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Natalie catches Cristian writing in his little book, so he covers by saying it's a journal he has been writing in. When she wants to see it, he quickly refuses. She says she understands because she started keeping one after he died. She just wants to be the woman that he feel in love with. He tells her awkwardly not to worry because it's been a year so they're just a little different.

At the hospital, Michael and Marcie discuss Tico's death and how he had to write a statement about it to satisfy the hospital board. Paige tells Michael that the board read his statement but have some more questions. She tells him that they want to see him. He is annoyed that the board is more worried about their reputation than about the patient dying.

Also at the hospital, Evangeline asks John to go with her to Todd and Blair's wedding. He says he has to work but will meet her later.

At the police station, Nora questions David, while Bo questions Dorian, about Paul and Kelly. Nora lists David's crimes and says he could get 20 years in jail, but she will try to get him a deal wiht the D.A. if he explains what Dorian meant when she said that Paul's death was about Kelly and Ace. Both David and Dorian claim that Paul tried to blackmail Kelly for some secret of Kevin's. Dorian suggests to Bo that he look at Kevin for Tico's murder. Bo and Nora don't get any other information out of them. They compare stories and realize that David and Dorian are telling the same story. They discuss who they should focus on, since they don't think David or Dorian did it. David and Dorian are taken back to their cells. Bo says that if Daniel insists on prosecuting Dorian, he can't look at other suspects. Nora promises to lean on Daniel. She's been trying to find him all day, she says. Bo says that if she can't Daniel to change his mind, he will have to hold a press conference in order to get the press on Daniel's back. Later, Nora decides to drop the charges against Dorian and David without Daniel's approval.

At the Palace Hotel, Addie helps Blair get ready for her wedding; Addie wonders why Dorian can't be there, so Blair lies that she had something else to do. Todd arrives and pounds on the door, asking Blair to forgive him so they can get married peacefully. Blair tells him to go away while Addie explains to him that it's bad luck for him to see his bride before the wedding. She goes outside to talk to Todd. She tells Todd that the sisters at Saint Anne's preach that deeds are more important than words. Todd gets an idea and thanks Addie, calling her a genius. Addie is amazed.

Elsewhere, Margaret also gets ready for her wedding.

In the hospital, Adriana, with Duke, asks Antonio to go to Tico's funeral, but he won't because Tico hurt everyone he loved. She says they can still pray for his soul, but Antonio retorts that he doesn't think Tico had one. Adrian persists, saying that they have to say goodbye to him because they are the only family he has left Also, she wants to tell Carlotta about his death and about Cristian's return. Antonio tells her that Carlotta is in Puerto Rico and he just won't go to the funeral. She promises to pray for him, too. Antonio runs into John and asks him whether he's found Tico's murderer yet. John hints that he thinks Antonio is a suspect, along with others. They argue briefly about whether Antonio killed him.

Also in the hospital, Viki sits with Jessica at her bedside. She has to leave Jessica to go to the wedding. Later, Marcie visits Jessica while John asks Michael some questions about Tico's death. Marcie is glad Jessica is getting out of the hospital soon, but Jessica is sorry she has to miss Todd's wedding. She wonders if there will be another wedding soon, but Marcie explains that she and Michael got side-tracked from that idea. Marcie says that they are both really busy and he's upset about Tico's death. She asks Jessica if she could tell Michael that Tico's death wasn't his fault, so Jessica agrees.

Michael explains to John the problems he's having with the hospital board. He thinks they want to make him their fall guy. John offers to talk to them, but Michael doesn't want him involved. Paige interrupts them to ask Michael to look at another patient. John asks her if he can question Jessica, so she agrees to give him five minutes, providing she doesn't get upset. He goes in to see Jess, so Marcie leaves. Jess claims she doesn't remember anything. John peppers her with questions, trying to get her to remember, but she gets upset, so Michael comes in and tells him that he has to stop. John asks Jess to call him if she remembers anything. She thanks MIchael and tells him that it's not his fault that Tico died while he was on duty. He thanks her. Marcie sees him aftewards but he brushes her off. Jessica and Antonio confer about John's questioning. She asks him if he killed Tico. Antonio doesn't answer; Paige comes in and tells him that visiting hours are over so he has to leave.

