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One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/16/04



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On Asa's jet, Kelly tells Duke the whole truth about Ace; the history, how she felt, what Paul did, everything.  He is confused at first.  He asks her what she's going to do when she finds Ace.  She says that if he's safe and Babe is a good mother, then she'll let her have him and say goodbye.  If she's not a good mother, Duke points out that Ace is still not hers.  She says it doesn't matter because she will keep him safe no matter what.  She will take him and disappear if she has to.  They argue about it a bit.  He gets a call from his friend and finds out where Babe is.  He isn't sure at first whether he should give it to her because he thinks it's not right, what she's planning to do.  She begs him until he finally gives her the address in New Orleans.  He asks if she wants him to go with her, but she says she has to do it alone.

Daniel's words about Bo echo in Nora's brain.  She talks out loud to herself about Bo and how they're not romantic, but she gets angry at herself.

Bo and Paige meet at his place for a date.  He plans to cook her dinner.  She has brought three bottles of wine because she wasn't sure what he wanted.  He says scrambled eggs are his best meal, but he is trying to make steaks for tonight.  He has dinner reservations just in case.  They kiss.  Later, we see that he has burned the steaks.  He asks her if she would rather have eggs or go out.  She says she's not really hungry as she looks deep into his eyes.  They kiss more and start undressing.  Next time we see them, they have had sex and are naked under a blanket.   They kiss.  There is a knock on the door, but Bo says they should ignore it.  The knock keeps going, and Nora yells from the other side that she has something important to say.  They get dressed and answer the door.  Nora barges in and gets embarrassed when she sees Paige there and realizes what just happened.  Paige excuses herself to freshen up.  Things are awkward.  Nora can't say what it was she came to see, so she makes something up about Daniel.  Bo is a bit suspicious because what she says is not that important.  Nora babbles on and leaves Bo confused.  Paige goes to leave, saying she has to check in at the hospital anyway.  She kisses Bo and then leaves.  Bo thanks Nora sarcastically for ruining his date.  They argue some and it is still very awkward.  She blames Bo for answering the door when he and Paige were in the middle of something.  He gets on her case about that phrase and says they were having sex.  She blushes.  He asks if she has a problem with them having sex.  She denies that she does.  He says that she and Daniel are, so she corrects him, saying they haven't had sex.  She let him think that, though, she admits.  He says it doesn't matter because they can both sleep with whomever they want.  Their argument gets heated when she brings up him having sex with Lindsay while they were married, and he brings up her having sex with Sam.  He points out that they were separated when he slept with Lindsay, but they were married when she slept with Sam.  She protests that it was not sexual with Sam, but he calls that garbage and says she really didn't sleep with Sam to give him a baby, that there were other ways to do that.  She is shocked and says she thought he forgave her for that.  He says that doesn't forgive her and never will.

Marcie is in a hospital bed.  She is annoyed to be there.  Michael is worried about her because she fainted.  He tells her he loves her, which brings a smile to her face.

Riley and Jen are preparing to go upstairs and make love for the first time.  She makes sure that he doesn't think she killed Paul.  He says he doesn't and mentions his father, so she worries that the D.A. thinks she killed Paul.  They both say "I love you" and prepare to go upstairs.  The phone rings--it's Marcie.  She tells Jen she's in the hospital and why.  She wants Jen to come down there and tell Michael she's okay.  Jen agrees to go see how Marcie is doing, and Riley says he'll go with her.  She apologizes, but he understands.  They kiss more.

Back at Marcie's room, Jen and Riley visit.  Michael has gotten her test results back, and they say she is severely dehydrated.  Jen spills that she has been working out too much and not eating right.  Michael gets very angry and in the process calls Marcie's novel "a stupid book".  He apologizes for that but keeps yelling at her.  Jen and Riley leave.  Michael tells Marcie to stop pushing her and to eat right, but she refuses.  They argue about her wanting to do anything to promote her book.  Paige arrives and is aghast to learn that Michael is treating his own girlfriend, so she orders him out.  He does but says to take good care of her because she means the world to him, even thought they don't always agree.  Marcie's face lights up when he says that.

