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One Life to Live Update Friday 1/7/05



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Cristian is at Capricorn’s sitting with someone. The person leaves as Natalie comes in and walks to him. They kiss each other on the cheek, and Natalie tells him that she has exciting news. She talked to the professor from the art department and he is going to come to the show and talk to him about being a TA for the art students. Cristian doesn’t like this and asks her what she was thinking.

Antonio is walking in the park, and he calls Jessica and leaves her a message on her answering machine. He tells her that he is sorry he lost his temper earlier, and that he doesn’t like the way they left things. He tells her that they need to talk.

Jessica is a Llanfair sitting in her chair, looking out the window, and listen to her machine.

In the park, Evangeline tells John that Antonio is her client. John tells her he hopes she does a great job defending, but just don’t use him to do it. She tells him that she is not going to apologize for telling Antonio information that could be helpful to him, and she turns and walks away. John tells her not to run away from him. He asks her even if it is information she got by ease dropping on him. She tells him she over heard him, and what is she suppose to do overlook it. He tells her yes. He says he can’t believe he got him self into this. Evangeline asks him if he is sorry for being with her.

At Capricorn’s, Hayes brings Marcie something to drink. He tells her that if she wants to make money on the book and promote it well, she has to look her best. Marcie tells him she understands, but wishes it could just be about the book. He tells her that he will call the doctor and let him know she will take the opening on the liposuction. Michael walks up on Marcie and her agent and says over his dead body.

Ms. Bigelow tells Blair that Todd told her if you want to get the best results speak to peoples greed, and they should be heating the airwaves any minute now.. Blair says offering a reward for Todd’s whereabouts were brilliant. Ms. Bigelow says that she hopes Todd will be proud of him Blair says that the police won’t be giving them any help. Ms. Bigelow says who needs them, with their media blitz, the reward, and Starr placing his picture all over the internet they have it covered. Blair says it has to work.

Kevin goes inside the car garage and asks the mechanic for help. The mechanic asks him who is looking for, and Kevin tells him a missing person. Margaret is listening from inside the restroom.

Ms. Bigelow tells Blair that they are going to get their boy back. Blair tells her that she has always cared about Todd a great deal, and even when she thought he maybe dead, she never gave up hope. Ms. Bigelow says she got up every morning looking at pictures of his enemies hoping it would give her some clue. Blair tells her that they are the ones that are going to help and she leaves. Ms. Bigelow looks at the photo album, which contains Kevin, David, and others.

Todd sits on bench unable to move. He tries to tells him self to try to move or kick something. He hears Kevin talking to the mechanic.

Kevin tells the mechanic that he is looking for his son and has reason to believe that he was on old route 87. Margaret continues to listen from the restroom. Kevin shows the mechanic a picture of Ace and Kelly and asks him if he has seen them there. He tells him know, and asks him if he thinks his wife kidnapped his son. Kevin tells him know and that he think he was sent on a wild goose chase. On the television, breaking news comes on offering a person 1 million dollars for information about the missing Sun publisher. Ms. Bigelow speaks and says who ever knows anything should contact her. Margaret is in the restroom and doesn’t take the news very well. The mechanic says he wish he could get his hands on something like that, and then he says that the guy looks familiar. Margaret looks to be beside herself.

Michael asks Marcie is she is considering the operation, and he tells her that they’re risk to the procedure. She says that she knows. He tells her that it is not a miracle cure and that she just can’t expect to, but before he finishes Marcie says what to look like super model overnight. He tells her that is not what he meant. Marcie tells him that it isn’t easy for, but he bottom line is that it is her body and it is her decision. She asks him why he cares because they broke up. He tells her that it doesn’t mean he stopped loving her. Marcie smiles at him.

