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At the penthouse, Blair is play talking on the phone with Jack. Kelly comes by to visit and tells Blair not to give up hope. Jack tells Blair his dad isn’t coming back home.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Margaret Todd is ready to go home. Todd is lying in bed, and he appears to be sleep. Margaret tells Todd they are going home, and they can finally start working on their baby. She leaves the room, and Todd opens his eyes and says it won’t be happening.

Bo tells Nora he can’t let her make the biggest mistake of her life. He doesn’t think it is a good idea for her to marry Daniel.

At Llanfair, Jessica comes downstairs and Viki asks her if they are still on for shopping. Jessica asks her mom if she can read the paper first because she wants to see if the governor had anything to say about Kevin’s speech. She tells her mom that she feels out of the loop since she has been away from the Sun. Jessica goes outside to get the newspaper and finds a beer bottle. She tells her mom that it is Cristian.

Natalie and Cristian are at the Diner. Natalie begs Cristian to tell her what really happened on the ship. Cristian tells her that he told her all she needs to know. Natalie tells him that he has the rage in his eyes that she never seen before. She tells him that he could have been in jail if the cop hadn’t got him off the guy. Antonio comes in and asks what happened in the park. Natalie tells him. Antonio tells Cristian if his wife can’t get through him maybe, he can.

In the park, John gives Evangeline his theory of Cristian not being who he really says he is. Evangeline asks John what he means about Cristian not being who he says he is. John tells her that he is not acting like the same guy. Evangeline believes that would be normal since he was held captive for a year. John tells her that it is different. He seen guys like this before, and you can almost hear the ticking, and one false move it goes off. He believes Cristian is one of those guys. Evangeline tells him that she has a theory for his theory. She believes that all his analysis is a cover up for how he really feels. She tells him that he is happy Cristian is alive, but not happy he is in Llanview. She believes that he is doing this for Natalie.

In Bo’s office at the police station, Nora asks Bo if he is trying to stop her. He tells her he is offering his opinion. Nora tells him that she didn’t want his opinion on whether or not she should get married. Bo tells her that he is thinking about Matthew and doesn’t want Daniel as Matthew’s stepfather.

Daniel and Matthew are at the diner. Daniel says he is glad he got to pick him up from school because they haven’t had a chance to talk man to man. Matthew says his friend is coming soon. Daniel asks him if it is the one he called in the car. Matthew tells him yes, and Starr shows up. Matthew introduces him to her. Starr tells him that they met before. Matthew tells Daniel that Starr is his councilor. Daniel tells them it’s good as long as she knows she is speaking to the DA. Starr asks him if he is Matthews’s mom’s boyfriend. Daniel says yes and she asks him how he thinks Bo feels about it. Daniel tells her that he believes it is adult business. Starr tells him that she is not a kid. Daniel tells her that he think it is great he is looking out for her friend. He tells her that he and Nora are really great together and if it works out maybe, they can become an extended family. He asks Matthew if that is what he wanted to know.

Back at the diner, Cristian tells Antonio and Natalie they are making a big deal out of nothing. He says that he lost his temper so what. Cristian hears this loud ringing, and he has a flash about his stay on the ship. He holds his head. Natalie and Antonio ask him what’s wrong.

John and Evangeline are still in the park. John believes that Evangeline is making it personal, and he tells her that it isn’t. John tells Evangeline that it involves more than Natalie. John tells her that she is right because Cristian is a murder suspect. Evangeline asks him if they can just stop dancing around the truth and talk straight. She says that Natalie is a married, and all of this just makes it look like he is not very happy about it. John tells her fine, and that he is in love with Natalie and it is like a nail in the heart every time he sees her with Cristian. He asks her if she is happy now and walks off.

Jessica is upset about all the things she has been finding around the house. Viki tells her that no one actually saw Cristian doing anything. She tells Jessica that it is not like him. Viki tells her that he has agreed to counseling. Jessica goes to get her gloves out of her car. Viki looks at the bottle. Jessica runs back into the house and tells her mom that someone broke into her car. Jessica says what if it is the person that has been leaving cigarettes and beer bottles all over the place.

At the hospital, the nurse comes in with phone for Todd, but before she is able to give it to him, another nurse nearly falls down, and she leaves to help her and she sits the phone down in the room, out of Todd’s reach.

Viki asks Jessica if she noticed anything strange after she came home. Jessica tells her that it looks like someone was looking for something. Jessica stops her mom from calling the police. Jessica tells her that if something else happens then she will call Bo.

