OLTL Update Thursday 12/9/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/9/04



By Suzanne
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David and Dorian are still in jail. He complains about the food. She is only concerned about leaving. He comments that he
likes it compared to the Moroccan prison he was once in. Viki visits them. Dorian gestures Viki over and asks if she
brought in a cake with a file. She jokes back to him that she did, but they wouldn't let her bring it in. Dorian asks
about Jessica and says she never trusted Tico. She feels he got what he deserves. David reminds her that she might want to
watch what she says about murder while they're in prison. Viki says she has some bad news: the hospital board has fired
Dorian. Viki tells Dorian she is sorry, but Dorian thinks that Viki couldn't wait to rub her nose in it. Viki explains
that the board asked her to tell her the news, and she thought it would be better if Dorian heard it from someone she knew.
Dorian blames all of her problems on Viki, as Viki gives the "oh, no, not again" look. Viki tries to excuse Dorian's
behavior but, that doesn't sit well with her. Dorian and Viki argue about the hospital's decision, and about her being in
jail. Viki points out that since Dorian got the position, she has barely spent any time at work. When David sticks his
nose in, Viki gives him the business as well, saying sarcastically that it must be her fault that they are in jail. David
can't really argue with Viki's point about his confessing being a stupid thing, but he thinks Viki should have sent someone
else to give Dorian the news. Dorian swears that she will get out and get everything back, then she is going to give Viki a
taste of her own medicine. Viki yells back at her. The guards bring some other guy in, interrupting their conversation.
Viki yells that the two of them have only themselves to blame for their situation. She suggests that they tell the truth or
plead to a lesser charge. Viki leaves in a huff after suggesting to Dorian that she get her freedom back, if nothing else.
Dorian is very aggravated that Viki lectured her. David says Viki is right that he might be partly to blame for all this.
Dorian throws a show at him.

At home, Kevin continues to creepily watch the semi-naked pictures of Kelly on his laptop. Duke walks in, so Kevin closes
his laptop quickly, yelling at Duke not to sneak up on him like that. Duke wonders what his problem is. Kevin gets on
Duke's case for letting Adriana spend the night. Duke stands up to him. Kevin gets a call, so he leaves. Adriana comes
in. She tells Duke sadly that she has to make arrangements for Tico's burial, then she has to go see her mom and David in
jail. He asks sympathetically if she wants some company, so she snaps that she can handle it herself. She quickly
apologizes, confused about her feelings. He offers again to help her, but she wants to take of her family the way they take
care of her. She says maybe that would have saved Tico. She goes to get her purse, promising to call him later. Kevin
returns. He is on the phone with his private investigator, yelling at him that he wants to know more about Kelly than just
that she's heading south on the highway. He yells at her as Duke listens. Kevin turns and sees Duke standing there, arms
folded, looking angry. They argue. Kevin explains that Kelly is trying to find Ace on his own, so Duke wonders why that's
not okay. Kevin doesn't explain but says that Ace is his son, even though Duke argues that he's not. Kevin says he loves
him, whether he's his on blood or not. He tells Duke that biology doesn't mean everything as he pours himself a drink.
Duke tells him that he's right, he learned from Kevin that biology doesn't mean anything. Kevin looks at him with an open
mouth. He starts yelling at Duke about how much he cares about him, why he brought him back to town, etc. Duke yells back
that it's about Kelly and treating her with respect. Kevin tells Duke that once he's a husband and a father, they can have
this conversation. "In the meantime", he says, "shut up", then he leaves the room.

Later, back at the jail, David runs the shoe across the bars, like an inmate from an old movie. Dorian asks him to stop it
and give her the shoe back. He tells her that he will if she promises to control her temper. She says she will think about
it. Adriana comes to visit. David asks her, too, if she brought a cake with a file in it. She says, no, confused. David
sighs and gives her Dorian's shoe. Adriana asks how they are doing, so David bitches about the accommodations. Dorian
warns him to be quiet. She sympathizes with Adriana about Tico's death. Adriana calls herself gullible for believing in
Tico. She swears she won't be so quick to believe in someone just because they're related. Dorian asks if Adriana has lost
faith in her, too. Dorian swears that she's nothing like Tico. Adriana already knows that. Even though they may not agree
about everything, she knows Dorian loves her. Dorian says that she does, with all of her heart. Adriana assures her that
they will make up for lost time when she gets out. Dorian knows she's right and she will do whatever she can to prove her
innocence and get out.