At the bar, Cristian brings Natalie a drink. Natalie tells him that she is sorry, and she thought he enjoyed working with art students. Cristian tells her that he is sorry. He tells her that he didn’t mean to act like that, but she keeps pushing him and he told her that he feels like he lost his talent. She tells him that he hasn’t. Cristian tells her that he feels like a phony showing his paintings, and it feels like someone else painted it Natalie tells him that it will come back to him because art is so much a part of him. Natalie tells him that he does have to get a job, and she asks him if he thought about it. Cristian thinks about being told that he has a job to do while he was on the ship.

John tells Evangeline that she knows that he is not sorry they are together. He tells her that he is trying to keep his personal and professional life separate. He tells her that she blurred the line between their relation and their job. Evangeline tells him that she is not sure where that line is with him. She tells him that it might be easy for her to leave their relationship in the bedroom, but is not for her. They both agree that they can’t let their relationship jeopardize how they do their work. John tells her that he has to get back to the station and asks her if they can talk about it later.

Antonio is listening on the side, and when John leaves, he walks over and tells Evangeline if representing him is getting in the way, he can find someone else. She tells him that it isn’t a problem. She tells him the point is that John is having the police lab run test on a piece of latex that could have been worn by Tico’s killer. She tells him that she thinks it is good news and that John still thinks the case is wide open. Antonio thanks her for telling him. She tells him that it is her job. He tells her that no job is worth risking her happiness.

Jessica listens to Antonio message on the answering machine, and she deletes it. She walks out of the room

Cristian tells Natalie that he has thought a lot about their future, and that he has plans for them. Natalie asks him what kind of plans. He tells her that he is going to start looking for a job, and maybe see if Kevin will hire him again. Natalie says to him that he hated working for him. He tells her that the money was great, and that it has been a while. He tells her what ever it takes she deserves the best, and he is going to do whatever it takes. The two of them hug. Cristian complains about it being hot and leaves to get air.

Michael asks Marcie why she didn’t say anything after he told her he loves her. She tells him that it isn’t the issue, and it never was. She tells him it is the fact that they don’t trust each other, and they don’t except each other differences. She tells him that Hayes said the only reason he doesn’t want him to change is that he is afraid to lose her to someone else. He says it couldn’t be any worst than losing her to a dead guy.

Blair goes to Capricorn’s and tells David that the office told her he was there. He tells her that he was wondering about the million-dollar reward for information leading to Todd’s whereabouts. Blair says told is in trouble and he needs her help. He tells her that Todd is the trouble. Blair tells him that she needs him to get in touch with the writing expert. She asks him if she think the expert can see if Todd was under direst, He tells her that it is possible. He says the whole thing is going to have to be reexamined. Blair gives him the letter, and he says that he will do it tomorrow. Blair tells him to do it now, and he says okay.

The mechanic remembers where he seen Todd. He says that it was on his paper and it had a big caption that read coward on it. Kevin says that would be Todd, and he says everyone would be better off if he didn’t come back. Before Kevin leaves, he tells the mechanic to let him know if he hears or sees anything. Outside, Kevin calls his PI and asks him why he hasn’t called him. He tells him to call him as soon as he get his message, and that he wants constant updates on information about Ace. Todd tries to talk, but Kevin leaves before gets the word help out. Margaret tells Todd it is wonderful he has his voice back, but it is too late because the car is fixed and they are going home.

Antonio asks Natalie where Cristian is. She tells him that he went outside to get some air because he was feeling somewhat nervous. She tells him that he knows how he feels about being in the spot light. Cristian comes over after hearing Natalie and repeats what she just said to Antonio about being in the spotlight after she asks him if he is feeling better. Natalie leaves. Antonio tells him that he is glad he and Natalie are working things out. Cristian tells him that he will do the same thing with Jessica. Antonio doesn’t believe it. He says he put up a wall and pushed her away. Cristian tells him that he just needed time to figure out who he was. Antonio says he was so afraid of who he might be that he thinks he was protecting her form his self. Cristian tells him that he is still that same guy that Jessica fell in love with, and he has to remember that.

