OLTL Update Wednesday 12/15/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/15/04



By Suzanne
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It's early morning in Llanview...

Cristian and Natalie are at the hospital so he can get his stitches out.  She is worried about the headaches he's been getting, but he says they are nothing.  They argue before he is called in.  John sees Natalie waiting so he comes over and says hi.  She knows he is investigating Tico's murder, but he doesn't give her any details.  They briefly discuss Cris and Tico.  She makes a comment, "you think you know someone", so he wonders if she meant him.  She says no.  He talks about the secrets they shared last year about past Christmases.  She mentions him finding her at Asa's cabin.  That was an intimate moment so that makes things awkward between them.  They agree that it is good that she's spending Christmas this year with Cris, and he with Evangeline.

Jen sees Marcie at the health club.  Marcie is running on the treadmill.   She tells Jen that her agent has her dieting, exercising, and doing beauty stuff.  Jen tells her that she doesn't need all of that stuff because she is already beautiful how she is.  Jen is very skeptical about what Marcie tells her.  Marcie shares that she and Michael have had problems but they never get to see each other because she is so busy with the book stuff and he is always working.  She gets off the treadmill and then feels dizzy.  Jen asks her what she's eaten.  Marcie only had some cottage cheese, so Jen chews her out for not eating right.  Jen gives her a lecture and then leaves.  Marcie gets back on the treadmill.

Daniel visits Riley, who is playing the guitar as usual.  Daniel asks about Jen.  Riley knows something has been bothering her.  Daniel points out that she seems to be upset whenever Paul's name comes up.  He tells Riley that she will still be the focus of the murder investigation.  He shows him the morning paper, which tells that Dorian was released and cleared of charges.  They talk about how Paul blackmailed Jen, which gives her a motive.  Riley says that Jen is not capable of murder, but Daniel isn't so sure.  They argue about it.  Daniel asks Riley how well he really knows Jen, then he leaves.  Riley remembers some times when Jen said some suspicious things.  Riley sings a song about Jen's eyes.  She comes in and hears it.  She loves the song, but he protests that it's not finished.  He asks her where she went the night that she left Capricorn (after the newscast about the shovels).  She says she was just out for a walk, but he wonders.  He shows her the paper and says that the police might investigate her now for Paul's murder.  She says she is not worried because she has nothing to hide.  Then she realizes what he is insinuating and gets angry.  She accuses him of thinking that she did it.  He apologizes, saying he didn't say that.  They kiss and then head upstairs.

Bo brings Matthew home; Nora is in her robe.  They tell her about Todd and Blair's aborted wedding.  She suggests that Matthew go make Starr a card to cheer her up, so he does.  Bo asks if she thinks Daniel will be mad at her for letting Dorian and David out of jail.  She doesn't know because she still hasn't been able to find Daniel.  She wonders if he's avoiding her.  She mentions that she and Daniel get along well in their personal life, it's just work....she doesn't want to talk about her personal life with him, and he agrees he doesn't want to talk about his, either.  He tells her there's been a break in the Paul Cramer murder case.  Bo found a bank account that Paul had, with three deposits of $25,000 each.  So they know that someone was paying Paul off and that person may have murdered him. They discuss possible suspects.  Daniel drops by, so Nora explains why Bo is there.  He heard that she released David and Dorian, but he's not upset about it.  He asks if there are new leads, so Bo fills him in about the bank accounts.  Daniel says he will call his friend who works at the federal reserve to see if they can find out where the deposits came from.  Bo leaves.  Nora kisses Daniel passionately.  He stops her and says that he thinks she is competing with Bo.  She doesn't know what he means.  He thinks she is overcompensating.  He mentions that he has been patient about them not sleeping together.  They get into an argument.  Matthew comes downstairs and listens on the stairs.  Daniel accuses Nora of holding onto the hope that she and Bo will get back together.  She hotly denies it.  He tells her that will never happen, then he leaves angrily, adding that she is wasting her life.  Nora has tears in her eyes.  Matthew comes over and tells her he heard what Mr. Coulsen said.  He asks if it's true that they won't ever get back together.  Nora tries to reassure him but also make him understand that things haven't changed with her and Bo.  She says she and Bo are just pals, like Matthew and Starr.  They are a great team when it comes to taking care of him.  He wonders if she will get married again and if Mr. Coulsen might be the one.  She says it's a big step but says "maybe" about Daniel.

