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In New Orleans, Babe, Jamie, and Kelly rush Ace to the hospital. When they arrive, the doctor asks what the baby name is and who the mother is. Kelly says his name is Ace and she is the mother. Babe says his name is James and that she is the mother.

Kevin stops by Bo’s place for some advice off the record.

Adriana is at B.J.’s sitting in a booth, and Duke comes up to her. He asks her if she is waiting for someone, and she tells him no. She tells him that she wanted to call him, but was afraid that his father would found out where he was.

At Llanfair, John is questioning Jessica while Antonio, Natalie, and Cristian listen to them. Jessica tries to recall who pulled Tico’s plug, but she stops and says that she can’t do it while Antonio is in the room. Antonio tries to talk to her and John tells him that he is making Jessica nervous. Antonio tells him to but out. Antonio leaves and gives the two of them privacy. Cristian and Natalie leave as well.

At the cabin, Margaret tells Todd that tonight is the perfect night to have a baby because she is ripe. Todd tells her that now is not the only time for her to be ripe. Margaret tells him that now is the time and once the baby is born, he will love her. She then asks him what she needs to do to get him to rise to the occasion.

At Llanfair, Jessica continues to try to remember the face of Tico’s killer. She has her eyes closed and John asks her if it is a man or a woman. As Jessica is trying to remember, the phone rings and breaks her concentration.

Natalie answers the phone in the hall. It is their mother and she asks her how she is doing. Natalie the tells her that Jessica is being questioned and she walks in the study with John and Jessica and she tells her mother that Jessica would be much better if John give her rest from all the questioning. She hands the phone to Jessica.

John asks her what her problem is. She tells him that she would like him to give Jessica a break because she and asks him if he has some suspects. John tells her to get one thing straight, if he isn’t on the job, then FBI and INL will be on it and that don’t care about her the way he does and things will be far worst off. He tells her to drop the attitude.

In the hall, Cristian asks Antonio about John and wants to know why Bo hired him. Antonio tells him that John is a good guy and to give him a chance. Cristian still blames him for losing a year of his life. He asks Antonio if he could trust him with Jessica.

Bo asks Kevin what he wants. Kevin asks him if he has come at a bad time. Bo tells him know and that he and Nora just had a fight. Kevin tells him that the two of them have a lot of history together. Bo tells him that he wishes he didn’t have to deal with her any more, but they have Mathew. Kevin tells him that Kelly sometimes get to him as well. Bo asks him where Kelly is. Kevin says off the record, Kelly got a lead on Ace. He tells Bo that he had someone tailing her, but they lost her. Bo asks him if he has contacted the FBI. Kevin tells him no. Bo asks him why and if he is leaving something out. He asks him why Kelly is keeping secrets from him.

Back at the hospital in New Orleans, Kelly tells Babe about the first time Ace caught a fever and she panicked and rushed him to the hospital. She tells her that all the doctor did was giving her medicine for his ear infection. Jamie tells Babe that he is going to the cafeteria. She tells him that she will stay there and wait. Kelly tells her to go ahead and she will wait for Ace. Babe asks her if she would try to run off with her baby. Kelly tells her that Ace is sick and she would never take a chance like that. Babe tells her that they had a DNA test and the baby is hers. Kelly tells her that she is the only mom he has ever known. Kelly tells her that she knows she doesn’t have any claim to him, but she knows everything about him, from the sound he makes when he is sleeping and the smile he gives her when she goes to pick him up. Babe tells her that the smiles were supposed to be for her. Kelly asks her if Ace thinks she is his mother, or does he think she is.

Kevin tells Bo that he doesn’t know what Kelly is doing and why she won’t talk to him. Bo asks him if he can blame her. He has taken Ace away from her. Bo tells him that even though him and Nora are on outs, he cannot imagine not wanting Mathew with her.

At the cabin, Margaret is lying on Todd. He tells her to get the hell off him. Margaret tells him that he had better get in the mood or she will pay a visit to his family.

Ms. Bigelow is at Te Sun in Todd’s office. She is giving orders to someone. Blair asks her where Todd is. She tells Blair that the Sun will be on the shelves in Todd’s honor. Blair believes that Ms. Bigelow knows where Todd is. She tells her that she was probably in on the letter. Ms. Bigelow is crying, and she asks her if she was in the letter. Blair asks her to tell her what happened because she is losing her mind. Ms. Bigelow tells her that Todd is dead.

Jessica tries to remember, but when she can’t she gets upset. John cell phone rings.

When he gets off, he tells them that they the exact time Tico’s respirator was unplugged and it was at 8:27 p.m. Antonio tells him that he guess he wants him to prove where he was at the time. John says not just him, but all of them will. Natalie, Jessica, and Cristian look at him.

Kevin tells Bo how he feels about Ace. Bo tells him that he has another son and he needs to remember that. He tells him that his problem is that he fights for his kids and pushes the family away.

Babe tells Kelly that she didn’t have a chance to be a good mother to Ace, but she was a good mother to Miranda. Kelly tells her that she is no better than she is for keeping Miranda after knowing she wasn’t her child. Babe tells her that she knows she was wrong for what she did. The two of them share a moment about Ace. Jamie brings coffee for Babe. The doctor tells them that Ace is fine.

