OLTL Update Tuesday 12/21/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/21/04



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Marcie is in her hospital room looking at a picture of her and Michael as she talks to her brother in phone. She asks him for advice on Michael.

Michael is at the hospital in front of Marcie’s room and Dr. Miller gets off the elevator and comes over to him. She tells him that she just talked with the board. Michael asks her if he still has a job.

At the police station, Daniel asks Bo how the Cramer case is going. Nora walks in, calls Daniel name, and says that she needs to talk to him. She sees that he and Bo are talking. She says that she can wait. Bo tells her he’ll go to his office. The two of them go back and forth, and Daniel asks them what’s going on.

Kevin talks to his private investigator and asks him why he knows more about his ex-wife whereabouts than he does. He tells him to get on it. Blair walks up, and as Kevin hangs his phone up, she asks him if he has lost track of his ex-wife. Kevin asks her if she is short a husband. Blair says now that they have gotten the cheap shot out he can come into Rodie’s and buy her a drink and she walks in.

At the cabin, Todd has managed to get himself out of bed and he is dragging himself across the room.

Back at the police station, Daniel asks Bo and Nora what’s going on between the two of them. Bo leaves and goes to his office. Nora tells Daniel that she and Bo had a fight. Daniel tells her that the two of them have to work together. Nora apologizes to him for getting angry when he told her that she might still be hoping for her and Bo to get back together. She tells him that she is going to focus on him because he is her future and Bo is her past. Daniel tells her to slow down. Nora looks confused. Daniel tells her that it is too much going on right now work wise and that she needs to make peace with Bo. Nora tells him that he is right and the two of them go to his office. Nora tells him that the two of them are adults and they should be able to separate personal maters from business. Bo agrees and he asks about the checks they found in Paul’s room.

Riley asks shows Jen that he has found Paul bracelet. He asks her how she got it.

Back at the hospital, Marcie continues to talk to her brother. She tells him that she is not comparing Michael to Al.

Out in the hall, Dr. Miller tells Michael that he is on 90 days probation. Michael doesn’t think that he should have gotten probation and believes that the hospital is only trying to cover their own behind. Dr. Miller tells him that it could be more than that, so he should be happy.

Back in the hospital room, Marcie tells her brother that she doesn’t know who Michael is anymore and that he has been so angry lately. Michael walks in Marcie’s room, she tells her brother bye, and that she loves him. Marcie tells Michael that she is going to be released form the hospital and asks him if would like to go somewhere and talk. He tells her that he can’t. She asks him if has heard from the board he tells her yes and that he is on a tight leash.

Back at the cabin, Todd tries to pull himself on a tall cabinet. The cabinet falls over on him.

Riley asks Jen how she ended up with Paul bracelet. Jen asks him why he’s accusing her. He tells her that he isn’t, but he wants to know what his bracelet was doing in her purse. Jen tells him that when the stuff happened with her mother she must have picked it up by accident. He asks her why she still has it. She tells him that she was scared and that once he turned up dead, she didn’t want everyone thinking that she killed Paul. She walks off and leaves Riley.

Daniel tells Bo that they didn’t have anything with the Paul lead. He tells Bo that his lead didn’t pan out. Bo says that Paul was extorting money for someone and that it doesn’t make sense. Nora tells Bo not to blame Daniel for his lead being no good. Bo tells her that if she would stop always trying to be right they can probably get the job done already. They blame each other.

Back at the hospital, Marcie tells Michael that everything will be all right. Michael is interrupted when Dr. Miller walks in the room. He tells Marcie that he has to check on some patients and that he will be back to check on her before she leaves.

Jen is at the hospital to see Marcie and she runs into Michael. Michael asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that she feel like she doesn’t have any body to talk to and she doesn’t know where to go. Michael comforts her and gives her a hug.

Inside of Rodie’s, Blair and Kevin shares a drink. Kevin tells her that she is right and that he doesn’t know what she is going through. Blair accuses him of trying to play innocent. She tells him that he and Todd argued before their wedding and he is probably the reason Todd took off. She thanks him for ruin her families holiday for the second year in a row.

Jen apologizes for leaning on Michael. He tells her that there is no need to. He asks her what going on. Jen doesn’t want to talk about it. Michael insists telling her that she can talk to him because he is her doctor and her friend. She tells him her situation. She asks him if he knows what it is like when people don’t trust you. Michael says he knows what it is like. He asks her to walk with him to the x-ray room and he offers to by her coffee.

Nora and Bo continue to argue of the Paul case. Nora than asks Daniel to excuse the two of them. Daniel is over by the coffee machine and says fine because there isn’t any sugar in there any way. Nora tells Bo that the two of them can’t go on like this. She asks him what will Mathew say when he finds out that the two of them are declaring war with each other. Bo asks her what are they going to do.

Riley goes to the hospital to see Marcie. He asks her if Jen has talked to her about Paul. Marcie asks him if thinks Jen is involved with Paul’s murder.

Kevin tells Blair that it is not his fault that he family’s holiday was ruined last year and that she was the one throwing herself all over him. He tells her that she made need to start looking at herself for the reason Todd has left. Blair tells him that he is no better than Todd is. Kevin apologizes to her and says that he is sorry for what she is going through.

Blair leaves and bumps into Margaret on her way out. Blair tells her that they need to have a serious talk.

Todd is under the cabinet at the cabin. He has a vision of Blair who is egging him on to get form under the cabinet and get to his family. She tells him that he can do anything because he is Todd Manning. He frees himself from the cabinet.