Later, Michael yells at Marcie for going to Jess behind his back. Jessica thinks about her dream where someone pulls the plug and then Tico orders her to tell them who killed him. She struggles to remember.

Matthew finds Starr at the Palace and takes her picture. She gets angry at him for it, but he has a surprise planned.

Kevin runs into Cristian at the Palace. Cristian doesn't say anything, not recognizing Kevin, so Kevin wonders what's wrong. Natalie rushes up and says hello to Kevin. She hopes he's not there for Blair and Todd's wedding. He tells her that he's there for a meeting. Todd comes up and gives Kevin a hard time about being there and about the attempt on the governor's life; he ends up joking about Ace being gone, so Kevin attacks him and starts choking him. Cristian tries to pull Kevin off but hurts his injured side. Viki comes in and stops them from fighting. She orders Todd out, warning him not to be late to his wedding, so he leaves. Natalie and Cris leave to get ready for the wedding. Adriana and Duke leave to help Blair. Viki chews out Kevin for fighting with Todd. She warns him to control himself, even though he's upset about losing Ace and Kelly.

Adriana and Duke try to cheer up Starr, who is upset about having braces. Adriana informs her that she used to have braces, too. Starr doesn't want to ruin her parents' wedding pictures, so Adriana says she will only ruin them if she's not in them. Adriana and Duke see what Matthew is doing on his computer and approve of it. Cristian and Natalie admire each other and how nice they look. Natalie runs into Evangeline and says hello. She asks her where John is, so Evangeline says he's working as usual. Natalie tries to be romantic with Cristian, but he says he has a terrible headache. She gives him aspirin.

Blair gets ready with Addie. She plans to tell the photographer not to take pictures of Starr's braces. Starr comes in, so Blair shows her a beautiful dress she got her for the wedding. Starr loves it. Blair also informs her that she's the maid of honor, which thrills Starr.

Todd bursts into Bo's office to ask him a favor. He wants Dorian at his wedding, to make Blair happy. At first Bo gives him a hard time, but when Todd says he's trying to do an unselfish thing for once in his life, Bo tells him that they were about to release David and Dorian anyway.

Viki visits Blair as she's getting ready; they have a little chat. Blair wishes Dorian, Cassie, and Kelly could be there. Viki is delighted that they are marrying again. Blair pledges that this time, they will be married forever.

Starr admits to Matthew that she is going to have to put up with the wedding pictures, but she just won't ever look at them. Matthew shows her that he digitally removed her braces from the picture he took. She is overjoyed and gives him a big hug.

John, wearing a suit and tie (but a really cool all-black outfit), arrives at the Palace. He says hi to Natalie. He explains that Evangeline invited him. He asks about Cristian, so she tells him that he's been getting headaches. He says they will make it through. Evangeline comes up, surprised to see him. He tells her that he couldn't wait to see her, so they go get a drink.

Viki helps Todd with his cufflinks and wishes him luck. She tells him it's great that he's getting married without scheming or plotting. She tells him that Blair believes him, so if he just believes in himself, he'll do fine. He agrees but says the little voice in his head keeps warning him that he will screw up. She tells him to tell the damn voice to shut up. They joke for a second and then she tells him to make this one last.

Adriana, Dorian and Starr do the wedding traditions for Blair, giving her the something-old, something-new routine. Adriana gives her some jewelry that Dorian wanted her to have. Addie gives her a blue garter that she decorated. Starr gives her a plastic salamander for something borrowed.

Blair, now dressed in her dress, looks at herself in the mirror and asks her relatives how she looks. Margaret also looks in the mirror, admiring herself. Blair is shocked but pleased when Dorian arrives.

The guests wait for the bride and groom. Viki is happy to hear that Dorian has arrived. Evangeline asks about the murder case, but John doesn't want to talk about work. David asks Viki if he can escort her inside, so she asks if he's kidding. Addie explains to Dorian that Todd got her out of jail.

Margaret arrives at Todd's door in her wedding dress and bouqet. He asks her what she's doing, so she tells him they are getting married. He laughs that he thought he was marrying Blair. She says she is prepared for Blair and shows him the gun she has. He tries to close the door on her as he goes to call the police, but she stops the door and shoots him.

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