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One Life to Live Update Friday 12/24/04



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The hospital:

Michael finds John in Ticoís room again. He claims that he is working. Michael reminds him that it is Christmas Eve and he should be at the party at the Love Center. The two of them exchange a few words before Michael gives up and leaves for the party, leaving John behind.


Carlotta is still fussing over Cristian and thanking God for her Christmas miracle. Cristian is acting a bit detached from the whole scene. It is like he doesnít remember his mother at all, or has no feelings for her at all. Carlotta notices something different and comments on it. Natalie explains that it is just because Cristian has been through so much this last year. Antonio watches on with interest as Carlotta brushes aside her feelings of misgivings and again tells Cristian how much she loves him. Jessica reminds everyone that they should be getting to the Love Center for the party. Antonio tells everyone to go ahead without him and Carlotta. He will bring Carlotta to the party when he is done with her. Nat, Jess, and Cris leave for the party. Carlotta is a bit wary of Antonio. She cautiously comments on how much she has missed Cristian. Antonio tells her that he has missed her too. Carlotta is shocked, she asks him if he means that. Antonio tells her that he hates being Manuel Santi. Carlotta tells him that he isnít. He is Antonio Vega, a good and decent man. Antonio finally softens up and hugs his mother as they both cry.

Buchanan Mansion:

Bo, Paige, Kevin, Asa, Duke and Rene are all in the front room. Rene tells Paige that she is happy that Paige is there with them for the evening. Paige thanks her. Asa, being the bear that he is, asks where Nora and Matthew are. Bo tells him that he doesnít want to talk about Nora at all. Roxy and Nigel come in carrying presents. Nigel is wearing reindeer antlers and a red nose that lights up. They all joke about the get up. Bo and Paige sneak out to make their way to the Love Center party. Nigel tries to talk to Asa, but Asa tells him that he doesnít even want Nigel there unless he is there to ask for his old job back. Kelly sneaks in the front door and heads upstairs without anyone knowing she is there. Roxy asks Kevin about little Ace and tells him that she is sure that Ace will be home before they know it. This upsets Kevin a bit and he leaves the room. Roxy asks if she said something wrong. Asa doesnít answer her. Roxy gives Nigel his gift. It is a British coat. Nigel loves it. Roxy jumps on him to give him a kiss and they both end up in Reneís lap. Rene quickly moves to get out of their way. Asa barks at them not to behave like that. Rene reminds him that Roxy and Nigel are their guests. Asa tells her that they are Reneís guests, not his. Roxy asks him why he has to be so rude all the time. They start to argue until Nigel breaks in and gives Roxy her gift. He has given her the deed to the motel. He tells her that his heart really isnít in the motel business, he actually misses his old job. Asa perks up at that and asks if he is serious. Nigel tells him to ask him very nicely. Asa asks him to please come back to work for him. Nigel tells him that he would be honored to come back to work for him. All are very happy.

In Aceís room, Kelly has come to get some of Aceís things. She slowly picks up a couple of his toys and holds them close to her heart. Kevin comes in and demands to know what the hell she is doing there. At first he refuses to allow her to take any of Aceís things. Kelly cries and tells him how much she misses Ace on this Christmas Eve. Finally, Kevin seems to care a little bit and hands the toys back to Kelly.

Angel Square:

David, Dorian, Blair, Starr, and Adrianna are walking through the square to get to the Love Center for the party. Dorian complains about it being such a long walk and Starr tells her to stop being such a diva. Dorian demands that Blair not allow her child to speak to her that way. Adrianna jumps in and reminds them all that it is Christmas Eve. Blair tells the rest of them to go on to the party without her. She really needs some alone time. They agree to give Blair some time alone and take off for the party. Blair calls Mrs. Bigelow to see if she has heard anything else about Todd. She hasnít heard anything. Blair imagines seeing herself and Todd dancing and practicing the kiss after the preacher announces them married. She tells her imagined self not to fall for Toddís lies. He will only break her heart again. Viki comes looking for her and tries to talk her into joining the rest of her loved ones at the party. Blair asks Viki if she believes that Todd abandoned her and the children. Viki doesnít believe that. She reminds Blair that Todd always comes back, even when he does run away. Viki again tries to convince Blair to come inside, but Blair really isnít in the mood for a party. Viki also agrees to give her some time to herself and leaves Blair alone. Blair sings ĎIíll Be Home For Christmasí as we see a montage of some of the couples in Llanview. Kelly and Kevin are shown, Chris and Natalie, Antonio and Jess. Blair ends the song in tears, and leaves Angel Square.

