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One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/2/04



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Dorian is getting frantic now that she seems to be the suspect in Paul’s murder. She tells John that if he wants the murderer, he should go and talk to Lindsay.

Jennifer is furious with Rex, and she goes over to him and tells him that she knows what he did, and that he has messed with her for the last time.

Kelly decides that it is time to leave her room. She heads out the door, but panics when she sees who is out there. She rushes back into her room and hides in the closet.

Someone calls out to Kelly. “Mrs. Cramer? Mrs. Cramer?” No one answers. The door opens and the manager enters the room with his key and Kevin in tow. The manager is sure that Kelly returned to the room not long ago.

Dorian is furious that the police are not looking for the real murderer. She accuses John of treating her this way because he had a relationship with Natalie.

Bo has Nora in his office and they discuss the case and the recent developments. He hopes that Natalie doesn’t get caught in the crossfire of all this.

John is standing with Dorian in the hallway of the police station. The door opens and Natalie enters. All 3 stop and face each other with nothing to say.

David bursts into Bo’s office and walks by Nora. He demands to know why Dorian has been arrested. Bo is at first angry that David has burst into his office the way that he has. David cares nothing about that. He repeats his question. “Why did you arrest Dorian?” Bo explains that she is the suspect at this time. David says that Dorian didn’t do this because he was the one that did it.

Natalie talks to John alone at the station and she apologizes to him for Cristian’s behavior. She knows that Cristian has been bitter about the thing in Vegas, but he will get over it in time.

There is a ruckus. John rushes off for a minute to help another officer handle a maniac that is trying to get away.

While John is busy helping the officer, Natalie looks at the file that was beside John while he was talking to her and she sees that John has been studying up on the file and rereading it.

John returns to Natalie after helping to take care of the scuffle, and sees that Natalie has looked in the file.

Bo and Nora don’t believe that David is the killer. They believe that he is just trying to protect Dorian.

Nora talks to Daniel in the hall, and Daniel explains that he might believe that Lindsay was the one that did this like Dorian said. He was out with her the other night and she did seem a little funny about some things that she had said. Nora finds it funny that Daniel was with Lindsay. He tries to explain but Nora is fine with this. Daniel offers to go and talk to Lindsay and get at the truth.

Nora reenters the office and finds David still professing his guilt over Paul’s murder. She smiles coyly as she listens.

The door opens. Dorian enters. She can’t believe her eyes. “David! What are you doing here?” David tries to explain that he has been confessing to Paul’s murder. Dorian hauls back and slaps David dead on the cheek. David shouts out in pain. He lifts his head and faces the Dorian for an explanation.

Daniel sits with Lindsay, Jennifer and Riley at the restaurant. They discuss Dorian and her being locked up for Paul’s murder. Daniel says that things are not that black and while. Daniel asks Lindsay to help him out with a few things. He would like her to help him out for old times sake.

John explains away having the file by saying that he had to update a few things. Natalie is fine with his explanation. Natalie says that she is sorry for lying to him about things before, but everything happened so fast and she would really like to talk about it but not there. John is fine with that. He leads her to a more private place.

Dorian is angry with David for confessing to the murder of Paul. She shouts at him to shut up and get a lawyer. David says that he used to be an ugly person, but now he is a beautiful butterfly. He turns to Dorian saying that she is the reason that he is the great person that he is today.

Nora whispers to Bo that they have actually seen this movie once. She can’t help smiling.

Bo shouts out for an officer to come and lock David up. David and Dorian leave the office and talk outside the door. David is angry with Dorian for not telling him that she had been arrested for murder earlier.

Kelly is off and up to her tricks again. She goes into a diner and asks a counter person if she has seen this woman. Kelly shows the picture of Babe to the woman. The woman recognizes her immediately. She says that the woman had a beautiful baby with her when she came in. Kelly smiles when she hears that. She is on the right track.

Back in Kelly’s abandoned room, Kevin searches everywhere while the manager waits. He knows that Kelly has been there, but he needs a clue now as to where she has gone next. Kevin looks under the bed and finds what he has been looking for. It is a map and a route has been highlighted. Kevin knows exactly where Kelly is heading next.

Jennifer remarks that it is nice to be all together so soon after Thanksgiving. The group is uncomfortable as Daniel is working on Paul’s murder, and they feel sometimes that he is suspecting them. She likes that. Daniel would like to talk to the group some more, but Riley has had enough of this and he gets up with Jennifer to leave. Daniel didn’t want to upset them, and apologizes.

Nora and Bo watch David and Dorian through Bo’s office window and they decide to pick through what David and Dorian have been saying to see if they can get any further leads.

The maniac in the station starts up with his antics again. He is shouting and trying to get out of the station. All the officers in the room head over to him to calm him down.

David and Dorian watch the officers struggle with the man, and David says that they have to be careful what they say as they have to be sure to protect Kelly in all this.

David and Dorian don’t know it, but Bo has come to the office door and opened it. He hears David and Dorian talking and has to wonder aloud what it is that they want to protect Kelly from. David and Dorian turn slowly to face Bo.

Kelly continues talking to the counter person at the diner, and learns that Babe did in fact head south. She was talking about where she was heading next, and she pointed down as she was talking. She actually got in her car and headed south. The counter person can confirm this as she saw their car drive in the direction to go south. Kelly can’t believe her good fortune at what she has learned.

