OLTL Update Wednesday 12/1/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/1/04



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At the penthouse, Todd shows Blair the newspaper. He asks her what bothering her.

R.J spots Evangeline while she is jogging. He asks her if she getting tired running in the same place.

John is in his office talking on the phone about the case. Bo comes in and says he wants to start his questioning regarding the assassination attempt. John asks him who he wants to start with. Bo tells him Cristian. John tells him that he is on it. Bo tells him that he doesn’t think that is such a good idea.

At the hospital, Cristian wakes up with Natalie lying in bed next to him. Natalie wakes up and Cristian asks her if she stayed all night. Natalie tells him that she is never leaving him again. They kiss and Antonio walks up to the room door and watches them.

Marcie visits Jessica at the hospital. Marcie goes on about what happen with the shooting and her being stabbed. Jessica tells her that she doesn’t want to talk about it, and she asks her how she and Michael are doing.

Sonia goes to the hospital to see Tico. After she tells the guard she is an FBI agent, he let her in. Michael is inside and she asks him how Tico is doing. Michael tells her that Tico is comma toast, but he could wake up. Sonia says it would probably be better if he didn’t wake up.

Back at the penthouse, Blair tells Todd that he cares more about getting revenge on Kevin than he does about his family and their wedding. Todd asks her how much coffee she’s had to drink. Blair tells him that she waited up all night for him. Todd tells her that he was out covering the assassination story. Blair asks him if that is the case why did he write a story about Kevin in the paper. The telephone rings and Blair answers it and hands it to Todd. It is the governor accusing him of slander. Todd asks him if he has a fax machine and tells him that he will send him a copy of the first amendment. Blair is tired of Todd tactics. Todd asks her what wrong with her because he has never known her to back down from a fight.

Margaret is at her room and she packs a bag. She pulls a rope, duct tape out, and places them with her belongings inside that bag. She says that no one will ruin her plans.

John and Bo are at the police station, and John tells Bo if Cristian wants to blame him fine, but he is just doing his job. Bo tells him that he was talking more personal about him and Natalie. John tells him that it is not a factor.

Cristian and Natalie are still kissing and they stop when they notice Antonio. Antonio tells them that he will come back. Natalie tells him no and that she is going to get some coffee. Antonio is upset about what Tico has out him and his family though and says that he will suffer. Cristian tells Antonio if Tico wakes up, he has the law to deal with. Antonio gets upset and raises his voice at Cristian. Natalie returns and asks them what’s going on.

Jessica asks Marcie what’s wrong with her and Michael. Marcie tells her that she really cares about him, but lately they haven’t been able to spend much time together. She tells Jessica about everything that is going on in her life. She tells Jessica that this is the first time in her life that she feels like something. She tells Jessica that she has been thinking about Al and she really misses him. Marcie tells Jessica that she knows Al really cared about her and sometimes she was somewhat jealous. Marcie laughs. Marcie tells Jessica that for weeks Michael has been trying to tell her something, bit thing keep getting in the way. Marcie realizes that Michael may have been trying to ask her to marry him and goes out looking for him.

Sonia is in Tico room and she cries at his bedside. She tells Michael that it is hard to believe that Tico turned out the way he did. Michael leaves to give privacy.

In the hallway, Michael runs into John. Michael tells him that he needs to unload and is sure he could do the same. John asks him what he’s talking about. Michael tells him Natalie and Evangeline. He says that he is in love with two women and one of those women husband just came back form the dead.

In Cristian hospital room, Antonio tells Natalie that Cristian thinks the justice system is going to make Tico pay. Natalie says that he was caught trying to kill Cristian for the second time. Cristian says that he is going to make sure Tico pays. Cristian and Natalie tries to tell Antonio to let the law handle it. Antonio leaves the room. Natalie says that she should go after him, but Cristian tells her that it would be a waste of time. Natalie tells Cristian that before she would think that Antonio would be capable, but now she thinks that he could kill Tico. She tells Cristian that he has been gone and things have changed. Cristian tells her that Antonio is still his brother.

