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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/8/04



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Todd is at home talking on the phone. He tells Ms. Bigelow to tell someone to put the screws to Kevin. He tells her to clear her schedule because she needs to plan a wedding. Blair comes down stairs and Todd tells her good morning and asks her if he can get her some coffee. Blair tells him that they have a big problem.

Margaret lies on her couch with the wedding dress next to her. She says Christmas is a good time for Blair to learn a lesson in giving.

Nora goes to see Bo in his office. She tells him that she figured the news report was planned.

Evangeline is at the hospital and she sees John. She tells him that she heard about Tico. She asks him how Jessica is doing. He tells her that she is fine. She asks him how Cristian is. He tells her that checked out of the hospital and he and Natalie are at home. He tells her that he hopes they start off where they left off. He tells her that it sounds like a good idea to him and the two of them kiss.

Cristian and Natalie are in the bed sleep. Cristian has a bad dream, jumps up, and hurts his stab wound. Natalie wakes and asks him if he had a dream about the places, he was. Cristian tells her that they will eventually go away and then he will dream about his beautiful wife. Viki knocks at the door and calls Natalie. She tells her that she is sorry to disturb them, but Natalie car is blocking her in the drive way and she needs to get out. Natalie goes out the room, and Cristian takes out his note pad and says mother in-law.

Antonio tells Jessica that she should get some rest. Jessica tells him that she cannot sleep because she keeps having dreams. Antonio massages her neck and tries to help her to fall asleep. Jessica closes her eyes and has a flash of Tico, whom tells her to tell them because she knows who killed him. He tells her if she doesn’t she will join him and he starts strangling her. Jessica jumps up and screams and Antonio back away from her.

Bo tells Nora that he had detective at Capricorn’s and the story got quit a reaction. Nora asks him who went to get the shovels. He tells her that R.J. and Rex went to get the shovels and they were both surprised to see each other. Nora says that R.J. was probably trying to protect Lindsay. Bo says that he believes Rex is trying to protect Jen. Daniel come in the office and tells Bo if he is trying to ruin the case for DA’s office, he is doing a good job. People are now wondering when Dorian and David will be released.

Bo tells him that he really don’t think Dorian and David is guilty. Nora says to Daniel that he believes the same thing.

Blair asks Todd if they have to get married today. Todd tells her that it is the plan. Blair asks Todd, how could she get married with Dorian in jail. Todd tells her that it is only two people that really care if they get married or not. He tells her that he is so sorry about Dorian. Blair tells him to stop making fun of her. Starr comes downstairs and says that she wants to go shopping. Blair tells her that she has an appointment that she has to go to. Starr tells Todd to tell her mom that she doesn’t have to go. Todd tells her that she has to go.

Viki talks to Natalie outside of her room. She asks her if it seems weird having Cristian back. Natalie tells her no. Viki tells her that it has been a year and tells her to take it easy and not to put any pressure on it. Natalie thanks her mom and walks off. Cristian is in the room trying to remember his wedding anniversary.

Back at the hospital, Antonio tells Jessica that she was only dreaming. John comes in the room and asks them if everything is okay. Antonio tells her that it was just a nightmare. Dr. Page Miler come into the room and tells them that they should leave and let Jessica get some rest. John leaves the room. Antonio tells Jessica that he can stay in there if she needs him to. Jessica tells him to leaves because he can’t stay there babysitting her all day. Antonio tells her if she needs him, she can page him and he leaves the room. Dr. Miller tells Jessica that the nurse said she woke up screaming. Jessica tells her that it is the dreams she has been having.

Outside of Jessica’s room, John asks Antonio if the dreams Jessica has been having has anything to do with Tico’s murder. Antonio tells him that it is just a dream and that he sees how weak Jessica is. John says that he thinks Jessica may have seen the killers face and now she can be in danger.

Blair tells her that she has to go to her appointment. Starr doesn’t want to go. Blair tells her that she has cancelled the appointment to many times already. Starr thinks that she will be talked about. Todd tells her that she has the kind of beauty that will last forever. He tells her to go and get it over with.

Margaret doctor calls her. She tells him that everything is going fine and that the medication she is taking doesn’t have any side effects. She tells him that she has plans for the holidays. She will spend time with her family.

Bo asks Daniel if he has doubts. Daniel tells him leaking information into the media is not good, and that the public doesn’t like to see innocent people locked up. Bo tells Daniel that they are not playing on the same team.

