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At Lindsay’s gallery, Cristian is there for the art show. He is holding one of his paintings and wondering where to place it. He has a flash of when he tried to do a painting for a Christmas present for Natalie. He tears it up. Lindsay walks up behind him and places her hand on him. He snatches away and says he can’t do it. Lindsay asks him what he can’t do. Lindsay tells him that he should put his art up front. Cristian doesn’t agree and gets loud with her, and he tells her to leave it there.

In the park, Natalie tells John that he doesn’t want her to be happy and that is why he is telling her to think about putting distance between her and her husband. John tells her that he just wants her to be safe. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t think he knows what the hell he wants. Evangeline walks up and says that it makes two of them.

In Jessica’s room at Llanfair, she asks Antonio why he trashed her room. He tells her that he didn’t. She doesn’t believe him and asks why she should believe he wouldn’t do something like this. He tells her because he loves her.

Dorian and David are at the Palace. They have a seat at a table. Dorian tells him that she had an unpleasant visit at Adam Chandler’s house. David says that he can’t push her around because she is a Crammer girl. Dorian is looking for a waiter. R.J. comes over to their table and gives her two glasses, and a bottle of champagne. He tells her that it is from the governor. Dorian thanks him and tells him to thank the governor as well. R.J. leaves their table. David asks if they are supposed to get excited about cheap domestic booze. Dorian tells him that it is all in a good cause. She tells him that she is going to make Kevin stay out of Kelly’s life forever and take care of an old score. Viki walks up and tells her that they should settle those scores right there and right now.

At the police station, Blair tries to convince Bo that Ms. Bigelow was killed. She tells him that Ms. Bigelow had found out where and who was holding Todd up and was about to tell her, but she was killed before she could do so. Bo tells her that the evidence doesn’t indicate murder.

At the cabin, Todd tries to get Margaret to tell him what she did to Ms. Bigelow. She tells Todd that she was a problem and all their problems are behind them. She tells him that his infection is gone and no one stops her from getting what she wants, and he knows what she wants. She tells him that it is time for them to make their baby. She tells him that she knows he can do it and that it is a part of him that really wants to do it.

Jessica tells Antonio that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to her. She tells him about her car being vandalized, and she tells him that someone has been following her. Antonio asks her how long it has been happening, and when she tells him about a week ago, he asks her why she’s just now telling him. Jessica gives him a look, and Antonio asks her about it. Jessica explains to him what has been happening, and Antonio starts dialing on his cell phone. Jessica asks him what he is doing, and when she finds out that he is calling Bo, she slaps the phone out of his hand. She doesn’t want him calling.

Back at the park, John tells Evangeline that he is getting tired of having to explain himself to her, and he tells Natalie that she should get over herself long enough to realize what kind of trouble she is in. Natalie calls him a jerk and tells him that he needs to get off her case. Evangeline tells him that she is so out of her and goes to walk away. Natalie stops her, and tells her that this mess is partly her fault. She tells her that she turned to John too much. She tells John that she came to him for help with her husband, and now he is using that to stick it to Cristian. John tells her that he doesn’t need her to tell him that something is wrong with Cristian. He tells her that Cristian needs help, and if she were to talk to a professional, they would tell her she shouldn’t be living with him under the circumstances. Natalie asks him if he is trying to tell her to kick her husband out of her bed. He tells her that he asking her to hear him out. Evangeline jumps in and tells him that it sounds like he is trying to break up their marriage.

Cristian apologizes to Lindsay. She tells him that it is okay, and that she knows she can be a little pushy sometimes. He tells her that it is her gallery and she can put his pictures up wherever she likes. Lindsay tells him that’s the old Cristian that she knows. He smiles, and tells her that he is grateful that she is including his work in her show. She tells him that she is grateful to be able to show his painting in her show again. She tells him that he is going to get enough commission to work throughout the year. Cristian tells her that it would make Natalie really happy, and he walks away. Lindsay follows him into another room and asks him if it is what he wants to. He tells her surely. She asks him what’s going on with him, and she asks him if he wants to talk about it because his art use to be his greatest passion. He tells her that his priorities have changed since he was gone, and now all he wants to do is to focus on Natalie. Lindsay tells him that it is okay to have two passions. He tells her that he is trying to work, but it is not happening. She tells him that it is okay and he will get it back. She tells him that he is a great talent, and that he was born with it, and no one can ever take it away from. After Lindsay leaves, he has another flash of him being on the ship being programmed. A person tells him that he is Cristian Vega, and he is an artist, but he must no let it get in the way of what he is suppose to do.