Marcie tells Michael that he didn’t lose her to Al. He tells her that he isn’t bringing it up because he is jealous, and then he admits that he was jealous, but he isn’t now. She asks him why he’s bringing it up now. He tells her that Al has been with them the entire time they were together. He tells her that if she won’t listen to him about Hayes trying to ruin her life, listens to Al.

David tells her that the lady will look over the letter now. He tells Blair that he doesn’t want her to get her hope up. She tells him that she needs to know. He asks her if he does this, will it entitle him to the million. Blair tells him to get out of there.

One of the police gives John the results of the report on the glove. He tells him that it is a glove used at the police station. John goes onto his office and sees Evangeline. She has heard more key news. He tells her that over hearing his conversations are beginning to be a habit with her. She tells him that she came to apologize. She tells him that she should have came to him and told him that she over heard his conversation, but instead she went to Antonio and tried to give him some hope. She tells him that this is the first time she has had someone in her life that was more important than saving a client, and she tells him that what she did was wrong, and she is sorry. John asks her what now. He tells her that she just got another key piece of evidence and asks her if she is going to run and tell Antonio.

Ms. Bigelow is looking through mail, and she comes across Margaret’s mail. She wonders why she isn’t getting her mail. She then looks at the book that she put together of all his enemies and looks at a picture of Margaret.

At the cabin, Margaret tells Todd that he is a real hand full. She tells him between getting himself shot, and Todd cuts in and says that he didn’t get his self-shot, and that she did. She tells him having to take him to the doctor and there car breaking down has gotten into there plans. She tells him that they have to plant the seed for their love child before some money hungry person try to collect the million-dollar reward. Todd asks her what reward. She tells him that his assistant has pulled out all the stops. Todd tells her that if Ms. Bigelow is looking he is as good as found. He tells her that she has contacts and ways to get around that he can’t even figure out. She tells him that she isn’t worried. Todd tells her that she should be because if she is looking for him he is as good as found.

Ms. Bigelow calls to get info about Margaret and where she has been since Christmas. She tells them that she wants fax numbers and she will be sending a picture.

Margaret ties Todd down to the bed. She tells him to be a good boy. She takes the gun with her.

Todd asks her where she is going, and she tells him to see al lady about a reward.

Ms. Bigelow finds out that a cabin has been rented to Margaret. She gets the address and finds out that it is in the middle of nowhere.

Marcie asks Michael how she is supposed to listen to Al. He asks her if Al believed in her. She says yes. He tells her that she believes in herself, and that everything Hayes is telling her to do goes completely against it. He asks her how she thinks Al would feel about her trying to change her body. He asks her if Al would won’t her to make herself sick, and would he want her to have an operation just to change the way her body looks. Marcie tells him that Hayes is just trying to help. He tells her to forget about how he feels about Hayes. He asks her what Al would think about him.

Antonio tells Cristian that he blames his self about Jessica not wanting to give them a chance. Cristian asks him if they had another fight about Tico. Antonio says about him and Sonia. He tells him that he said some harsh things. Cristian asks him if Jessica remembers anything about the night Tico was murdered. Antonio tells him know and that John has eased up on her. Cristian says that it is good. Antonio says that he wants her to remember the truth, but doesn’t want her going through hell to remember. He says that she us right about him treating her with kid gloves. Cristian says that he would do the same thing with Natalie. He says that he would do anything to protect even if it was lying to her. Natalie is behind them listening.

Evangeline tells John that she will not tell Antonio about the information she just got. She tells him it could be from one of the CSI guys. She asks him if they are okay, and he tells her yes. They kiss and she leaves to meet with a client at Capricorn’s. She tells him that she will see him later at the art showing. John puts in a call and tells someone he needs all the information that they have on Cristian Vega’s death. John is looking at Cristian’s file and he sees a photo of Natalie. He has a flash of her saying that Cristian was her best friend. He says that her dream came true, but why is it turning into such a nightmare.

