OLTL Update Tuesday 12/7/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/7/04



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Todd moves the invitation around in the fireplace with a fork. Blair is upset and thinks that Todd is trying to weasel out of the wedding.

Riley and his band play at Ultra Violet. Riley tells the crowd that they are taking a short break and sits down. Lindsay comes and asks him if he seen Jen and if she knew that he would be performing. Riley tells her that Jen, and he believes that he is being kissed off. Riley turns to walk off and Jen is standing there.

Bo is in his office looking at Dorian and David’s file. He says the both of them could be involved with Cramer’s death, but something doesn’t feel right. There is a knock at his door. It is Evangeline, whom he called to come see him. Bo wants Evangeline to use her connections to help him. Bo tells her that he wants her to help him catch a murderer.

At the hospital, Natalie tells Cristian that he shouldn’t leave because he isn’t better. Cristian tells her that he is leaving. She tells him to wait until morning, but Cristian refuses.

Antonio and John talk at the hospital about Tico’s murder. John wants to question Jessica because he believes she may have some answers for him. Antonio tells him that many people wanted Tico dead. John says Jessica included. Antonio tells him that Jessica didn’t do it. John asks him if he did.

Natalie doesn’t understand why Cristian want to leave the hospital before he is better. Cristian tells her that he is fine. Natalie tells him that she just wants to make sure of that. Cristian tells her that he can’t stand being copped up in there. He tells her that he wants to get back to the way there life use to be. He leaves to check out.

John question Antonio on whether he had anything to do with Tico’s murder. Antonio tells him he had nothing to do with it. John asks him where he was. Antonio tells him that first, he was at the chapel with Adriana, and when she left, he was there with the priest. John asks him what time this occurred. Antonio tells him that he doesn’t and that he doubts the priest and Adriana will remember the time either. John tells him that he will check it out with them. Antonio says yeah so he can try to nail him. John tells him that he is just trying to do his job. He tells Antonio that he is trying to be a friend. Antonio asks him if he confess will he lie of him. He tells Antonio he knows how things work. Antonio tells him that he is not leaving until Jessica leaves.

Jen tells Riley that she is sorry she ran out on him. She tries to tell him that he to good for him, but he cuts her off and tells her enough and if she wants to dump him just do it. Jen tells him that she doesn’t want to mess him up. He tells her the only thing that will mess him up is not being with her.

Bo tells Evangeline it is not about Tico Santi and that it is Paul Cramer’s murder investigation. He tells her first he needs her to level with him. He asks her if she will be taking David’s case. She tells him no because he was too vague with her. She says not that she believes he did it or anything, and Bo says that he doesn’t either. Bo asks her f she is still friends with the Television News Producer, Denise Long. Evangeline tells him yes and that they still play tennis together. Bo says good because he can’t use any sources close to him because it would blow his cover. Evangeline asks him what the plan is. Bo tells her the plan is to smoke out the killer.

Margaret dances in her room with the wedding dress up against her. She says that she is a beautiful bride, much beautiful than Blair.

Todd tells Blair that he didn’t burn the invitation because he wanted to cancel the wedding. He says that he did it because it was driving their family crazy. Blair tells him that she just wanted it to be perfect. Todd tells her that it will be. Blair still believes that he wants to call it off. Todd tells her that he wants to move it up not put it off. Todd tells her that he just wants it over and done with. Blair tells him that is romantic and asks him if that is what he thinks of their wedding, something that can just be over and done with. He tells her that he is thinking of the children. Blair accuses him of having second thoughts. She tells Todd if he doesn’t want to tell her then she doesn’t want to get married. He tells her that he thinks he is going to screw it up if they don’t do it right away.

Jessica is in her room and she has a flash of the person pulling Tico plug. Natalie comes in the room and asks Jessica what is wrong. Jessica tells her that she saw something. Natalie asks her who. She says the night Tico was killed she saw the person that did it.

