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One Life to Live Update Monday 12/27/04



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Michael catches John just leaning against the wall at the hospital thinking. Michael tells John he should go to the Love Center Christmas party with him – the whole town will be there. Outside the Love Center Dorian, Blair, Adriana, Starr, and David are trudging through the park. Dorian is complaining about the long walk in the cold. Starr tells her to stop being such a diva. Dorian is outraged that Blair isn’t reprimanding her daughter for speaking to her like that. Inside the Love Center festivity is in the air – Christmas trees and lights, Marcie and Jennifer in elf-like costumes. Lindsay, a drink in hand, mentions to Nora that she likes the picture of her and Daniel, but wonders if it is really love. At the Buchanan Mansion, Kevin hands Duke a present, but Kevin sneers that he isn’t sure Duke will even like it since Kevin knows so little about his thoughts these days. Asa is upset that Bo has come with Paige instead of Nora and Matthew. Nigel, with a Rudolph nose, and Roxy, in a mini-skirted Santa’s elf costume, lighten up the party when they arrive at the mansion. Paige wonders who the heck these people are! Asa tells Nigel that he doesn’t want him there. Duke overhears Roxy tell Kevin that she understands all he wants for Christmas is his baby back. At Llanfair, Carlotta is tearful, but thrilled to see Christian, but notices that there is something different about his eyes. Antonio looks on as Christian questions his mother as to why she thinks he looks different. In Angel Square Blair stays outside as the others go into the party. She calls Mrs. Bigelow to see if she has any information on Todd. She is frustrated as the hangs up the phone and turns to see a figure coming towards her.

At the hospital, Michael badgers John into going to the party at the Love Center. He tells John that he’ll get more work done if he’s rested. John’s voice rises as he tells Michael that he’s got a job to do – he still believes in the system – even if Tico was a bad guy. Michael tells him he’s taking it too personally and John yells at him that it’s because people he cared about got hurt. Michael corners him asking “because of Natalie?” John doesn’t answer him. At Llanfair, Carlotta just keeps saying “gracias” and hugging Christian. Jessica, Natalie, and Christian decide to go to the Love Center party. Antonio and Carlotta stay behind. At the party, Lindsay tells Nora that she’s only throwing herself into Daniel’s arms to get over someone else. Jennifer is upset that Riley thinks she killed Paul Cramer. Marcie asks if it’s true. Jenn can’t believe that these two people could think that of her. Riley comes along and tells Jenn that he loves her and he believes she didn’t kill Paul. At Llanfair, Carlotta thanks Antonio for getting Christian back. Antonio tells her that he missed her. At the party, Viki is full of good cheer – even for Dorian. But Dorian is intent on making Viki unhappy, bringing up Todd deserting Blair. Outside, Blair is seeing herself talking to Todd telling herself not to be so stupid – not to fall for his charms. In the snow, Todd can no longer maneuver his skis and falls down in the snow.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Kelly comes in and sneaks up the stairs. Asa looks on distastefully as Bo kisses Paige. At the hospital, Michael continues to try to get John to go to the party, saying that no one likes to be alone on Christmas Eve and it’s a sure way to lose Evangeline. John advices him to take his own advice and go find Marcie. At the party, Viki doesn’t let Dorian get to her, telling her that she knows Todd had a good reason to leave his children. They are interrupted by the arrival of Viki’s children. Dorian tells David that she will see to it that Viki loses her job as she rips the head off of a gingerbread cookie. Riley tries to convince Jenn that he believes she’s innocent. She’s afraid that Daniel is trying to keep them apart. Viki tells Christian that she is sure that Carlotta is happy to have him back. He pulls Natalie aside and tells her that he wishes she hadn’t told Carlotta yet. At Llanfair, Carlotta and Antonio put their differences aside, remembering the good times. Carlotta insists to Antonio that he will always be her son – just like Christian is. She tells him to remember that he is not Manuel Santi – he is Antonio Vega. With tears welling in his eyes, Antonio calls Carlotta mammy, tells her he loves her, and pulls her into his arms.

