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At La Boule, Dorian talks to David, but he is not listening because he is sleep. He awakes when she tells him that she has food. Dorian tells David whatever happens with Brooks, she loves him and only him. She tries to feed him a strawberry. David wants to know what will be happening with the two of them. Dorian tells him that they have already discussed that she needs his help to bring Viki down. As she tells him if Brooks wants to have his way with her, David cuts her off because he doesn’t like this idea. Dorian tries to correct herself and says that she means letting him think he can have his way with her. David asks her how far she is willing to go.

At Capricorn’s, Viki goes over to Kelly and tells her that she should be smiling because of her hard work; the art show was a success. Kelly says that she is glad and that work keeps her mind off other things. Viki tells her that she knows it is hard not being with Ace. Kelly tells her that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Viki tells her that she should try, and that maybe they could come up with away to keep Ace as part of the family.

Duke and Kevin arrive at Capricorns. Duke asks him if he is sure that grandpa wanted him there. Kevin tells him yes. They see Kelly at the bar. Duke asks him if he meant what he said before about being sorry he lost Kelly. He tells him if he meant what he said, maybe it is time he started letting her know.

At the bar, Bo gives Page a drink. Page tells Bo that when her ex was going to remarry, even though nothing was between them, she couldn’t help but to have some regrets. She asks him if that is what he is doing. Bo tells her that it isn’t that. He tells her that something is telling her that Daniel isn’t one of the good guys.

Nora is drinking a glass of champagne at the art gallery. R.J. walks over to her and tells her that she picked another one from the square, straight, and narrow box again. Nora laughs and says that she guess she did keep with the pattern. R.J. tells her congratulations. Lindsay joins them and tells her that the only reason she accepted Daniel’s proposal is that she thought it would make Bo go nuts with jealousy and he would beg her to take him back. Nora goes to throw her drink at Lindsay, but R.J. takes it from her.

On the other side of the room, John and Evangeline look at Cristian’s art. Evangeline tells John that Cristian is the featured artist. She says that she would think he would be happy about it, but he practically tore her head off when she tried to congratulate him earlier. John asks her where he is. He then asks where Natalie is, and he looks around.

Natalie and Jessica are out in the hall of the art gallery. Natalie is asking the maintenance work to hurry and get the elevator door open. Once it is open, they see Cristian on top of the elevator looking down at Antonio who is hanging on with one arm. Antonio asks him what he is waiting for.

Duke and Kevin walk over to Kelly and Viki. Viki smiles at them and says hi to the two of them. She tells them that she and Kelly are having a work meeting and the two of them leave to sit at a table. Duke and Kevin watches the two of them go to their sits.

Across from them, Bo tells Page that he can’t put his finger on it, but Colson is giving him bad vibes. Page asks him if it is a gut instinct. He tells her that is exactly what it is. He says that he worries about him being Matthew's stepfather. Page asks him if has talked to Nora about it. He tells her yes, but when she asks him what she said, he zones out for a bit. She asks him again. He tells her that she acted about the way he though she would. Page says sour grapes. Bo smiles and says yes. He sees Kevin at the bar with Duke. Page notices that something is bothering him. He tells her that he needs to check up with something with his nephew. Page’s beeper goes off, and she tells him that she needs to check it because it is the hospital, and they may need her. Bo tells her that he needs her. He tells her if they don’t come back and find him. She tells him that she will.

At the bar, Kevin tells Duke that he still feel the same way about Kelly, but it doesn’t make any difference because she still won’t tell him where Ace is. Duke tells him that he doesn’t get it, and if he still, but before he finishes his sentence Kevin cuts him off and says that he can’t just forget about Ace and have a warm little chat with his ex. Bo walks up behind Kevin and tells him that he was thinking he needed to have a chat with him and Kelly both. Kevin asks him for what. Bo asks Duke to excuse them. Bo tells him that he had a visit form Jr. Chandler and that he says that Ace is his son and his soon to be ex-wife is his mother. He asks Kevin if he knows anything about it.

Back at the art gallery, John tells Evangeline that they should go to the elevator to see if Antonio and Cristian were on the elevator when it broke down. Evangeline says that she hopes not.

Out in the hall, Natalie calls Cristian’s name and Jessica calls Antonio. Natalie begs Cristian to help Antonio. She tells him that she has faith in him. Cristian sits there in a trance. Natalie screams his name and he snaps out of it. She tells him that he can do it; he can save his brother he has to. Cristian tells Antonio to come on and take his hand. He tells him that he has him and won’t let him go.