Daniel and Nora go to her house with a bag of food. She locks the door, saying their bad timing is over. She unzips her
coat seductively and tosses it aside, as he stands there with his mouth open. She takes off his tie and kisses him, and
they start undressing while they kiss. Nora envisions Bo and Paige kissing, so she stops short, aghast. He asks what's
wrong. She says it's just her imagination playing tricks on her. They go back to kissing, and she sees the vision again.
She stops, frantically apologizing. The phone rings before she can explain. It's Daniel's, so he gets it. She urges him
to take it. She quietly asks herself what the heck is wrong with her. She has an argument with herself in her head.
Daniel returns, saying that he knows being together with someone for the first time can be awkward. They start to pick up
where they left off but Nora says she has been an idiot. She explains that she's gun-shy. Daniel tries to help by saying
that he loves her and she's worth waiting for. She is humbled when he tells her that he will be her boyfriend, and anything
else will work itself out. She says she doesn't deserve him as she shakes her head. He jokes that she doesn't. They kiss.
He says that it as his assistant on the phone, so she has a meeting. She is sorry to see him go but asks if they are okay.
He assures her that they're great.

Blair runs up to Bo and Paige, who are having lunch at the Palace still. Paige has just asked Bo about his putting his arm
around her to make Nora jealous. Blair begs Bo for his help, saying Todd can't know anything about it. Bo sighs heavily
and tells her that he's in the middle of something. Paige says frostily that her timing is just right. Blair asks Bo if he
can let Dorian out for one night, since she is marrying Todd. Paige says she will leave them alone. Bo doesn't want her to
go, but clearly Blair is not going anywhere. Blair keeps pleading with Bo; he refuses. Blair works on him, saying that Bo
knows that Dorian didn't kill Paul and if she had, she wouldn't be stupid enough to leave the murder weapon in her office.
Bo looks doubtful as she keeps begging.

At a nearby table, Marcie's agent, Hayes, shows her and Michael the cover of her new book, The Killing Club. They admire
it. Paige comes over and asks Michael if he has a minute, so they excuse themselves after Michael kisses Marcie, telling
her that he is so proud of her. Marcie marvels at seeing her name in print. Hayes tells her that the stylist he told her
about is coming to town to give her that makeover. Marcie has concerns, but Hayes doesn't really let her talk. He informs
her that the camera adds pounds, so she grimaces.

Paige informs Michael that he has to fill out a statement about Tico's death. He doesn't think it has anything to do with
him, but she points out that he is the one that as on duty and discovered the body. Michael argues that he as Paige's
patient. They argue. Marcie comes up and tells Michael that she has to go do something with Hayes, but she'll be back in an
hour. Hayes asks her if she's ready to start working on "the new Marcie Walsh", then they leave. Paige keeps telling
Michael that he just has to file a statement. She tells him she doesn't mean to imply anything, but he thinks it implies
that he was somehow responsible for Tico's death. She doesn't agree. He knows that the board could find him responsible
and then he will lose his license. He thinks they are looking for a fall guy. Paige advises him to show the hospital that
he is a team player by clearing his name, as well as theirs.

Outside the Palace, Matthew sees that Starr has braces. She warns him not to laugh at her or make cracks. He wonders why
he would do that. She says she looks like a total freak and tonight is her parents' wedding. Matthew thinks the braces are
kinda cool. Starr calls him a loser, like her mom. Margaret watches from behind a bush nearby. She talks to herself about
how she's going to spoil Blair's fairy-tale. Starr is upset that she will have braces for a whole two years. Matthew
points out to Starr that when she gets her braces off, she'll look really good. She's only concerned about right now,
especially her parents' wedding pictures. Matthew intends to prove to Starr that she could never look ugly. Blair comes up
and tells Starr that they have to get going because she is going to drop off her mother's dress. Margaret, still behind the
bush, phones someone to ask a favor.

Matthew tells Bo that they have to leave now because he thought of a great surprise for Starr. Bo has some errands to run,
so he says he will drop Matthew off at Nora's. Bo goes to say goodbye to Paige, but a phone rings. It's Matthew's. He
goes off and Bo tells Paige that he is guilt as charged of what she accused of (trying to make Nora jealous). He asks her
if she can forgive him, so she smiles. He doesn't know what got into him. She says it must be his inner Neanderthal. She
wonders why he competes with Nora. He says it's an old tape with them, but he has erased it. He asks if he's forgiven, so
she replies that he is only if she can club him over the head and drag him back to her cave. They kiss. Matthew runs back
and reminds Bo that they have to go. Bo makes plans to go out later with Paige.