At the penthouse, Starr asks Blair what’s wrong. Starr sees that she is working on the sitting arrangements for the wedding. Blair tells her that Todd is getting on her nerves and that they are supposed to be planning a wedding. Starr says for them to go up stairs to look at dresses. Blair says that she doesn’t want to and can’t even get Todd to try on a suit. Starr tells her to do something about it, and that it is not like her to do nothing.

Margaret calls Todd’s office and pretends to be Blair. She asks where Todd is. They tell her that he is at the park.

In the park, R.J tells Evangeline that she doesn’t have anything to worry about now because detective McBain is all hers now. Evangeline tells him that she is not talking to him about John. R.J. asks her if he has hit a nerve.

Todd meets up with Duke in the park and asks him if he can give him a juicy quote about his father.

Antonio goes to see Tico and sees Sonia in the room with him. Sonia comes out and Antonio tells her that he can’t believe that she’s crying over Tico. Sonia tells him that Tico was not always like that. Antonio tells her that she to close to the cast and that it is tough for her not to get personal. Sonia tells him she didn’t have a problem with that until she fell in love with him. Antonio stares at her.

Back at the park on the bench, Duke asks Todd if he wants him to give him ammo against his father. Todd tells him that everyone knows that he and his father are on the outs. Duke tells him that he meant what he said about his father the other day. He tells him that his dad isn’t perfect, but he’s no killer. Duke tells him that he is not helping him with is lies. Duke leaves Todd sitting on the bench. Someone comes up behind him and places a black hood over his head.

At the hospital, John as Michael where all the stuff he’s saying is coming from. Michael asks him about Natalie. John tells him that she is not part of the equation. He tells him that he wants her to be happy. He tells her Michael that he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings. He then tells him that when he isn’t with Evangeline he misses her. John tells Michael at the end of the day, Natalie and Evangeline deserves better than him. Michael tells him that when their father dies he was there helping them put things together. John tells him to get to the point. Michael tells him that if he needs a listen in selfish come to him. Michael thinks about what he has just said and calls himself stupid. He says that it is not about him and that it is about making Marcie happy. Michael leaves to look for her.

Sonia tells Antonio that she knows that he is not in love with her. Antonio tells her if the circumstances were different, but Sonia cuts him off and tells him that he knows that she knows he loves Jessica and that they are meant to be together. She tells him that she hopes things work out for him. Sonia tells Antonio that she’s leaving Llanview.

Marcie goes back to Jessica room to leave the flowers she brought with her, but forget to leave when she went racing out to find Michael. Marcie asks Jessica if she think she should go find Michael now. Jessica tells her to go. Natalie walks in the room as Marcie is on her way out. Natalie asks Jessica if she missed something. Jessica tells her that there may be a wedding soon. Natalie says it is good that things are back to normal. Jessica says that so much has happened between her and Antonio. She says that the both of them have said some hurtful things to each other. Jessica tells Natalie that she’s ashamed of herself and that she doesn’t know how Antonio will trust her again. Natalie tells her that Antonio is still in love with her and that the two of them will be happy again just like her and Cristian.

John goes to Cristian’s room, and Cristian stares at him.

Margaret goes to Todd and Blair’s penthouse. She looks around in the plants outside the door. She then looks behind a painting and finds the spare key. She lets herself in and makes her way upstairs.

Sonia tells Antonio that there is nothing there for her. She tells him that the case is over and she just came to say goodbye to her brother. Antonio says that the least she could do is stay to see what happens with Tico. She says that she wants to remember him the way he was before. Sonia tells Antonio to leave and to go be with Jessica. Antonio stands there and Sonia tells him not to make it harder than it has to be. Antonio tells her that there is someone out there for her and that she will find him. Sonia says that’s the problem because she already has.