David asks Dorian if she is going to go all the way with the governor. Dorian asks him if she can disrobe. David tells her no and that nudity is out of the question. Dorian says that she guess kissing is out of the question. David asks her if mouths will be open or close. Dorian tells him to shut his mouth. David tells her to make him. The two of them start kissing.

Cristian pulls Antonio up after have falling on the side of the elevator. Jessica screams that Antonio has to make it. Natalie calls him and asks him if he is okay. Antonio tells her that he is okay, and that it is just his shoulder. The maintenance work tells them that he is going to get them some help, and he is calling 911. He closes the elevator door. Antonio tells Cristian that he thought he was going to help him. Cristian tells him that he was trying to figure out the best way to help him because he didn’t want to hurt him.

Out in the hall, Jessica tells Natalie that her hurt is pounding. She says what a relief. Natalie tells her that the look on her face when she thought Antonio was in danger all the feeling that she had for him came pouring out. Jessica tells her that she was afraid that Cristian hesitated to save Antonio. She asks Natalie what’s going on with him. John and Evangeline walk up. John asks them about Cristian hesitating.

Inside the art gallery, the senator asks Daniel when the wedding date is. Daniel tells him that they haven’t set one yet. Lindsay is looking at them from across the room. The senator tells Daniel that Nora is the kind of woman that you want to take to the governor’s mansion. Daniel tells him that he would be happy to take her anywhere. The senator tells him good luck, and he leaves. Lindsay walks over to Daniel and asks him how ambitious he is. He tells her very ambitious. He tells her that when he becomes king of Llanview his first bill of order will be to condemn her place and the and it occupant. Lindsay’s calls him King Daniel and tells him that she hopes he has him self an appropriate queen. Lindsay tells him that he isn’t so squeaky clean, and that he just came on to her a couple of weeks ago. Daniel tells her to keep her voice down. Daniel tells her that she kissed him. She tells him that he did enjoy it. Nora joins them and asks Lindsay if she is boring everybody with the kiss story. Lindsay asks Daniel if he was bored by it. Nora tells her that she is trying to torture her with jealousy, and that she couldn’t care less. Lindsay says that if she had of kissed Bo she would be scratching her eyes out.

Kevin tells Bo that all he needs to know is that he has legal custody of Ace. Bo tells him that it is not all he needs to know, and he asks him who the baby’s real parents are. Kevin tells him that they raised him and someone else kidnapped him. Bo tells him that Jr. Chandler says his wife kidnapped Ace. He tells him that she was last spotted in New Orleans. Kevin asks him if Ace was with her. Bo tells him that Jr. didn’t go into details. Kevin says if they can find her, they can get Ace back. Duke is looking at the for a far as they talk, and he is listening to Kelly and Viki as well.

Kelly tells Viki that she is sorry, but she cannot tell her anything about Ace because there is to much at stake. Viki tells her that is what she doesn’t understand and what could be more important than losing her son. Kelly tells her losing him to someone that just wants to use him as a pond in his own personal gain. Kevin and Bo walk over to them, and Kevin asks her if she is talking about Jr. Chandler. He tells her that he knows he gave Ace back to Babe Chandler his biological mother. Duke walks over and tells him to leave Kelly alone. Bo tells him that they can’t and that the FBI has been jumping through hops to try to figure out where Ace is, so they can’t leave her alone until she tells them where Ace is. Viki is astonished and asks if Kelly isn’t Ace biological mother. Asa comes in and asks what’s going on. Bo gives her a choice to come to the station, or tell them the truth right now.

Dorian and David continue to kiss. David picks up the bowl of strawberries and he sets ground rules for Dorian. He tells her that she will not kiss the governor with her mouth open nor closed. Dorian tells him that he is taking away all her ammunition. She asks him how he expects her to go on living this way with Viki trying to undermine her every chance she gets. David tells her that it has to be another way without her trying to bed down the governor. Dorian tells him to get revenge you have to do whatever it takes.

Viki begs Kelly to tell them what’s going on. Asa tells her that Kelly stole Adam Chandler grandson right from under him. Duke jumps to her defense. Kelly tells him that it is okay, and she tells them what really happened. Kelly say once she found out the truth she couldn’t live with it, and she wanted to find the mother, but Paul died. Kevin says that it is more to the story and that she found Babe Chandler and gave Ace back to her. Bo tells her if she saw her, she has to tell them. Kelly refuses to tell them, and she tells Bo to throw her in prison she doesn’t care, but she will never tell.