Michael sits at the bar, writing his statement about Tico's death. Marcie returns with Hayes. She has her hair and makeup
all done up, looking nice, more sophisticated. Hayes leaves to make a phone call. Michael doesn't notice how she looks. He
tells her about what he's writing and how he's worried that he could lose his medical license. Marcie looks concerned.
She assures Michael that he is a great doctor and he won't lose his license. She wants to work with him on his statement.
Hayes returns and tells Marcie that Hyperion books has the bound galleys ready for her approval. Also, he says he got in
touch with Paolo, Marcie's new trainer and nutritionist. Michael is surprised to hear about this as Marcie blushes from all
the attention. She tells Hayes that she can't go, she has to work with Michael on something. He points out that it's not
wise to put off Hyperion. Michael tells her to go, it's fine. She is upset, but he tells her that he'll take care of it
and asks her to give him a call when she's done. He is fairly expressionless, so she has trouble reading him. She and
Hayes leave as he watches anxiously.

Blair and Starr visit Addy in the mental hospital. They hug; she is surprised to see them. Blair tells her that she and
Todd are getting married today. Addy is excited but can't understand why Starr is not happy. Starr shows her the braces.
Addy grabs Starr's hand, saying they are so shiny, just like the tinsel on the tree. She drags her over to show her the
tree. Margaret walks in, so Blair stops her, asking if she was following them. Margaret looks caught off-guard as Blair
yells at her, backing her up against the wall and threatening her. They glare into each other's eyes. Margaret says she's
not following her; she's there for her out-patient therapy. Margaret's doctor comes out, expecting her for her appointment.
Blair is annoyed, but the doctor backs up her story. Margaret swears to Blair that she will not hurt Blair or her family.
She and the doctor leave to go to his office. Starr tells Addy about some fighting that Blair and Todd had. Addy worries
about them fighting, but Blair assures her that things are fine and that most of the Cramers will be at their wedding.
Adriana drops by as Addy is about to try on her dress. Adriana starts to explain that she just came from seeing her mom, so
Blair interrupts her so that Addy won't hear about Dorian being in jail. Blair takes Adriana aside and asks her how she's
doing. She says they heard about Tico and are sorry. Adriana thanks her. Blair asks her if she would come to a party--be
a bridesmaid for her wedding. Adriana is thrilled and hugs her. Blair thinks she should bring Duke. Adriana is
reluctant, thinking Todd might not like Kevin's son at his wedding. Blair tells her she'll handle Todd.

Viki goes to visit Kevin at home. She catches up briefly with Duke. Kevin comes out and asks about Jessica. Duke leaves
to study. Viki can tell there is tension between them. Kevin explains that Duke found out that he's working on a lead to
find Ace, but he doesn't like the way Kevin's handling it. Viki is worried about Kevin getting involved in something the
police and FBI should be doing. He doesn't want to just sit around. She offers him support and reminds him that Duke needs
him, too.

Bo and Matthew arrive at Nora's house. Matthew is excited about his impending surprise. Bo hopes he didn't ruin Nora's
afternoon with Daniel; he wonders where he went. Nora doesn't say much but says that Daniel had to go back to the office.
She says lunch was good, really good, and there is an awkward moment. Bo leaves to go back to the station; Nora watches him
go with a pained expression. Matthew asks Nora if he can be her date for the afternoon. She thinks that's so cute. He
goes to get them milk so they can work on his surprise. Nora phones Daniel's secretary to see if he's still in his meeting.
She is shocked to find out that he doesn't have a meeting.

Adriana goes to the Buchanan place to ask Duke to be her date to Blair's wedding. Kevin and Viki are sitting nearby as Duke
says he will go. Kevin wonders if he should go to the wedding. Viki begs him emphatically not to go and not to ruin their
wedding. He says Todd will ruin it all on his own.

Margaret thanks her doctor for changing her session to this afternoon. Addy tells Margaret that her Blair is getting married
tonight. She starts to tell her how many weddings they've had, but she's not sure if it's their fourth or their fifth. She
just hopes they stop fighting in time. A nun comes in to tell Addy that her car is there, so Addy leaves. Margaret says to
herself that they'd better make room for an extra guest as she takes a gun out of her purse.

Bo visits Dorian and David in jail. David gestures Bo over, as he did the other two visitors, and starts to ask him if he
bought a cake with a file in it. He stops in mid-sentence as he realizes who he's talking to. Bo glares at him and then
goes over to Dorian. He tells Dorian about Blair and Todd getting married tonight and it's a shame Dorian can't be there.
David says Bo can bait them all he wants, but they're still not talking. Bo reminds David that they have him on assaulting
a cop and accessory to murder. He reminds Dorian that they've got lots of evidence against her for first-degree murder. He
says they are both going to be away for a long time. Dorian says she will talk. She tells Bo that he is right and has been
all along. Paul's murder had nothing to do with her or David. She maintains that it's all about Kelly and her son Ace.

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