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At the police station, Bo and Page kiss. Bo tells Page that the digital enhancement program should be ready soon. Page tells him it sounds intriguing. Bo tells her that is not what he meant and she tells him that she knows what he meant. The two of them continue to kiss.

Nora and Daniel are at Capricorn’s. Daniel has asked her something, but she didn’t hear him, and she asks him to repeat himself. Daniel asks her to marry him. He gets down on one knee and asks her if she would do him the honor of becoming his wife.

Across the room, Riley and Jen are sitting at a table. Jen sees Daniel proposing on one knee and tells Riley to check out his dad. Nora looks around and tells Daniel to stand up. He tells her that he isn’t getting up until he gets an answer from her.

R.J. is standing neat the door at Capricorn’s and Lindsay walks in. She tells him that she was trying to ignore the fact that she was home alone on New Years Eve, it turned 11:30, and she said to herself that she was pathetic. R.J. turns around and kisses her. Rex walks in and sees the two of them.

Nora pulls Daniel up from the floor and tells the on lookers that it is nothing there to see and for them to move along. She turns to the bar and takes a sip if her drink. Daniel tells her to say yes to marry him. Nora tells him that she can’t.

At the Palace, Duke and Adriana kiss. He tells her that he is glad they made it on time. He has thought about it every day since she kissed him at the airport. Adriana is embarrassed and she runs off. Kevin walks up to Duke and asks him if everything is all right. Duke tells him later and he goes after Adriana&# 9;

Near by, Cristian and Natalie kiss. Cristian tells her that he will never forget this, their first married New Year. Natalie spots John and Evangeline together. Natalie tells Cristian that she wants to go home and be alone with him. They leave to get their coats.

John caresses’ Evangeline’s hair and he tell her Happy New Year’s and she thanks him for a wonderful work free night. Kelly walks over to them and Evangeline tells her Happy New Year. She tells her that she missed midnight. Kelly tells them that she was with Kevin. She tells John Happy New Year, and he tells her the same. Evangeline is shocked by what she has just heard and she asks Kelly if she just said that she was with Kevin. Kelly tells her that it was New Years, time for a fresh start. John asks her if Kevin was supposed to give a speech. Kelly tells him that he will and that he is just running a little late.

Near by, Viki tells Blair that her song was beautiful. Blair tells her that she hopes Todd heard it wherever he is.

At the hospital, Todd struggles to talk to the doctor who believes he is Mr. Dobson. The doctor tells him to calm down or he will pull his IV out. Todd tries to tell him something, and the doctor asks him what has gotten him so upset.

Kevin enters the Palace while Viki is talking to Blair. He accuses Blair of getting Kelly to distract him and keeping making him late for his speech to get airtime. Blair tries to convince him that she was only filling the dead air space. He asks her if she is nuts or just pathetic for using the television to try and get to Todd.

The doctor tells Todd that he is in no condition to get out of bed. He tells him that he will hurt himself. Todd tells him that he has to get back to his wife. The doctor doesn’t understand him. Todd looks up and sees Margaret standing behind the doctor with a gun pointed at him. Todd says that he misses his wife. Margaret puts the gun away and says that she is right there and not going anywhere. She walks over to him.

Back at the police station, Bo leaves his office and tells Page not to go anywhere. Page picks up the bottle of champagne and decides that she wants to open it. She opens up Bo’s desk drawer and find’s Gabriel’s picture inside. She sits down.

Back at Capricorns, Daniel asks Nora if she is turning him down. She tells him that isn’t what she is saying. Daniel doesn’t understand. Nora tells him that she was not expecting it and she asks him not to take it the wrong way. Daniel tells her that he doesn’t get it, and that he thought their relationship was going somewhere these few past months. Nora tries to explain to him that it has, but he is talking about something huge, and it is not some little trip he is planning for them to go on. She tells him that she is not saying no. She says maybe and possibly. She tells him that she needs air. He tells her that he will go with her, but she tells him to stay there and that she will call him. She leaves.

Riley looks at them from across the room, and when Nora leaves he walks over to Daniel. He asks him if he is okay.

Lindsay looks on in shock and she asks R.J. what the kiss was all about. R.J. tells her that nether of them have anyone special to kiss so he figured, and he raises his hands and smiles. Rex walks up and tells the two of them what a lip lock. R.J. asks him why he is there and not at Ultra Violet because it is one of the busiest nights. Rex tells him that it is all under control. Rex tells Lindsay that he needs to talk to her alone. Lindsay tells R.J. that it is all right. R.J. tells Rex to watch himself, and he walks away. Rex tells Lindsay that he is leaving Llanview and he came to say good-bye.

