OLTL Update Thursday 12/30/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/30/04



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Evangeline is sitting at the bar and gets a phone call from John asking her to spend tonight, New Year’s Eve, together. She races from the restaurant to get ready for her date. John, at the gym, hangs up his phone and leans over to help Antonio with his heavy barbells. Natalie brings Christian to Foxy Roxy’s. He doesn’t recognize the portrait that he painted of Roxy. Roxy asks Christian if he has “Milk of Amnesia.” He covers by saying that he was just pretending. Natalie doesn’t seem convinced. She looks after him worriedly as he leaves to join Antonio at the gym. Roxy offers Natalie a makeover - facial, manicure pedicure. Evangeline rushes in asking to have her nails done for her big night with John. Natalie tells her that it’s too bad, but she was there first. Evangeline is surprised by the confrontation. Natalie pretends that she and Christian have big plans for the night. Roxy decides to work on Evangeline herself, so she and Natalie are back to back in chairs as their nails are being done. Evangeline tells Nat that John told her about the kiss in the coatroom. Evangeline tells Nat that her and John’s relationship is fabulous. Natalie, looking disgusted, pretends to be happy for her. Natalie gets tired of Evangeline making snide remarks and she tells her to just say what she needs to say. Roxy looks on excitedly as the fur starts to fly. Evangeline thinks that Natalie was looking for him to kiss her. She asks Natalie if she’s so in love with Chris, why is she running after John? Natalie insists that she’s not running after him and wonders why Evangeline is so insecure. Evangeline tells Nat to leave John alone. Nat tells her to go to hell and walks out the door. Evangeline is shocked that she acted that way. She tells Roxy how sorry she is for causing a scene. Evangeline looks towards the door with a worried expression on her face.

Blair is surprised that Kelly wants to help her find Todd. Kelly apologizes for all of the hurt she’s caused Blair by telling people that Todd was Ace’s father. Kelly tells Blair that she was able to say goodbye to Ace. Blair asks if Ace is with his real mom, but Kelly refuses to give her any more information. Kelly tells Blair that she needs to find Todd so that she can have some closure. Blair tells her that she won’t take Todd back this time, instead she would shoot him. At the clinic Margaret holds the gun on the doctor. He turns around to see the gun pointed at him and hangs up the phone. She tells the doctor that she accidentally shot Todd when she was cleaning his gun and begs him not to call the police. She gives him a lot of excuses but he still insists on calling the police. She then tells him that she will give a generous contribution to the clinic. The doctor tells her that the donation would have to be in cash and right then and there. She goes out to the car to get the money. Todd is unconscious dreaming of marrying Blair. She refuses to marry him because he’s not making enough of an effort to get back to her. In the dream he tells Blair exactly what happened with Margaret, but she insists that he fight his way back to her. He tells her about the skis and falling in the snow. Blair tells him to fight hard and come back. Todd regains consciousness and tells the doctor he needs help. He tells him to call Blair.

Rex walks in on Jen and Riley after they have made love and tells them that he is leaving town. He tells Riley to take good care of Jen because she deserves the best. She tells Rex that there is new evidence that clears her of planting the gun in Dorian’s office. Jenn is touched by Rex’s declaration. Riley can’t believe the nerve of him. She is worried that something is wrong with Rex. She tells Riley he doesn’t have to worry - she loves him. Rex then goes to Roxy to tell her he’s leaving town.

Kevin and Jessica are having lunch and talking about the governor’s policies. Jessica tries to get Kevin to use the speech he’s giving that night to give his own views instead of the governor’s. Kevin knows that that will be political suicide, but Jessica thinks he can handle it. She tells him that she knows he wants to change. He’s not sure that it’s worth it because of his lack of a family. Jessica is convinced that Kevin is still in love with Kelly. Kevin looks like she’s gone out of her mind. He tries to change the subject by asking her about Antonio. Kelly walks in and she and Kevin make eye contact. Kelly goes over to the table to wish them both a happy New Year. Jessica tells Kelly that she should be sure to watch Kevin’s speech - it’ll be interesting.

Blair waits at the table for Kelly and a waiter asks how the wedding went. B lair pretends that it went off perfectly. She looks sad as the waiter turns away. Blair gets a feeling that something is wrong with Todd. Kelly tells her that she has a perfect way to get in contact with Todd.

John and Antonio try to repair their friendship. Antonio says that he made a mistake when he found out his real parentage and put all of his friends out of his life. Chris comes in and overhears John asking Antonio about him and gets insulted that people are talking behind his back. Chris tells Antonio not to talk to John about him. Chris tells John to mind his own business and to stay away from him and his wife. John goes back to working out and watches as Chris ferociously punches a bag. Antonio later talks to Chris and tries to make him realize how happy they are that he has returned to them. Chris promises that things will get better. Antonio tells him he deserves to be happy. Antonio tells John that he misses their friendship and tells John that he didn’t kill Tico Santi. John goes to his locker and gets out his notepad with the names of the suspects on it. He has Jessica crossed out and questions marks next to Chris and Antonio. Chris comes up behind him with a towel wrapped around his body.

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