She says she can’t see the face and that everything is a blur. She tells her that she just needs to remember. Natalie asks her if she is sure because she was on a lot of drugs. Jessica gets upset and tells her that she sure. Natalie tells her to try not to get upset and that if she saw something it will come back to her, but to let it go for now. Natalie tells her between her and Cristian she feels like she is knocking her head up against the wall. She tells Jessica that Cristian wants to go home. She asks her if she wants her to call there mom so she can be there with her. Jessica tells her no and asks her to take care of their mother.

Antonio enters Jessica’s room and asks Natalie and her if everything is all right. Natalie says yes and that she was on her way out. She tells Jessica not to try to remember. She leaves the room. Antonio asks Jessica if she is feeling better. Jessica tells him sort of. He asks her what Natalie was talking about. She tells him that she thinks she saw who murdered Tico.

John spots Natalie at the hospital. He tells her that he thought she would be gone by now. She tells him that Cristian wants to go home. John says it is somewhat soon. She asks him if he is still there working. He tells her yeah has to find out who killed Tico. Natalie says she is happy because she is usually his number one suspect. He tells her he knows she didn’t’ do it because they were together. Natalie says if not she would be one. John tells her that he is on his way to talk to Jessica. Natalie asks him why. He tells her isn’t it obvious. Natalie says to him, so you heard. John locks puzzled. Natalie realizes that he doesn’t know and says nothing. John isn’t taken this for an answer. She tells him that Jessica thinks that she may have seen something. She asks John to give her a rest because it could be the drugs talking. John tells her that he has to do it. Natalie tells him just not tonight. Cristian walks up and asks if there is a problem. Natalie tells him know and that John was just telling her that he was going to question Jessica tomorrow. John tells her that she has his word on it. Cristian says yeah that’s worth something and they walk off.

Bo tells Evangeline that he is stuck in the case. Evangeline agrees to work with Bo. The both of them leave his office.

Blair and Todd sit by the fireplace in their room. Blair tells him that he has changed. Todd tells her that he is a work in progress. Blair tells him that all the bad time is out weighted by the good time. She tells him that she loves him and it is not going to change whether they get married tomorrow or later.

Margaret read an invitation to Todd and Blair’s wedding.

Bo goes to Ultra Violet and sits at the bar. R.J. asks him if he is there to revoke his licenses. Bo tells him that he is there to listen to music. R.J. pokes fun at him and walks out. Evangeline calls him on his cell phone and tells him that it is all set and to check news at 11.

Lindsay walks over to a table that Rex is sitting and tells him that Jen is taken. Rex tells her for now. Lindsay tells him even if her and Riley breaks up, it won’t be because of him. Rex tells her she is some friend and if she has any idea of what he has done for Jen.

Bo pretends to be upset over a phone call and asks R.J. to turn the television to the news station. There is breaking news saying that there is key evidence in Paul’s murder. The newswoman says that it is a shovel that was used to bury his body. Jen, Lindsay, Rex, and R.J. look on is disbelief. Bo leaves the club saying he has to check and see how this story was leaked.

Natalie and Cristian are at Llanfair in her room. Cristian tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about Tico. He tells her that he wants to pick up where they left off and he think it was their honeymoon. Cristian tries to make love, but Natalie stops him.

Antonio asks Jessica if she saw something and if she is sure. Jessica tells him that she is sure, but she just can’t make out a face. Antonio tells her not to remember. Jessica asks him why.

Riley kisses Jen before he go back to play music with the band. Rex is sitting over at a table and looks on at them. Lindsay is sitting at the bar and R.J. brings her another glass of wine. Lindsay’s asks him if he heard. R.J. tells her that he heard the news report. Lindsay asks him if there is something that he can do. R.J. tells her to consider it done.

Evangeline walks into Ultra Violet and goes to the bar. R.J. tells her that John isn’t there. Evangeline tells him that she is there to see Midnight Logic.