Ms. Bigelow explains to Blair that Todd wouldn’t have left without leaving him detailed instructions on how to handle things at the Sun. She tells her that he wasn’t planning to leave his family. Blair doesn’t believe it. Ms. Bigelow says that maybe she will check into it and leaves the office.

Todd asks Margaret if he doesn’t perform, will she hurt his family. She tells him she will if he doesn’t cooperate. Todd tells her that he doesn’t want her to hurt his family. Margaret tells him they should get started. She is at the foot of the bed and she starts to roll the cover back.

Cristian questions John. Natalie tells him that then needing to tell their whereabouts is bull. Jessica tells Natalie that it is okay. John asks Cristian where he was. Cristian tells him that he wasn’t wearing a watch. Antonio tells him that he can see if Adriana remembers the time that they were together the night of Tico’s murder. Natalie tells John that Jessica is about to have breakdown. John tells her until Jessica remembers it is not going to be over.

Back at B.J.’s, Adriana tells Duke that Antonio wants to meet with her. She asks him how things were with Kelly. He tells her that he had some friends that helped him out. Adriana tells him that he sounds like his father. Duke tells her that all his father has is mobsters and spin-doctors to help him. Kevin walks up and thanks him for telling him that he is back. Duke asks him if they can fight later. Kevin tells him no.

Back in New Orleans, the doctor tells Babe, Kelly, and Jamie that Ace has and ear infection and that they are hydrating him and he should be ready to go shortly, and he leaves. The nurse walks up and tells them that he won’t be released until the parent fill out a form. Jamie starts to say something, and Kelly tells him that she doesn’t know his involvement, but she needs a moment. Kelly tells Babe about her baby dying. She tells her that it has been almost a year and it is time to face it. She tells Babe that she know she wants to blame Paul, but she begged him to find her another child. She thought she was going to lose her husband. Babe thanks Kelly for giving up Ace. She tells her that she will try to be as good as a mom to him as she was.

Blair says that Todd wouldn’t leave with out saying good-bye to his kids. Ms. Bigelow says what would Todd think if he knew she gave up on him so quickly and that she will continue to run the paper. Ms. Bigelow leaves the office. Blair says aloud to herself Todd what have you down. She looks up and thinks she sees him sitting at his desk. She turns her head and turns back to see an empty chair.

Margaret lies beside Todd and she kisses him on his chest. She asks him if he wants champagne. Todd tells her that he will need more than that. She asks him if he is saying that he isn’t attracted to her as she walks away to the dresser. Todd tells her that it is his legs. She asks him if she gets him some pain medication will it help. He tells her that there is know guarantee. Margaret tells him that he needs to learn and listen so he never does it again. She tells him that it is always ways around him not wanting to make love to her. She refers to him raping Marty. Todd tells her that it doesn’t work that way and you can’t force herself on him. Margaret tells him that she is leaving and for him to lie there and dream about the fun they will have making their little boy.

Bo is a home. He calls Mathew and asks him if there is anything, he would like to add to his shopping list. Bo tells him that he doesn’t need to talk to Nora and he tells Mathew that he loves him and he hangs up.

Antonio goes to see Adriana at B.J.’s. He thanks her for meeting with him. He tells her that the police believe that he killed Tico. Adriana asks him what he wants from her. He tells her that he needs an alibi.

Duke is over talking to his father. Kevin asks him if he seen Kelly. He tells him that Kelly told him everything, and that Kelly told her that Paul stole Ace. Kevin asks him if that why he left Kelly. He tells him that after he learned the truth, he did all he could to help her.

Kelly is sitting looking at a picture of her and Kevin. Babe and Jamie walk out with Ace. Babe asks her if she wants to hold before they leave. Kelly holds him and talks to him. Ace cries as she talks. Babe tells her that once everything calms down she will send him picture of Ace. Kelly tells her that she would like that. Kelly gives her the picture of her and Kevin and asks her to show it to Ace and tell him how much they loved him. Ace continues to cry.

Jessica is sitting on the couch and John continues to get her to remember. Jessica almost falls down and she leaves the study and rushes to her room. Natalie says that if John doesn’t back off Jessica will be back in the hospital. Natalie asks Cristian if he could go check on Jessica and he leaves. Natalie question John about how he is handling the case. He tells her that he knows she doesn’t understand what has to do, but it will be better for everyone if they know who killed Tico. Natalie tells him to get out. John tells her that he’s gone, but he is not the one that she is mad at.

Adriana tells Antonio that she cannot be his alibi because she wasn’t with him at that time. She tells him that she was with Duke and the place they were at was just about to close at 8:30. She tells him that she knows he didn’t kill Tico, but she can’t help him because she wasn’t with him.

Across the room, Kevin asks Duke if Kelly gave Ace back to his biological mother. Duke looks at him and then he walks away. He goes over to Adriana and asks her if she is ready to leave. She says yes and they leave.

Kelly says an emotional good-bye to Ace. She tells him not to worry about her and that she will be fine. She tells him that if her hears something at night that it is just her listening to him breathe. Babe tells her that they really have to leave. Kelly kisses him on the head and hands him to her. Babe and Jamie goes to leave, and Babe tells Kelly thank you and good luck. Kelly says you to.

Blair sits at Todd’s desk and looks at their family picture. She says to herself for Todd to give her five minutes. She says all she needs is five minutes and she will let him go.

At the cabin, Todd gets his hand loose from the headboard. He tries to stand up and falls down.

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