At the palace, Dorian tells Viki that it is unlike her to create a scene in public. Viki tells her that she would rather get everything out in the open instead of continuing the silliness, and she talks about the photo she had arranged with her and one of the students. David tells her that it was a really good picture of her. Dorian tells her that it isn’t her first time and that she has robbed the cradle before, and she refers to Ben. Viki tells her that Ben was a man who didn’t have to prove his love for with stupid vengeful little schemes likes her and David does. Before she leaves, she tells them that they are made for each other. David says that somewhere in that somewhat flowery poem there was an insult. Dorian says that Viki is off her game, but has no idea what she is up to. David tells her neither does he, but he like it when she keeps him guessing. They smile at each other and David kisses her. Dorian sees the governor talking to Viki and wonders why because he is there to talk to her.

On the other side of the room, Brooks stops Viki to talk to her. He tells her that he is sorry if he came onto strong to her earlier. Viki accepts his apology. Brooks places his hand on her arm, tells her that he is a little confused, and asks her if they once had feelings for one another. Viki tells him to take his hand off her arm.

Blair is in Bo’s office drinking coffee. Bo comes back in and Blair asks him if he has found anything out. He tells her that he didn’t find anything suspicious. Bo tells her that they are going to see if they can find anything out. Blair tells Bo that she hopes she will be able to find Todd. Bo tells her that it is no guarantee that anything will lead them to Todd. Blair tells him that she feels it in her bones. Blair tells him that if he needs more proof she will give it to him. She tells him about the phone call Jack got from Todd, and she tells him that Ms. Bigelow had found out where he was and was killed for it. She asks him to send out an APB. Blair begs him to do it. She tells him that she is connected to Todd and asks him if he has ever been connected to someone and feel the person needs help. Daniel comes into Bo’s office and asks him why Ms. Bigelow case is being treated like a murder.

Todd is tied down to the bed, and Margaret comes in form the bathroom dressed as a nurse. She tries to do a little role-playing to get Todd in the mood. Todd asks her what she did to Ms. Bigelow. Margaret tells him if he mentions her name again, his bullet wounds will be hurting really bad. She tells him that he doesn’t want Nurse Peggy to do that when her specialty is something that he is really going to like. She tells him that she is going to give him a full body massage. Todd tells her that nurses turn him off. She tells him that it is okay, and she changes her outfit. She comes back out as sexy room cleaner. She kisses him on his neck and cheek. He tells her that she is not going to turn him on. She leaves to change again and tells him that this time she is not going to play nicely. She comes back out dressed in leather with a whip. She tells him that mama is going to get what she wants from him, or mama is going to have to kill him. Todd has a smirk on his face. Margaret is trying to arouse Todd. She tells him that they are going to make a baby tonight and that is what she has been waiting for. Todd pushes her off the bed. She gets up and asks him why he did it when every thing was going so well. She tells him that he has pushed her to do something he is going to like, and something she never wanted to do. She turns the television on and tells him that it should keep him company until she gets back.

Back in Bo’s office, Daniel continues to question him about the Bigelow case. Bo tells him that it is his job to find out what exactly happened to Ms. Bigelow. Daniel asks him how many men it will take. Bo tells him only two and he tells him that they should just see how it plays out. Daniel tells him that it is no evidence of foul play. Bo tells him that he doesn’t run his office, and until he is convinced otherwise, but Daniel cuts him off and asks him why he is so convinced. Bo tells him the theory that Blair gave him. Daniel asks if it is some conspiracy theory about Todd’s disappearance. Blair jumps in and tells him that it isn’t some theory. Bo tells him that he will keep him and his office up to speed, and he walks over to his door so Daniel will leave. Daniel asks him if he really think he is going to find anything. Bo tells him until he checks it out; he won’t know the answer to his question. Down tells him not to take long doing it, and he leaves the office. Bo and Blair exchange a look. Bo places and APB out on Todd. When he hangs up the phone, Blair walks up, grabs his face, and thanks him. He tells her that once he finds something out he will let her know. Blair tells him that she knows she is a pain sometimes, and she thanks him again. As she is leaving the office, Bo says sarcastically, you a pain, oh no.