Evangeline goes to Capricorn’s and says hi to Natalie at the bar. Natalie says hi to her and goes over to Cristian and asks what he has been lying about. Cristian tells her that he said he would lie if the truth put her in danger. She says she hopes she is never put in that position. Antonio asks her if she has talked to Jessica. She asks him what’s wrong with the two of them because it is the second time he has asked her that. He tells her nothing just a little argument. She tells him that she can call her for him. He tells her that he will go see her himself. He tells Cristian he will see him at the show and leaves.

David goes over to Natalie and Cristian and says hi. Natalie says hi to him. David asks Cristian if he can get a quote for Craze. Cristian tells him maybe later, but David pushes for it and Cristian tells him to get off his back. David says that is not a no, and he walks away. He says to himself moody artist. Natalie tries to talk to Cristian, but he walks away. Evangeline asks Natalie if she is all right. She tries to give her a little advice and tells her that she knows she is probably the last person she wants to talk to about this, but it is a lot of help out there for people who want it. She tells Natalie that whatever she tells her will stay between them. Natalie tells her that Cristian keeps promising her that he is going to get help, but every time she tries to push him for an appointment he won’t go, and he pushes it off. She tells her she knows a doctor and could give her the name and number to her, so she can have it when Cristian is ready.

Marcie tells Michael that Al is gone, and he probably wouldn’t like Hayes. She tells him that he would have faith in her, and trust that she would do what’s right for her. She asks him he can say the same thing. Michael tells her that she can’t change the way he feels, and he thinks she is making a huge mistake about Hayes. Marcie tells him that she isn’t his problem anymore. Michael tells her that she was never his problem. He leaves for the hospital and asks her to think about what he said.

Hayes comes back to the table, and he apologizes for taking so long. Marcie says no problem and says for them to order there food. The waitress comes over and Hayes orders two salads for them. Marcie tells waitress that she will have a pecan pie. Hayes tells her that she can’t do that, and she tells him that she can do whatever she wants.

Kevin asks Blair why she wants to find the man that left her and her family. Blair phone rings and Ms. Bigelow tell her that she knows where Todd is. She tells her to come to the office because she would rather not do it over the phone.

After Ms. Bigelow hangs up the phone, Margaret comes in and tells her name. Ms. Bigelow tells her that she knows who she is. Margaret tells her that she knows where Todd is, and that he was at the airport on Christmas, and he got on a flight to China. Ms. Bigelow tells her that she will look into it. She asks her what about her million-dollar reward. Ms. Bigelow tells her that if her information leads her to Todd she will get it. Margaret sees her picture on the desk. She asks her why she has the picture. Ms. Bigelow tells that she was never the one for cat and mouse games, and she tells her that she knows everything and tells her about the cabin and the clinic he was in under a different name. She tells her that she is going to prison and she better hope Todd is all right when they pick him up. Ms. Bigelow picks up the phone to make a call, and Margaret pulls her gun out on her and tells her that she wouldn’t do that if she were her.

Antonio goes to see Jessica. He goes to her room and finds it completely torn apart. She comes in and asks him what he has done to her room.

Kevin gives David Kelly’s palm pilot. David asks Kevin how he got her pilot. He tells him that she left it for him to go on a wild chase. David smiles and says my girl. He tells David to tell Kelly that he isn’t giving up and will find Ace.

Evangeline says hi to Cristian at the bar. She congratulates him and tells him that she thinks he deserves the best. She leaves, and he hears the guy from the ship telling him that when he gets to Llanview he will know what to do.

Natalie is walking through the park. John sees her and asks her how Cristian is. He tells her that he is worried about her. He asks her if he is acting like the same man he married. He tells her that he feels she is putting herself in danger being with him.

Blair goes to the office and finds things a mess. Blair calls out for Ms. Bigelow.

Margaret is back at the cabin. Todd asks her if she saw Ms. Bigelow. She rambles a bit. Todd asks her what she has done. She tells him that Ms. Bigelow won’t be a problem anymore.

Blair walks over to the window, and when she looks down, she sees Ms. Bigelow lying on the ground with blood coming out of her mouth.

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