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One Life to Live Update Friday 12/17/04



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In New Orleans, Kelly arrives outside Babe and Jamie's hotel room, on the veranda.  She peeks through the window at them.  Ace cries, so she grabs the door, wondering why Babe is not there.  Babe soon rushes in and picks up Ace to stop him crying.  Kelly is upset.  Babe hears a noise so she goes outside to check.  Kelly hides.  Babe calls out but no one answers.  She takes Ace to get him a bottle.  Kelly watches.  She talks to herself, saying Babe is probably his mother and he belongs to her.  She asks herself how she is going to give him up.  Finally, Kelly knocks on the door.  Babe answers, recognizes her and holds Ace close.  Kelly says, "I've come for my baby".

At Llanfair, Cris is still having headaches.  He looks at his book.  Antonio arrives, so Cris hides the book in the sofa.  Cris confesses to Antonio that he is having trouble living up to everyone's expectations of what he was before he disappeared.  He says he has changed.  He wonders if he can still do the right thing.  Antonio comforts him and says they all have changed.  He still wants them to be brothers and he is trying, too.  He wants to know why Cris has still not contacted Carlotta, now that Tico is gone and no longer a threat.  Cris is evasive. He says he's a different guy than he was.  Antonio points out that he is still her son. 

Also in Llanfair, Natalie and Jess have a talk.  Nat talks about how Cris won't open up to her and how he must know about John because he seems to hate John so much, even more than Tico.  The talk turns to Tico and how Jessica saw who murdered him.  They know that John will be coming soon to interrogate her.  Jessica sighs that their lives are so messed up.  Natalie thinks they should go out on a first date, and get to know the people they have become.

Natalie walks out to where Cris and Antonio are; Antonio goes in to see Jessica.  Natalie invites Cris out for their first date.  After she explains, he agrees, and they go to Rodi's.  At Rodi's, he makes a comment about coming back their to play pool.   Puzzled, she corrects him that they used to shoot pool at Crossroads.  He wonders who moved the table, so she reluctantly tells him that John did.  Things are tense after that.  He is annoyed about John, thinking he tried to buy off Natalie so he wouldn't feel so guilty.  Nat protests that John still feels guilty.  Cris says he needs to get some air--alone.  He rushes off.

Also at Rodi's, Evangeline arrives to find Nora, who called her, but she sees John playing pool instead.  He is in a strange mood.  He comments about her dropping everything to help her friend, and she makes a comment about how she would do that for him, but he doesn't seem to need her so much.  He replies that everyone needs someone.  They play pool, but she notes that he is off his game.  They talk about relationships, but it doesn't improve John's mood.  She points out that there is something that comes between dating and marriage, so he asks if she means love.  She can tell that this makes him uncomfortable, so she promises they won't bring up that word.  He agrees, and they kiss.

At home, Blair surveys the wreckage of her (Todd's) penthouse, where she destroyed things earlier.  She looks at the Christmas tree as she picks up a sexy red dress from the floor.  She goes to Rodi's in the red dress and starts drinking tequila shots.  She tells the bartender about the Wild Hearts' Losers Club but says she is there to dump the loser.  The bartender is sympathetic and buys her drinks for her.  Evangeline comes over to say she is sorry about what happened (the missed wedding).  Blair is very bitter and drunk.  She reminds Evangeline that she helped Todd in his case and says she should have let him rot in jail.  She ends up throwing her drink on a shocked Evangeline.

Bo and Nora continue to argue at his home about the past.  He tells her that she should let go and move on.  She accuses him of still being in love with her.  Angry, he opens the door and orders her out.  She blasts him for having such male pride and compares him to Asa, then she storms out.  He cleans up the room and then phones Paige, leaving a message on her answering machine.  He says he is sorry their evening got cut short but says that it was amazing, and so is she.  He looks at a picture of him and Nora as her words echo in his mind.  He drinks wine, then gets up and turns on some music to drown out her voice.  It is an oldie, so it probably reminds him of her.  His expression makes it seem like it does.

Nora goes to Rodi's and looks for Evangeline.  She asks Blair about her, but Blair says sarcastically that Evangeline had an accident with an adult beverage.  Nora expresses her sympathy about the wedding.  Blair acts like a bitch to her, too.  Nora says her track record with men is not good, either.  Blair can't believe that Nora is actually admitting that she made mistakes.  Nora suggests they cal a truce.  She talks briefly about her and Bo fighting.  Blair asks who won, but Nora replies that no one did, that nobody ever wins these things.  They talk about how they both dated some of the same men (Sam and Troy) but Blair was always holding out for Todd, and Nora for Bo.  Nora says that's over.  All they can do is start over.  Blair admires what she says, so she gets Nora a drink.