Margaret asks Blair if something is wrong. Blair tells her not to play dumb because she knows that Todd left her at the wedding. Margaret pretends she doesn’t know and that she meant it when she wished her and Todd well. Blair tells her that now Todd is gone she had better stay the hell away from her family or she will kill her with her bare hand. Blair leaves and Margaret goes to the counter to pick up her order.

At the bar, Kevin says hi to Margaret. She tells him hi and that she didn’t see him sitting there. She tells him that she has been so preoccupied with her new boyfriend. Kevin is shocked when he her say she has a boyfriend. She tells him that they are thinking about settling down.

At the cabin, Todd pulls a ski out.

Riley tells Marcie that he doesn’t think Jen did it. He tells her that he wants to help Jen, but she doesn’t want his help. He asks Marcie to be there for her.

Michael and Jen walk back to Marcie’s room and they stand out front and talk. Michael tells her that he knows what she is talking about because he and Marcie lately have been out of sink. He tells her that they use to be able just sit and say nothing and knows what each other was feeling. Jen tells him that she miss that feeling to. Jen thanks him for listening to her, she gives him a hug, and she leaves. Marcie agent walks up and asks Michael if Marcie knows he has a hot new girlfriend.

Back at the police station, Nora and Bo talk about their problems. Bo tells her that he think the two of them were fooling their self. Nora says that they weren’t always pretended. She asks him about all the times they spent playing video games with Mathew and eating Thanksgiving together. Bo tells her that it was probably easier killing aliens and carving turkey than to admit the truth. There is a knock at Bo’s door and Page walks in. She asks them if she has come at a bad time. Nora tells her no and that he is all hers. Nora walks out and calls herself a stupid fool.

Michael and Marcie agent walk in her room. Her agent has brought her some balloons. He tells her that he is glad she is doing better. He gets a phone call and leaves the room. He tells the person on the other end that it will be enough time to get her in shape before the book comes out.

Michael tells Marcie that her agent seems like a good guy, but he doesn’t believe he has her best interest. He tells her that she needs rest and that she shouldn’t be trying to change the way she looks. Marcie says that change isn’t bad. She then tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about. Michael tells her that he doesn’t know how to make her realize that he is there for her and own her side. He tells her that he bet Al didn’t have that problem. He tells her that he is not Al and he never will be.

Margaret gets her food. She tells Kevin that she heard about his son and she is sorry. She says that maybe the person that took him will be rehabilitated like her. Kevin tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about. He tells her that he can understand why he was there drinking with Blair. Kevin tells her to leave Blair alone. Margaret tells him that she has the love of her life and they are about to start a family.

Back at the cabin, Todd continues to vision Blair telling him to get to it and for him to hurry home.

Page tells Bo that it look as though he lost his best friend. He tells her that he and Nora had a fight about some old history. Page tells him that she can see where it started from because Nora did walk in right after the two of them had made love. Page says that the two of them say that they are ready to move and unloading baggage is the best way to do it. She wonders if they are making sure that there is nothing left between the two of them.

Daniel finds Riley whom he was looking for. He wants him to tell him any information that he may know regarding Paul Cramer. Riley tells him that he doesn’t know anything, but his father believes that he isn’t telling him the truth. Jen walks up and see the two of them talking.

Bo tells Page he likes the first thing she said. Page says the part about unloading baggage. Bo says yes. He tells her that when he lost Gabriel, he didn’t think he would be able to feel for anyone the way he feels for her. He tells her that he is not going to throw it away for his ex-wife. He asks her to come over his house later. She asks him if he is going to try to cook her dinner again. He tells her that he wants to cook her scrambled eggs he was telling her about for breakfast. Page agrees. He tells her that he needs to follow up on a lead. She tells him she will see him in about an hour and she leaves. Bo calls down to the evidence room and asks them to bring him Cramer’s wallet because the big lead they just had went south.

Riley tells his father that he doesn’t know anything about Paul. Jen walks up, Daniel tells her hi, and he leaves. Jen tells him that she is sorry for walking out on him again. Riley tells her that it is becoming a bad habit. He gives her Paul’s bracelet and leaves.

Nora is looking for Daniel and she finds him. She tells him that she is sorry for what he saw and it won’t happen again. She tells him that she is going to concentrate on her and Mathew. She tells him that she wants to spend time with him. They go to kiss and a photographer is about to take their picture. They ask him if they can do something for him. The photographer asks them of the DA and ADA are officially a couple. Daniel asks Nora, and she says that they are a reoccurring story.

Michael apologizes to Marcie for bringing up Al. Marcie says that he keeps coming up, and she doesn’t want to talk about it there. Marcie asks him if they can talk later. He tells her that he has to work. She tells him that she can wait up for him, but he tells her he has an all-nighter. He tells her that the two of then can talk on Christmas Eve. Her agent comes in the room to get he and they leave.

Kevin gets a call from his P.I who tells him that Ace is in New Orleans.

Blair is at the penthouse looking at the Christmas tree. She thanks Todd for wrecking her Christmas and her life.

Margaret back to the cabin with Christmas decorations, and Todd is back in bed. He has put the ski under the bed. Margaret tells him that she got some pain medicine from her nurse friend. She tells him tomorrow when he is in tiptop shape; they can start working on bundle of joy. Margaret tells him that she ran into Blair and Kevin drinking at the bar. She tells him that they were drowning their sorrows. Todd tells her that he doesn’t believe her. Margaret leaves the room and Todd removes the ski from under the bed. He picks up a Christmas decoration and he says sorry Peggy he will be home for Christmas.

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