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The fireplace is burning and Todd and Blair have just finished making love. As they lay near the fire, Blair kisses Todd. Todd tells her at the rated they are going they will never get married. Todd asks her if she wants to get married on Christmas. Blair says that the date Margaret picked and if something going on with the two of them.

Margaret exits the elevator at the penthouse.

John and Evangeline are at the Palace. John tells her that the two of them should spend all day tomorrow together. Evangeline says in that case she should go with him to night and makes sure he is able to go to sleep. John goes to pay the tab.

Natalie enters the room at Lion’s Heart and spots the bloody rope on the floor. She calls Cristian and when there is no answer, she cries. She picks up her cell phone and calls John. She tells him that she needs him.

Governor Brooks is giving his speech at the WDLT Radio Station. Tico is talking to Antonio on his cell phone. He tells Antonio that he will let Cristian go if he does something for him. He tells him that it shouldn’t be hard because he is a killer at heart like their father. Antonio tells him that he is not him. Tico tells him to do the right thing and to kill Brooks in order to save Cristian. Antonio aims his rifle and shots Tico. People are frantic inside. Viki is been told to get down, but she is looking for Kevin and Jessica. Duke pulls her down. Kevin is looking for his family, but he and Brooks are rushed into another room for the protection. Antonio is on the catwalk looking down at Tico as he tries to retrieve his cell phone.

Back at the penthouse, Todd tells Blair that he is not going to let some lunatic stop their wedding. He tells Blair if not Christmas day, then pick a date.

Margaret is outside of the penthouse looking for the spare key. A delivery guys comes off the elevator and asks her if she is Blair Crammer.

John asks Natalie where she is. Natalie tells him that she can’t believe this is happening. John asks her what, and she tells him that Cristian is dead. A police officer approaches John and tells him it is important. John tells Natalie to hold on. The police officer tells him about the shooting. Natalie hears the conversation and says she has to get there and hangs up on John that there has been a shooting.

Kelly brings a cup of tea for David who is sick in the motel room. David apologizes to her for getting sick. Kelly tells him that she was sick like that yesterday and knows that they will be going know where today. Kelly says that they should do something and goes into the drawer. She pulls out a bible. David says is there a chapter in there on miracles. He tells her that miracles com when you’re looking in a different direction. David suggests they play a game of poker. Kelly tells him that Kevin taught her how to play.

The people from the Governors speech are being evacuated. Viki refuses to leave without Jessica. Duke and Adriana tries to get her to leave and Jessica comes over to them. She asks them where Kevin is, and Duke tells her that he seen him after the shots were fired. Jessica runs off to look for Tico.

Antonio is on the catwalk looking at Tico. He has his gun aimed at him as Tico continues to reach for his gun. Tico looks up at Antonio and tries harder to reach the phone. The phone is knocked away and the secret service spots Antonio on the catwalk and fires shoots up at him. Antonio lies down.

Todd kisses Blair on her legs. Blair tells Todd that they have a lot to do and need to plan the wedding. Todd sees Blair list which says he needs a suit. Todd says he already has one, but Blair tells him that he needs a new one.

Margaret, who is outside of the penthouse, asks the deliveryman what’s inside of the box. He tells her that he doesn’t have all day, and she tells him where Blair lives. She hides behind a door as the deliveryman drops of the items. Margaret hears Blair that their wedding will be on Christmas and she says that it will be a holiday she will never forget.

Kevin who is in a secured room wants to leave and check on his family, but is not allowed by the secret service agents. Brooks’s son goes to see if everything is okay. Brooks asks one of the men if there is any word on who was involved. He wonders if it has something to do with politics. Kevin has a flash of a conversation he had with Tico, whom was telling him to get ready to become the governor. Brooks ask Kevin if he has any idea of who could be involved.

Kelly beats David at a game of poker and wins his change. David tells her that maybe Kevin was good for something after all. Kelly asks David about his dad. David says not much to tell and that he was a salesman who didn’t make much money. He says that he wasn’t home much. Kelly tells him to tell her or she’ll keep kicking his butt in poker. David tell her that he was bad as a kid and facing juvenile hall and his dad decided to take him on the road with him. He says that is when he found out his dad wasn’t a salesman, but a con artist. Kelly tells him that it must be sad. David tells her no way and that he learned all he knows from him.

Tico is looking for Jessica with a gun in his hand.

Viki doesn’t want to leave without first finding Jessica. Duke and Adriana go with her.

Tico continues to look for Jessica. Antonio tells the secret service agent that he wasn’t trying to kill the governor, but was told to do so by Tico Santi and that is why he shot him. He tells them to look for Tico because he is still out there. The agents don’t listen to him, and Antonio calls after Jessica and tells her to stay away from Tico. Jessica is lying down on the ground and hears Antonio call her name. Tico finds her and tells her to do as he says because he would hate for it to be the last day of her life.

Todd is gives Blair a massage and she don’t appear to be enjoying it. Todd tells her that he thought she liked massages. Blair tells him that she does, but they have a wedding to plan and she still hasn’t found a dress. Todd tells her that she looks good in anything and especially naked. Blair tells him ideas that she has of the dress. Todd listens and fantasizes about the dresses. After she finishing telling him about each dress he says, I do. Blair asks him which one he thinks she should get and he tells her that all of them would work and that she should just surprise him.

Margaret is still outside of their penthouse and says that Blair deserve a surprise. She makes a call on her cell phone.