Viki knocks on the room door and Cristian says it is okay to come in. Viki tells him that she can get his art studio back at the university if he likes. Cristian says that he doesn’t know if he can still paint. Viki tells him of course he can. She tells him that she is grateful to have him back. She tells him that he is part of the family and if he needs anything, they are there for them. Cristian tells her that he really appreciates it and he gives her a hug. Viki is a little surprised. She leaves the room. Cristian goes to read his note pad again, but Natalie comes in the room with a tray of food. Natalie tells him that she has a surprise for him. He asks her what and she tells him that it is his favorite breakfast.

Antonio tells John that he is trying to protect Jessica. John tells him that he is still a suspect. Dr. Miller comes out of Jessica room and tells John that she knows he would like to question Jessica, but before she finishes her sentence John tells her that he will put it off. Evangeline walks up and John asks Antonio if they can finish their conversation at a later time. Evangeline tells Antonio to tell Jessica that she is thinking about her. Dr. Miller tells Antonio that she is afraid that he has to leave as well. She tells him that Jessica doesn’t want to see him right now.

Margaret goes to the penthouse. Todd, Blair, and Starr walk out and Margaret hides. She hears them talk about the wedding and that it will be held today. They get on the elevator and Margaret come out of hiding and says what about her plans.

John comes into Bo’s office and tells him nice work with news last night. Bo tells him that they can scratch Rex and R.J. off their list and bump Jen and Lindsay up. Daniel says even though he still recommends no bail for Dorian and David.

Antonio asks Dr. Miller if Jessica is all right. She tells him yes and that she just needs her rest. Viki walks up and asks how her girl is. She says she was a little worried when she got message saying Jessica wanted to see her. Antonio tells Viki to tell Jessica that he will be there if she needs him. Viki thanks him for being there with Jessica. Antonio leaves. Dr. Miller tells Viki that Jessica has been having nightmares and hasn’t been able to get any rest. She tells her now that she is there maybe she can get her to rest. Viki tells her that she will see what she can do.

Natalie tells him that it is blueberry pop tarts slightly burned just the way he likes it. Cristian says that it is okay. Natalie tells him that she is sorry and that she is trying to hard and that they can go back to the way it use to be.

Jessica tells her mom that the nightmares are nothing. Viki tells her that she is safe and no one can hurt her. Jessica tells her about the dreams she has been having of Tico. Viki asks her if she knows who killed Tico.

John tells Bo, Nora, and Daniel that it is possible that Jessica seen who killed Tico. Daniel says to him, you’re just now telling us. John tells him that he is still working on it and says is that okay boss, talking to Bo.

Jessica tells her mom that everything is blurred and that she is having a hard time separating what is real and what is not. Viki tells her that she had a lot of drugs in her system and she isn’t surprised that she cannot remember.

Margaret panics about the wedding. She tells her self to calm down and to take one-step at a time. She says she has to come up with a new plan.

Todd is on his cell phone talking to some one about flowers. He tells them that he doesn’t know about flowers and to buy the whole store out. Todd sees Evangeline and walks over to her at the bar. He asks her how she is doing. She tells him that she is fine. He asks her what she thinks about Tico and asks her if her boyfriend has a suspect. She tells him to ask her. Todd tells her that she wouldn’t tell him even if she knew. He tells her that he is getting married. She tells him to give the beautiful bride her best. Todd tells her that she can do it herself. He tells her that he would like her to come. He says that she got him out of jail and is like the only friend he has. She says that she will go, but she still won’t be giving him information on the Tico case. Todd tells her that he believes Kevin killed Tico so he wouldn’t be able to implicate him in the assassination attempt. Evangeline looks curious.

Natalie apologizes to Cristian. She tells him that she knows that they cannot go back to where they were. Cristian tells her that he wish they could but they can’t. He tells her that she just can’t expect him to be the same man. He tells her that she has changed to. She asks him how. He tells her that she has been putting up her guard and unsure of what to ask him. He tells her that he blames Mc Bain for that. Natalie says that it is Tico fault. She tells him that John feels bad about what happened. Cristian tells her that he doesn’t give a damn about how John feels. He tells her that he doesn’t like seeing her talking to him. Natalie says they have both changed. She tells him that she never stopped loving him. Cristian asks her if she wants to go back to being them. Natalie asks him if he is okay. They kiss and lye down on the bed.

