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At a diner in North Carolina, Kevin asks Kelly where is Ace. Kelly looks at the newspaper and doesn’t answer him. He tells her to tell him that she didn’t give him back to his biological mother already. Kelly tells him it seems that he is no position to ask question because he has himself in some trouble. Kevin tells her that it is just more Todd Manning lies. Kelly tells him that he has more motive than anyone does.

Duke goes to the police station. Bo is with Nora and Duke asks Bo if he’s seen the Sun. Bo says yes, and Nora says Todd strikes again. He tells Bo that he has been trying to get in touch with his father, and asks him if he heard from his father. Bo tells him no. Duke wonders why he would leave at a time like this because he can’t defend himself. Bo Duke says he know his father didn’t have anything to do with it, but it would look better if he was there. Bo looks at him and duke ask him if he believe he had something to do with it. Bo tells him that he doesn’t think Kevin had anything to do with it. Nora says leaving like that does not help him.

Evangeline comes into the station and walks over to Nora, Bo, and Duke and say hi. Evangeline tells them that she got a call from David asking her to represent him. She asks Bo and Nora if David is being charged as an accomplice. They tell her yes and that they believe that Dorian and David are hiding something. They are hoping that the two of them will turn on each other. Bo asks Evangeline if she is going to take the case. She tells him that she is going to talk to him first. Evangeline goes to see him and runs into John on the way. She tells him that she made reservation for them to have dinner. John tells her that he already ate. She say don’t tell her that he ate burgers from Rodie’s. He tells her that he had burger in the park with Natalie.

Natalie goes to the hospital to see Cristian. While outside of his room, she stands by the door and takes a deep breath before entering. She opens the door and Cristian is having a bad dream. She goes to his side and wakes him up. She tells him that it is just a bad dream. Cristian asks where he is. She tells him that he’s at the hospital. Cristian starts to say something, but he stops. She asks him about dream.

Viki comes into Jessica room at the hospital because Dr. Miller has called her to come. Dr. Miller tells her that Jessica blood pressure has dropped and she has a dangerously high fever. Viki says that she was fine and wants to know happened. Dr. Miller tells her that the stab wound maybe infected. She tells Viki that won’t know anything until they get her blood work back and test results. Viki asks her if Jessica will be all right. Dr. Miller tells her that it is too soon. Viki asks her what the worst thing that could happen is. She tells her that anything could happen with her type of case. Viki asks her if she mean that Jessica could die. Antonio is standing at the door and hears Viki.

Sonia is at the hospital. Police is at Tico’s door and she tells him that she is there to see his brother.

Antonio asks Dr. Miller what happened because last time he was in with Michael he said that everything looked good. Dr. Miller tells him that the stab wound could have punctured her liver. She says that Jessica is on antibiotics to fight the infection. Viki wants to know what options they have to take. Dr. Miller tells them they shouldn’t get ahead of their self. Antonio is upset and starts to lose his temper with Dr. Miller. Viki tells him calm down. Dr. Miller says that it is okay, but Antonio apologizes to her anyway. Dr. Miller leaves the room to see if Jessica test results are in. Viki walks over to Jessica and tells her to fight.

Adriana goes to the police station. Adriana says that she just saw on the news that David came and confessed to Paul’s murder. Adriana wants to know if her mother will be released. Bo tells her that he can’t do it. He thinks that David and her mom know more than they are telling. Nora tells her that they are just trying to sort things out. Adriana says, in the mean time her mother is just going to rot in jail. Duke tries to calm her down.

She tells him that you just don’t lock someone up because you think they may have done it. Bo tells her the evidence points at them. Nora tells Adrian that she knows how upset she is especially about what happen with Tico. Adriana doesn’t want to talk about Tico. Bo’s phone rings. It is Page from the hospital and she tells him that Jessica isn’t doing so well.