Outside, Cristian and Natalie are walking home and they are hugging. Natalie realizes that she has for gotten her scarf at the Palace. Cristian tells her not to worry about it and that they can get it tomorrow. She tells him that someone might take it and that her mother gave it to her birthday. Cristian tells her he will go get it, but he first asks her what it looks like. She tells him that it was the one she was wearing earlier, brown autumn leaves. Cristian leaves to get it. Natalie waits for him and she fantasizes about the kiss John laid on her previously. Someone comes behind, puts a gun in her back, covers her mouth, and tells her if she screams she is dead. He tells her to show him her wallet. She gives him her purse. He goes through it and takes out the wallet. He tells her to give him her necklace, but snatches it off before she is able to do anything. He sees her ring and tells her to give it to him. Cristian walks up. The robber says good timing and says lets hope the man of the house is carrying all the cash on him. Another robber appears behind Cristian, and he has a knife. One of the robbers says it looks like it is going to be their Happy New Year after all.

Adriana comes out of the ladies room. She tells Duke that she is sorry. He says that he should be the one apologizing. Adriana tells him that she likes him. Duke asks her if that is why she went running to the only place he couldn’t follow her. Adriana smiles and tells him that she got nervous. She says how stupid that is because it has almost happened so many times in the last few weeks. Duke tells her that it is okay. Adriana tells him that she has something she needs to tell him. He tells her that she has already told him about Shannon Mc Bain. She says that it is more and that she hopes when he finds out he doesn’t go running for the door.

Over on the other side of the room, Evangeline, Kelly, and John laughs. Evangeline tells them that she is going to get them another round of drinks. John tells her don’t be silly and that he will take care of that. She tells it is the 21 century and she is buying. She tells him that she sees a client that she wants to talk to any way. He tells her no working. She tells him that she promises no working. Kelly asks John if there is anything new on her brother’s case. John tells her that he isn’t trying to be rude, but Paul is the last person he wants to talk about. Kelly says she knows what he means especially what he did to Natalie. She tells John that she didn’t like him much, but he was her brother. John tells her just because he is going you don’t make you forget what kind of person he was. She says she has been thinking a lot about family, not just Paul, but Ace and Kevin. If she knew what she knows now things would be much different. She says no one deserves to be murdered. John says that he takes the fifth on that one.

Blair tells Kevin that he is paranoid and insulting. Kevin asks her if she didn’t send Kelly, over so she can sing Todd back into her life. Blair tells him she didn’t, and if Kelly came, there it was on her own. Kevin doesn’t believe Kelly was hurt and came there to take trips down memory lane. He says that he can’t believe he fall for Kelly on the way thing’s use to be. He walks away. Viki goes after him to convince him that it was her idea to have Blair sing. Kevin says if she is trying to get Kelly off the hook, but Viki interrupts him and tells him maybe she was there because she needed him and missed the man she married. Kevin says the two of them have been through too much. Blair walks up and tells him that it isn’t that simple because when you love someone, even if they have hurt you, you just don’t stop loving the person. She says it is time to make a clean slate.

Margaret is upset that Todd was trying to contact Blair. She tells him that she has nursed him and taken the bullets out of his legs. He tells her that she shot him. She tells him that she took him to the hospital like he asked and this is how he repays her. Margaret says if she sees Blair, but before she finishes Todd tells her not to do anything and that it was the song and it will not happen again. Margaret tells him that she is so upset that she can’t look at him, and she leaves the room. Todd writes on the clinic’s note pad, call police. The doctor comes in and tells Todd that he needs his rest, so they are giving him more medication. Todd tries to talk, and the doctor tells him that he knows he wants to go home because it is no place to be on New Year’s Eve.

Lindsay tells Rex that she doesn’t know what to say. Rex tells her that there is nothing to say. He tells her that she is one of the only people around her that he is actually going to miss, and he didn’t want to ride off into the sunset and not say bye. R.J. walks up and asks Rex if he is going to be quitting him and Ultra Violet behind. R.J. tells Lindsay it sounds like cause to celebrate. Lindsay tells him not to pay attention to R.J. She gives him a hug and tells him that she is going to miss him and tells him to keep in touch. As Rex is leaving, Jen walks up to him and asks him why he’s leaving.

On the other side of the room, Riley asks his father what he is thinking about. Daniel tells him that he is thinking about how good a shot of scotch would be. Riley doesn’t agree. He tells him that he is not going to have a drink. He says this time last year he would have been at the bottom of a bottle, but he is not going to make the same mistake with Nora that he made with his mother. Riley tells him that he is glad to hear that. He says that he has to if he wants another shot with her. Riley tells him that he hopes she says yes. Daniel says that she will.