At the Palace, Bo, Page and Mathew are eating lunch. Mathew asks page if she plays soccer. Page tells him that she played in high school and college. Bo tells him that she can probably teach him a few tricks. Page says she doesn’t know about that. Bo tells Mathew that he should ask her. He does and Page agrees. Todd walks over to their table and asks Bo when Dorian will be released from jail. Bo tells him that they were just in the middle of lunch. Todd tells him that he already had something. Todd tells Bo forget and to let her stay in jail. Mathew asks him where Starr is. He tells her that she is on her and he better not make fun of her. He asks if he could wait for her with him. Mathew then asks Bo if it is okay. Bo asks him if he is done with lunch and Mathew says yes. Bo let him go with Todd. Bo tells Page that he didn’t think Mathew would accept anyone he dates, but he seems to like her. As they kiss, Nora comes in and spots them. Mathew comes up behind her and tells her that Page is going to practice soccer with him. He tells her that he is waiting for Star with Todd. She asks him if his father said it was okay and he tells her yes. He goes back over with Todd.

Nora walks over to Bo and Pages table. Page tells Nora that Mathew is a good kid. Bo tells her that he should have seen Mathew with Page. He tells her that he thinks the two of them will be good friends. Bo asks her if she is meeting someone there. She tells him that she is there for take out and that she and Daniel are going to her place to have lunch. Nora leaves and Page tells Bo that she is surprised at him, but he is busted.

John is looking at FBI file. Daniel asks him if he thinks someone Tico was working with killed him. He tells John that it easier than going after Vega. John tells him that he is just doing his job. Daniel says like when he was helping Natalie. He tells John that he better be sure.

Viki rubs Jessica’s hand. Jessica tells her that she is glad she is there. Viki tells her that she isn’t going anywhere. She tells her to try and get some sleep. Jessica closes her eyes. She then tells her mother that she can’t and is afraid to close her eyes and when she is awake, she can’t help but wonder that she maybe she knows who murdered Tico. She says that maybe she doesn’t want to remember because she is afraid it might be someone she loves.

Natalie and Cristian are at the Palace. She tells him that it is his last chance to go somewhere else. She says that had to drag him kicking and screaming to come there. Cristian tells her that they deserve to celebrate. Antonio comes in and walks over to them. Natalie asks him if Jessica is all right. Antonio tells her that she is fine and that se wanted to see her mom. He tells them he wants to speak with Cristian. Natalie leaves to go get the table. Antonio tells him that he should tell Carlota. Cristian tells him to give him a few more days because he wants to get himself together before he sees her. Antonio leaves and Cristian tells him to tell Jessica he said hey. Antonio leaves and looks back at Cristian before he exits. Antonio notices that something isn’t right with Cristian.

Evangeline runs into Natalie at the Palace. Evangeline asks her if Cristian is with her. Natalie tells her yes. She thanks her for helping her the other night. Evangeline tells her that it was no problem. Natalie gives her the gloves back she borrowed during all the commotion after the assassination attempt. She tells her that she forget to give them to John when she seen him the other day. Evangeline tells her that John told her about it. Natalie then says that when she seen him again later on that night in angel square she forgot again because John had got the call about Tico. Evangeline looks on in shock. Cristian walks up and Evangeline tells him hi. He speaks and tells Natalie they should go to their table and that he ordered a bottle champagne.

At the police station, John puts a file on his desk and walks out. Nora comes in and tells Daniel that she has take out in her car and asks him if he would like to join her at his place. Daniel is shocked and asks her if anything is wrong. Nora tells him that she is just fine.

Page tells Bo that he has been caught. Bo asks her what she is talking about. She tells him that he put his arm around her to make Nora jealous.

Starr comes to the Palace and Mathew talks to her, but she doesn’t respond to him.

Todd asks Blair how Starr is doing. Blair says that she won’t talk. Starr goes out on the patio and Mathew follows her. He tells her that he thought she wanted her parents to get married and asks her why she is upset. Starr opens her mouth and shows him her braces.

Todd calls Viki and asks her if she is coming to his wedding. She tells him that she doesn’t want to leave Jessica’s side. He says that he thought she was better. He tells her to hire someone to sit with Jessica because he needs her there. He tells her that it is going to be the best wedding ever and there will be no Crammers there. Viki says that it is sad for Blair. He tells her that Kelly is off chasing the baby and that Dorian is in jail. He tells her that Adie is crazy so it doesn’t really matter if she’s there. He tells her to come. They hang up. Blair is standing behind him. He looks at her and Blair is upset she tells him that she though he understood. He tells her that he didn’t mean any of that stuff. Blair tells him that she think he did and walks off.

Margaret calls the cabin and tells them that she wants to push up her date. She tells them that they don’t know how happy they have made her. When she hangs up the phone she says, and how sad they have made Blair.

Viki goes back into Jessica’s room and tells her that Todd has pushed the wedding up to today. She tells Jessica that she was scared to ask why. She tells her that Todd is glad that no Crammers will be there. Jessica tells her that she should go for Blair. Viki leaves to get something for her to sleep.

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