OLTL Update Friday 12/31/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/31/04



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It’s New Year’s Eve in Llanview. Bo is at the police station in a tux while Paige sits in a leather chair in his office. He is waiting for the enhanced video tape to be returned from the lab. He passionately kisses Paige and kicks the door shut behind them. Nora and Daniel come into the station with their overcoats on, but obviously dressed for a night on the town. They too are there waiting for the video. Evangeline comes into the station to collect John. She’s dressed in a cleavage-showing slate blue sparkly dress. John tells her he’s happy to be spending the last night of the year with her. Suddenly Bo is shouting into the phone, ‘How could the tape be erased?” Nora tells Daniel that she made the lab call Bo. At Llanfair, Natalie comes down dressed in a burgundy cocktail dress. Viki, dressed in a black velvet suit with a rhinestone covered top, tells Natalie how beautiful she looks. Natalie tells her that she and Christian will be staying in. Just then Chris comes through the door asking Natalie if she’s ready to hit all the parties in town. Natalie is dumbfounded that Chris wants to go out - not his usual thing to do on New Year’s Eve. He covers by saying he wants to do something just for her because he knows it’s what she would like to do. At the park in Angel Square, Antonio tries to get Jessica to start the New Year with him. John and Evangeline pass by and she is thrilled that John was civil to them, without any mention of Tico’s murder. Antonio apologizes to Jessica for the way he treated her. She tells him that she’s just not ready to be with him. He begs her for another chance. Jessica turns away as Antonio puts his scarf around her to keep her warm. He tries to nuzzle her neck and she tells him she needs to go. He refuses to let her, instead drawing her into a kiss and asking her to go home with him.

At The Palace the party is in full swing. Jen is thrilled that Riley believes she is innocent of Paul’s murder. Kelly tells Blair that she believes Blair just wants to tell Todd that she still loves him and he needs to come home. Kelly continues to convince Blair that she needs to stop being angry at Toad and figure out why he left. Kelly, drink in hand, reminds Kelly of all the hurt and anger that she and Kevin have caused each other over the past year. Kelly suggests that Blair use Kevin’s air time for his speech to say what she needs to Todd. Meanwhile, at the clinic Todd keeps calling out for Blair. The doctor urges Margaret to get Blair over there if it means it will help Todd get well.

At Llanfair, Kevin practices his big speech. Viki wishes him good luck and then asks him if there’s more to the Ace story than she knows. Kevin doesn’t answer her, but tells Viki that he’s sure Kelly knows where Ace is. Viki leaves to go to The Palace. At the party, Nora and Daniel tell Jen and Riley that the tape that was going to clear her was erased. Jen is upset that she is once again a suspect. Nora, in a chartreuse gown, insists to Jen that she is only one of many suspects. At the police station, Bo comes in with a new tape. He promises her that they will have an evening together as he turns to put the video in the machine. When he turns around he is disappointed to find that Paige has left. Back at the party, Evangeline asks John if they could ever get through a whole evening together without talking about work. She asks John to tell her about his childhood. John tells her about his time in Atlantic City. He tells her it’s hard to explain his childhood unless you lived there. Over Johns’ shoulder Evangeline sees Natalie and Christian come in. Her look draws John’s attention to Natalie. Renee finds Viki amongst the crowd at the Palace wondering where Kevin is. Viki assures Renee that the speech is important to Kevin and that he’ll definitely be there. Viki hugs Blair. Blair tells her how upset she is that Todd is not there with her for New Year’s Eve. She tells Viki that she may be able to fill up Kevin’s air time if he doesn’t show up. At Llanfair, Kelly shows up at the door with a sprained ankle, falling into Kevin’s arms. The staff is off for the evening, so Kevin attends to Kelly’s ankle bringing her into the living room. He gets her some ice to help with the swelling. At the clinic, Margaret tells the doctor that Blair is a dog. She assures the doctor that he doesn’t want a flea-bitten dog in his nice sterile clinic.

