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One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/13/05



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Cristian has a flashback, the voice in his head tells him he must kill someone in Llanview. He is in church. The Priest arrives and tells him what a miracle it is.

Nora enters John’s office and wonders why he’s sleeping there. John tells Nora he’s lost track of time working on the Santi case.

Evangeline and Antonio are at lunch, Evangeline tells him that she’s worried about his alibi, Antonio says he doesn’t have one and that he’s going after Tico’s killer on his own before they hurt Jessica.

In the cabin Margaret tells Todd that the search for him has ended. Todd said that neither Blair nor Mrs. Bigelow would give up on him.Margaret then tells Todd that Mrs. Bigelow had a tragic accident. Todd wants to know if she killed Bigelow. Todd tells Margaret she’s insane for killing someone who was innocent. Margaret then starts discussing baby names. Todd tells her there will be no child. Margaret says there are other ways besides the old fashioned way. Margaret then leaves, threatening harm to Blair on her way out.

Viki asks Antonio about what she should do about this second incidence involving her home, besides changing the locks and adding security. Antonio has an idea.

At Llanfair Jessica tells Natalie that she looks exhausted. Natalie tells Jessica that Cristian is having nightmares that he won’t talk about.

At the church, Cristian tells the Priest that he is not the man he once was, he’s angry all the time and has done terrible things.

Antonio shows up at lanfair and tells Jessica that Viki is at the police station making out a report. Jessica gets very angry and asks him what it will do to Natalie when they find out it’s Cristian. Antonio then tells Jessica he’s staying at Llanfair until he can find out who’s after her.

Carlotta shows up at the church to talk to Cristian. Cristian tells her he has disappointed the people he loves, he then asks Carlotta what she meant when she looked at him and said something wasn’t right. She says there was a light missing in his eyes.

Nora and John are discussing the glove evidence. Nora then asks if John and Evangeline are okay. John dodges her question. Nora then tells John not to let his job get in the way or become more important than the people you love.

When Nora leaves John calls Michael and asks Michael to meet him at the station in an hour

Jessica tells Antonio that he’s not moving in. Antonio tells her it’s not open for discussion. She says she will just leave, and he says he will follow. Antonio says he just wants to protect her. Jessica says she hasn’t been hurt. Antonio said that it might be Tico’s killer, who is afraid Jessica will get her memory back.

Blair shows up at Margaret’s and demands to know where Todd is.

Viki tells Jessica that a police cruiser will be by several times a night, but she will feel better knowing Antonio is right down the hall. Viki says it’s just until they find out who is doing this. Jessica says they all know it is Cristian. Antonio does not believe that, he believes whoever tampered with the cable in the elevator meant for Jessica to be on there. Cristian risked his life to save Antonio. Jessica mentions that he hesitated, but Antonio brushes it off as something that just happened. Jessica says that she thinks Cristian was the one who sabotaged the elevator. Natalie walks in as Jessica said that.

Carlotta tells Cristian that the pain is still in his eyes, but some of that old light is back. Cristian says it’s because of Natalie, but he’s afraid of hurting her and he’s thinking about leaving.

Blair asks Margaret again where Todd is. Margaret acts like she has no idea. Blair says that when she finds Todd, Margaret will be going to Statesville. She then tells Margaret that it was no accident that Mrs. Bigelow fell out a window. Margaret then asks Blair if she should be standing in front of an open window if she feels that way.

Carlotta begs Cristian not to leave. Cristian says he’s put pin in Natalie’s eyes. Carlotta says that Natalie would rather work thinks out with him than have him leave. Cristian hears the voice again telling him to kill Tico Santi, but killing Tico is only the beginning, someone else must die.

Natalie tells Jessica that Cristian would never trash her room or tamper with the elevator. Viki tells Jessica that’s enough and Jessica freaks out and tells them they are all blind, and leaves the room. Viki tells Natalie that the cristian she has known for years would never hurt anybody, and she doesn’t believe he has changed that much. She also tells her that Jessica is just scared. Natalie says she’s scared too, afraid Cristian will continue to have nightmares and headaches that won’t get any better.

Nora and Evangeline get together and discuss Nora’s engagement. Nora admits she has finally slept with Daniel. Nora then asks why John is sleeping at the station. Evangeline admits he’s a million miles away emotionally.

Michael shows up at the station to talk to John, John shows Michael the box of gloves which are the same kind that Jon bought for Michael after he found out he was allergic to the hospital ones. John tells Michael that whoever murdered Tico was wearing a pair.

Blair starts rummaging through the pile of mail on Margaret’s table, she says it looks like a couple weeks worth. Margaret gets flustered and asks Blair to leave, and then says she’s calling the police. She then leaves the room and gets a gun.

John asks Michael if he lent a pair of gloves to anyone. Michael says no, he keeps them locked up inside his locker. John says that’s a problem because he was the doctor on duty that night.

Jessica accuses Antonio of only doing this to try to get back together with her. He denies it.

Viki tells Natalie about Ben’s father’s old crime connections and how she felt Ben was pushing her away, but loving him was enough.

Cristian is in the church praying to be forgiven for killing a man. The voice tells him he must kill one who is hated and one who is loved.

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