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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/14/04



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Kevin goes into the diner while he's on the phone to his private eye. He can't understand why the guy can't find Kelly. As he tries to keep his phone call private, he remembers Duke's suspicious call earlier and realizes he must have been talking to Kelly. He wonders if Kelly asked Duke to help her. Adriana comes in, so Kevin walks over and chats with her about Blair. She wonders why he is asking, since he doesn't care about Duke or anyone else. He can tell that she really likes him and admires her spunk. He asks where he is, but Adriana says she doesn't know. He tells her that he thinks Duke's phone call at the wedding was from Kelly. She pretends she doesn't know. He keeps working on her. She asks him what he's doing. He says she obviously cares about Duke, and he's worried about him. Kevin points out that Duke will get hurt if he gets involved with Kelly. She doesn't know why she would tell Kevin, even if she knew. He says, smiling, that he thinks she'd rather have him as a friend than an enemy. Adriana can see right through him and lets him know it. When charm doesn't work, Kevin tries threats. Adriana yells at him but lets slip that Duke is helping Kelly. Later, Kevin looks at the picture of Kelly in his wallet.

Duke meets with Kelly on Asa's private jet, in Florida. She is impressed with what he did for her. She is even more impressed when she learns that he is the pilot. She thinks she knows where Ace is, so he wonders if they shouldn't call the police. She won't do that and asks him not to ask questions. He asks her to be straight with him if she wants his help. She tells him that the woman who took Ace is Babe Chandler, AKA Kate Anderson. He still wants to know why she won't tell the feds. He worries that she's dangerous, but she assures him that she's not. He wonders what she's gotten herself into. She tells him that if she goes to the police about this, she'll never see Ace again. He agrees not to call them, for now. He insists that she give him answers once they find Ace. She agrees. Kelly asks Duke about flying the jet. He says he started out with crop-dusting, then Asa got him flying lessons. Kelly gets antsy, saying they should leave. Duke wants to wait for a friend of his who is going to help them. She worries that Ace is getting further and further away. He tries to reassure her. She wonders why he's doing that. He says because she is his friend and Ace is his little brother. She knows it's because of Kevin. He doesn't understand why Kevin isn't working with her rather than against her. Duke gets a cal from his friend; he takes some notes and thanks him. He tells Kelly that he knows where Ace is. She gets excited. He says his friend found her from some license plates near Tallahassee. They aren't far away, so they get ready to take off. Kelly buckles her seat belt and looks at her picture of Ace.

Evangeline and John talk about Todd at the dinner. She can't figure out why he would act this way (not show up at his wedding) when he loved Blair so much. Evangeline makes a passing comment about how people shouldn't ruin a good thing by getting married, so this make John look up, shocked. She notices his surprise. He thought she liked strings, to which she replies that strings and rings are different. It's divorce she fears because she's seen so many bad ones as a lawyer. He is surprised at her attitude. She wonders if that will be a problem with them. He wonders if she has a strong aversion to marriage because of her work or because she thinks it's just too inconvenient. She gets angry when he says that. Things are awkward and he makes peace with her. She asks him if he wants to be married. He isn't sure. He says there was a time when he thought that, and his parents made it look good, but he's changed. John talks about his past wedding plans to Caitlin, and her death. She says they're lucky they found each other because most people would want marriage. She asks him again if that's going to be a problem (not getting married). We don't hear his answer. Next we see, they are leaving the diner. Snow is falling and she admires how beautiful it is, while he admires her beauty.

Blair is sprawled on a bed, still in her wedding dress, staring at Todd's note. Dorian and Starr watch over her. Starr thinks something terrible must have happened to him because he wouldn't do this to Blair. Dorian argues that Todd got cold feet. Starr is annoyed at Dorian, saying she must hate him so much that she won't even consider that he is in danger. Dorian doesn't want to upset Blair further. She goes to order food, but Blair is not interested. Dorian tells Blair that Starr and Jack need her now that Todd has just disappeared. Viki arrives; she gives Starr a hug. She tells Blair that she hasn't heard from Todd. Dorian tells her that there is no reason to be there. Starr tells Viki that Dorian is wrong and Todd wouldn't just leave like that. Viki agrees that she doesn't believe it, either. Dorian bitches at them some more and tells Viki to leave. Viki yells back at her, saying she's not helping matters. They argue, and Starr defends Viki, until Blair asks them to stop it. Blair puts her foot down, saying that Viki is not leaving because she's Todd's family and she cares. Viki wishes she could give Blair answers. Blair asks Viki what Todd said to her earlier. Viki says he seemed excited about the wedding. Blair asks if he was nervous, but Viki replies that he was only nervous about letting her down. Blair knows that he said the same thing to her. Viki tells her how she urged him to believe in himself and the love they had for each other, only a half hour ago. Dorian thinks that Todd went back to being his selfish self. Dorian declares that Todd stabbed Blair in the heart but she won't let Viki twist it in deeper. Blair asks Viki to let her know if she hears from Todd and thanks her for all she's done. Viki leaves. Starr tells Viki how worried she is and asks her to tell the police. Viki says she already has and asks Starr not to lose faith in her dad. Starr says she's really scared as she hugs Viki. Viki urges her to be strong for her brother. They exchange "I love you"'s and then Viki leaves. Dorian argues some more with Blair and Starr about Todd. Starr reminds them that Todd got Dorian out of jail. She asks why he would do that if he was going to leave. Blair agrees, knowing that Todd didn't want Dorian at his wedding. David comes in and says that Todd had nothing to do with either of them being sprung from jail. Blair is confused because of what Addie said. Starr doesn't believe it, either. Dorian continues to make nasty comments about Todd. Blair says in a tired voice that all she knows is what she heard Todd tell Viki, and the note. David looks at the note and confirms that it is Todd's signature (because he has forged it so many times). Blair tells Starr that it looks like Todd just got scared. Starr sadly asks if she thinks Todd left them for good. Dorian insists that Blair and Starr come home with her, but they insists on staying in the hotel for the night. Dorian suggests that she stay, too, but Starr doesn't want her around, criticizing Todd. Blair tells Dorian to just leave and be with David, since they both just got out of jail. Dorian tells her that she always has a home with her, then she and David leave. Starr says her dad will come back because he leaves them both. They hug; Blair tears up. Later, Starr lies down next to her mom and they hold each other.