Page is looking at the photo, and Bo walks in. She explains to him that she was not snooping, and that she was looking for scissors. Bo tells her that it is all right. She tells him that he doesn’t have to hide the past to spare her feelings. He tells her that a year ago toady Gabriel was killed. Page tells him that she didn’t know. He tells her if she had still been alive, they would probably be married. Page tells him that he doesn’t have to talk about it. She knows he has been with other woman and she goes to leave. Bo stops her and tells her that Gabriel is apart of his life and he will never forget her, but she is gone. He tells her tonight he put her picture away and would like to put hers up if it is all right with her. She tells him she doesn’t see anything wrong with that. She says to him let her give him something else to remember her by, and she kisses him.

In another room, Nora enters the police station. She questions herself about Daniel. She says that he is a great guy and has taking care of her when she was sick. She thinks about how Matthew will like it. Then she says to herself that Daniel and Bo don’t get along and Matthew will be in the middle. She keeps talking to herself and then she sits down and screams she doesn’t know. Bo and Page hears her scream, and Bo goes out with his shirt undone to see what happened.

Natalie pleads with Cristian to cooperate with the robbers. Cristian doesn’t listen to her and takes matters into his own hands. He hits the robber with the gun, and the two of them struggles. Cristian knocks him out. The other robber attacks him and Cristian knocks him out. Meanwhile, Natalie screams for Cristian to stop, and she calls the police from her cell phone.

Back at the Palace, John and Evangeline are dancing. A police officer approaches John and tells him that there has been an attack in the park and it is Natalie Vega. Evangeline tells John to go.

In the park, Cristian has the gun on one of the robbers. Natalie begs him to let him go. Her cell phone rings. She answers and says that they need help. It is John and he asks her if she is all right. Natalie tells Cristian to stop. Cristian fires the gun and John hears the shot and runs to the park. Evangeline runs behind him.

Viki and Blair talk. Blair tells her that she knows she told Kevin that she suggested the whole thing about her singing. Viki says you did. Blair thanks her for taking up for her. Viki gives her a hug and says that she hopes her and Kelly has a very Happy New Year. Blair leaves.

Adriana tells Duke that she slept with River and they didn’t use protection and she thought she was pregnant. She tells him that she didn’t want to know and she prayed to God if the test came back negative she wouldn’t love again. Duke tells her that he promised God the same thing, and that he guesses they all do crazy things for love sometimes. Adriana tells him especially in her family. He promises her that he won’t let her do anything crazy if she promises him the same thing. He says that they will take it slow because he doesn’t want to give up. They start to kiss, but Viki walks and interrupt them. Adriana tells her hi. She tells Duke that she would like him to stand next to his father during his speech and that Kevin would really appreciate it. Duke tells her that he doesn’t want to, and he doesn’t agree with his father’s methods. Duke leaves. Adriana tells Viki that she will work on him. Viki thanks her, and tells her that the two of them are wonderful together. Adriana smiles at what Viki said.

Bo asks Nora what she is doing there. She tells him that she came there to think because it is her thinking place. Bo asks her if everything is fine. She tells him that it is great and that Daniel asked her to marry him. Bo tells her that he has three words for her, lots of luck.

John and Evangeline arrive at the park. He asks Natalie what happened. She tells him that she was attacked and Cristian fault the guys off. John asks her who fired the shot. She tells him that Cristian took the gun and she thought he was going to shoot the guy, but he shot in the air for a warning. She tells him that the police came and took him for questioning. Evangeline sees her neck. John tells her that she should get it checked out. Natalie tells him that she is fine. Cristian walks up and asks what John is doing there. Natalie tells him that she called the police. Cristian gets in John face and tells him he told him to stay away from his wife, and that she doesn’t need him messing up her life. John tells him that it is getting old, and for him not to throw Vegas in face every time he runs into him. Cristian asks him what he is going to do about. Natalie calls him he looks at her and says lets go. John tells Evangeline sp much for a work free evening. Evangeline tells him that he did the right thing. John says that Cristian could his self and Natalie killed. Evangeline tells him that he is right, and somebody has to help her, but it can’t be from him.