Kelly finds her way to Ace’s room and finds some toys to put into her bag. She holds his stuffed animals tightly. She is caught by Kevin demanding to know why she is there. At the party, Matthew tells Nora that all he wants for Christmas is for her and Bo to stop fighting. RJ comes upon Evangeline and asks how McBain is. He taunts her by saying it’s too bad that McBain’s too busy for her, but she is surprised to see that John has shown up. They go off together to another corner of the room. Starr and Matthew talk about Todd. Starr insists that she will never give up on her Dad. In the Square, Blair continues to fantasize that she and Todd are together dancing, practicing for their wedding. As she stands looking at her image, Blair yells at them to stop kissing.

In Ace’s room, Kelly tearfully begs Kevin to let her take some things to remember Ace by. Kevin tells her that she should never have given Ace back to his mother. She tells him that she’ll never have another son to replace Ace, but he has Duke. Duke leaves his grandfather’s and heads over to the Love Center party. He finds Adriana and gives her a beautifully wrapped present. Daniel, dressed as Santa, tells Riley that he will do whatever he can to help Jennifer. Michael comes to the party. He is upset to hear Marcie continue to speak negatively about herself. Rex joins their conversation telling them that Shannon has skipped town. In another area of the room, Christian gives Natalie a Christmas present. She looks over his shoulder to see Evangeline and John talking together. She opens the present and is disappointed to find a pair of earrings in the box. Chris is upset that she’s not thrilled. She tells him that she was hoping for a painting. He covers by saying that the painting isn’t quite ready yet and he wanted her to have something for their first Christmas together. Riley finds Viki to tell her how happy he was to have helped on the Love Center project. Viki is touched that he has realized how much they did for the community by working on the project. Carlotta and Antonio join the others at the party. They find RJ with Jamie and Antonio tells him that he’s ready to take Jamie home now. RJ refuses to give her up. Outside Viki hears Blair talking to herself and asks her to come inside where it’s warmer. Viki is sad that this is her first Christmas without Ben. In the woods, Todd has found some branches to form the words “Help me”.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Nigel is thrilled with his present from Roxy and she grabs him and pushes him down on the couch to kiss him. Asa is disgusted. Roxy opens her gift from Nigel – the deed to the hotel. Asa is incredulous when Nigel tells all of them that he misses his old job. Nigel tells Asa he’ll consider working for him if he asks him nicely. In Angel Square, Blair asks Viki if she believes Todd really left them. Viki tells her that he always comes back. Blair stays outside when Viki returns to the party, saying that she really just wants to be alone. In the snow, Todd lays down in the snow after he finishes forming words from branches. At the party Carlotta convinces Antonio to let RJ go with Jamie for the night. Jessica is upset when she finds out that RJ wants to keep Jamie. Bo and Paige make it to the party. Lindsay, another drink in hand, comments that she is happy that Bo and Nora have managed to move on with their lives. Bo tells Paige that Lindsay is the prime suspect in Paul’s murder case. Lindsay uneasily walks off. Daniel and Nora kiss under some make believe mistletoe. Michael is upset to hear that Shannon has left for Atlantic City. Michael goes over to tell John, but finds him kissing Evangeline and decides not to interrupt. Evangeline tells John how happy she is that he decided to come to the party. She tells him to meet him in the coat room for a big surprise. Natalie offers to take Christian home because he looks tired. She offers to go get their coats. John hides behind the door in the dark coat room. A woman enters and John closes the door behind her. He grabs her and kisses her. He immediately realizes that it’s Natalie – not Evangeline – that he’s kissing and tries to apologize. Natalie hastily gets her coats and turns and leaves John alone in the coat room. Evangeline comes along momentarily apologizing for keeping him waiting.

As Blair, crying, sits outside singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” Kelly is looking sadly at Ace’s crib, Kevin gives her a stuffed horse to take, Christian and Natalie, Evangeline and John leave the party, Antonio looks longingly at Jessica, Bo and Paige kiss under the mistletoe, and Todd is unconscious in the snow.

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