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David is at the bar and Dorian comes in and tells him that the hospital refuses to reinstate her as chief of staff. She says that they won’t listen to reason. David asks her since when has that stopped her.

Kevin goes to La Boule. Adriana answers the door and Kevin asks if Dorian and David are there. Adrian tells him know, but Kevin doesn’t leave and he says that he will just wait for them and he walk into the house. He then goes into the study and he sees Duke there. He says why he is not surprised. Adriana tells him that he should come back later. Duke tells him that it’s okay and that he needs to talk to his father. Adriana leaves the study and closes the double doors behind her.

Kevin asks duke if has told Adriana everything because she is acting funny towards him. Duke tells him that he didn’t tell her that Paul stole the baby and gave him to them. He tells his father that he wouldn’t do that to Kelly. Kevin says to him that he would do that to him. Duke tells him that Adriana dislikes him all on her own. He says that if she knew it would be even worst. Kevin tells Duke that he doesn’t know all that is going on. Duke pleads for him to tell him so he can have a reason not to hate him. Kevin asks him where Kelly is and tells him that he knows he took her to New Orleans. Duke wants to know what he plans on doing to Kelly.

Kelly enters the house.

At Rodie’s, Evangeline is sitting at the table to talking to John. He isn’t listening to her. Evangeline says that a mob of demented elves came and she gets John attention. He admits that he wasn’t listening until she said the stuff about the elves. Evangeline tells him that his mind is on the Tico Santi’s case. Antonio comes into Rodie’s and John asks Evangeline to excuse him. He goes over to Antonio and asks him how it’s going. He asks him how Jessica is doing. Antonio says you mean has she remembered any thing. John tells him the sooner she does the better. Antonio says to put him away.

At Llanfair, Jessica brings a box into the library, she finds a cigarette butt on the floor, and she picks it up. Natalie enters and asks her what’s wrong. Jessica tells her what she found. Jessica says that it couldn’t be the staff because they have been told not to and it isn’t good for their mom. Jessica sees Cristian’s gloves sitting on and asks if it could Cristian. Natalie tells her there is know way Cristian is smoking. She tells her that he has changed, but not that much. Jessica asks her if she is sure.

Cristian goes to the chapel and he sees Viki talking to the priest. When Viki see him, she goes over to him. Cristian says it looks like she knows the priest well. Viki tells him no and that she is there bringing things for the Christmas drive. Viki asks him what brings him there. He tells her that he has been there since he’s been back. Viki says that he had his first holy communion. Cristian says and his memorial and that he seen his plaque out front. Viki says that they should have taken it down. Cristian says that maybe it should stay. Viki asks him why because he is very much alive. Cristian tells her that part of Cristian Vega died that day and sometimes he wonders if he will ever get it back.

Kelly is on her way in the study and Adriana stops her. She tells her that Duke is in there talking to Kevin. Kelly asks her if Duke told her. Adriana says that Duke didn’t tell her anything, but it is tense in there with Duke and his father. Kelly says that she didn’t want to cause trouble between them. She says that she just wanted him to make a few phone calls, not fly her around the country. Adriana says that is the kind of guy he is. Kelly agrees with her. Adriana asks her if she found out anything about Ace.

Back in the study, Kevin tells Duke that he just wants to find Kelly to tell her that he will help her find Ace. Duke believes he just wants to take Ace away from her. Kevin tells him that he isn’t going to do that. Duke asks him why Kelly should trust him. Kevin is angry and says that everyone is forgetting that she is the one that stole Ace in the first place and then lied to him. Duke says that he is the one that drove her to it. Kevin tells him that there is just know getting through to him. Duke tells him that he doesn’t even trust him. Kevin tells him to think what he wants. Duke asks him why he’s trying do hard to find a baby that isn’t his. Kevin tells him because he loves him and that legally he is his. Duke tells him that he is his soon and he knows how deep that love goes.

John tells Antonio that no one is out to get him. Antonio tells him that he could have fooled him. John tells him that he was a cop and he knows how things are operated.

John tells him that he isn’t looking for a scapegoat and that he is only looking for the killer. Antonio tells him that he is looking in the wrong place because he nor Jessica did it. Antonio walks away.

John goes back to the table with Evangeline. She says that their conversation was productive. John asks her why no one can see that he is only trying to get a break in the case. Evangeline asks him if it has to be at the expense of every friend, he has.

Jessica asks Natalie if things are better between her and Cristian. Natalie tells her that she doesn’t know. She tells her that the two of them tried the first date thing and Cristian would say something then she would and then they would be quiet. She says especially when they talk about John. She tells Jessica that she defended John and Cristian got mad. She says that she understands Cristian point of view about focusing on the future, but she wants what they had.