Jessica tells Antonio that she wants to handle it herself. She picks the phone up off the phone. Antonio tries to talk to her, but Jessica cuts him off and says that it always starts with them arguing and someone is going to get upset. He tells her that he really doesn’t care that she thinks he is being a little over protective right now. He tells her to say it was Natalie coming to her with this, and he asks her what she would do. She tells him that he is right, but she is going to look through her stuff first to see if anything is missing, and then she will call Bo. Antonio doesn’t push her. She tells him that she doesn’t need him there standing over, and that she has to get ready for Cristian show, and he should to. Antonio says okay and walks to her door, and he stands there. Jessica doesn’t turn around to see him, but she knows he is still there, and she tells him that she will be all right. Antonio leaves her alone.

Natalie tells John that she thinks Evangeline is right and that he will do anything to try to screw up her marriage. John asks her if they are in high school. John tells her why doesn’t he just take the easy road and walk right now. Evangeline tells him that she doesn’t think it would be easy for him at all. John tells her it is because he is a cop, and when he sees someone in danger he took and an oath to try to protect them. Natalie tells him that he is the only one that feels she is in some sort of danger. John tells her to go down to the station with him and he will show her a whole slide of women who thought they weren’t in danger. He tells her that they are not always pretty. He tells her that some of them are morgue shots and some bruises. Natalie tells him that if he is trying to scare her it is not working. Evangeline jumps in, tells him that they get his point and that he is worried about Natalie, and wants to protect her. She tells him that he thinks Cristian should move out. She tells him to get himself a court order because it doesn’t look like the lady wants to leave her husband for him. John tells her obviously, counselor and that is what he is worried about. Evangeline looks hurt by what he has said. Natalie tells him that she understands her husband is the same, but she can’t leave her husband because she is all he has right now. She tells him whatever it is he thinks he is doing, stops. Natalie walks away from the two of them. John says nobody ever does anything until it is too late. Evangeline asks him if that is all he has to say. She shakes her head. John tells her that if she ends up in the morgue he promises he won’t say he told her. Evangeline asks him if he thinks she is in that much danger. John tells her that he does. She tells him that she thinks he has convinced himself of it so he can try to save her. He tells her that’s rich, and he asks her if she thought that one up all on her own. She tells him no, and that he helped her. She walks off and leaves him standing alone.

At the gallery, Cristian has another flash, and this time it is telling him that he has a mission and can’t let anything get in his way. Cristian asks himself what the mission is.

Back at the Palace, David hangs up his phone, and tells Dorian that it was Blair going on something about Todd. Dorian says he should go over there because she might need help. David tells her that he doesn’t fell comfortable leaving her there alone with Brooks. Dorian tells him that he should go help Blair because she really wants her to know what kind of scum Todd really is. David agrees to go and tells her he won’t be gone long. Dorian thanks him.

Across the room, Viki tells Brooks that from everything that she has witnessed he is unethical as governor and as a man and she has no interest in pursuing a relationship, and she walks off and leaves him standing.

Brooks walks over to Dorian and tells her good evening. She tells him that it isn’t nice to keep a lady waiting. Brooks tells her that he had a hard time trying to get away from Viki. Dorian tells him that she can be so tedious. He tells her that he was just trying to let her down easy. He says that it is difficult trying to let someone know you are not interested in them anymore. Dorian smiles at Brooks.

At the police station, John tells Bo that he is not getting any cooperation. He tells him that he found a piece of latex gloves, but can’t get it analyzed. Bo asks him what the problem is. He tells him that they are dragging their feet. Bo thinks it is more to his mod, and he calls him on it. John tells him that he got beat down in the park by the united female front today. Bo asks him if it is any one he knows, and John tells him that he can probably take a guess. Bo tells him that he is going to talk to the lab for him. Antonio comes to the police station. He tells John that he is there to talk to him. He tells him that there is something he should know. John is looking through a file. Antonio tells him that he thinks whoever killed Tico is following Jessica. John asks him if she told him that. He tells him that she hasn’t put it together, but he believes whoever killed Tico know she saw them. John asks him why she didn’t come down with him. Antonio tells him that she doesn’t feel she needs protection. John tells him that a lot of that is going on.

At the gallery, Jessica asks Natalie if John really asked her to leave Cristian. Natalie tells her that he said it is for her protection. She tells her that she thinks it is more than a cop routine. Cristian comes over and tells her that one of his paintings has been sold. Natalie is happy. Jessica says it is great. Viki comes in the gallery and Natalie calls her and tells her that Cristian sold a painting tonight. Viki tells him that it is good. Jessica tells her mom for them to leave the two of them to celebrate, and they leave. Cristian tells Natalie that he really needs that to help gets his life back, and he owes it all to her. Cristian tells her about the inspiration of one of his paintings. He tells her that she has always been his inspiration. He tells her that he loves her. They hug and Cristian hears the guy telling him that he knows what he has to do.

