OLTL Update Tuesday 12/28/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/28/04



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Jennifer shows up at Llanfair. Christian is surprised to see her at the door. He steps inside the foyer and Jenn follows him in. He keeps his back to her and she turns to leave saying she made a mistake by coming because he hates her. Chris runs after her saying he doesn’t hate her. At the police station, John has his arm around Natalie telling her he wishes he could help. Nat pulls away as Evangeline looks on. Evangeline walks over asking Nat if she’s okay. Natalie thanks John for listening as she leaves. Evangeline tells John she’s upset at the way he’s treating Antonio. At the diner, Antonio tries to get Jessica to open up to him. She tells Antonio that it’s his fault that their relationship is where it is. At the Love Center, Kelly is volunteering working with children. Kevin comes in for a photo op as Lieutenant Governor. At Foxy Roxy’s Marcie is thrilled at the job Roxy has done on her nails, however she is disheartened to find that her credit card has been maxed out. Marcie asks to pay Roxy back later as she only has enough cash for the bus. At the police station, Bo is upset that Marcie hasn’t arrived for work yet. Bo, Nora, and Daniel watch a video of the surveillance tape outside of Dorian’s office.

At Llanfair, Chris invites Jenn into the living room. He tells her that he’s doing fine. When he doesn’t remember her past boyfriends she tells him that she can’t blame him for being confused. She tells him that she’s come to get his forgiveness for what she did to him. She feels that she will be able to move on with Riley if he can find it in his heart to forgive her. At Roxy’s, Natalie visits with Roxy and finds that Nigel gave his hotel to her. Natalie looks sad as she tells Roxy that Christian is near the edge right now. At the police station, Evangeline tries to convince John to treat Antonio more like a friend than a suspect. At the diner, Antonio confronts Jessica about her feelings. He is upset that she won’t talk to him. He yells at her “At least I didn’t marry someone” she answers “No but I didn’t sleep with someone.”

The Love Center, still decorated for Christmas, is bustling with children. Kelly tells Kevin that he should sit down and spend time with the kids – it will help. At the police station, the video tape is too dark for them to see if it’s even a man or a woman. Nora insists that it has to be a man from the way they are moving. Daniel tells Bo that he needs to keep him informed. Daniel doesn’t want Bo to work on his own without consulting with the DA. Nora wonders why Daniel was so hard on Bo. Marcie comes to work and is summoned into Bo’s office. He puts a chair in front of his desk and sits her down. He tells her that it’s not working out. Evangeline tries to convince John that Antonio is not guilty. John is just taking a wait and see attitude. At the diner, Jessica tells Antonio that she married Tico, but never had sex with him. Antonio is hurt that she could have married Tico but wouldn’t give Antonio a date for their own marriage. He tells her that he realizes how much he had and he wants it back. He asks her what he can do to make her see the same thing.

At the Love Center, Kelly tells Kevin that even if he’d said goodbye to Ace, it wouldn’t have changed their loss. Kelly tells Kevin that he needs to remember he has a son. Duke overhears Kevin saying that he and Duke don’t have much of a relationship. At the police station, Evangeline mentions to John that Christian also has a motive. John insists that if the evidence points that way, he will bring Chris in even over Natalie’s objections. At Llanfair, Chris talks about Jen trying to get him to marry her without any emotion. Jennifer is amazed that he can do that. He tells her that compared to what happened on the boat, what she did can be forgiven. Natalie tells Roxy that Chris is very different from when he left. Roxy tells Natalie that she saved her life when she was a child, she should be able to save Chris as well. At the diner, Jessica tells Antonio that she can’t stay to talk. She has other things she has to do. Antonio is upset that she won’t stay and fight for the relationship they once had.

Marcie tries to convince Bo that she will be better at her job. Bo tells her that she’s already had many chances to reform, but nothing has changed. Marcie begs him to give her another chance, but Bo refuses to give in and fires her. Marcie goes to her desk and immediately calls her agent. Michel comes in and overhears her conversation and is upset that she turned to Hayes for money and not him. Natalie is sitting at the desk at Llanfair when Jessica comes home. They commiserate over their lives with the Vega men. She admits to Natalie that she hates him for sleeping with Sonja. She wonders aloud why she would marry Tico so quickly, but yet not give Antonio a date. Natalie tells her to move on and not live in the past. At the diner, Chris comes in and he and Antonio sit down to talk. Antonio talks to Chris about going to counseling and how it helped him. John comes in with Evangeline. He sees Chris and goes over to talk to him about Natalie. He tells Chris that Natalie is upset and worried about him. Chris tells him to stay away from his wife. John gets his coffee and leaves Evangeline to talk to Antonio. Antonio asks Evangeline to help him get Jamie back from RJ.

At the Love Center, Duke helps Kelly with the kids as they watch Kevin’s photo being taken. Duke is upset with Kevin and vows to Kelly that he will never tell him about Ace. Marcie’s voice gets higher as she tells Michael that she’s been fired and is too far in debt for Michael’s finances. Marcie accuses him of being too negative. Michael tells her that their relationship is not working anymore. Evangeline tells John that she may need information on RJ to help Antonio get custody of Jamie. John tells Evangeline that he needs to tell her what happened Christmas Eve. At Llanfair, Chris comes in to see Jess and Natalie hugging. He asks what’s bothering her. She tells him that she’s worried about him. He professes his love for her – that that hasn’t changed at all. She tells him that she’s scared that she’s losing him. He holds her close, but has a worried look on his face.

Michael tells Marcie that the break up has been coming for a while. She keeps pushing him away. He tells her that their relationship isn’t good for either one of them. He tells her goodbye. He bends to kiss her, but she turns away. The tears start to flow as she leans her forehead against the wall. Nora comes into Foxy Roxy’s and runs into Jen. Nora tells Jen that they have new evidence that shows that it was a man that killed Paul. Jen is ecstatic as she heads out the door. Roxy tells Nora that there’s no shampoo strong enough to wash a man out of it. At the diner, Bo sits down with Antonio. Bo tells him that John is just doing his job – rough as it may seem. Antonio tells him that things with Jessica are not going well. They both commiserate over trying to forgive their partners. At the Love Center, Kevin gets up to leave, but goes over to talk to Duke. He asks Duke to tell him where Ace is. Duke refuses to give him any information telling him that Ace is not his son. He also tells Kevin that Ace deserves a better father than he has been. He goes on to say that Ace is better off without a father than with Kevin. John tells Evangeline about the coatroom kiss with Natalie. Evangeline thanks John for being honest with her, but gets up and walks out of the station. At Llanfair Chris tells Natalie he will go to counseling if it will make her happy. He goes to the kitchen to make some lunch for them. She looks at a newspaper clipping of herself on the desk. Christian has the same clipping in his hand as he rounds the corner towards the hallway.

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