OLTL Update Thursday 1/6/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/6/05



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Bo and Kevin discuss Kevin’s speech about wanting to use the money to help find missing children. Bo asks about Kelly’s search for Ace, Kevin lies and says that Kevin didn’t turn up anything, but he refuses to give up hope. Kelly tells Dorian that she is continuing to send Kevin on a wild goose chase as to Ace’s whereabouts. Dorian wants to know whom Kelly is protecting and Kelly tells her that Babe Chandler is Ace’s real mother and she seems like a wonderful Mom, and she did the right thing.

Governor Brooks tells Kevin that his idea to help find missing children is good, in time. Kevin tells him in time is not good enough, then Governor Brooks tells him he can’t support him, then Governor Brooks has a chat with Viki, who says she’s proud of her son.

Dorian complains to David about how Viki always wants what she has. A grinning David shows Dorian the latest issue of The Sun that shows Viki and a shirtless student. The student shows Viki the paper and together they confront Dorian and David. The student says the paper is wrong because he is gay, and he expects Dorian to publicly apologize to Viki. This thought humiliates Dorian.

John is working on a lead in Tico’s case involving handcuffs and latex gloves. Evangeline is very curious about his investigation, and while she is in the shower, John calls and asks Michael what type of gloves are used at the hospital, and then has the lab rush his results.

Margaret’s car dies on the way back to the cabin, and a police officer shows up at the scene. Margaret tells the officer that she needs to get her invalid husband home, but declines the officer’s offer of a ride.

Blair has her phone bugged so that if Todd calls again it will register, and the conversation will be recorded. Starr arrives and is curious as to why the man was working on their phone and believes that it has to do with Todd. Mrs. Bigelow arrives and tells Blair that Todd’s credit cards and other assets remain untouched. Blair then goes to the police station to file a missing persons report on Todd, Bo tells her that because of Todd’s history and the letter he wrote, the case wouldn’t be a priority.

Antonio and Jessica are arguing. Jessica is mad that Antonio kissed her and tells him there was only ever sex between them and they didn’t work as a couple. Antonio admits that what went wrong between them was his fault. Evangeline then shows up in the park to tell Antonio she has news, which may clear him. John shows up while she was talking and asks her if she would still have gotten that information if they weren’t sleeping together.

Hayes takes Marcie to the hospital for a consultation with a plastic surgeon, when the doctor introduces himself, Marcie learned she was brought there to get liposuction, she is visibly upset, and wishes she had been told ahead of time, and she’s not getting the procedure done.

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