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One Life to Live Update Monday 12/6/04



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Jessica Staggers to Tico’s hospital room. She witnesses someone pull his respiratory plug. Jessica then staggers away for the window and passes out on the side of the room.

Dr. Mc Bain goes into Tico’s room with two nurse and they try to revive Tico.

Jessica is lying on the side of Tico’s room, while Dr. McBain tries to resuscitate Tico.

Blair and Todd are at home in their bedroom. Todd is on the phone with a florist arranging for flowers to be delivered to Jessica’s room. He tells them to feel the room up with flowers, but not to make it look like a funeral. He says to them that he really cares about Jessica and that she is the only one in the family he can stand. Blair asks him what about Viki. He tells her that she is okay. Blair says because she is going to be at the wedding. Todd tells her that everyone will be invited. Blair tells him that he just wants to rub it in everyone face.

Margaret sits at her place writing down words on an envelope. She pulls a wedding dress out of a box and spreads it across the floor. She immediately snatches it up off the floor.

Natalie is at Angel Square looking at the statue. She is having a flash of what Cristian told her about the time he was held captive. John comes up behind her.

Viki goes to Jessica’s room and finds that she is not in her bed. She call Jessica’s name and then walks over to the restroom to see if she is there. She hurries out of the room worried and runs into Cristian. She asks him if he has seen her and he tells her no.

Michael and the nurses continue to try to resuscitate Tico. Michael notices that Tico’s respiratory machine is unplugged.

Antonio finds Jessica passed out on the side of Tico’s room. He runs to her and places her head in his lap. Jessica comes to and she asks him what happened.

Viki asks a nurse where Jessica is. The nurse tells her that she should be in her room, and Viki tells her that she is not. She then asks Cristian if he could help her look for Jessica.

Kelly is in her motel room. She pulls a picture of Ace out her suitcase. She says that she hopes he is being taken care of. She says that Babe seems somewhat nice. She says that she hopes she does not hurt him and that if she is his real mom do not know what will happen, but promises to make sure that he stay safe and loved. She places Ace picture on the nightstand and closes the curtain on the window. The curtain does not close all the way. There is a man outside her window looking in and he takes pictures of her as she rooms her coat and place her nightclothes on.

At Angel Square, John tells Natalie that he thought her mom took her home. Natalie tells him that she could not sleep and needed to take a walk. She tells him that Cristian designed the angel statue. John asks her if she is okay. She tells him that she is worried about Cristian and thinks the drug guys that held him captive may have put him through more than they realize. John tells her all that matters is that Cristian is home now and that it will take time. Natalie gets slightly upset and says how much more time. She realizes this and apologizes to John. He tells her not worry about it because he is used to it. Natalie says that she wants to help Cristian and wants to do something about it.

Adrian is at the mansion with Duke. Duke has invited her to stay there with him for a while. Adriana says that everyone in her life is in trouble. Duke tells her that she needs to stop worrying about everyone else and take care of herself. Adriana asks him if he thinks Jessica will be all right. Before Duke answers Adriana says that she is sorry. Duke tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. She tells him that Tico is her brother and she is worried about Antonio and what he might do.

Antonio asks Jessica why she’s out of bed. She tells him when she woke up no one was there. Antonio and Jessica walk by Tico’s room and see Tico being revived. They then hear Dr. Mc Bain say the time of death is 8:46 p.m. Antonio and Jessica look at each other.

Todd and Blair lie underneath the fireplace in the room after having just made love. Blair asks him which wedding was his favorite. Todd says including the ones that tanked. He tells her that his favorite one is the one that they are about to have. Blair tells him that it is a god one. Jack cries form his room and Blair goes to get him. Todd calls Ms. Bigelow and asks her if she has come up with anything that links Kevin to the assassination attempt. Todd hangs up the phone and Blair and Jack enters the room. Blair tells Todd that Jack had a bad dream about someone trying to take her.

Margaret looks in a mirror with the wedding dressed up against her. She ten starts to rip it out and says that it is all wrong.

