OLTL Update Tuesday 1/11/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/11/05



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On “All My Children” JR Chandler arrives at the Llanview police station and tells Bo that he knows where Ace is, and that Babe was spotted with him. Bo wants to know why Babe would kidnap Kevin’s child. JR tells Bo that Ace is his child and his name is Adam Chandler III. Bo refuses to question anyone based on JR’s story. JR, in turn, tells Bo that Kevin and Kelly will pay for kidnapping his son, JR then storms out. Bo calls Kevin and leaves him a message to call him immediately. Later Bo shows up at Lindsay’s gallery and questions Kelly about Ace, Kelly dodges his questions and Adrianna comes up and tells Kelly she’s needed. Kelly excuses herself and tells Bo she’s working tonight.

Earlier, Kelly is talking to Duke, and thanking him for his help. She just wants to make sure Kevin doesn’t find Ace, and JR doesn’t find Kevin. Kevin comes over and is angry at Kelly for giving him the wrong address to throw him off. Kelly tells him that “James” is not his son, and left, leaving Kevin to ponder what she just said.

Duke is at the Love Shack, playing basketball with a little boy, Kevin shows up just as the boy leaves and wants to play with his son, but is really there to question Duke about Ace. He tells Duke that he wants to be there for Ace’s firsts, he wants what he didn’t have with Duke because he screwed up. Duke tells Kevin he won’t break his promise to Kelly.

Jen visits Rex in jail while Daniel listens to their conversation. Jen tells Rex she’s not sure a good lawyer will be enough to save him. He tells her that he hid the gun in Dorian’s office in case she was the one who killed Paul.

Riley is waiting for Jen, and approaches Nora, and asks if she’s going to accept his father’s proposal. Nora says she will give only Daniel her answer tonight. Jen comes out from talking to Rex and Jen and Riley leave. Daniel comes out behind them and tells Nora that he thinks they arrested the wrong guy for murder. He tells Nora that he believes Rex is protecting Jen. Later Nora and Daniel show up at The Gallery, where Lindsay tells Nora that she and Daniel kissed, which drives Nora into Daniel’s arms. Nora gives Daniel a card and a painting of the word yes, in response to his marriage proposal. Daniel informs the crowd that champagne is on him because Nora is going to be his wife.

While at The Gallery, RJ asks Lindsay if she’s made enough in sales so far to cover Rex’s high-priced attorney, and then says that he’s only paying for the attorney because she feels guilty. RJ asks if she thinks Rex will voluntarily go to prison, then asks if she still has feelings for Rex.

Jessica tells Natalie that she believes Cristian did all that bad stuff to her, trashing her room and breaking into her car, and that she is scared. Natalie gets very angry and starts berating Antonio. Jessica stands up for Antonio and Carlotta comes over and tells Jessica that she is proud of her, and was wondering if Jessica could fond it in her heart to forgive Antonio?

Natalie tells Roxy about her fight with Jessica, and Roxy tells her that the only thing that matters is that she loves Cristian, not what anyone thinks. Roxy also complains about the elevator being out of service. Jessica comes over and they apologize and go look for Cristian and Antonio. After searching Jessica puts two and two together and realizes that they are stuck in the elevator.

Antonio and Cristian are in the elevator talking, Cristian is acting strangely, telling Antonio to leave him alone. Antonio tells him not to run away and to trust him. Cristian then tells Antonio he hears things, voices. Suddenly the elevator stops, and Antonio realizes they are stuck! Cristian starts sweating, sits on the floor, and tells Antonio he is afraid he could destroy someone he loves. Antonio decides to go find out what happened to the elevator, so Cristian gives him a boost. The elevator is creaking dangerously, suddenly sparks fly and Antonio drops. Cristian climbs to the top of the elevator and sees Antonio laying a few feet below. He tells Cristian to pull him up, he thinks his shoulder is dislocated. The last thing you see is Cristian look down with an evil look on his face.

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