John explains to Evangeline that he and Natalie need to talk about how Cristian would react once he found out the two of them became friends. He tells her that the two of them have decided to keep their distance from each other. Evangeline asks him how he feels about it. He tells her that all Natalie ever wanted was to have Cristian back and now that she has him there is no way he is going to get in the middle of that. Evangeline tells him that she appreciates his honesty. John asks her if they are cool. Bo and Nora come rushing out of the office. Duke and Adriana leave the police station. Bo tells John and Evangeline that Jessica has taken a turn for the worst and they are headed to the hospital. John tells Bo that he will be right there. Evangeline tells John to give Jessica her best. John leaves and Evangeline stands there with a look of confusion on her face.

Back at the hospital, Cristian tells Natalie that it was just a dream. Natalie asks him to tell her what the dream was about. He tells her that he doesn’t remember. She tells him that when she came in he was tossing and turning as if he was hitting someone and when he woke up, he looked scared. Cristian tells her that he is fine, but Natalie insists that he tells her what he dreamed about. He tells her that he was dreaming he was on the ship in his cell. Natalie asks him what they did to him. Cristian tells her that he doesn’t want to go there. Natalie tells him that they are in it together and for him to talk to her. He tells her that he never stop trying to escape the whole time he was on the ship. The first night he was there and one of the men brought him food he hit the guy and tried to make a run for it. He tells her that he got as far as the upper deck. He tells her that they roughed him up a little and it got worst every time he tried to escape again. They would do certain thing to him he tells her. Natalie asks him what kind of things. Cristian gives her a blank stare. Natalie asks him if they tortured him.

Viki sits by Jessica side and talks to her at the hospital. Antonio stands near them. Duke come in and calls grandma. He walks over and gives her a hug.

Outside the room, Bo asks Page how Jessica is doing. She tells him that she is stable. He thanks her for calling him and they rub each other’s arms. Nora is standing near them and watches with jealousy.

Page leaves and goes into Jessica’s room. She asks Viki if she can speak to her alone. Before Duke leaves, Viki tells him to tell his father if he talks to him because she has been unable to reach him. Antonio asks her if it is okay if he stayed in the room while Page talks to her. Viki tells him its okay. Page tells them that she has some good news. She tells them that the test came back negative. Antonio says she is okay. Page says yes, but she has condition. She tells them that she has inflammation of the abdominal region. She says that they will start her off with higher antibiotics. Viki asks her if there is some bad news to tell as well. Page tells her that there is no reason to believe that Jessica won’t react to the antibiotics. She tells them that she is however going to need a lot of rest and that her visitors should be kept to a minimum. Viki tells her okay and she tells Antonio that she going to call Clint to tell him what’s going on. Antonio tells her that he will stat with her until she returns. Viki tells him that Jessica would like it.

Back in North Carolina, Kevin tells Kelly that it is ridiculous that she could believe he had anything to do with the assassination attempt on governor Brooks. Kelly tells him that she believes he would anything to anybody that stood in his way. Kelly asks him what he is doing there. He asks her where Ace is. Kelly says nothing he asks her if Ace biological mother is there. Kelly tells him that she doesn’t and goes to walk off, but Kevin pulls her back. Kevin tells her that he is trying to get answers and that he wants to find Ace. Kelly tells him that she think his biological mom may have him. Kevin says that she has his son. Kelly tells him that it could be her son. He asks her what they’re supposed to do just let this woman take the child without them asking any questions. Kelly tells him that she is going to do the right thing. Kevin asks what give him to her. He tells her that Ace means everything to him and that he has taken care of him since he was born. Kelly doesn’t like this one bit and says that he is not the only one that cares about Ace. She says that she misses and loves Ace. Kevin asks her how he knows that she isn’t going to find Ace and run off with him. Kelly tells that he doesn’t know.

Back at the hospital, Cristian tells Natalie that he didn’t mane to get her into all of that stuff. Natalie tells him that she wants to help him if it is possible. Cristian tells her that it is over now. Natalie tells him that it isn’t over for either on e of them. She places her head on his shoulder and says that it is all her fault. If she had fought harder and not let him take her place with Flynn, none of this would have happen. Cristian tells her that it is Tico’s fault.