Duke asks Adriana which movie she would like to watch. Adriana says that all the movies are westerns. Duke tells her that they can watch John Wayne and that his nickname was Duke. Adriana tells him no to tell her that he was named after him. Duke tells Adriana about a time he watched the movies on the ranch with his father. He tells her that he knows his father had nothing to do with the assassination attempt, but why did he disappear without telling him. Kevin walks in and says sorry and that he is there now.

Natalie tells John that she should get back home. John asks if she would like him to walk her back and then his cell phone rings. It is his brother telling him about the situation at the hospital. John tells Natalie that Tico is dead. Natalie says that she can’t say she is sorry and tells him that Tico got what was coming to him. John tells her no and that Tico was murdered.

Dr. Mc Bain is upset and wants to know where the guard is that was supposed to be guarding the door.

Viki and Cristian walks up and see Jessica. Viki runs over and asks Jessica what she is doing out of bed. Antonio tells her that he found her passed out. Dr. Michael mc Bain comes out of the room and Viki asks him to check on her because she fainted. Cristian asks him what is going on. He tells him that Tico is dead. Viki says that it is not expected. Michael tells her that life support was cut intentionally.

Duke asks Kevin where he has been and that the paper has been saying all kinds of things about him. Kevin tells him that he will tell him later. Duke tells him that he can say it in front of Adriana. Adriana says that she knows that he doesn’t care much for her. Says that she has heard a lot about him and if she didn’t know that he was Duke's father she wouldn’t believe it. Adriana says to that since she is Dorian’s daughter that she can’t be trusted. Kevin says that she is Tico’s sister as well. Duke asks him what that has to do with anything because not long ago Tico was over here all the time and the two of them were always talking. Duke tells him that he should spend less time worrying about Adriana and more about Jessica. Kevin asks him why he didn’t tell him and he calls his mother. Viki asks him where he is. He tells her that he is at home and he asks her how Jessica is doing. She tells him that she is doing fine now. Kevin says that he is coming to the hospital. Viki tells him that it is not a good idea and that Tico was murdered. Kevin has a flashback of the conversation he and Kelly had and her telling him to get back to the hospital because he could implicate him. Kevin decides not to go and asks his mother to call him if anything changes and to tell Jessica that he is thinking about her. Kevin tells Duke and Adriana that Tico is dead. Adriana rushes out and Duke follows telling her that he will take her. Kevin is relieved and says one problem solved and one to go.

Kelly searches the internet for information on Babe. She pulls up a file. The man is still outside taking pictures of her. The guy makes a call on his cell phone and it is Kevin he is calling. He tells Kevin that he is monitoring his ex-wife just as he said. He tells him to check his e-mail because he just sent him some nice surveillance pictures. Kevin tells him good nice work and to keep following her.

Viki and Cristian are in the room with Jessica. Viki asks the nurse how Jessica is. The nurse says that the doctor just gave her a mild sedative and that she needs rest. Cristian leaves and Antonio is outside the room. Antonio tells Cristian that he needs to rest, and he asks him what he is doing out of bed. He tells him that he needed to walk and ran into Mrs. Davidson and she asked him to help her find Jessica. Cristian asks him what he was doing by the room. Antonio tells him that he was in the chapel with Adriana to say a prayer for Jessica. Cristian asks if he prayed for Tico.

John and Michael are outside of Tico’s room. Michael says to let him clean up Tico for his family. John tells him that not many people will be doing that. John asks him if there was anything unusual. Michael tells John that he died from heart and respiratory failure. John asks him if it could have been an accident. Michael gets upset and says that his people checks for things like that constantly. He says that the plugs just don’t fall out accidentally. He says to him why the guard that was on duty not at the door and that he don’t like people to die on his watch. John asks him who else knows about Tico. He tells him that Cristian, Mrs. Davidson and Antonio. John asks was Antonio there. Michael tells him that Antonio found Jessica passed out by the door.

Lying in the bed, Todd tells Jack that his mom will be all right and that he will not let anyone take her away. Starr comes to the door and asks Jack what he is doing in there.