Todd and Blair’s phone starts ringing.

Duke, Viki, and Adriana wonder what is going on. Duke tells them that the police were shooting at someone in the ceiling. Adriana says that she has never been around violence. Duke says that it is his entire fault for asking her to come there tonight. Viki says that Dorian is going to have a fit when she finds out that Adriana was there. Adriana says that she will tell her mother in person and that they can get through anything. Viki says to her that she sure is her mother’s daughter. Adriana says that she wonders where Tico and Jessica are.

Antonio sees Tico take Jessica out at gunpoint and tells the man that they should go after them. He tells them to get on their radio and issue an APB.

Tico drag Jessica out of the building. She tells him that Antonio was right and that he said something was going to happen. Tico says yes his murder. A battered Cristian walks up and confronts Tico.

Kelly tells David that you can’t force and that is where it went wrong with her and Kevin, she tried to force it. David tells her that it is nothing wrong with going for what you want. Kelly says back in Texas Kevin use to like when she did well at poker.

Margaret calls Lantana Mountain, and the answering machine picks up.

The agents bring Antonio to Bo who is now on the scene. Antonio tells him that Tico wanted him to kill the governor or he would kill someone in his family. Antonio tells Bo that he is telling the truth and that Tico took Jessica at gunpoint. He tells Bo that he wouldn’t make up something like that about Jessica. Bo tells the agents that they are in his jurisdiction and to remove the cuffs off Antonio.

John and Evangeline arrive at the scene. John is stopped from entering the building. He tells them who he is and they tell him that Evangeline can’t come. She tells him that she will wait and look out for Natalie. Before they allow John to enter, they tell him that they have to check first. Natalie arrives and tries to enter. John and Evangeline stop her. Evangeline sees blood on Natalie and asks her if she is bleeding. She tells her that it isn’t her blood. John asks her whose blood it is.

Cristian tells Tico that he missed his chance to kill him for the second time. Cristian pulls a gun on Tico. Tico tells him to drop the gun. Jessica tells Cristian to shot Tico because he won’t shot her. Jessica begs him to shot Tico and then to go find Antonio.

Todd answers the phone and is giving information about the shooting. He asks if he is dead. Todd tells the person that he is on his way. After telling Blair what the call was all about, Blair doesn’t want him to leave. She tells him that he just wants to twist it around and make it look like Kevin’s fault. He tells her that she should just come with him to make sure he behaves. Blair says can she stop him.

Margaret is still outside of the penthouse and she says that Blair won’t be walking down the aisle and that she will be in a different state of mind.

Duke has talked with someone and Viki asks if he has heard anything about Jessica. He says no. Adriana continues to wonder where Tico is. Viki commend Duke on how he is handling things. Duke says that his father has changed and how he is coming down hard the Crammers. Adriana says that her mother can be difficult at times. Viki tells them no matter what they are still their parents.

Kelly reminisces on the good old days with Kevin. She says that it is good to do it sometimes, but Dorian gets angry and she doesn’t have any one to talk to. David tells her that she can talk to him.

Bo and Antonio enter the room with Brooks and Kevin. Antonio tells them that Tico was the one that put out the hit. He tells Kevin that he has taken Jessica hostage. Antonio and Bo leaves. Brooks wonders if Kevin had something to do with it.

Jessica tells Cristian Tico. Cristian says that he isn’t going to take that chance. Tico tells him to put his gun down. Jessica tells him not, but he does it any way. Cristian asks to change places with Jessica. Tico says didn’t you do that with Natalie.

Natalie is in front with John and Evangeline. They hear a shot and John goes to check it out. Evangeline stops Natalie and tells her that they don’t know what is going on back there.

Tico tells Cristian to stay there while he and Jessica go to the car. Tico then says to Jessica that maybe Cristian won’t stay there while they run for and points his gun at him. Cristian tries to make a run for and Tico fires a shot at him. Cristian falls behind a trash bend. Tico drags Jessica over by Cristian and goes to shot him again, but Jessica struggles with him. He pushes her down. John comes up behind him and the two of them struggle over the gun.

Blair tells Todd to be careful when going to the shooting scene. Todd tells her that when he returns they will finish their planning.

Margaret calls to rent a cabin for Christmas. A man tells her that it is closed during that time of the year and it is very remote around that time. Margaret tells him that is what she needs.

David and Kelly continue to play cards. David asks Kelly for the tea she brought him. She gives it to him and then pulls the card that he has taken and hidden under the seat he is sitting on. They joke around about it. Kelly asks him if he loved his dad. Kelly tells him that she never knew her father. Says that she wanted to give Ace a secure life and didn’t want him to have to pretend to be something he wasn’t. David tells her that she will get that hand that she wants.

Governor Brooks accuses Kevin of being involved with his assassination attempt. Viki, Duke and Adriana walk in on the heated conversation. Viki wants to know what’s going on. They inform her that Tico is supposed to be responsible for what happened and that Brooks thinks he is involved. Viki says that is ridiculous. Kevin looks to Duke for agreement with Viki, but Duke says nothing.

John and Tico struggles over the gun and it go off. Jessica screams and Evangeline and Natalie run back there. Bo and Antonio run back as well. Bo asks what’s going on and John tells him that Tico has been hit. Antonio and Jessica hugs. Natalie spots Cristian lying on the ground and runs over to him. John looks over and sees Natalie on the ground with Cristian and he stares.

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