Nora tells Lindsay that she is pathetic and she will not stoop to her level. Lindsay tells Nora that Daniel is pathetic for proposing to a woman that is in love with another man. Nora accuses her of having a crush on Daniel and it is killing her to know that he doesn’t care if she leaves or dies. Lindsay tells her that she is nuts to think that she has a crush on Daniel. Daniel tries to leave, but Nora continues to talk. She tells Lindsay she is the one running around kissing people. Lindsay insults the two of them, and she leaves saying she is going to find someone interesting to talk to. Nora tells Daniel that she hate Lindsay and doesn’t want to be there anymore. She asks Daniel if they can leave now. Daniel says yes. Nora tells Daniel that Matthew is over at a sleep over and she asks him if he would like to sleep over with her. He asks her if she has extra p.j’s. Nora tells him maybe. He goes to say good-bye to the senator.

Natalie is upset and she screams and tries to defend Cristian actions. John tells her to calm down, and he thought he heard differently. Natalie tells Jessica to tell him what Cristian did for Antonio. Cristian and Antonio come out, and Natalie runs over to Cristian’s side. Antonio comes over to Jessica. Jessica tells him that she was scared. He tells her that he is fine.

John asks the maintenance worker to open the elevator door. The two of them look inside. He tells John that it was just inspected. John says one of the cables have been cut. Evangeline walks over and asks who’s had access to the elevators recently. The maintenance worker tells them that security is tight; staff won’t let anyone in without an invite. John says except the gallery owners and the artist. He says right.

Viki asks Kelly if she would rather go to jail than tell them where Ace is. Kelly tries to explain to them why she won’t tell them anything. She tells them that Jr. Is maniac and would rather use his son as a weapon then love him. Viki asks if Jr. Chandler is Ace’s father. Kevin asks her how she knows and if Babe told her that. Kelly tells him that it is the truth. Kevin asks her how they could believe her because she has been lying to them for months. Viki tells Kevin to give it a rest because this is a complicated situation. Kevin is upset and says it is complicated because Kelly made it that way. Viki says they will let Bo handle it. Asa doesn’t agree with getting the authorities in and going by the book. He says little Ace was raised a Buchanan and it is going to stay that way. Bo tells him that he has it covered and he is going to put out an APB for Babe. Asa tells him when he finds her make sure he brings Ace back because he doesn’t want Adam Chandler putting his paws on the little guy. Bo tells him that he isn’t going to swear anything to him, and he leaves to call the station.

Nora is standing by, and she goes over to Bo to see what’s going on. She asks him if it was a family meeting. Bo tells her that it turned into one. Nora asks him if everything is okay. Bo tells her that it is family business, and he turns his back to her. Nora walks around to face him and tells him that she has been apart of the family for a long time and that her son is a Buchanan. She tells him that he has always told her what’s going on, and she asks him if this shut out has anything to do with her excepting Daniel’s proposal. Bo tells her that he doesn’t know why she excepted Daniel’s proposal. Nora asks him if it is a problem. Bo tells her no, as long as he doesn’t do something to hurt her. Nora says he would be right and get to say told you so. She asks him wouldn’t it make him happy. Bo tells her that it would be the last thing that would make him happy, and he walks away.

Daniel walks over and puts his arms around Nora. He asks her if she is ready to leave and kisses her on her cheek

At the Art Gallery, R.J. pours Lindsay and himself a glass of champagne. Lindsay talks about Nora. R.J. tells her if she spends less time thinking about her, but Lindsay cuts him off and says that she is always in her face. R.J. says no more Nora trashing tonight. Lindsay asks him why he is always protecting her. He tells her he likes her. Lindsay tells him of course he does, and that everyone else does as well. R.J. tells her that he likes her more, and he asks her if she is happy. Lindsay tells him happier. He tells her it is because he likes her that he keeps telling her that she shouldn’t waste her time and energy about things that doesn’t matter.

Carlota is happy to see Cristian and Antonio, and she asks them what happened. Antonio tells her that Cristian saved his life. Cristian has a flash of someone telling him that he is going to kill someone in Llanview and that he has no choice. Natalie comes over to them and he says that he has to go. He says bye. Carlota tells him that he needs to get some rest, and she kisses him on his cheek. On their way out, Natalie asks him if he is all right. He grabs her face and tells her he will never hurt her. They hug.