Love Center:

Viki greats Starr, Adrianna, Dorian and David. Dorian mouths off a little bit about Todd, but Viki doesnít let her get to her. Jess, Nat and Cris come in and Dorian and David get out of the way quickly. They comment to each other about getting sick seeing Viki so happy with her children. Daniel acts as Santa Clause and watches the crowd closely. He sees Lindsay approach Nora and comment about seeing Nora and Danielís picture in the paper. She guesses they have decided to go public with their relationship. Lindsay wonders if that means it is Ďtrueí love. Nora tells Lindsay that her relationship with Daniel is none of Lindsayís business. Lindsay tells Nora that she canít get over the man that she really loves by throwing herself into the arms of another man. He also watches as Riley approaches Jen and tells her that he doesnít believe that she killed Paul Crammer. He wants to work things out between the two of them. The two of them kiss. R.J. comes in with Jamie and runs into Evangeline. He teases her that John couldnít take time out of his job to be her tonight. Just then John comes in. Evangeline rushes to his side. John gives R.J. a Ďgo to hellí look as the two walk away. Carlotta and Antonio arrive and are very happy to see Jamie. Antonio tells R.J. that he is ready for Jamie to come home with him now. R.J. tells him not a chance. Antonio abandoned her weeks ago, and has been nothing but a dead-beat father. He will see Antonio in court for custody. When R.J. walks away, Antonio starts to go after him, but Carlotta stops him. She tells him to let it rest until after Christmas. Antonio agrees to do this for his mother, but is still visibly upset. Jess approaches and asks what is wrong. When he tells her about R.J., Jess offers her help in anyway that he needs it. Antonio really appreciates that. Adrianna is surprised to see Duke there. He explains to her that things were getting a bit tense at the mansion and gives her a Christmas present. Michael comes in to find Marcie and Jenn in their elf suits and tells them how cute they look. Marcie says that Jenn looks much better than she does. Michael jumps her about all of her negative comments lately. Rex joins the conversation and tells them about Shannon skipping town. Michael starts to go and tell John about it, but sees John and Evangeline kissing and decides to take care of it himself. He kisses an understanding Marcie and takes off. Starr sits with Matthew and tells him that she truly believes in her heart that Todd will come back, no matter what everyone else is saying. Bo and Paige join the party. Lindsay approaches them and comments about their relationship. Bo introduces Paige to Lindsay as the main suspect in the Paul Crammer murder, and then ushers Paige out of Lindsayís company. Nat and Christian decide to leave about the same time that Evangeline and John come to the same conclusion. Nat tells Cris to say good-byes to his mother while she goes to get the coats. Evangeline tells John to wait for her in the coat room as she says a few good-byes. John goes to the coat room to wait. When he hears Evangelineís voice telling someone Merry Christmas, he assumes she will be the next one to walk into the room. He hides behind the door, and when the next person comes in, he shuts the door making it very dark in the room. He grabs the person and spins her around planting a huge kiss on her. Natalie backs away and asks what the hell he is doing. An embarrassed John tries to explain, but Natalie quickly grabs the coats and rushes out. Evangeline comes in and asks John if he found something to keep him busy while he waited. As the party starts to break up, Daniel is done with his Santa duties. He approaches Riley and tells him that he saw the kiss that Riley and Jenn shared. He is going to do everything he can to help Jenn in the investigation of Paulís death. Riley wonders why he is all of a sudden on Jennís side. Daniel explains that he just wants his son to be happy. Daniel then finds Nora. Nora tells him that she has been looking all over for him all night. Daniel acts like he isnít sure if he should believe her or not. She tells him to imagine that there is mistletoe above them and kisses him. As everyone starts to leave, David notices Dorianís face light up. He asks what is going on in that pretty head of hers. She tells him she has just come up with the perfect plan.

A wooded area outside:

We see Todd limping along with his makeshift crutches. His legs finally give out on him and he falls to the ground. He struggles to pull himself around enough to gather several good size twigs. He suffers through the pain while slowly spelling out the words Ďhelp me Blairí on the snow. He then passes out as the snow gradually starts to cover him.

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