Natalie tells Cristian that they can’t make love because he is still in pain. Cristian asks her if he is well enough to touch her and he touches her. She smiles. He asks her if he is well enough to kiss her and they start to kiss, until Cristian feels more pain and Natalie tells them that they should wait until he feels better. Cristian is disappointed. Natalie tells him it could be like they did for the first time. Cristian says in that case, it could be worth the wait.

At the hospital, John asks his brother Michael if Jessica could have pulled the plug. Michael tells her shouldn’t couldn’t have done it with all the drugs she was on. John says he is just checking. He tells John if he wants to question her he should wait until tomorrow.

Antonio tells Jessica that it isn’t that he doesn’t want her to remember, but he just doesn’t want her to worry with it. He asks her whom she has told so far. She tells him Natalie. Antonio tells her that maybe she should hold off until she can remember. He tells her to get some rest and when she wakes up maybe things will be clearer. She asks Antonio if he would stay there with her. Antonio smiles and sits down beside her.

R.J. goes in the evidence room looking for the shovel. He goes over to a table with a sheet covering something. He pulls it back and it is four shovels.

Midnight Logic is playing and Jen is sitting there watching. Lindsay comes over to her table and suggests taking her home. Jen tells her that she wants to watch Riley. Lindsay asks her if she is sure because she seems a little edgy. Lindsay starts to talk about the police report. Jen says that maybe she should, and she gets up from the table and leaves.

Riley watches Jen as she leaves the club.

While R.J. is looking at the shovels, Rex comes in with a flash light. R.J asks him why he is there. Rex asks him why his there and then he ask him what’s going on with him and Lindsay. R.J. says he guess there is no need to ask him whom he is there for. He says for them to grab the shovels and get out of there.

Michael asks John if Jessica said she seen something. John tells him that he will no more later. John asks him if the medication could cause Jessica to hallucinate. Michael tells him that it is possible. John says or she could have witnessed something. He tells Michael that he is waiting for a report to come back, but until then, Jessica is all he has.

Antonio watches Jessica as she sleeps.

Natalie brings up some snacks for Cristian to eat. She tells him that it is all she could find and that they didn’t have any of his favorite snacks. She tells him that she knows what he is craving and that she is going to get him the biggest bag of pork skins. He tells her good because he loved them about as much as he loves her. Natalie tells him that he never liked them before. She tells him who has a new exhibit opening in Philly. He asks her who. She tells him only his favorite artist. Cristian says cool, and asks her when they are going. She says to him that he doesn’t seem to happy. He tells her that he is. She asks him if he remembers. Cristina tricks her into saying the artist name, David Hackney. Natalie tells him that he had her scared there for a minute. Cristian says how he could forget the artist that inspired him. Natalie tells him beside Diego Rivera. He tells her that he is glad she remembers. She tells him she remembers everything they ever did and she never forgot him when he was going. She asks him if he believes her. He asks her why shouldn’t he. Natalie tells him that she remembers that they do have one of his favorite snacks downstairs, and she leaves to go get it. Cristian takes out a note pad and writes down his favorite artist.

The other band mates say something to Riley. He is upset and says that he knows. He goes over to the bar and asks where R.J. is because he was supposed to pay them after their show. The bartender tells him that he left. Riley says to himself, where everyone went.

Rex and R.J. look at the shovels. R.J. asks him which one they should take. Rex tells him he doesn’t know because he didn’t do it. R.J. says neither did he, and he tells Rex they will just take all of them.

John is sitting in a chair writing notes and Michael comes by with Tico’s body. John asks him to stop. Michael tells him that he has to take is body to the morgue. John asks him to give him a minute. John opens the bag and says that has to be a jerk to find out who did this to Tico. He closes the bag and Michael takes his body away. John says a couple of more night classes and he could have been a dentist.

Antonio watches Jessica as she sleeps. Jessica has dream that she is in Tico room with her wedding dress. She sees the plug is loose and Tico’s body is covered with a sheet. She pulls it from his face and he opens his eyes telling her that she knows who killed him. He takes the cord and starts to wrap her hands together. Jessica wakes up holding her hands together slightly screaming. Antonio asks her what is wrong.

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