Evangeline asks John if he think it was Cristian that tampered with the cable. John says he will have to wait for forensics, but someone did. Antonio comes over to him and tells him that he figured he would be there. John tells him that he just wanted to check thing out. He asks John to let him know if he finds anything. John tells him he will. John tells Evangeline that he keeps thinking about what Jessica and Natalie were talking about when they walked up. Evangeline says the point is that Antonio is okay. John says he can’t do any more and asks her if she wants to go back to her place. Evangeline tells him not tonight because every time they disagree they go back to each others place and make love and they forget about their differences. John asks her why is that bad. She tells him that he doesn’t get it. She kisses him and tells him she will see him tomorrow.

Dorian tells David that Viki must be vanquished, or she won’t become the person she was meant to be. David tells her that she doesn’t need to be more and is already to much as it is. David tells her that he doesn’t like any of her plan

Kevin tells Kelly that he’s Ace legal guardian, and the law is on his side. Kelly tells him that it is about a child being with it’s biological parents and they are bonded by blood. Kevin tells her that he knows all about biological parents. He talks about being adopted by the Buchanan’s. He tells her blood doesn’t make a difference. Kelly tells him that she is sorry for the position she has put him in. Kevin asks her why they can’t work together and figure out some way to raise him together. Kelly tells him that it is to late, and she leaves.

Asa asks him if he is going to stand for it. Kevin says never take no for an answer. Viki tells him that what he said about his real father is completely different because she and him are his biological parents, and that his real father died. She tells him that Ace real parents are very much alive and want him. Asa says that Kevin wants his baby back. Viki tells him that he has no legitimate claim to him and just wanting him back isn’t enough. Viki pleads for him to take his self out of the situation. She tells him to hold on to a son who really wants him.

At Nora’s place, Daniel gives her an engagement ring. Nora rambles and Daniel makes it aware that she is doing so. The two of them kiss.

At the shooting ranger, Bo sees John there. Bo asks him if he is having problems with his cases. He tells him that they are starting to cross over in his personal life. Bo asks him it is Antonio Vega. John tells him that it is his brother. John ask him about his time in war did he know anyone that came back with post dramatic disorder. Bo describes to him what it was like when a friend of his freaked out. He tells him that it could show up in all kinds of different ways. He says he could lash out at anyone, stranger, brother, or even a wife.

At Llanfair in Natalie’s room, she tells Cristian that she is proud of him. He tells her that he couldn’t have saved Antonio without her. He says he froze. She tells him that he is giving her to much credit. He says when he heard her talking her was okay. He tells her that he can’t leave her again. Natalie says that everyone that tried to hurt them is gone, so how could he think that they would be separated again.

Viki tells Kevin that Ace is not her son. She tells him to consider how this will affect Ace. Duke tells him that Viki is right and he should stay out of it. Asa says that he will not. Kevin says he will find him and bring him home. Asa says that Adam and Jr. Chandler will not get their hands on Ace, and that he will be raised in his mansion as Buchanan. Viki tells him that he has been wrong a lot in his life, but this tops it. Duke tells her that she is wasting her time trying to talk to his father and grandpa. Viki tells them that if they think the Chandler’s is the only ones they will be fighting, they are wrong because Dorian will be fighting for Kelly.

Dorian tells Kelly that she is sorry it came to this. Kelly says that Ace is going to end up with Jr. She says that it is all turning out wrong. Dorian tells her that they are going to do everything possible to make sure Ace stays in the right place.

R.J. asks Lindsay if she wishes thing turned out differently between her and Bo. Lindsay tells him that she wished her life would have worked out differently. R.J. tells her she wouldn’t have met him. She tells him that he is the best thing that has happened to him in years.

After having made love, Nora tells Daniel that it was worth the wait. She tells him that they have a lot to make up for. Daniel tells her that they have the rest of their life to do that. He tells her that he loves her, and she tells him that she loves him. Daniel tells her that he is so happy that she is going to be his wife. She tells him that she is happy he asked her, although he did take her by surprise. He tells her that he is full of surprises.

Bo and John shoot at the shooting range. John remembers what Bo told him about his friend with post dramatic stress.

Antonio and Jessica are in her room. She tells him that everything looks fine and knows one followed her home. Antonio tells her that he doesn’t think Cristian is stocking her especially after what happened on the elevator. She tells him that she was relieved that he wasn’t hurt tonight. He tells her him to and moves closer to kiss her. She tells him that she thinks he should go. As he turns to leave, he sees a note on her dresser, and her asks her if it was there when she left. She picks it up and reads it. The note says Jessica you will never be happy with Antonio. She says that her stocker was there tonight.

Cristian has a dream of someone telling him that they need him to kill certain people, and when he does, lives will be changed forever. He remembers pulling Tico’s plug. He wakes up holding his head rocking. Natalie asks him what’s wrong.

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