Margaret prepares to dig the bullets out of Todd's legs. He asks her to put the knife down and take him to someone who knows what they're doing. She assures him that she is going to take good care of him. She tells him to hold still so she doesn't miss. She tells Todd to take some deep breaths as she starts to take them out. He begs her not to, saying she will hurt him. She puts a wooden spoon in his mouth to bite on, but he spits it out. His mouth opens in a scream as she digs in with the knife. Margaret finishes but finds that Todd has passed out. She strokes his arm, telling him to sleep now and calling him a brave soldier. She picks up the bullets and says some more crazy talk, blows Todd a kiss, and then goes to clean up. Todd's eyes open after she leaves. He manages to roll himself off the bed and pulls himself up to the window. He uses a cup to break the window and tries to crawl out. He falls back after trying. Margaret comes in and yells, with the knife in her hand, that this is what she gets after everything she's done for him. She says, "This won't do". Margaret ties Todd to the bed so he can't run. He says he's gotten out of worse. She is reminded that he's beaten death twice but says this just shows that they were meant to be together. She gets some champagne and makes a toast to their honeymoon. She tries to pour it down his mouth, but he spits it at her. She yells that he shouldn't have done that and grabs his leg where he's wounded until he cries out in pain. She wipes her bloody hand on his face and asks, "You're not going to ruin our wedding night, are you?" Todd cries as she climbs on top of him (they are both still clothed, thankfully). She falls asleep there. Todd says quietly, "Don't give up on me, Blair".

Cristian comes downs in Llanfair in the middle of the night to get some milk. He breaks a glass. When he sees the blood on his fingers, he stops and stares. Weird music plays. He is interrupted by Natalie standing behind him. When she says his name, he turns around suddenly. scared, then he stops and apologizes for scaring her. She asks him if he's okay. He explains he was just a little jumpy. She wants to talk about this, but he doesn't want to. She says that everything that's been going on doesn't make any sense, like him not wanting to see his own mother. He claims he just wants to tell her in person that he's alive. She suggests flying there, but he won't. She insists that he share with her what's going on because the longer he holds it in, the worse it will be for both of them. He says unconvincingly that he's not keeping anything from her. She says he's not being himself. He says that things have been crazy. He asks in a frustrated way if just being together isn't enough. She points out that before all of this happened, they were connected; she always knew what was going on inside of him. But now she doesn't. He takes her in his arms and says they will get this back and make new memories. She doesn't want to forget the past with him. They hug. He says they'll have more first times and he lists all of the things they'll do together. He mentions that he wants to have all of the things that Tico and McBain almost took away from them. They clean up the mess. She suggests that he see a doctor, but he won't. She goes to look at it, so he suggests maybe she should kiss it. He gets her to kiss him some more and then he suggests they go upstairs. She asks him about the sandwich they were making. The phone rings, so Cris works on his sandwich. It's Roxy on the phone, telling Nat that she and Nigel won a limbo contest. We can tell from what Nat says that Roxy asked about Jessica and whether she could send flowers (apparently she's on a cruise with Nigel). Natalie leaves to get the address for her. Cris flashes back to fighting with one of the guards on the ship. He ends up burning his hand on the pan, then he throws the pan angrily on the floor. Just then, Viki walks in and sees him. She looks concerned. Next we see that Viki is helping him and notices that he's burnt and cut his hand. He goes to use the sink upstairs. Nat comes in and wonders what happened. Viki isn't sure but tells Nat what she saw. She wonders if something is wrong. Nat cleans the pan while she talks about what Cristian has told her. She wonders if Cristian has changed. Viki doesn't have any opinion on that but points out that his love for her hasn't changed. She reminds Nat that not everyone has an opportunity for a second chance. Cris returns and Viki leaves to make some phone calls about Todd. Sitting, Cris apologizes about the sandwich. She doesn't care about that, she tells him as she kneels down next to him. They both say, "I love you" and hug. Natalie watches the snow fall out the window as Cristian broods.

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