Viki gives Cristian advice. She tells him that he is expecting to much of himself, that he has been through a lot in this past year, and that everything was taken away from him. Cristian says that he is not the same guy Natalie married. Viki tells him that he is the same man that Natalie loves. Cristian says that there are things that he doesn’t know about his wife like what she did and what made her cry. He says that he doesn’t even know what to get her for Christmas. Viki tells him that he thinks she has gotten her Christmas present. Viki tells him that he should create something and to give her back a part of him. Viki tells him that she is going to see that the plaque is taken down. Cristian thanks her for her advice and she leaves the chapel.

Cristian sits down in the chapel. The priest comes in and asks him if he can help him with anything. Cristian says that he doesn’t know, but if he does, does it stay between him and God.

David and Dorian are drinking their coffee. David tells her to stop pacing in a public place. Dorian tells him that she thinks better on her feet. David tells her that she needs to focus and he kisses her. Dorian says that’s it. David says that it always works. Dorian tells him that their were five votes against her being let go and one person on the fence that decided the final vote. David says all they have to do is bribe them. Dorian tells him that he is talking about wealthy professionals. David tells her to blackmail them. Dorian gives him a wiry look. David asks her if it was a bad idea. Dorian whispers to him and says for not to say it so loudly. David is proud of her. He asks her who she thinks the swing voter was. Just as Dorian is going to say the name Viki enters and comes over and say hello to the two of them. Dorian says you.

Kevin asks Duke if it is all about him not being a good father. Duke tells him that he didn’t say that and that he wasn’t around much and he has made his peace with that. Kevin tells him that it is obvious. Duke tells him that if it was just about him loving Ace he would say good, dad has finally got this father thing, but he believes that he is doing this because he likes to win. Duke tells him that he punishes anyone that gets in his way and that he guesses it includes him now. Kevin tells him that his great-grandpa and Renee are expecting them for Christmas Eve dinner and that he hopes he doesn’t disappoint them. Kevin leaves.

Kelly comes into the study. She tells him that Adriana gave her the heads up about Kevin being in there. Duke asks her if she found Ace. Kelly says James. She tells him that is what Babe Chandler calls him. She tells him that Babe is a good mother. Duke tells her that she is a good mother to. Kelly tells him that she did it for Ace. Duke hugs her and asks her if she will be all right. He asks her when she is going to tell his dad. Kelly tells him that she doesn’t know. Se tells him that he should probably stay out of it now and that she doesn’t want to cause trouble between him and his dad. Duke tells her that whenever she needs him, he is in it. Kelly smiles and leaves the study room.

In the library at Llanfair, Natalie tells Jessica that they need a time machine that will take them back at least two summers ago. She tells her that way they can see what is going to happen and they wouldn’t make the same mistake. Natalie says that she would never pick up a pool stick. Jessica says she would have never married Tico. Natalie says that it would be great. Jessica says that she will definitely ask Santa for it.

Antonio is sitting at the bar looking at a timetable he has drawn.

Evangeline and John are sitting at the table. John tells her no friendship and that you don’t get to pick and choose and it is the job. Evangeline asks him if it is 24-7. John tells her obviously not because he is there with her. Antonio gets up form the bar and is about to leave, but John stops him. He tells him about the what they were talking about, but Antonio cuts him off and tells him that he doesn’t have to apologize. John tells him he wasn’t and that he was only going to give him some advice. Antonio asks him what don’t leave town. John says no, but that would be a good idea. John tells him that he is just trying to help. Antonio tells him to talk to his lawyer. John asks him who that would be. Antonio asks Evangeline if she have any room for another client. She looks and tells him that he has himself a lawyer. Antonio leaves. John doesn’t like the fact that she has taken on the case. He tells her that he thought she was taking some downtime for the holidays. She tells him that she guess she can’t now. He asks her again why she is taken the case. She tells him that it is obvious that he doesn’t have enough evidence against Antonio, or he would be in custody by now. John tells her since they have this wacky relationship where they are always going to be on the opposite side of a case, he doesn’t want to talk about it. They sit in silence for a second. John tells her that it isn’t going to work. Evangeline says that they can talk about something else. John says that e doesn’t want it to come between them. Evangeline tells him that it already has even before she took on this case. She tells him his whole life revolves around it. He tells her now hers will. She says it better than sitting at home thinking about what she misses and besides Antonio needs her. He tells her that Natalie needed her to and she sees where that got her. She says that it nearly split them up and she doesn’t want it to happen again and she tells him to solve the case fast and clear her client and find out who really killed Tico Santi.