Kelly asks Jack why he thinks his dad won’t be coming back. He tells her because his mother is sad. Blair tells him that she is not going to be sad any more. She tells him to try and talk to him on his play phone. Kelly gets him to go and make her a picture. Blair says that she is just trying to face the facts. She believes that he didn’t walk out on them and that something happened.

Back at the hospital, Todd gets up to get the phone.

Elsewhere in the hospital, the doctor tells Margaret that Todd is ready to go after she signs the release forms. The nurse comes up to the doctor and tells him that she took the phone to Todd like he asked. Margaret freaks out.

As they eat at the diner, Starr asks Daniel if he has ever been married. He tells her yes and that he has a son Riley who plays in a band. He asks her if she knows about Midnight Logic. Starr says who hasn’t and they played at her party. Daniel tries to explain to the kids about how he feels. Governor Brooks comes over to their table, and Daniel introduces the governor to the kids. Matthew tells him that his father is the police commissioner. Brooks ask Starr if she is related to Patton Manning. Starr tells him Todd Manning. She then tells him that she believes her father writes a lot of stories about him in his paper. The governor tells him that he has a business proposition for him.

Cristian tells them that it is just a headache that has been coming off and on for a couple of days. Cristian agrees to make the appointment with a counselor. Antonio is glad and he leaves the two of them. Natalie tells him that he is doing the right thing. He tells her that he is doing it for her. Natalie and Cristian go home to get a list of doctors.

John apologizes for what he said to Evangeline. He tells her that he really wants to be with her, but doesn’t know what he has to do to make her believe it. He tells her that Natalie is his friend and he thinks she needs help. Evangeline believes that John should leave Cristian alone. John phone rings and he take the call

Antonio runs into Evangeline in the park. He asks her if there is anything new on the Tico case. She tells him no, and she will tells him when she does. She asks him if Cristian is all right. He tells her that it is tough. She tells him that John thinks things could get worst if he doesn’t get help. Antonio asks her what else John has said to her. When she tells him nothing, he doesn’t believe her. Evangeline tells him that John has the same concerns as him. She tells him that his behavior he is leading John suspect Cristian. Antonio doesn’t take this news to well. When John walks over, Antonio tells him that he guesses their new year’s truce is over. John tells him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Antonio tells him it is about him always being in his families face. John tells him that he hasn’t ruled anyone out, and if they’re any changes, he will let him know. Antonio tells him he knows where to reach him, and he tells Evangeline that he will be in touch. John is upset that Evangeline told Antonio about his suspensions. Evangeline tells him that she was talking to him and one thing lead to another. Evangeline gets upset and she leaves.

Bo tells Nora that Matthew doesn’t like Daniel. Nora asks him if Matthew told him that, and Bo doesn’t answer. Bo tells her that he tolerates Daniel because he doesn’t want to hurt her. Nora says she should stop dating Daniel because her grade school child doesn’t approve. Bo tells her that she needs to find someone Matthew likes. She tells him that he knows he will only approve of him, and she is beginning to feel the same way. Bo tells her that it isn’t true, and that he is happy with Page. Bo tells her that Daniel is not the right guy. Nora asks him who is the right guy for her and is it him.

The governor commends Daniel on a good job as DA. . Brooks tells him that he cannot get into it right now, but asks him to contact his scheduler. He tells him that he has big plans for him and Nora. Before Brooks leaves, he tells the kids bye. Starr tells him that she will tell her father he said hello. Matthew asks Daniel why the governor has big plans for his mom and him. Says he doesn’t know. Matthew says that he acts like the two of them are getting married are something. He asks them if they are.

Jessica and Viki are at the diner. Carlota offers them coffee. Carlota tells Viki that she heard about Todd. She tells her that Blair and the kids are in her prayers. Viki tells her that she will tell her. Carlota tells Jessica that she just missed Antonio and that he was there a few minutes ago. Jessica looks at her, and then takes sip of her coffee. She tells them that Natalie and Cristian just left as well, but she was in the back and didn’t a chance to speak with them. Viki asks her if she has had much time to speak with him. Carlota says know, but she understands that he wants to spend time with Natalie. Viki tells her that she is glad that they are getting a second chance because she is afraid that there are others that won’t be so lucky. Jessica gets upset and tells her mother to lay off her and that her and Antonio is not going to happen. She tells her to get off her back about it. Viki tells her that she was talking about Blair and Todd, and not her and Antonio. Jessica tells her to let it go. Antonio is looking at them from across the room.