Back at home, Riley tells Jen that he wants the first time they make love to be when they are completely focused on each other.  She agrees and heads upstairs.  He accidentally knocks her purse off the table.  A bracelet spills out with the initials "P.C.", so he thinks it's Paul Cramer.

Starr looks at a picture of her and Todd.  The doorbell rings, so she rushes to it, thinking it might be him.  She is disappointed to find it's Dorian.  Dorian asks about Todd, Jack and how Blair's doing.  Starr tells her there's still no word from Todd, Jack is at the movies and her mom has been lying around like a blob ever since Starr came home from school.  Blair comes down.  She says that she doesn't think Todd wrote that letter.  She and Dorian argue.  Blair thinks that one of his enemies must have written it.  Dorian thinks Blair is in denial, but they discuss it.  She suggests that Blair get proof.  David drops by.  He has a friend who is a forger (he quickly corrects that she is a "handwriting expert").  They give him two notes to compare, one that Todd left for the nanny and the one left at the wedding.  Starr says she knows that her dad didn't write it.  While they are waiting, Blair gets a delivery box from Todd.  It's diamond necklace with five diamonds, one for each of their weddings.  The note with it says the fifth time's the charm and this one will last forever.  David returns to tell them that Todd definitely wrote the note.  Blair cries that it doesn't make any sense that he would give her that gift but leave her before the wedding.  Dorian doesn't understand it, either.  Starr tries to argue that there must be some explanation, but Blair just wants to be left alone.  She asks Dorian to take the kids to spend the night with her.  Blair tells Starr that she loves her and will never leave her.  They hug.  Later, Blair wrecks the place, including the wedding presents and the box Todd sent.  She grabs the family portrait and wrecks Todd's picture as she cries and screams.

In the mountains, Todd is still tied up to the bed, trying to get loose.  Margaret brings him breakfast.  She unties his hands so he can eat.  Instead, he grabs her with one hand and chokes her.  She gets away by hitting his sore leg.  She picks up the knife and complains that he shouldn't have done that.  She cleans up the mess he made and asks him how he's feeling, as if nothing had happened.  He laughs bitterly that he feels like someone who has been shot.  He tells her that he needs to go to the hospital and could have an infection.  She claims his legs are healing just fine.  She points out that she dressed him in pajamas.  He hadn't noticed so she asks her when she did that.  She says she did it while he was sleeping.  She jokes that she didn't peak..."well, maybe just a little".  Todd apologizes for knocking the food down.  She warns him not to try it again or she'll have to tie him up again.  He whines that he misses his kids and would like to call Starr.  He promises that Blair won't find out and that Starr won't know where he is.    She says she can't trust him to call Starr and she refuses to discuss it.  He compliments her on the dress but asks why she's still wearing it when there's blood all over it.  She says she altered it to fit her and explains how she stole it from Blair.  He says, "You really are crazy" and insults her, so she slaps him.  Next we see she has changed into normal clothes.  He asks where they are.  She answers that they are in the mountains but doesn't tell him exactly where.  She says she chose the cabin because it is secluded and she wanted him to watch the snow fall through the little window.  She says they'll be snowed in all winter, like two bunnies.  He says that people will come looking for him, like Blair.  She reminds him about the letter.  He thinks Blair will come anyway, but Margaret doubts it.  He cries, "What do you want from me?" so she answers that she wants him to fall in love with her.  They will stay locked up until he does.  He says she might as well shoot him again because he'll never fall for her.  She gets upset and says that means she will have to move to Plan B.  Worried, he asks her what she means.  She says she loves him, but she's not stupid.  She accepts that he doesn't love her, so that's why she has an alternate plan.  She crawls on top of him, getting into his face, and hugs him.  She laughs that he will love her plan.  She describes the plan, but we don't hear it.  He says, "No way in hell I'll ever do that".

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