At the chapel, the priest asks Cristian if he would like him to hear his confessions. Cristian tells him that he did what he had to do and if God thinks it was wrong, he will take what’s coming to him and he walks into the hall. He stands near the candles and Antonio enters. Antonio asks him if he is feeling religious. Cristian tells him that he hadn’t been in a while and wanted to stop by. Antonio tells him that Carlota use to come there, light candles, and pray for his soul. Cristian asks him if he is all right. Antonio tells him that he is walking around with a target on his back. Cristian asks him if Jessica remembers anything. Antonio tells him know. Cristian tells him that Tico deserved to die and the only one that gives a damn is John McBain. Antonio tells him that he is only doing his job. Cristian says that sometimes he thinks that McBain and Tico belong in the same place. Antonio tells him that he isn’t making any sense. Cristian tells him that he changed and he is a different person now. Antonio asks him what happen to the guy that said he was still Carlota’s son and his brother. Antonio tells him that if anyone can see who he is, it is him. Cristian leaves the chapel. The priest comes in the hall and Antonio talks to him. He tells him that it is about Tico Santi. He tells him that he is dead. The priest asks him if he ants to confess. Antonio tells him that he is there for an alibi.

Dorian accuses Viki of being the swing voter that cost her position at the hospital. She tells Viki not to gloat. Viki tells her that she is there to get coffee and when she seen her and David she decide to see how Blair was doing. Dorian tells her that Blair is doing horrible thanks to her brother Todd. Viki turns to David and asks him to tell Blair that she is thinking about her and she is in her prayers. Dorian says he will certainly not. David says yes he will because Blair like her and so does he. This doesn’t sit well with Dorian. Dorian goes back to accusing Viki. Viki refuses to tell her whether she was a swing voter or not and she tells her that it is confidential even of she did want to tell her and that she doesn’t. Viki leaves without getting her coffee. Dorian says that Viki is never going to stop trying to ruin her life.

Kevin talks to his private investigator. He tells him to find his son and bring him back. The doorbell rings and he goes to answer it, it is Kelly. Kevin asks her where Ace is. He tells her that he should have never left her there alone because he would have Ace by now. Kelly tells him that he wasn’t going to bring Ac back and he was just worried about his political career. Kevin tells her that she asked him to trust her to bring their son back home. Kelly tells him that their son isn’t coming back home. Kevin tells her to tell him she didn’t give Ace to that woman. Kelly asks him if he means his mother. Kelly tells him that their son isn’t coming home because he is dead.

At La Boule, Duke is in the study looking at the Christmas tree. Adriana brings him something to drink. She asks him if he wants to talk about it. She tells him that her dad was worst. Duke says that she didn’t have to deal with him one-on-one. Duke tells her that he came to Llanview so that he could spend Christmas with his father, and now it is the last thing he wants to do. Adriana says that Christmas bits sometimes. Duke gives her a look. Adriana tells him that her family is a mess to. She thought this year was going to be great and now she is wondering if their going to have Christmas. Duke says that once he goes to have dinner with Asa and Renee he is leaving. He tells her that after that maybe they could spend the rest of Christmas together.

David and Dorian discuss her employment situation. He tells her before he got his job at Craze he was a highly skilled non-laborer and was happy with what he wasn’t doing. Dorian tells him that she liked her job. He tells her now she can stay in bed longer. Dorian tells him it was more than just a job it was prestige and power. David tells her that it was Viki. She headed the university and she headed the hospital. Dorian tells him no matter what Viki says she was good at her job. David tells her at least she didn’t sell body parts like the previous chief of staff. Dorian tells him according to Viki she is Llanview’s menace to society. David laughs and says Viki wasn’t really saying it like that. Dorian tells him there he goes taking up for her again. David tells her that he isn’t taking up for her. He just hates to see her angry because she’s either fun, or no fun at all. Dorian tells him that she is not going to stay mad at Viki. She is going to get even.

Viki goes home and see the decorated Christmas tree. She tells the girls that she is happy to have them home as well as Cristian. Natalie says that she wishes she could get Cristian a special gift. Viki tells her that she just seen Cristian and he said the exact same thing. Jessica asks her what Cristian said. Natalie tells her that she wants it to be a surprise. Viki says that she told him the good presents come form the heart. Natalie is ecstatic and believes that Cristian is going to make her a painting. She rushes off to get dressed to meet Cristian. Viki asks Jessica what it is she wants for Christmas. Jessica tells her that she just wants things to be better. Viki ask her with Antonio. Jessica says yes and asks her if she think it is possible. Viki tells her that it is, but not until Tico’s murder is solved. Jessica tells her that she knows and she has been trying to remember, but it is hard. Viki tells her that she shouldn’t push herself and that it will come to her. She tells her that she must absolutely not let John McBain push her. Jessica tells her that little pieces are coming back everyday and she has this feeling that she knows the person who did it, and she is sure of it.