Todd tells Starr that Jack had a bad dream. She says about what the wedding being called off. Blair says no. Todd tells her if she does that she will have to answer to the three of them. Blair says that it is time for them to go back to bed. Starr asks if they can sleep in there with him. She tells him that Jack wants to hear a story from dad. Blair says oh really. Todd tells the story and Jack plays sleep.

Margaret is sewing.

Natalie goes to see Cristian in his room and she calls his name when she doesn’t see him. Cristian is coming in from the hallway and he calls her name. She asks him if he heard about Tico.

Jessica calls Tico’s name in her sleep. Viki tells her that he can’t hurt her anymore.

Adriana and Duke are at the hospital and they see Antonio. She asks him if the news is true about Tico. Antonio tells her that Tico was murdered. Michael walks up and tells him that John wants to talk to him about Tico Santi.

The guard comes back to Tico’s room. John questions him on his whereabouts. He tells him that he was helping the nurse with an unruly patient. John tells him that he should have been there at the door. He tells John that Tico was coma toast and not going anywhere. John tells him that he is fired. He tells John that he can’t do that. John tells him that he just did and tells him to get out of his face.

Antonio goes to see John. John asks him what he was doing by Jessica’s room. Antonio tells him that he was helping Jessica, who was passed out on the floor. John says to Antonio that maybe Jessica seen something. Antonio tells him that she was passed out. John tells him that maybe he should go asked her and starts to walk off. Antonio calls after him.

Kevin looks at the photos and calls the investigators and tells him that he doesn’t want him taking pictures of her taking her clothes off.

Kelly is still on the lab top and she finds an article about a benefit concert. She says that Babe might be there.

Cristian goes into his room. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t think anyone will be shedding tears for Tico, not like they did for him. Cristian tells her that he’s sorry. Cristian tells her that he knows about Tico being dead because he and her mom were looking for Jessica, who had passed out near Tico’s room. Natalie tells him that she is going to check on Jessica.

Adriana and Duke sit in the hall at the hospital. Adriana says that she can’t believe that Tico is dead and that she was just getting to know him. She says that she will never get a chance to ask him why he did all the horrible stuff he did. Duke tells her that they should leave the hospital. Adriana says that she hates to leave Tico like that. Duke tells her that there is nothing she can do. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go home and be there by herself. Duke tells her that she can stay with him.

Natalie goes into Jessica’s room and sees her mom sitting in a chair with her head on Jessica’s bed asleep. Viki wakes up and sees Natalie and asks her isn’t she suppose to be in bed sleep. Natalie tells her that she heard about Tico. Natalie says that she isn’t sorry he is dead.

John tells Antonio that he is getting the feeling that he doesn’t want him to talk to Jessica. Antonio tells him that she almost died and doesn’t need to be bothered right now. John tells Antonio that he knows how it works. Antonio tells him that she is on many meds right now. John says no one will blame her if she pulled plug by accident. Antonio tells him that Tico has many enemies. John says is stuck trying to figure out which one did it.

Blair and Todd sit by the fire and watch the kids sleep in their bed. Todd tells Blair that he can’t believed he almost screwed everything up with his family. Blair tells him that Starr has been acting strange lately. She says that she doesn’t want her stressing out over the wedding. Todd tells Blair that there is only one thing to do and he throws invitations into the fireplace.

Margaret picks up the wedding dress she has just finished sewing and says that it is perfect.

Natalie goes to Cristian’s room. Cristian is putting his clothes on, and Natalie asks him what he is doing. Cristian tells her that he is getting out of there.

Viki is in Jessica’s room. She tells her that she loves her and she will be back shortly.

Jessica opens her eyes and she remembers that she seen someone pull the plug.

Antonio asks John what he wants from him. He asks him if he wants him to pretend that his hurt is broken over Tico’s death. He tells him that he is going back with Jessica. John tells Antonio that he is right and that Tico did have many enemies, but only one he knows put a bullet in him.

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