Michael is in Jessica’s room talking to her. He says that he has been trying to ask Marcie to marry him for weeks, but something keeps happening. He looks over at Jessica monitor and the numbers don’t look right. He calls for someone to check it out.

John goes into Cristian’s room and asks him how he’s doing. He tells him that he needs to ask him some questions. Cristian tells him to send Bo in to ask him questions because he wants nothing to do with him. John tells him that it doesn’t work that way. John asks him what his involvement with Tico is. Cristian is upset and tells John that Tico kept him away from his family for a year and it was all thanks to him. John says that Antonio told him that he passed his self off as a hired hit man. Cristian tells him that Tico knew who he was and he played right into his hand. John tells Cristian that he blames his self for what his family and Natalie went through. Cristian knocks his table over and tells John not to tell him what his family went through. Natalie comes in and asks what’s going on.

Back at the park, Evangeline tells R.J. that he didn’t hit a nerve. R.J tells her that she doesn’t have anything to worry about now because John is free from Natalie. Evangeline asks him what up with him and if he’s stocking her again. R.J. tells her that he is over her and that her ship has sailed. Evangeline tells him that it sunk. R.J. tells her that he doesn’t know what it is she’s running and he leaves her. Evangeline calls John, but gets his voice mail.

Margaret comes down stairs and Blair and Starr are outside on their way in. Blair and Starr brings Todd in, who still has the hood over his head come. Margaret hides behind the couch. They joke around. Starr tells him that he has to try on suits. He says he will after he makes a phone call. Blair tells him over her dead body. They all run upstairs so he can try on suits. Margaret comes from behind the couch and makes a run for it.

Marcie and Michael run into each other at the hospital. They both tell each other that they want to talk.

John tells Natalie that he was just asking Cristian some questions. Cristian tells him to get out of his room. Natalie tells Cristian that John is only there trying to help. Bo hears the commotion and comes in. Cristian says that John has put Natalie through hell, she doesn’t have to sit, and listen to him question him. Natalie stands there with a shocked look on her face. Bo tells John that he will handle it form there. John leaves the room. Bo tells Cristian that he didn’t know he felt so strong about John. Cristian says McBain remaining in Llanview only reminds Natalie of what she lost.

Antonio is in Jessica’s room and he notices that she has spiked a fever. He calls for help.

Starr is looking at a piece of paper. Todd asks her how he looks. Starr tells him that he looks great. Blair asks Starr if she been raiding her closet because she thought Logan’s sent over five dresses for her and she only see four. Starr tells her no.

Margaret is looking in the mirror with a dress held up to her and says it will work.

Sonia is in the room with Tico. She talks to him, while he lies there comma toast, about the good old days.

Michael tells Marcie to go first. Marcie tells him that what she has to say goes after him. Michael tells her that he has been pushing her into something she isn’t ready for and that they need to take a step back. He tells her that he has been trying to ask her to marry him, but he needs to slow down and do what’s best for her. She has so much going on her life right now and he wants to be there for her. Marcie asks him if he is trying to put her needs first. She says she guess that is what love is all about. She tells him that she didn’t expect that from him. Michael’s pager goes off and he has to leave. Marcie who has tears in her eyes says that is not the proposal she was looking for.

Back in Cristian’s room, Bo ask him if he is up for questions. Cristian tells him to go ahead and to keep McBain away from him.

Evangeline comes to the hospital and sees John standing outside of Cristian’s room. She asks John if he got her message. He tells her that he had his phone turned off.

She says she left him a message telling him that it was a nice day out. She asks him if he wants to go grab some coffee or is he needed there. John looks into Cristian’s room and tells Evangeline that nothing is keeping him there at all.

Nurse comes into Jessica room and tells Antonio to leave the room. Michael comes in and Antonio asks him what’s wrong with Jessica. Michael tells him that they have to find out. Antonio says Tico did this to her and leaves the room.

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