In front of Tico’s room, the police officer tells Sonia that he isn’t supposed to allow any one in the room. John comes up and startles her. He apologizes and asks her how she doing. She tells him not that it is any of his business, but she came there to say good-bye to her brother. John asks her where she’s going. She tells him that she has another case down in Hawaii. She tells him to beware of sole mates because they get you every time. John tells her that he hates to see her go, but if she’s talking about Antonio and Jessica he guess she hasn’t heard. Sonia asks him what they are going to live happy ever after. John tells her that Jessica is fighting for her life.

At Jessica’s bedside, Antonio sits next to her with kneeling down telling her not to leave because he needs her.

In front of Jessica’s, Nora hugs Viki and tells her that she will be praying for Jessica. Bo tells her that he will be back by, but to call him if there is any changes and he hugs her. Nora and Bo leaves.

Viki goes into the room and Antonio stands up and smiles at Viki. He tells her that he was talking to Jessica. Viki tells him that she is sure she heard him. Antonio gives Viki some privacy. Viki goes and sits by her bedside.

Antonio leaves the room and Sonia walks up to him. He asks her what she’s doing there. She tells him that she heard and asks if there is something that she can do. He tells her there is nothing anyone can do except wait. Antonio goes to walk away, but Sonia stops him. She tells him that Jessica is a fighter. Antonio tells her that he should have killed him when he had a chance. Sonia says that what ever is left of Tico won’t be hurting anyone else. She tells him that her flight to Hawaii leaves shortly and that she guesses this is good-bye for the second time. Antonio tells her to take care. She tells him the same.

Kelly tells Kevin that she won’t run off with Ace if she finds him. Kevin asks her if should would be able to let Ace go if she finds his biological mother.

Adriana is at the hospital and she walks over to Antonio. She tells him that Jessica is going to be alright. She says that she knows something they can go do together and they walk off.

Back in the room with Cristian, he tells her that Tico stole a year of his life and that hurts more than anything he’s been through. They will never be able to get back the time they lost. Natalie tells him they are together now. She tells him that they will build a life together just as they planned. Cristian tells her thinking about that is what kept him a live. He tells her that he loves her. She tells him that she loves him to and they kiss. She tells him that she is going to go and check on Jessica and asks him if he will be all right until she gets back. He says yes and tells her to give Jessica a hug for him. They kiss again. At the door, she tells him that everything is going to get much better and that they have their whole lives ahead of them.

Natalie is walking and john comes off the elevator.

Adriana and Antonio go into the chapel at the hospital. Antonio tells her to go ahead and light candles because his faith hasn’t been that strong lately. Adriana tells him that she doesn’t believe that. He tells her the only thing that keeps him going is making sure that Tico paid for what he has done. He tells her that he know she doesn’t want to hear it, but that is how he feels. She tells him that she is just as angry with Tico as he is. She tells him that she is so sorry that she let him into her life and her heart.

Back at the police station, Nora tells Bo if Tico does survive, the FBI has enough on him to put him away for a long time. Nora tells him that he looks exhausted. Bo says that he hasn’t been getting much sleep. She tells him he should go get him some rest. He tells her that he can’t because of all the work. He says first Paul’s murder, than Ace, and now Tico. Nora asks him if there is anything, she can do. He tells her that he has it all covered. Bo goes into his office.

Evangeline comes out form seeing David and walks over to Nora. She asks her how Jessica is doing and Nora tells her that she is stable. She asks Evangeline if she will be representing David. She says that she told him that she doesn’t know and that she doesn’t believe he did it and that he is covering for Dorian. Nora says that hard to believe that David would be covering for anyone. Evangeline tells her that love is a powerful thing. Nora says speaking of which, and she waits for her to tell her. Evangeline tells her that her and John had dinner last night and they had a good talk and everything was going great, but then she seen R.J. while she was out running and he tried to get in her head to make her feel insecure about John and Natalie. Nora tells her she loves R.J., but she shouldn’t let him get to her. She tells Nora that she isn’t and that she is a big girl. She tells Nora that she can tell when someone is into her and John is, but he is letting the guilt he has with Natalie take over. She tells Nora about John having lunch with Natalie in the park and say that it isn’t over between Natalie and John.

