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One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/23/04



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At the Buchanan Mansion, Kevin demands to know what Kelly did about Ace. She tries to convince him that she did the right thing.

At Llanfair Natalie is ecstatic that she was able to arrange a perfect surprise for Christian for Christmas. Up stairs in Christian’s studio, Chris is staring at a canvas. Antonio knocks at the door and Christian quickly covers up the picture he was working on. He asks Antonio for money to get Natalie a Christmas gift. Antonio tells him to give him the picture he’s working on and tries to take the cover off. Christian gets wild and pulls Antonio away from the easel.

At the Vega church John asks the chaplain to verify that he spoke with Antonio the night of Tico’s murder. The chaplain refuses, frustrating John.

At La Boulee Dorian is thrilled with David’s gift of a self-portrait – in many sizes. As Dorian is raving about the photo, Blair and the kids come in. Blair tells Dorian that she hopes Todd is in a lot of pain.

At the cabin, Todd is startled awake by Margaret holding a chain saw.

Evangeline goes to the hospital to investigate Tico’s murder. Michael tells her that work will come between her and John, just like it comes between him and Marcie. Michael tells Evangeline that he didn’t see Antonio until after Tico had been murdered.

Antonio asks Christian why he overreacted. He gives Chris some money to buy Nat a present, but he tells Chris that Natalie would rather have a handmade present – even if she has to wait. Antonio comes down to the main floor of Llanfair and warns Natalie not to disturb Christian. Adriana calls because she needs Antonio to go to the chapel to sign the papers to send Tico’s body back to Spain. Jessica tells Antonio that her marriage with Tico has been annulled. They both agree that they would like to wipe out some of their recent past.

Dorian tells Blair that the children seem to be coping with Todd’s absence. Blair tells her that no matter how mad he is at his wife, he always checks in with his kids. Mrs. B. found that Todd’s credit cards haven’t been used. She thinks he’s dead. Blair thinks he’s out and about laughing at them.

Margaret, dressed in a ski parka and hat, tells Todd that she has the chainsaw just to get them some wood. She tries to get Todd in the mood for love making by giving him a porn magazine.

Evangeline runs across John at the chapel. They start to rant at each other and the chaplain has to get them to quiet down. They laugh at what happened and Evangeline asks him to go to a Christmas party at the Love Center.

Kevin tries to reason with Kelly and get her to give him Ace’s whereabouts. He tries to sweet talk her, but she doesn’t buy it. She tells him that she did the right thing – she let Ace go.

Starr is incensed when Blair tells Jack that Todd may not be able to open his own presents. Blair tells Starr that she needs to face reality and leaves the room. In the foyer, Blair calls the hospital to see if anyone fitting Todd’s description has been admitted. Michael denies anyone by his name or description.

Margaret leaves the room to change into her night clothes. Todd sees her pocketbook on the desk and grabs some pills out of it.

Antonio and Jessica join John and Evangeline at the chapel. Antonio signs the paperwork to get Tico out of town. The chaplain tries to get Antonio to acknowledge that Tico should be mourned. All of a sudden Jessica starts to remember a little piece of what happened at the hospital. Antonio looks at John puzzled.

In his studio Christian is reading his journal and remembering the drawings he did in the cell on the ship. He decides to attempt to draw on the canvas, but he gets frustrated and rips the picture up.

Kevin demands to know why Kelly gave up Ace. He taunts her with all of the things that she is going to miss with Ace out of her life – his first steps, school plays, graduations. Tearfully, Kelly begs him to stop. She tells him how sorry she is for how things have turned out. She tells Kevin that she never stopped loving him. Kevin looks horrified to hear her admit that she still loves him.

At La Boulee, Starr gives Jack a stuffed “magic” frog. She tells him that Todd will be able to hear him through the frog. Jack hugs the frog close to him and says, “I miss you Daddy.”

At the cabin, Todd finds Margaret’s purse on the bedside table and grabs a couple of pain pills from it. He crushes them up and asks Margaret for some champagne to help loosen him up. She comes back in a nightgown and while she goes back to get another glass, Todd slips the medicine into her champagne. They toast to “success”. As Margaret sips the champagne, Todd waits.

At La Boulee, Santa David distributes presents. Blair gives Dorian a beautiful burgundy fur trimmed pashmina. Dorian gives Blair an antique necklace to help Blair feel strong and independent. Starr is upset that the computer Todd promised her is not under the tree. Blair gives her a snow globe and Starr throws it across the room at the fireplace where it smashes into pieces. The adults look on stunned.

Margaret decides it’s time to proceed to love making. As she lies down on top of Todd, she suddenly passes out. Todd pulls out from underneath her and grabs his skis from beneath the bed and proceeds to try to escape. As he hobbles across the room and gets close to the door, he spies the key ring on Margaret’s wrist back at the bed.

At the chapel, Jessica can see someone walking into Tico’s room and attempt to pull two plugs – first the top and then the bottom. He wore gloves on his hands. John asks her if she can definitely say that it wasn’t Antonio. Jessica tells him that it could be anybody.

At Llanfair, Natalie leans on the bed and believes that Christian will love his present. And she’s sure he’s painting her something and that she will love it also.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Kelly tries to assure Kevin that she isn’t going to try to make him love her again. He tells Kelly that all of the lies have changed him. She tries to apologize over and over for making him fall in love with Ace. She tells Kevin that they really need to mourn the loss of their own child instead of dwelling on Ace. She insists that she did the right thing and that if any of the old Kevin is left – he will understand. She grabs her purse and walks out the door as Kevin’s eyes tear up.

In their bedroom, Christian hides the gift he bought Natalie as she comes in the room. She tells him to relax about Christmas and begins to massage his neck. She finds scars behind his ear and tries to ask him about them. He tells her they are from the ship.

At the hospital, John looks around the room Tico died in. He finds a piece of latex in the outlet where Tico’s life support was plugged in. John tells Evangeline that he will need to cancel their date. They promise to keep their Christmas day plans.

At Llanfair, Carlotta arrives. She is shocked to see Christian walking down the stairs. He looks stricken when he sees her. Her hands tremble as she touches him. She just keeps saying “gracias”. Christian appears uncomfortable as she hugs him.

Kevin vows to find Ace.

Kelly goes home to Dorian’s and tells them all she just wants to be with family. They all attempt to sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

Todd gets back to the bed and grabs the key off of Margaret’s hand.

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