Kevin stops Adriana at the health club.  He badgers her some more about where Duke and Kelly are.  He says he is worried about Ace, Duke, and Kelly.  He thinks they are getting into trouble and will not be safe since they are not using the police to help them.  Adriana tells him that she trusts Duke to stay safe.  She gets a phone call from Duke while Kevin watches.  He just wanted to tell her that he's thinking about her.  She pretends that he is a friend of hers named Linda, so he knows that Kevin is there.  Later, Kevin meets with his private eye while Adriana eavesdrops.  Kevin tells the PI that his son Duke is with Kelly, and he gives him a picture of both of them.  Also, he tells him to watch Adriana because she is a friend of Duke's.  Adriana phones Duke and tells him not to phone her any more because it's not safe, and that Kevin knows he is with Kelly.

Kelly and Duke are on his plane.  He gets a phone call from his cop friend that Babe was in a Tallahassee hotel.  Kelly is upset to find out that Babe already left there, until Duke informs her that she is heading towards New Orleans.  State troopers are watching her.  Kelly is happy to hear it.  He says they will head to New Orleans as soon as they refuel.  He offers her refreshments, but they are pretty lame, so she doesn't want any.  She admires the way he is taking care of her and says it reminds her of Kevin.  Later, Duke asks her why they can't go to the cops.  She doesn't want to tell him, but he insists.  They argue.  She worries that he'll hate her, but he assures her that he won't.  She says she's not Ace's mother.

Michael is not happy to hear that Paige is going to be following him around the hospital and helping him with his work, looking over his shoulder.  She claims that she is just helping him to pick up slack while he is working with the hospital board to answer their questions, but he thinks he is going to lose his job and take the blame for Tico's death.  They argue.  Someone comes to tell Michael that the board is ready to talk to him.

Paige examines Cristian.  She tells him that she has noticed that his ribs had a previous injury, but he won't talk about it.  She asks him about the headaches (apparently Natalie phoned her earlier).  She says they should run some more tests, but he says there is no need.  She says that headaches can be caused by stress or anxiety.  She suggests he talk to someone, but he replies, "no shrinks".  She says ominously that traumatic experiences can haunt you forever.

Paige sees Michael and asks him how it went.  He is bitter and sarcastic to her.  Marcie comes up and hears Michael saying mean things to Paige, so she tells him to stop it and explains to Paige that he didn't mean it.  Paige walks away, so Michael turns on Marcie and just yells her out royally for apologizing for him.  They have a big fight but stop, saying they don't want to fight.  They get into it again when she says that she got up really early just to see him before she goes to her appointments, but she wonders why she bothered.  She says he is acting like a jerk, so he gripes that he is comparing him to Al.  She doesn't understand why he is bringing up Al again.  She says he's wrong.  They fight some more and she turns on her heel to leave.  She then gets dizzy and falls again, passing out this time.  He rushes to her side, upset and concerned for her.

Bo drops by to see Paige.  They flirt.  He tells her briefly about the wedding.  They make dinner plans and kiss twice.

Cristian rejoins Natalie, who is still talking to John.  John asks how he is, but Cris just stares at him.  Nat tells Cris that John is working on the Tico murder case.  She asks him about the headaches.  He kisses her to thank her for calling the doctor about that.    He lies that the doctor said the headaches would probably go away and that they were caused by stress.  They hug.

John investigates at the hospital, getting a list of who was around the night Tico was killed.  Cris and Natalie argue some more about his headaches.  He lies again that the doctor did not suggest therapy.  He wants to focus on the future.  John offers Natalie a friendly ear after Cris walks away.

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