Blair goes over to Natalie, whom she noticed was arguing with Cristian before he left.  She sympathizes, saying she had a husband come back from the dead, too.  Natalie says that their situations are different.  She doesn't want to say how, but Blair keeps bugging her to tell her.  Natalie says that Blair should have seen it coming with Todd, noting that he was flipping out before the wedding.  Blair is surprised and doesn't know what she means.  Blair says that Todd was damaged goods and she thought she could fix him, but some people are just too messed up.  She suggests that they forget about them, then she walks away. 

Back at Llanfair, Antonio tells Jessica again that he didn't kill Tico.  She laments that she used to be able to believe him and thought their love could get them through anything.  The doorbell rings, so she knows it is John, who has scheduled an appointment to talk to her.  Antonio asks John not to push her too hard because he's worried about her.  John wonders if he's really worried about her remembering that he was the one who killed Tico.  They argue.  Antonio knows that Jess will remember and that he won't be the one she remembers as the killer.  Jess looks at her pills and flashes back to that night, but she still doesn't see the murderer's face.  John shows her pictures of some of Tico's associates that may have killed him.  He asks if they are familiar, but she doesn't know.  She is frustrated and annoyed.  Antonio waits outside.  He finds the book that Cris put there and looks at it, but then he puts it down when he hears yelling from inside.  He interrupts them and defends Jessica.  Jess protests that she's not trying to let Tico's killer get away.  John says that's good.

Meanwhile, Cris realizes he doesn't have his book, so he rushes home, leaving Natalie wondering what's going on.  Cristian returns to Llanfair during the interrogation with her following.  She demands to know what's going on.  John suggests to Jessica that she close her eyes and think back.  She tries while he talks to her.  She can still see only part of the figure, not a face.  She says she was sick and on drugs, everything was blurry.  She finally says she can't do it with Antonio in the room, so they all wonder why.

Blair goes home and cleans up the mess.  She looks at a family picture and reads the note that Todd left about the fifth time being the charm.  She suddenly says to herself that she knows where to find him.  She says, "I should have thought of her before".

At Rodi's, Evangeline returns and finds Nora waiting.  She is angry about the drink.  Nora makes a comment about her and Blair's exes.   She is very angry, but Evangeline knows that she is talking about Bo.  She calls Bo a bunch of names including "butthead".  She explains to Evangeline what happened, but in a way that doesn't make much sense because her mind is racing all over.  Evangeline wonders if Nora is jealous of Bo being with Paige, but she denies it.  Then in the course of the conversation, she blurts out that he cheated on her with Paige.  Evangeline is sympathetic and suggests that Nora may not be over Bo.  Nora insists that they are done and that Bo wants Paige.  She declares that she wants Daniel and she is going to get her some Daniel.  Evangeline tries to get her to reconsider, but she is determined and leaves.  Evangeline looks worried.

At the cabin, Todd and Margaret are arguing over her Plan B.  She says she wants a piece of him to keep with her.  He says she may as well just shoot him now.  She laughs, saying she doesn't want to dig another bullet out of him.  She says he can't stop her from fulfilling her destiny as a woman.  She wants Todd to give her a baby.  They both get angry and argue until she hits his leg with a poker.  He cries out in pain.  She cries, asking why he keeps making her do that to him when she just wants to love him.  She drinks something (wine?) and tells him to impregnate her and then he can limp out of there.  He considers it but then shudders.  She asks if she's so repulsive, so he says quickly that she is a beauty.   She asks if she's as beautiful as Blair, so he lies that she has her own special beauty.  She wants to start making a baby now, but he says he is too hurt.  She yells at him, then kisses him, but he moves his face away.  She says she wants to make a little brother or sister for Starr and Jack.  She thinks a baby equals happiness and notes that he is a wonderful father to his kids.  He says that he will only love Blair's kids and will never love hers.  She screams, "What good are you?"  He tells her to just let him go, but she won't.  She waves the knife at him and tells him he deserves to die.  She puts the knife down and asks him to just listen.  She makes him call her "Peggy", so he does.  He says that all children have to be wanted by both parents, but this is not what he wants.  She says he will get over it once he sees their beautiful baby.  She insists that they make love right now.  She crawls on top of him and kisses him.

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