Antonio talks to the priest. He asks the priest if he remembers the time it was when the two of them talked in the chapel at the church. The priest tells him that it was 20 minutes after eight. Antonio asks him if he is sure about the time. The priest tells him that he was to meet with a patient at 8:30 and he was there and he had set his watch timer. He tells Antonio that he is sorry he could not be any help for him. Antonio says he is to.

Christian is sitting at a table in Rodie’s sketching a picture of Natalie on a napkin. John and Evangeline are getting up form their table and are both headed back to work. Evangeline asks him if they are still on for Christmas. John tells her he is if she is. Evangeline says if they are not working. John says whatever, some way, and some how. He tells her it will be nice to spend the day with her. Evangeline smiles at him and says deal. She grabs his hand.

Natalie and Jessica come into Rodie’s and walk over to Cristian. He folds up his sketch. Natalie tells he she hopes he doesn’t mind her bringing Jessica along. He tells her no. He tells Jessica that he just ordered food for him and Natalie and asks her what she would like. Jessica tells him she feels like a salad. Natalie picks up the empty ashtray and shows it to Jessica. Cristian asks her what it is all about and she tells him about the cigarette incident. Cristian says he isn’t smoking cigarettes.

John comes over to them and asks Jessica if she has a minute. Cristian asks him if she can have lunch without him hassling her. Natalie tells him that Cristian is right. Jessica tells them that it is all right. Natalie tells her that it really isn’t and she pleads with John to give it a rest. Jessica tells them that she needs to talk to him any way.

Cristian leaves to go order the salad for Jessica. Near the bar, he drops his sketch and Evangeline picks it up. He snatches it form her hand. Evangeline apologizes and says to him that he doesn’t want her to look at his latest work. He tells her that it is just something he is working on. He asks her if she goes with McBain. Evangeline tells him she guess he could say that. Cristian tells her that maybe she could get him to lay off Jessica. Evangeline tells him that he is asking the wrong person. She tells him that she is glad he is back because she is a big fan of his work. She tells him that a person she once cared about gave her one of his paints as a gift. Evangeline tells him that she like the way he a cityscape and blended all the different styles. She gives Cristian an idea. He pays for the salad, goes, and tells Natalie that he is leaving. Natalie asks him where he is going, and he tells her that it is a surprise.

John tells Jessica that he s glad she is doing well, but wants to know if she remembers anything. Jessica tells him that she is trying to remember. John tells her that he appreciates it. She tells him that she isn’t doing it for him, but to clear Antonio. John tells her that he wants that to, but it seem like something is holding her back. Jessica says it’s not her thinking that Antonio has anything to do with it. John tells her that maybe they should get some professional help to get her to remember. He tells her that it maybe a psychological block keeping her from remembering. Evangeline walks over and tells him that she is leaving. She tells Jessica that she has the paper work for her. Jessica asks her if the annulment papers went through without a problem. John says annulment. Jessica tells him yes, and that she asked Evangeline if she could take care of it while she was in the hospital. John tells her at least she didn’t have to spend all that money on legal fees. Jessica says that she didn’t care. She just didn’t want it on record saying she was married to Tico. She asks him if they are done there. John tells her yes and to call him if she remembers anything. Jessica leaves before getting her salad.

John asks Evangeline if Tico didn’t have a will his money would go to his wife and since there is no wife it goes to his next of kin. He says that it would go to Antonio. Evangeline tells him that he has a brother and a sister. John tells her that he is heading back to work, and he leaves. Antonio walks in and tells her that he think they may have a problem. He tells her that he thought he had an alibi, but he does not. Evangeline tells him they do have a problem.

Cristian is at Llanfair in the attic getting ready to paint.

Viki is back at the chapel. She gives the priest a box and tells him she has more in her car. He goes to get someone to get them out. Viki thanks the Lord for all of her blessing and for being able to spend another Christmas with her family. She cries a little because she misses Ben. She asks the Lord to look after her family and for a little charity for those who are not her friends.

Dorian and David go home. Dorian tells David that she is thinking of ways to repay Viki. David tells her to tell him. Dorian says that Viki took away her livelihood and reputation and it is time she got what’s due.

Kevin tells Kelly that she is lying again and that Ace can’t be dead. Kelly tells him that she is talking about the soon that they shared together. She tells him that they have to deal with it and that their son deserves to be remembered. She tells him that they have to except it and move on knowing they tried to do the right thing. Kevin asks her what that means and wants to know if she found Ace. Kelly is crying, but she says nothing. Kevin raises his voice at her and asks her what she has done with Ace.

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