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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/30/04



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It is all over now. Jessica is safe and the police are there.

Natalie arrives on the scene, and she sees Cristian lying on the floor. She talks to him, asking him if he is okay. She has her back to John who turns to her direction and sees that she is taking care of her husband. The man that John had felt responsible for killing so long ago.

Todd is eavesdropping and he hears that there is suspicion that Kevin may have had something to do with the governor getting shot at.

Evangeline stands with John and watches in awe at the sight of Natalie hovering over her husband. She thought like John did that Cristian was dead.

Bo arrives at the scene stupefied. Tico has been taken out of there, and Bo is there to further assess the situation. Tico has been hurt and is wheeled off on a stretcher. Antonio tells Bo that a lot has been happening and that he will let Bo in on the information later. Jessica sees that Cristian has been hurt. She remembers that Cristian might have hurt his head during the battle. Natalie continues to talk to Cristian, asking if he is okay.

Adrianna is upset that her brother has been hurt, and that people are saying terrible things about him.

Todd continues to eavesdrop on Adrianna and Duke. Duke knows that they can’t be sure of anything right now. Duke offers to talk to Kevin about this and he urges Adrianna to talk to Dorian.

Viki is happy that everyone is alright. Viki was really worried about Jessica. Turns out that Viki has no idea that Jessica was with Tico not long ago. She becomes panic-stricken.

The ambulance attendants arrive to take Cristian. Natalie will not leave him, but she gets out of the way to allow the attendants to do their jobs.

Jessica tells Bo about Cristian and what they had to do that night and how Tico has been manipulating. Antonio backs up her story. Bo is angry that he wasn’t told of this earlier. He could have prevented some of it.

Natalie goes over to Cristian at the stretcher. She sits with him. She tells Cristian that John saved his life. Cristian doesn’t care about that. He only remembers that John almost got him killed earlier before this time. Should Cristian just forget about that now?

John mentions to Jessica that he sees that Natalie has been wearing her wedding ring again. Jessica tells him she knows about that decision that her sister had made. She knows that Cristian and Natalie plan on being together for a long time to come now that they have found each other again.

David and Kelly are still hold up in their room, and they discuss their relationship. Kelly sees David as family. He has been more to her than some of her actual family members have been. He has been trying to help Kelly find Ace, and all that he has gotten for it is food poisoning and inconvenienced.

Governor Harrison has convinced himself that Kevin had something to do with this. Kevin denies that. Kevin thinks that Governor Harrison should look a little closer to who has been around him to figure this out.

John goes to Cristian but gets the cold shoulder from him. Cristian only glares at the man, angry at the way that things were done in the past. He is waiting on a stretcher to be taken to the hospital. Natalie can see that Cristian is upset, and she reminds Cristian again that John was the one that saved his life this time. Cristian really doesn’t care at this point. What does it matter? He could have been dead from the incident before.

Antonio has Jessica to himself again, and he assures her that everything is going to be okay from now on.

Bo comes over to Antonio and Jessica telling them that they will have to give statements about what went on that night. He leads them to a private area where they can talk.

Evangeline takes this time to go over to John and make sure that he is okay. He has some work to do before he can get off, but he promises to call her when he is through.

Natalie sees that John is alone after Evangeline walks off. She takes the time to go to him. Natalie tells John that she wants to thank him again for saving Cristian’s life. She knows that Cristian is angry with John, but she is still grateful for what he has done. She hugs him.

Evangeline is still in the area, and she sees Natalie hugging the man that she cares about. She simply walks off.

Duke tries to get Adrianna to leave with him and go home, but she is so upset. She wonders if anything said about Tico could be true? There are tears in her eyes.

Bo has Jessica and Antonio alone now. He has them in a back room where it is quiet. He wants to know what happened. Antonio says that he couldn’t tell Bo the truth because of the way that things went down before the incident. Bo only wants to know if Antonio saw Tico with a gun before he shot the man. Antonio can see that there is a concern in Bo’s eyes and he questions what Bo is driving at here.

Tico is on a stretcher. He is about to be taken away but he calls for his wife. He is hooked up to an IV, and he is covered with blood from the incident. He asks an attendant to go and get his wife for him. The attendant walks off, promising to do his best to find Jessica.

Duke gets Adrianna over to Asa’s mansion. Adrianna is finally starting to face the truth. They might have been wrong about Tico. He seems to have fooled so many people.

Todd comes over to see Kevin. Duke answers the door. It is Todd trying to get a story from Kevin about accusations of him trying to kill his boss.

Cristian is brought into the hospital. He has internal bleeding.

Natalie is confused. She thought that Cristian only hit his head. Cristian seems to be bleeding internally though. He had a wound before that may be the problem.

Michael comes to Natalie to get information on the patient. He learns that the man is Cristian Vega. Michael knows that Cristian should be dead. The whole think is weird.

Evangeline shows up at the hospital and talks to Michael. Michael says that the weirdest thing has happened. Cristian seems to have come back from the dead. Evangeline says that this changes everything.

Jessica heads out into the hall to be alone and call her mother.

The ambulance attendant finds Jessica about to make a phone call, and he tells her that her husband wants to see her. Jessica closes her phone and walks off behind the attendant.