Back at the hospital, Natalie gives John his coat. She tells him that she thought they agreed they would be keeping distance between them. John tells her that he is there on police business, Tico Santi. Natalie apologizes for jumping to conclusions and says that she guess Tico is still in a coma. John asks her if she has talked to her mother. She says no that she’s been there with Cristian and she cut her phone off and asks him why. He tells her that he doesn’t think Jessica is doing to well. Natalie runs to the elevator.

Back at the hospital chapel, Antonio tells Adriana that she isn’t the only one Tico fooled. She says to him that he didn’t fool him and that he never trusted him. She tells Antonio that she wishes she could go and pound on his chest and ask why. She then says that it wouldn’t help Jessica. She tells Antonio that right now Jessica needs their love and strength and that right now their love needs to over weight their hatred for Tico.

Natalie is in the room with Jessica. She rubs her shoulder and talks to her. She tells her that she needs her to wake up. Tells her that when she came to Llanview she full of hatred, but was able to see opportunity through her eyes. She tells Jessica that she is not just half of her, but her better half. Viki walks over to her and hugs her.

Back at the chapel, Antonio asks Adriana if she thinks what they are, doing will really help Jessica. She tells him that she has faith, and she asks him he would like to go find. He tells her that he will meet her over there.

In Jessica’s hospital room, Dr. Page Miller tells Viki and Natalie that Jessica’s vitals are good and her blood pressure is down. She tells them that the antibiotics seem to be working well and that Jessica is doing well. Natalie says she knew Jessica wouldn’t let them down. The doctor tells them that they should go home and get some rest. Natalie says that she isn’t going anywhere. The doctor her that she really should because she hasn’t since Cristian was brought in. Viki convinces her to let her take her home. Natalie goes over and gives Jessica a kiss on the forehead, and Viki tells her that she will be right back.

Kevin asks Kelly if she could give Ace up. She tells him that she has asked herself that a thousand times and there I no answer. She says that she loves Ace and giving him up would be like giving up a part of her self. She says that she is going to do what’s right for that little buy, her little boy because they owe that to him. Kevin says that he will help her find him. She tells him that he’s going back to Llanview. She tells Kevin that he should be in Llanview taking care of the mess he is in. She tells him that Tico could wake up from his coma and implicate him. She tells him to trust her.

At Tico’s hospital room, a nurse comes and asks the police officer for help. He tells her that he can’t leave the room. She tells him that he is in a coma and that he isn’t going anywhere. The police officer leaves the door unattended.

Natalie goes to Cristian’s room and tells him that her mom thinks she should go home and get rest. She tells him if he needs her, she will stay. He tells her to go home because he is feeling pretty wiped out any way. Natalie tells him that it must have been hard telling her what happen to him. He says what happen to them. He tells her to call him tomorrow. She tells him to call her if he has any more bad dreams and she tells him to promise. He tells her he promise. Natalie leaves. Cristina gets out of bed.

Jessica snatches the I.V. out of her arm and get out of bed.

Antonio is still in the chapel, and the priest comes in. The priest says sorry for interrupting and Antonio tells him that he isn’t. He tells him that he needs to ask him a question. He tells the priest that he needs forgiveness. The priest asks him what he did to need forgiveness. Antonio tells him that it is for what he is about to do.

While Kevin is outside the local store, he calls his private investigator and tells him that he lead him in the right direction to find Kelly. He tells them to follow her and if she finds Ace call him that very instance. As he is leaving he says to himself trust you, I don’t think so.

At the police station, Nora tells Evangeline that John looks at her like she is the only woman on the planet. Evangeline says really. Nora tells her that she is just telling it like she sees it. They both decide it is time to go home as Evangeline turns around to leave John walks up. He asks her if the invitation to dinner still stands. She tells him that he has already eaten dinner. He tells her that he hasn’t had dessert. Evangeline says that it sounds good and they leave.

Nora goes into Bo’s office to tell him bye and finds him asleep leaned back in his chair with his feet on the table. She goes in, gets his coat off the coat rack, and places it on him. She goes to rub his head, but decides against it. She leaves his office.

Viki goes to the chapel and says a prayer.

Jessica staggers to Tico room in the hospital. She witnesses someone pulling Tico plug.

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