Back at the hospital, the doctor is in the room with Todd and Margaret comes back in. The doctor gives her the note Todd had and she reads it. She tells the doctor that her husband is so sweet, he is sick, but he still writes little love notes. The doctor tells her that he thinks Todd will sleep through the night and that she should get her some rest as well. The doctor leaves. Margaret tells Todd that she just emptied her bank account and that he is ungrateful. She tells him that Blair can sing all the love songs she wants because Todd is with her now. She tells him that he can keep writing as many notes until his fingers fall off because he isn’t going anywhere.

Back at Capricorns, R.J. talks to Lindsay about Rex leaving town. He figures it is some kind of scheme, but doesn’t know the pay off. Lindsay tells him that she thinks he is telling the truth.

Jen asks Rex if that is what he came by to tell her the other day. Rex asks her if she is talking about when he stopped by. She tells him when he busted in on them. She asks him why he didn’t say it. He tells her that he knows that she has been telling him to back off and now he can really see that she has moved on and that she is happy. He tells her that he is proud of her. She asks him what’s up with him. He tells her that he is being nice. She makes fun of him and says Rex being nice. He tells her whatever happens; he was always trying to help her. He tells her that it has always been about her. He goes to leave and Riley runs into him and asks him what he is doing there. Rex tells him that he is leaving for good. Riley tells him not until he tells him something.

Back at the police station, Nora asks Bo what he means by lots of luck. Bo tells her just what it means. She asks him why he is behaving that way. Bo asks her when she started basing her decisions on what he thinks. Nora asks him what he is talking about. Bo tells her that the two of them are over, it is time to move on, and that they don’t make joint decisions any more. The machine makes a beeping noise. Nora asks him what it is. He tells her it is an enhancing program. Nora says to him that she thought the tape was erased. He tells her it was, but he made a copy of the tape before he turned it in. The two of them look at the enhanced image. Nora tells him that the killer is at Capricorn’s. Bo gets his gun from his desk and outs it in his pants. Page enters the office and Nora says hi to her. She excuses her self. Bo tells her that they have a break in the case and he has to get to Capricorns, make, and arrest. He tells Page that he will drop her off at his place. She tells Bo okay, and he tells her to get the champagne.

Outside the office, Nora calls Daniel and tells Daniel to meet her outside of Capricorn’s because Bo just caught a break in the Paul Crammer case.

The doctor is in the room with Todd. Todd calls out Jessica’s name.

Kevin gives his speech. He tells the viewers that he doesn’t agree with the governor’s plan. He tells him that they should try to come up with a plan that will help bring all those missing children home. Viki is standing on stage next to him, and Duke joins them. Kevin goes over and gives him a hug.

Adriana is talking to Blair and Kelly. She tells them that Duke is a wonderful guy. She tells them that she knows she said that with River, but this is different. She says that she and River spent all of their time sneaking around and it was romantic, but it’s real with Duke. She tells them that she knows she sounds like an idiot. Blair and Kelly tell her no. Kelly tells her that Duke is one of the good ones, and that she should know. Blair says that Kevin’s speech was touching. Adriana tells Kelly that she must be missing Ace. She tells her that she does, more than anything. She says she wish Kevin would see it her way. She tells them that she is not going to be bummed out on New Years. She tells Blair that she might have a message at home waiting on her. Blair says that all she cares about is not seeing 2004 ever again. Adriana tells them that she going to propose a toast in her mother’s absents. Kelly and Blair say okay and they raise their glasses. She says to the Crammer girls still going strong in 2005.

Natalie tells Cristian that he didn’t talk to her on the way home and she asks him if he is ever going to talk to him again. He tells her when he saw the guy with the gun on her he snapped. He tells her that he is never letting anyone take her away from him again. Natalie tells him that she didn’t know what to do either and the look in his eyes when he went after the guys, but before she finishes Cristian asks her what. She tells him he is a stranger. He looks at her and runs up the stairs.

In the park, Evangeline explains to John why it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to get involved in helping Natalie and Cristian. She asks him if he saw the way Cristian was looking at him. She tells him that it has nothing to do with him and Natalie. He says that they should just call it a night. She asks him if he has any reporting to do at work. He tells her that he is off duty and the guys there can handle it. Evangeline walks over to him and asks him if he can handle it. The two of them hug.

Rex tells Riley that he doesn’t want any trouble. R.J. and Lindsay look on at him. Jen tells Riley that Rex was only saying bye. Rex tells him that he meant what he said. He better takes care of Jen or he will have to deal with him. Rex says later Llanview it’s been a trip. Bo walks up to him and tells him the only place he is going is to a holding cell. Jen asks what’s going on. Bo tells Rex that he is under arrest for the murder of Paul Crammer. Tells him to turn around and he reads him his rights. Rex looks at Jen.

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