At the party, Jen is distant, thinking about once again being a suspect. Riley assures her that they will get through it together. Nora is upset that she has caused Jen so much pain. As Nora holds a drink in her hand, Daniel asks her if she’s truly over Bo. At the station, Bo phones Paige once again to apologize for working on New Year’s Eve. As Bo hangs up the phone, he grabs Gabrielle’s picture. He asks Gabrielle to tell him how to move on. Losing her was the worst thing in his life and he asks her to let him open up his heart again for Paige. He places her picture in his top drawer, turns off his desk light, grabs his coat and prepares to leave. As he switches off the office lights, Paige walks in behind him. She’s dressed in a black overcoat. Bo apologizes to her telling her he really did want to spend the evening with her and wake up beside her on New Year’s Day. She insists that she didn’t leave angry. She opens up her coat to reveal some skimpy lingerie. They kiss.

At the party, Evangeline and john share an intimate laugh that the whole room, including Natalie can hear. Evangeline leaves to go to the ladies room and Natalie runs over to John. She is distraught that he told Evangeline about their kiss in the coatroom. John tells her he wanted to make sure Evangeline knew it didn’t mean anything. Natalie is a little upset when he says it didn’t mean anything.

In Angel Square, Jessica tells Antonio that she can’t go home with him. Their relationship can’t be fixed with romance. She tells him how depressed she is. Tearfully, with her back to him she tells him that she’s just too young to be so sad. He asks her if she wants to get on with her life without him. At the clinic, Todd continues to ask for Blair. Margaret, at his bedside, tells him to shut up about Blair because Blair no longer loves him. Todd calls her a liar and Margaret shows him the newspaper headline “Coward”. She tells him to forget about his family with Blair and concentrate on the one that he and Margaret are going to be making together.

Jessica tells Antonio that what happened wasn’t just his fault - that she made mistakes too. Antonio tells her that he’ll wait for her. Jessica gives him back his scarf. As he reaches for her hand, she turns and leaves, leaving him watching her go. At the party, Evangeline runs into Natalie talking with John. Natalie leaves to find Christian. At the bar, Chris is obviously is pain. As the bartender asks for money, Chris turns around and grabs him. Natalie comes along just in time to get Chris to let go of the man. At Llanfair, Kevin and Kelly recall that their problems all started the previous New Year’s Eve. Kelly tells Kevin how afraid she was of losing him. She wishes that the whole year could just disappear. She asks Kevin what they’d be doing if that could possibly happen. Kevin looks at her pensively.

At The Palace, Renee is distraught that Kevin is still not there. Viki tells Renee that she knows of someone who could fill Kevin’s spot - and thrusts Blair into the spotlight. At the clinic the doctor asks Margaret to leave the room. Margaret reluctantly leaves. The doctor bemoans spending another New Year’s Eve on duty. He turns on the TV as Blair appears onstage. Viki whispers from behind the scenes that Blair should just say what’s in her heart.

In a limo, Jessica, her hair done differently, is dressed in a sexy dress with equally sexy shoes. She speaks seductively to someone on the phone. She tells them she wants to be taken to a party in River Valley about 15 miles east of Llanview. At Llanfair, Kevin tends to Kelly’s ankle. He tells her that the last year did happen. He insists that the only thing that will make a difference is if she tells him about Ace. Kevin gets up to leave and Kelly asks him to stay. He insists that he needs to leave, but that she will be taken care of by his staff. He offers to get her a TV to watch while he’s gone. She yells out to him that it’s not necessary. He looks back at her with suspicion. At the party, Nora insists that she and Bo are over - the only thing they share is a child. Daniel surprises Nora by asking her to marry him. Onstage and televised, Blair sings a song that’s obviously meant for Todd. The lyrics are “please don’t run . . . I’m sorry but I love you . . . much too soon, much too fast . . . I can’t hold back the love I feel inside for you . . . the silence is deafening - was it too soon or too fast” As the song plays in the background, many couples are together - Paige and Bo, John looks to Natalie, Antonio is alone in the park, Jess is in primping in the limo, and Kevin is upset to realize that Kelly set him up so that Blair can take his airtime. At the clinic, Todd opens his eyes to Blair on the TV singing right to him, “and I love you.” Margaret is horrified to see and hear Blair on the TV at the nurses’ station.

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