly through that again. Kevin says he doesn’t want to hurt her and just wants his son back. Duke tells him that his son is standing in front of him. Duke tells Nigel to record the time down in the books and that he has had enough, and he leaves.

Matthew asks Bo if Asa is mad at them because he called them traitors. Bo tells him that he was just talking. He tells him that it is one of the great mysteries of being a Buchanan.

Marcie begs the manger to give her a shot at the job. She tells him about running the radio station. He tells her that he doesn’t think she is a good fit. Marcie says she doesn’t fit anywhere and thanks him for her time. She runs into Michael on her way out. She notices something is bothering him and asks him to tell her. He doesn’t want to unload his problems on her, but she tells him to go ahead because they are still friends. Michael tells her about the evidence John found for the Tico Santi case pointing to him.

Evangeline questions John about what the case has to do with Michael. John tells her nothing and for her to forget about it. Evangeline tells him if he can’t open up to her she is done. John asks her if that means it is over.

Blair tries to convince Margaret that no one will believe she shot her by mistake. She tells her that she will spend the rest of her life in prison. She thinks she will only be sent to St. Ann. Blair tells her that she is crazy. Margaret asks her what’s so crazy about her and Todd having a baby.

Todd continues to hallucinate, and Dorian asks him when he is going to take responsibility for his on screw-ups. Todd asks her if she thinks he want to be a sex slave to a nut burger like Margaret. Viki tells him to be careful because Dorian has always been sensitive on that subject. The two of them exchange insults. Todd tells him that it is his nightmare. Dorian tells him he is the reason Margaret was brought into all their lives. Viki tells her that she can’t blame him for his own kidnapping. She tells him what goes around comes around. She says she like the look of a snake all tied up. She says Blair is finally ready to move on with is life and there is nothing he can do about it. Viki encourages him to free himself. Dorian tells him they are better off without him. Dorian and Viki push each other.

Natalie sits with Cristian’s notebook in her hand, and she puts it away before reading it. Cristian comes out from his shower. She apologizes to him for pushing him to trust her. He tells her that he is sorry and that there is something that he has to tell her.

Michael tells Marcie that it is no going to look so good. Marcie tells him that she is there for him. He tells her that John is thinking about not turning in the evidence because he has this idea that it will affect his career. Michael says he knows it will affect Johns, and he asks her what he should do.

Duke shows up where Bo and Matthew you are. Bo asks him how the rest of the meeting went. Duke tells him that he thinks Asa wants to disown him. Matthew tells him that he doesn’t mean it and it is just the way he talks. Bo gets a phone call from the mayor. He tells Matthew he has to go back to work. Matthew asks him if he can stay and hang out with Duke. Duke tells Bo that it is okay. Bo kisses’ Matthew on the cheek and he leaves.

Kevin tells Nigel it is no need for him to try to get Clint, Joey, and Cord because the meeting is over. Asa tells Kevin not to worry because they can handle the situation their selves. He tells Kevin that they are going to Pine Valley to take care of the Chandler’s.

Dorian and Viki continue to argue in Todd’s hallucination. Dorian tells her that she is no match to her when it comes to playing dirty. Viki tells her she is if she gets one of those crazy people out of her head. Dorian tells her to bring it on. Todd gets them to focus back on him. Dorian tells him that Blair doesn’t love him anymore. Viki tells him that Blair loves him and never gives up.

Blair asks Margaret if she think Todd would have a baby with someone like her. Margaret asks her why not because she is not pretty enough and not her. Blair tells her that it is because she is nuts. Margaret tells her that she will see about that. She tells Blair to get out of her house before she really kills her. Blair refuses to leave until she tells her where Todd is. She tells her that Todd left her and doesn’t want her anymore. Margaret counts for Blair to leave. She leaves and stands around the corner. She says that Margaret is going to lead her right to him.

John asks Evangeline if she really wants to call it quits because he doesn’t want to tell her about a conversation he and his brother had. When she tells him no, he asks her what I am done means in her world. She tells him that she is angry with him. He tells her to take his word that it had nothing to do with the two of them. Evangeline doesn’t feel like they are in the relationship together, and she tells him she wonders if they ever will be again. Bo is at the door, and John waves him in. Bo asks if he is interrupting, and Evangeline says that she has to leave. John tries to get her to wait, but she tells him that she should really go, and she leaves.

Bo asks John if everything is fine. He tells him yes. Bo wants to know if he has anything on the Santi case because the mayor is breathing down his neck.

Blair sits outside Margaret’s apartment, and when she takes too long, Blair breaks in. She realizes that she climbed out the window.

Todd is still trying to free his self from the bedpost, but when Margaret returns he stops. She thinks something looks different. He tells her that he was trying to get comfortable. She tells him that she brought him coffee. He asks her if she has milk. She goes in the back, chops up a pill and puts it in with the milk. She takes it back to him, and he drinks it with a straw.

Marcie tells Michael that she is the wrong person to give advice. He says he knows they are not together, but he got use to running all the important things by her. She tells him that he already knows what he should do. She asks him what John would do if the situation were reversed.

Matthew tells Duke that it is hard being a Buchanan. Duke tells him at least he gets along with his father. Matthew tells him that his dad reminds him of their grandpa because he says many things, but he doesn’t really mean it. He tells him that he is still his dad. Duke tells him that he hopes he is right. Matthew tells him not to worry because he is.

Cristian tries to explain the pictures and the voices that have been popping in his head. He tells her that he pushes back when people say the wrong thing, and he will never hurt her. She tells him that she told him that. Cristian asks her who, and she tells him John Mc Bain, and that he wanted to talk about him. He asks her what he said. She tells him that John thinks she could be in danger from him.

Back in John’s office, Bo tells John that the mayor says he will cut their budget unless they give something to keep the press at bay for a couple of days. John asks him that is what they are doing, making the mayor looks good. Bo tells him that he doesn’t like it either, but he knows how they play the game. Bo asks him if they found out anything about the latex glove. Michael walks in the office and tells Bo that he was just coming to see him. John tells him that they are having a meeting, and he will talk to him about everything later. Michael tells him that despite all of the evidence against him, he had nothing to do with Tico Santi’s murder. Bo looks at John and says what evidence. Michael tells him the latex matches the gloves he uses.

Natalie tells Cristian that she is sorry and should have told him before, but she didn’t want to hurt him. She tells him that she knows he loves her and would never hurt her. Cristian has another flash of the guy telling him what he should do. Cristian tells her that he isn’t so sure of that.

In Pine Valley, Asa and Kevin go to visit Adam and Jr. Adam tells them that he has been expecting them. Asa tells him to cut the small talk. Asa tells them that he is there to stake their claim on Ace because he is a Buchanan. Adam doesn’t agree with and tells him that he is a Chandler by birth and rights. Kevin tells him that the court thinks otherwise because he has custody of him. Jr. tells him because of his incompetence he is with his mother. Kevin tells him that he intends to get Ace back from her because he is his son. Jr. tells him according to his DNA he is his son.

Margaret tells Todd that she ran into Blair. She tells him she ran into her at her apartment. Todd tells her that if she hurt Blair he will kill her. She tells him that she is fine, but she won’t be for long if he doesn’t start cooperating. Todd tells her there is nothing she can do to make him interested in having sex with her. Margaret tells her that she wouldn’t be too sure about that. Todd starts getting hot, and he realizes that she put something in the drink.

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