OLTL Update Tuesday 1/4/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/4/05



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John and Carlotta are talking in the diner about Cristian. Carlotta tells John that Cristian seems different, and John says she isnít the only one who has noticed. Carlotta says something seems off in Cristianís eyes, but she is grateful to have her son back. Evangeline shows up at the diner and sees Johnís notebook. She accuses John of only caring about Cristian because he is worried about Natalie. John says it is his duty to follow through to the end. Evangeline then says he is obsessed with Natalie and tells him he is clueless. John leaves for a walk in the park.

Cristian is standing in front of a blank canvas having a flashback: Heís sitting in a chair with his face wrapped writing everything that was said to him in that black book. Natalie walks in the room and they both apologize for the night before. Natalie then informs him Lindsay called and wants him to be in a show at her gallery. Cristian becomes visibly upset and refuses, stating that heís lost his talent. Natalie says you canít lose your passion, painting is his life. Natalie takes off her shirt and tells Cristian to paint her. Cristian kisses her and drops his paintbrush. Natalie and Cristian are lying in bed and Cristian has another flashback. A man is telling him Natalieís name and asking him to say his name and his wifeís name. Then he is on the boat and he is shown a picture of Natalie from a newspaper. They get up, get dressed and go out. When Natalie says she needs to go see Roxy, Cristian says heíll meet her at the diner. He runs into John who asks him questions, John asks him if he has something to hide. He then tells Cristian he must enjoy having his wife take care of him. Cristian then grabs John by the throat, Natalie runs over and breaks up the fight. Cristian and Natalie go to the diner, where she tells him sheís frightened and says she is waiting for the Old Cristian to come back. Evangeline shows up at the park, and asked John what happened. John says. ďWhat if Cristian isnít who he says he is?Ē

Lindsay and RJ are at The Palace, discussing Rexís arrest. Lindsay is not happy about it. RJ wonders if she is unhappy because she killed Paul. Lindsay turns around and asks RJ if he killed Paul because Paul owed him money. Lindsay changes the subject and asks RJ why her kissed her like that. RJ admits it was to distract her from Danielís marriage proposal to Nora. Lindsay laughs it off and says she knows Daniel and Nora canít make each other happy, and she will be interested in what Bo thinks.

Jen show up at the Police Station and tells Nora that Rex is innocent, and itís wrong to arrest him for a murder he didnít commit. Nora tells Jen that they have a tape of Rex holding the murder weapon. Riley shows up and asks Jen what she is doing there, Riley tells her that Rex is where he belongs. Riley tells Jen to go to The Palace for lunch and heíll meet her there, after he talks to his father. He instead goes to Rex and asks if Rex loves Jen. Rex says yes. Riley then asks if Rex killed Paul for Jen. Rex refuses to answer.

Bo and Rex, at the Police Station, discuss the picture of Rex with the murder weapon. Rex says he wasnít the first suspect, and Bo lets him know that he was the only one caught with the murder weapon, and he has one more chance to talk. Just as Rex is about to speak his lawyer comes in and tells him not to answer any more questions. Bo tells Nora heís going to try to figure out whoís paying Rexís high priced lawyer.

Nora and Daniel are at the Police Station, discussing his marriage proposal. Nora admits that she needs time, but Daniel refuses to wait forever and he needs an answer tonight. Nora agrees. Daniel leaves, and Bo wants to discuss the marriage proposal with Nora. They step into Boís office, where Bo tells her she shouldnít accept it.

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