Antonio and Bo are still talking alone. They think that Jessica is outside the door calling her mother, but when they look, she is gone.

Jessica is led to Tico. She looks down at the pathetic creature, wondering what the hell he could want from her now. Tico tells her that he has to tell her something. It is something that he needs desperately to tell her. He beckons her so that she will get closer to him. She starts leaning in closer to him as he lies on the stretcher. “Closer Jessica…Get closer…” As Jessica gets lower and lower, and closer and closer and closer to Tico to hear what it is that he has to say to her, Tico secretly reaches with his right hand to the ground. He saw a medical kit there earlier and he knows that there is a small pair of scissors there. He grabs the scissors without Jessica realizing and clutches it tightly in his hand, waiting for the right moment.

Cristian is stable now. Natalie comes to visit him. He is on a monitor.

The doctor comes in, asking Natalie to step out for a moment so that they can run some tests.

Natalie runs into Evangeline in the hospital hallway, and they exchange pleasantries. Natalie runs off to call her mother in private.

Michael is watching Evangeline and he knows that she has to be happy that John is free now. Cristian is back, so Natalie is not going to be an issue anymore.

John is at his office. He goes to the file that he has on Flynn and reads the documents inside.

Viki gets a call from Natalie who says that Viki is to meet her at the hospital. Viki really has to go now.

Viki tells Kevin that she is going to the hospital and she walks off.

Duke is upset that Todd is there questioning Kevin about Governor Harrison’s shooting. Duke throws Todd out.

Kevin thanks Duke for what he did. That is fine, but Duke still has questions. Kevin says good night to Duke and Adrianna and leaves the room.

Adrianna likes seeing Duke sticking up for his dad. She knows what it is like having to sticking up for a parent when everyone thinks that he or she has done something wrong.

The phone rings. Kevin goes to answer it. “Hello! Hello?” No one answers.

On the other line, Kelly is there. She is torn. She has no idea whether she should talk or not.

Kevin learns that Kelly was on the line, but he doesn’t get to find out where she is. After he hangs up, Kevin makes a call to an associate. “Kelly just called me. Tell me that you can trace the call.”

John is looking at pictures of Natalie that are in Flynn’s file. His mind races when he thinks about Natalie and what happened in the past.

He remembers her getting angry with him and blaming him for what supposedly happened to Cristian so long ago.

John goes to his phone and calls Evangeline.

They share information about the shooting. Evangeline asks John if he would like to come over that night. John says that he has a lot of work to do and can’t make it that night. Evangeline asks John to meet her for dinner the following night. John is fine with that. They hang up.

John sits back in his chair and thinks more about Natalie. He can almost hear her voice.

Viki arrives at the hospital and is shocked when Natalie opens the door and Cristian is laying on a hospital bed.

Jessica is brought into the hospital in a wheelchair. Tico took a swipe at her, but didn’t do any real damage. She still needs to be attended to.

Natalie and Cristian tell Viki the story of how he ended up back in town, and what has been happening to him before that.

Viki is glad that Cristian is back with them, but she knows that the couple wants to be alone now. Viki heads out to the hallway and sees her other daughter being wheeled down the hall by an attendant. Antonio is there. Viki goes to them and asks what happened. She learns that Tico took a stab at Jessica. She will have to have her wound attended to, and she will have to spend the night in the hospital. The attendant continues on his route, pushing Jessica to her room.

Viki is very concerned, but Antonio really feels that the worst is over now.

In a nearby room, Tico is getting work done on him. He is hooked up to a breathing tube.

Bo goes to the doctor attending to Tico, asking what the prognosis is. Bo learns that Tico is lucky to be alive.

As the doctor talks to Bo, Antonio listens while partially hidden behind a wall.

David and Kelly know that they have to leave their room now. Kevin will be hot on their trail and they are not ready to get caught.

Kevin is hot on Kelly’s trail. He packs a bag and heads out of the mansion. He is going to go and get his son.

Kevin has no idea, but Todd is outside the mansion and he has a camera and is taping Kevin taking off to parts unknown. As Kevin leaves, Todd follows.

Bo needs to talk the doctor in charge of Tico’s case. She happens to be the woman that he is currently dating. Bo would like to talk to Tico, but now is not the time. Bo kisses the good doctor and leaves.

When Antonio sees that the way is clear, he goes over to Tico’s room and watches the man struggling to breathe through a tube. Antonio opens the door to Tico’s room but can’t enter.

A big burly officer has been put at the door to Tico’s room, and he has been instructed that Antonio is not allowed in there. Antonio backs up and watches as the door closes in front of him. The door is made of glass, and that allows Antonio to further stare at Tico’s limp body. Tico has no idea that he is even there.

Evangeline can’t believe her good luck. She makes arrangements on the phone for her upcoming date with John. It is going to be a night that he will never forget. Finally, Evangeline sees that she will finally have Antonio to herself as it should have been long ago. Cristian is alive.

At the hospital, John just can’t seem to keep himself still. He arrives on the floor where he knows that the patients from the shooting are being held.

John passes a door, and can see that Natalie is in Cristian’s room with him. She has her back to him, and can’t see him as he watches her secretly. He tries to be casual about his interest, but he really has an underlying air of desperation.

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