John and Natalie are in the park now. It is getting dark out and they talk quietly and are glad to be alone. She hopes that he isn’t feeling badly still about the way that Cristian has been treating him. He says that he will be fine. Natalie turns to him saying that she really hopes that is so. It is a little chilly out and John takes off his jacket and puts it around Natalie’s shoulders to warm her up. She likes that. They sit on a park bench together, very close, and when they turn to face each other, their faces are inches apart.

Kevin and the manager are looking for Kelly. Kelly happens to see them coming into the diner first and she asks the counter person to help her hide. The woman gives Kelly her hat and gets her to hide by stooping down behind the counter, after she drops some dishes on the floor for Kelly to pretend to pick up.

When Kevin enters the diner, the counter person apologizes for the mess on the floor saying that she is training a newbie.

Kevin doesn’t care about all that. He looks around and sees that Kelly is nowhere in sight. All that he can see of the new employee is the top of her hat as she stoops on the floor.

Kevin makes a call on his cell phone to the governor. He had to leave town suddenly to take care of this thing with Kelly, but he still needs to keep in touch. Kelly listens and hears that there is a suspicion that Kevin was responsible for the governor being shot at.

Bo gets out the video camera and starts asking David and Dorian questions about the murder. David tries to make a good story for Bo and Nora, but it makes no sense. David hasn’t had time to talk to Dorian to learn the details of the investigation and he makes a slip. Bo listens to David and then asks him if he did murder Paul, why on earth would he hide the gun in Dorian’s things. David sees that he has stepped in it.

John and Natalie are talking in the park, sitting on the bench. She tells him that she couldn’t tell him the truth about Paul for a while. He is fine with all that. She wants him to know that her feelings have changed now, and John has to understand that. He is fine with that, but they can still sit together like this some times can’t they? She knows that he is just being evasive and avoiding hearing what she is clearly trying to say to him. She says clearly that Cristian is back now, so whatever it was that was between she and John has to go away now. John has to see that.

Shannon and Rex are alone talking over drinks. She would like to know the truth bout Paul from him. She knows that Rex hid the gun that she saw him with to protect Jennifer, but that wasn’t the weapon that killed Paul. Rex explains that he found the gun in the bushes and he just got rid of it. Shannon admits that she was jealous of Jennifer, and that annoys her. She knows that he cares for Jennifer, and she hates that.

Lindsay is pissed. She knows from the things that Daniel is saying to her has to do with Dorian saying that she has a reason to want to murder Paul too. Lindsay would have liked it better if Daniel had come out and asked her questions openly instead of playing games. Daniel doesn’t want to anger her. They have a relationship and their kids like each other. They are going to be spending a lot of time together.

Jennifer and Riley are alone in the park. They talk for a while, but Jennifer has to go now. Riley would like her to come with him to see an apartment. She wasn’t expecting this. She can’t do it. He wants to have a little privacy with her. She tells him that she can’t do this. She is really sorry.

Kevin leaves the diner and the counter person tells Kelly that she can stop hiding now. The counter person can see that Kevin is a snake. Kelly tells that she heard Kevin ion his phone talking about an assassination. The counter person knows about that. She gets the paper and shows it to Kelly. The story is about the governor being shot at.

Kevin is outside the diner now. He has a picture of Kelly in his hand and he shows it to a passerby. The man recognizes Kelly right away. He says that the woman was just working in the diner, and that she had just dropped everything in her hands a few minutes ago.

Kevin understands everything now. He has found Kelly at last.

Natalie tries her best to let John down easy. She tells him that it is going to be very hard, but they have to do this. She admits that she will have a hard time getting over her feelings. John tells her that he doesn’t think that he will be able to get over his feelings for her.

Lindsay feels that Daniel is playing with her to cover his dishonesty with her. He almost sounds like he would like to have something special with her. She tests that. She grabs his head and kisses him dead on the lips. She can see that she has shocked him somewhat. She decides that she has seen through his act and that they are not going to be very special at all.

Riley tries to get to the bottom of what is going on with Jennifer. He tries to muddle through the mire and figure her out but she can’t explain. She walks off.

John asks Natalie is she is really happy with Cristian. She admits that she is. Since that is what she wants, he will want it too. She knows that it is time to get back to Cristian. She starts getting up. He sees her leaving and touches her cheek. She sits back down. She has to let this go. She stars removing his coat from her shoulders, but he tells her to keep it on. She turns to him one more time. “Bye John”. She gets up and walks off. He walks the other way.

David and Dorian decide that one of them is going to be released, and that person should get on the flight to help Kelly out.

Bo and Nora come out of Bo’s office. David and Dorian start asking who is going to be let out of the station. Dorian is sure that David is going to0 be the one that is let go. Bo says that he is not going anywhere. He moved the body and is an accessory to the murder of Paul Cramer. David is cuffed.

Kevin reenters the diner. He goes to the counter person demanding to see Kelly. He tells the woman that he knows that she is there.

A voice behind Kevin that is very familiar says, “I am right here Kevin.” Kevin turns to face the woman that he has been looking for. “I am glad that you have returned to the diner so soon. There are a few things that we have to discuss.” Kelly stands with a coy smile on her face while holding the newspaper in her hand before her. Kevin has to wonder what she is looking so smug about.

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