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The hospital:

Antonio has fallen asleep in a chair and dreams of making love to Jessica. Jessica gently wakes him up and asks why he is still there. He tells her that he isnít leaving her there alone until Ticoís murderer is caught. Jess wonders if that is the only reason he wonít let her out of his sight. He tells her that she is the only eye witness. Jess reminds him that she doesnít remember what she saw. Antonio knows that, but the killer doesnít. Jess tells him how frustrating it is for her to be right on the edge of remembering what she saw, only to have it just go away. She tells him that it is like she is blocking it out on purpose. The only reason that she can think of that she would do that is if it was Antonio. Antonio is shocked that she really thinks he was the one that killed Tico. She tells him that she would understand. Tico killed his mother and his father, he did awful things to Christian. Antonio tells her that he could have killed Tico, but swears to her that he didnít. Jess just isnít sure if she believes him or not. Antonio understands that it will take time for her to trust in him again. He tells her that she can believe now that her and Jamie are the best things that have ever happened to him. He will be right by her side until she is back safe at Llanfair again.


Kelly comes out of her motel room and shows one of the workers a picture of Babe and asks if he saw her. The man reports that he did see her. She had a baby and was with a man. He tells her that their names were Kate and Brad Anderson. He also tells her that the couple were heading west. Kelly asks if he means the west coast. He tells her that he got the impression that she meant they were going to western Florida. Kelly thanks the man for the information and returns to her room. She calls Duke.

Motel in Llanview:

Half of Llanview are at the motel for Todd and Blairís wedding. Christian tells Natalie that nothing can top their wedding. When Natalie says Ďespecially not my unclesí, Christian is confused. He then remembers that Todd is Natís uncle. Natalie understands that it must be weird for Christian since they all still thought Todd was Walker when Christian disappeared. Christian can tell that Nat isnít real fond of Todd and wonders why they are there. Natalie explains that she is there for Viki. Viki loves Todd and sees something good in him. Adrianna approaches the two of them and welcomes Christian home. He pretends to remember who she is, but it is clear that he doesnít. Adrianna puzzles him even more when she apologizes for her brother hurting him. Natalie reminds him that Tico was Adriannaís brother. Christian apologizes for not remembering and explains that everything is so different now. Adrianna understands and promises to get together with him later and bring him up to date on everything. She hopes that this wedding means that happier times are coming. After she leaves, Nat sees Christian taking some aspirin and figures that he still isnít feeling well. She tells him that he should go home and rest and she will see him after the wedding. She tells him that they can dance to their song alone later, instead of dancing here at the wedding. Natalie corrects him when he doesnít remember the right song as being Ďtheir songí. After making sure that Nat will be okay, Christian takes off.

Evangeline arrives and finds a bored John leaning against the wall. She tells him to cheer up, she has plans for them after the wedding. She shows him keys to one of the motel rooms. John wants to go to the room immediately, but Evangeline tells him that she promised Todd she would be there. She knows that Todd really loves Blair and thinks the wedding will be beautiful. John asks her if she is going to start crying. She asks him if he thinks she will. John tells her he doesnít know as he has never met anyone like her.

Viki goes to Blairís room to see if she is ready. Blair is dressed and looks beautiful. She brags to Viki that as much as Todd hates Dorian, he knew how much it meant to her to have Dorian there, so he worked a miracle and got Dorian out of jail. Viki knows that Todd really loves her and is very happy that Blair is so happy. Blair tells her that she is just waiting on Todd so that they can go down together. Viki offers to go to Toddís room and hurry him up. After Viki leaves, Blair tells herself that she is the luckiest bride in the world. Viki knocks on Toddís door. When he doesnít answer, she returns to Blairís room and reports that he isnít in his room. Blair tells her that he is probably off rehearsing his vows somewhere. Viki takes off to search for Todd. Blair decides that she will rehearse her vows also. When there is a knock on her door, Blair is excited thinking that it is Todd. It is Starr and Addie though, wondering what the hold up is. When Blair explains that Viki is out looking for Todd, Starr gets worried. She tells her mom that she isnít worried, itís just that her braces are bothering her. Blair gives her some wax to put on it and Starr takes Addie with her to help her put the wax on her braces.

In Margaretís room, she drags Todd into the room and then screams at him for messing everything up. He tells her that he wishes she hadnít shot him. She explains that she had to because he tried to get away. He points out that he was trying to run because she had the gun. Margaret explains that the gun was for Blair. She hasnít done anything to Blair yet, but she will if Blair tries to steal him away from her again. She thinks that Blair brainwashed him and that is why he canít remember that they are soulmates. Todd pretends to remember and tells her that they will be married by the justice of the peace, after he goes to tell Blair that he is with Margaret now. When she starts to help him up from the floor, Todd throws her over the bed and makes a dash for the door. He only gets few feet down the hallway when Margaret shots him in the other leg. She drags him back in the room and tells him to stop making her shoot him. She uses another rag as a tourniquet for the second shot wound. Todd yells out in pain. Margaret tells him that he has to write a note to Blair. He tells her to shoot him because he will never leave Blair. Margaret tells him that she has a friend that is waiting for word from her to grab Starr if he doesnít write the note. Todd agrees to write as Margaret tells him exactly what to write. She ties Todd to the bed, and takes off to deliver the note. When she comes back, she has a huge laundry cart with her and asks Todd if he is ready to go home. Todd asks her how she knew so much about him and Blair that she could write such a detailed note. She tells him it was all easy to figure out after hearing a few of their conversations. Todd tries to sweet talk her again, but she catches him reaching for the gun. She then puts some chloroform on a rag and knocks him out with it.