Kelly and Blair continue to talk about Todd. Blair asks Kelly if she will give her a moment with Jack. Kelly asks goes to get food for them. Blair tells Jack that she is not going to be sad anymore. She just misses his daddy. She tells him to call him and tells him that he misses him on his play phone. A buzzer goes off and Blair goes to the kitchen to check on the cookies. The phone rings, Jack answers it, and it is Todd. Blair comes back in the room and asks him who’s on the phone. Jack tells her that it is dad. Blair grabs the phone and Margaret prevents Todd from saying anything. Blair asks him to tell her who was on the phone. Jack tells her daddy.

Bo tells Nora that there are only a few things that he is sure of and one is that the two of them do not belong together. Nora tells him that she agrees. Bo says that it is not what he is talking about. Nora tells Bo that she loves Daniel. Bo asks her why she asked him to put his two senses in. She tells him that he is Matthew father and she thought he deserves the right to know. Nora tells him that he doesn’t like him because he isn’t an all mighty Buchanan. Bo tells her to watch it because Matthew is a Buchanan.

Daniel asks Matthew how he would feel if he and his mom got married. Starr tells him that it is never going to happen. Daniel tells her to let Matthew answer. He says that his mom would never get married without telling him first.

At the diner, Jessica apologizes to her mother for screaming at her. Viki tells her that it is okay and knows that she is upset. Viki says she will cancel her meeting. Jessica tells her not to, and that she will be fine. Jessica leaves and goes to the restroom.

Antonio talks to Viki about how Jessica just spoke to her. Viki tells him that she thinks it is all the pressure she is under. Antonio asks her to tell him if it is him. Viki tells her that she can’t discuss their relationship. He tells her that he just wants to help. She tells him the best thing he can do for her is to give her some time. Viki goes to the restroom to check on Jessica.

Natalie tells Cristian about this doctor her met. Cristian remembers seeing the doctor on the ship. He tells her that he can’t do it. Natalie tells him that she thought they decided already. He tells her that he will go to therapy, but not right now.

Jessica tells her mom that she is fine. She tells her that she is upset that she is going through something and she wants to help her. Jessica tells her that she is fine and will take the stuff home and relax. She leaves the diner.

Margaret has the doctor administer medication to sedate Todd. She tells the doctor that Todd was unruly. When the doctor leaves, she tells Todd it is time to go make their baby. Jack is on his play phone and he asks to speak to his daddy. Kelly comes back with the food, and she asks Blair what’s wrong. Blair tells her that she thinks Todd called and was trying to talk, but he couldn’t.

Bo tells Nora to be careful that she is treading hostile territory. Bo tells her to go ahead and marry Daniel. He tells her that when things don’t work out he will do his best not to say he told her so. Nora accuses him of being a jerk. Daniel and Matthew are standing in the doorway.

Nora tells Matthew that she and his father were just discussing something. Nora tells Matthew that she has a meeting and he can sit at her desk and do his homework. Daniel offers to take him home and order pizza. Nora lets him. Matthew tells his father bye, and he and Daniel leaves. Nora tells Bo that it has taken her along time to find someone who cares about her the way he does. She tells Bo that she is going to accept Daniel’s proposal.

John apologizes to Evangeline again. She apologizes to him. They agree that it has been rough for them. They leave to have fun a moment of fun with each either.

Cristian is in the attic and he is having a flash of hearing a recording saying that Antonio Vega is not his brother. Natalie comes in and asks him if he is okay, and she asks him what he is thinking about. Cristian tells her that he is thinking how much he loves her.

Carlota asks Viki if Jessica is all right. Viki tells her that she thinks she is all right. She tells her that she is just angry. Carlota tells her that she sees, and she kind of understands because Cristian is going through the same thing. She tells Viki that she is glad he is back, but she sees something seeding inside of him and it scares her. She asks when will they be able to stop being afraid. . Viki tells her that they are parents and will always be afraid for their children.

Jessica is in the park. Jessica is startled and almost sprays Antonio. Antonio stops her. He tells her that he misses her, and they kiss.

At the hospital, Margaret takes Todd away in a wheelchair.

Blair tries to explain to Kelly that it could have been Todd calling. Kelly wants to stay with Blair, but has a meeting with Viki. She leaves and tells her that she will be back. Blair tells Jack that she is going to bring his father home.

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