OLTL Update Wednesday 12/29/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/29/04



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Riley and Mark help Viki move some boxes into the Love Center. Riley sees Marcie in the hallway looking sad and finds out that she and Michael broke up. At the diner, Jenn finds Michael looking equally down and finds out that he still loves Marcie. In another booth in the diner, Dorian joins David. She tells him she’s found the perfect person to help bring down Queen Victoria - Riley Colson. Viki is happy to see that Kelly has come to see her as she requested. She asks Kelly about finding Ace. Starr is furious with Blair for running a front page story calling Todd a coward. In the cabin, Todd is unconscious and Margaret is trying to find a way to make him get well.

Riley sits Marcie down to talk. She decides that she’s just not ready to talk and wants to be alone. Riley offers to take her to breakfast, but Marcie is too upset to eat. He tells her that he cares about her - just like Michael. Jenn convinces Michael to fight for Marcie. Michael is afraid that he’s just a poor substitute for Al. Jenn tells him that he’s got to go after Marcie. He can’t believe that he’s not good enough for her. Jenn gets him to call Marcie - after many attempts to avoid it. He calls her only to find that she is standing right behind him. David tries to persuade Dorian to stop trying to get Viki - especially without any real proof that Viki was the deciding vote. Dorian vows an eye for an eye. She enlists David’s help in getting incriminating photos of Viki. Starr comes charging into the Sun office screaming at her mother for writing horrible lies about her father. Starr tells her that Todd might abandon Blair but he would never abandon her or Jack. Starr tells her that maybe her father was kidnapped. Blair refuses to believe that that could be a possibility. She tells Blair that if he was really kidnapped she’ll be sorry for not believing in him. Starr goes running out of the office bumping into Dorian on her way. Dorian tells Blair that Starr needs to get a new attitude - like her Adriana. Blair counters that Adriana is so nice because she was raised by someone else. Dorian offers Blair a front page article for the next edition of the Sun. At the cabin, Margaret realizes that Todd is burning up with fever. If she can’t get him better, she can’t get him to impregnate her. She decides to take him to the doctor, but she packs a pistol for “insurance.” Viki tries to persuade Kelly to let Kevin know where Ace is. Viki doesn’t believe that Kelly is acting like the mother of a kidnapped child. Kelly is torn apart because she can’t explain where Ace is to Viki. Viki is doing her best to wear Kelly down so that she’ll let Kevin find Ace. Viki offers to get Bo back on the case. Kelly desperately asks Viki to leave Bo out of it. Kelly tells Viki that Ace is fine and that she needs to trust her. Kelly tells Viki that they are not talking about a child who has been kidnapped. Viki can’t figure out what is going on. Kelly insists that people will be hurt if she continues to get the police involved.

Marcie and Michael’s conversation starts out hostile. Michael taunts her about not eating. They soften toward each other and Michael tells her that he loves her. At the Love Center, David turns up the heat in the gym hoping to get some incriminating photos of a student with Viki. Dorian tries her best to get Blair to believe that Viki is hooking up with a student. Blair asks for proof. Dorian has nothing, but promises to get Blair some photographs. Blair tells her that she knows she is just out for revenge. She promises that if Dorian can come up with some real proof she’ll put it on the front page of the paper. Todd is wheeled into a rural looking clinic with Margaret right behind claiming to be his wife. She tells the doctor their names are Jack and Rose Dawson - her favorite characters from The Titanic. Todd is given an antibiotic, but it doesn’t appear to be working. The doctor asks about how the fever might have started. Margaret tells him that Todd’s legs were wounded. The doctor immediately recognizes that Todd had been shot. He tells Margaret that he needs to report it to the police. He goes behind her to use the phone and Margaret pulls the gun from her purse.

Michael apologizes to Marcie for what he said when they were fighting. Marcie tells Michael that she loves him, but she believes she jumped into a relationship too fast after Al died. She thinks it would be better if they just stayed apart. She tearfully admits to him that she’s not over Al yet, and that they aren’t meant to be. He tells her that he’s okay and that he only wants what is best for her as he gets up and leaves the diner.

At the Love Center David is trying to set up the photographs. Mark and Riley have their shirts off while playing basketball in the sauna-like gym. Kelly comes upon him looking suspicious. He pretends that he’s getting candid photos for the next issue of Craze and that Viki knows everything about it. He manages to get a photo of Mark (naked from the waist up) and Viki together. Mark is thanking Viki for supporting him after he came out.

Dorian is not happy that David got pictures of Mark instead of riley. She figures that the pictures will still do the trick in convincing Blair of Viki’s indiscretions.

Jenn meets Riley back at their room. She thanks him for believing in her. They decide to make love.

Kelly goes to the Sun to check up on Blair. She finds newspaper strewn all over the floor from where Blair had thrown it. Kelly offers to help Blair find Todd so that she can get some answers as to what happened on their wedding day.

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