Back in the lobby, Matthew tells Kevin that he is sorry they havenít found Ace yet. He bought Ace a really nice present and hopes that he will be home for Christmas. Kevin thanks him and agrees that he wants Ace home for Christmas.

Dorian enters to a very impressed David. He tells her how beautiful she is and teases that he might just whisk her over to the justice of the peace and marry her. Dorian knows that he would never get married in a two star motel. David wonders of Todd and Blair will really pull this thing off. Dorian just wants to get the wedding over with so they can go home, but she has a few choice words for Viki first. David isnít pleased to hear this. They flirt around a bit more before Viki comes in looking for Todd. Dorian tells her that she meant what she said in the jail, she plans on giving Viki a taste of her own medicine and she hopes Viki chokes on it. They spar back and forth with David acting as referee for a bit before Viki tells them that she is looking for Todd. Dorian lays into her about what a cad Todd is. Viki starts to defend Todd before getting frustrated and just leaving. David tells Dorian that she won because Viki just walked away. That means that Viki is a quitter. Dorian likes the sound of that and takes off to get them something to drink. David sees Adrianna and Duke and asks to talk to Duke alone. After Adrianna walks away, David asks Duke if he has heard from Kelly. Duke tells him that he hasnít but will be sure to tell David if he does. Dorian joins them and informs a surprised Duke that she has decided to allow Adrianna to see him, but he better not hurt her. Duke promises, and then gets a call. He steps away to take the call. It is Kelly. She tells him that she needs help down in Florida and wants him to find a detective for her. Duke motions for Adrianna to join him as he continues to talk to Kelly. Adrianna tells him that Kevin is watching so he hangs up. Kevin asks if it was an important call. Duke tells him it was just an old friend of his from Texas that needs some help with something. He whisks Adrianna away to get a soda. When they are out of earshot of Kevin, Duke tells Adrianna that it was Kelly on the phone and tells her what Kelly wanted. He tells her that Kelly needs a detective. When Adrianna asks if he is going to help Kelly, he gives the impression that he is going to go to Florida himself.

Viki returns to Blairís room and the two of them make a few calls. Now they are both worried and donít understand what is going on. Blair has a key to Toddís room and decides to go and check out the room for herself. Viki waits in Blairís room as Blair searches Toddís room. Blair finds Toddís cell phone and the note that Margaret planted. She sits down and reads that Todd thinks he will hurt her later on, and thinks it best if he leaves now. Viki enters the room and Blair shows her the note.

Back in the lobby, Kevin is on the phone with his private detective. He isnít happy the the P.I. lost Kelly. He yells at him to find Kelly and the baby.

Viki tells Dorian and David that Todd left Blair a note. When Dorian starts to yell at Viki about Todd, Viki tells her that the two of them can fight later. Right now Blair needs Dorian. Dorian takes off to be with her niece.

Back in Blairís room, Starr comes in to find a devastated Blair. Blair shows her the note. Starr reads it and knows that Todd wouldnít do this. Blair is too hurt to argue with her. Dorian comes in and starts to yell about Todd. Starr attacks her for hating Todd so much that she is willing to always believe the worst. She knows that Todd is in trouble and needs them. Dorian and Starr both realize that Blair needs them right now and they both try to comfort her.

Evangeline and John enter the elevator to go up to their room. As soon as the door shuts, they start making out. John pulls the emergency stop button and they proceed to make passionate love.

David helps Addie with her coat and tells her that the justice of the peace got sick and had to be taken away. Addie gets mad at him for treating her like a child. She tells him that she knows that Blair and Todd do fight, and she thinks maybe she can help.


Christian is in his and Natalieís room and is looking in a little black book. It looks like there are notes in it to remind him of things. Natalie returns and he hides the book under the pillows on the bed. Natalie tells him that Todd was a no-show and that she feels badly for Blair. Christian comments that it is lucky for them and they kiss.

Margaretís cabin:

Margaret has Todd tied to the bed again. When he wakes up, he sees that she is washing her hands in a wash basin. He asks where they are. Margaret doesnít answer and tells him that she needs to get to work on these bullets. She pulls out a huge butchers knife and starts to hold a lighter to the edge of it. Todd canít believe that this is happening. He tries to get her to take him to a hospital and calls her Peggy. She likes it when he calls her that, but tells him that she is trained to do this. She continues to sterilize the knife, and then touches the end of it. Todd sees her touch it and asks if she wants him to die. She answers by telling him that ďThis is going to sting a little bitĒ.

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