Antonio tells John about what Jessica told him has been happening to her. John thinks she needs protection. Antonio tells him that she will know that he came to him. He tells him that it could be undercover protection. Antonio tells him no. He tells him that he is going to do it his way and just wanted to give him heads up.

Evangeline goes to the gallery, and Natalie stops her. She tells her that she is glad she is there, and Evangeline is thrown back by it. Natalie tells her that John was wrong about Cristian, and he just sold one of his paintings. She tells her that he is back to normal. Evangeline tells her that she is so glad for the both of them.

On the other side of the room. Viki asks Jessica what’s wrong. Jessica tells her that someone trashed her room. Viki is concerned and wants to call Bo. Jessica tells her not to because she believes it is Cristian.

Cristian goes into Lindsay’s office, and Evangeline follows him in there. She congratulates him on selling a painting. Cristian tells her that he can’t deal with it right now. Evangeline tells him that she knows that it is overwhelming with everyone trying to give him advice. She tells him that she had a client that suffered the same kind of problem, and she tells him that she knows a wonderful doctor. Cristian snaps and grabs her by the arms and asks her if she think he is capable of finding his own doctor and handling is own life. He tells her to leave him alone.

In angel square, Blair meets with David. She asks him about the letter Todd wrote. David tells her that the writing expert says that he could have been under direst when he wrote the letter. Blair tells him that she knew it. He tells her that it could have just been stress from leaving her and the kids.

Margaret returns back to the cabin with a few items. She has something that will put him to sleep and something that will arouse him. She tells him that she will get pregnant with or without his cooperation. The television is still on and an announcement comes on that an APB has been put out on Todd. Margaret turns the television off. She says that Ms. Bigelow must have got to Blair before she took her out. She gets up and says that it is her turn now. Todd tries to convince her that it is not Blair. Margaret is going to leave the cabin, and Todd tells her that he will go through with her plans.

At the Palace, Brooks kisses Dorian on her hand before he leaves. David comes over to the table and asks Dorian what’s with the French she was speaking to Brooks with. Dorian tells him that he is so sexy when he is jealous. She tells him that it is hard to resist. They smile at each other. David tells her they should blow off the show. Dorian tells him that he read her mind.

Blair sits in angel square trying to figure out who is involved in Todd’s disappearance. She starts to put two and two together and realizes that it is Margaret.

Margaret goes back over to the bed and tells him that she would love to take him up on his offer. She tells him that he should have been nicer sooner, but now it is too late because Blair has probably figured it out. She leaves the cabin, and Todd screams for her to stay away from Blair.

Bo is at his office on the phone Page. They make plans to stop by the art show and then to get something to eat at Capricorn’s.

Daniel is talking to Nora. Daniel asks her if she really wants to deal with art tonight. He tells her after they leave there they can have dinner at Capricorn’s. He tells her that it will be the perfect place for her to accept his proposal.

John is on the phone, and he tells someone that he will try again later. Evangeline comes over to his desk. He looks up and says that he is almost afraid to ask. She tells him that it is hard for her, eating crow. He asks her what her favorite dish is. She tells him that he might be right about Cristian. She tells him that she saw something in his eyes, and that he may be capable of hurting someone, even Natalie.

Cristian is at the gallery and people are approaching him about his art. He is freaking out. R.J. comes to the gallery and tells Lindsay’s that she looks lovely. She tells him that she is happy, and that the show is successful.

Antonio arrives to the art show, and he walks over and says hi to Viki. She tells him that the show is a success, and she asks him if he could get her coat. He leaves to get it. Viki tells Jessica that she is concerned about what she told her, and if she won’t go to the police could she talk to Antonio about it. Antonio brings her coat and asks her if she would like him to get her car. She tells him knows and she tells him and Jessica bye. Antonio asks Jessica if she checked her room. She doesn’t answer him, and he asks her if she was followed there. She tells him that she thinks the person was already there. She tells him that she thinks it is Cristian.

Natalie rescues Cristian from the people asking him question. She apologizes for not helping him earlier. She asks him if he is all right. He tells her that he needs to get out of there. She tells him that she will go with him, but he asks her to stay there. He heads for the elevator, and Natalie watches him leave. While on the elevator, he hears the guy from the ship tell him that once he gets to Llanview he will be presented with an opportunity, and when it happens, he will know what to do. Antonio gets on the elevator before the door closes and asks him if he is okay.

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