OLTL Update Wednesday 11/24/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/24/04

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At the police department, Nora asks Bo if he can watch Mathew on December 10 while she and Daniel go on their trip. Bo tells her that he has plans to take Page on a trip that date. Nora is surprised and says you’re going on a trip with Page. Bo asks her if its problem.

John and Evangeline are at the palace having drinks. John cell phone rings. Evangeline then see the file that John has of Natalie. Evangeline wants to know why he has the file of her if Dorian is being charged. She asks him if he is still trying to clear Natalie’s name.

Natalie is a Llanfair trying to get a hold of Antonio so she can check on Cristian. When she doesn’t reach him, she begins to think the worst. Jessica tells her not to worry. Natalie tells her that if Tico finds out whom Cristian really is Jessica and Cristian are in trouble. Viki walks in and Natalie and Jessica are quiet. Viki asks them what’s wrong. Neither one of them says anything, and she says one of you.

Antonio is a Lion’s Heart talking to Tico on his cell phone, while Tico is out front at Llanfair. Antonio asks him what he has done with his brother. Tico tells him that he is his brother.

Kevin is at the hall asking if everything is okay for the governor’s speech. Duke spots his father and calls him as he walks over to him. Kevin tells him that he didn’t know he was coming. He tells him after all that he has been going through with Ace it’s the least he could do. Asa comes over with a guy whom he introduces as Simon G. a big support of Kevin’s. Asa says that Kevin is going to be the next governor.

Antonio continues to talk to Tico. He tells Tico to tell him where Cristian is or he’s a dead man. Tico tells him that he has to do something for him first. Antonio says how does he know he is okay, and tells him that he wants proof. Tico tells Antonio that Cristian is no good dead to him, so of course he is alive. Antonio tells him that he will kill him if he hurts Cristian. Tico tells him if he does, Cristian will die. Tico gives him orders to go the governor’s speech, go up on the catwalk, and enjoy the view.

Inside of Llanfair, Viki asks the both of them what’s going on. Tico comes in and says hello to Viki and Natalie. He offers Viki a ride to hear the speech. Viki says she will drive herself. Tico asks Natalie if she is going. She says yes and that she will be a little late. Jessica cell phone rings and she looks at it. It is Antonio. She says that she will just let the voice mail pick it up. Tico asks her who it is, and she lies. She tells Natalie that she will talk to her later and her and Tico leave.

Cristian is looked in a room at Lion’s heart. He hears Antonio talking and calls for him. Antonio does not hear him.

Back at Llanfair Viki tells Natalie that she is surprised she hadn’t figured it out. She says that Natalie has been much happier lately. Natalie tells her that Jessica has been going through stuff. Viki tells her that it is not about Jessica and that it is about her. Viki tells her that he is back. Natalie with a look of shock on her face says what. Viki says John is back in your life.

Nora tells Bo that she doesn’t mind Bo going away on a trip with Page. She tells him that it just took her by surprise. Bo tells her it is not a honeymoon or anything. It is like her and Daniel. Nora tells him her and Daniel have been dating for months now. She and Bo discuss it a little more. Nora says shell will just have to do their trip some other time. Bo tells her that when she and Daniel finally do go on their trip he hopes they have a great time. Nora tells Bo that it surprises her that they lasted as long as they did. Bo agrees with her. Nora says there was a lot of dancing. The two of them compare notes on how each other dates are picky eaters. Bo then says that Page is good dancer. They say all that matters is Mathew. Mathew walks in the office and asks Bo if he will be joining them for dinner. Bo tells him that he isn’t going to make it because he has a lot of work to do. Nora says that maybe he could eat some left over after Thanksgiving. Mathew is disappointed. Bo says that he will come by later and eat pumpkin pie. Mathew is happy again. Nora and Mathew leave Bo office. Back at the Palace, John tells Evangeline that he can’t just let it go because something in his gut is telling him otherwise. Evangeline tells him that she can’t read him and that means there is something wrong. She tells him that she believe he can’t let Natalie go.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie asks her mother how John can be back in her life. She says that there can't be anything between them because John is involved with Evangeline. Natalie tells her that she is still in love with Cristian and that there is not going to be anyone else. Viki tells her that there will come a time when she will love again and for not to close herself off. The doorbell rings, and Natalie goes to answer it. It is Adriana. She says that she came by to catch Tico and Jessica before they left because she wanted to ride with them. Viki tells her that they have already left, but she is getting ready to leave and she can ride with her. Viki leaves to get her things. Natalie tells Adriana that Tico has bad genes and that he cares nothing about family. Adriana tells her that he cares about his family and that he asked about Cristian. She tells him that she told Tico about Cristian. She says he had a picture of him. Natalie says oh my God he knows what Cristian looks like and runs off.

At Lion’s Heart, Cristian continues to call Antonio, but he doesn’t hear him and leaves the house. Cristian who is tries to a chair tries to free himself.

Antonio is now on the catwalk looking down at the guest for Governor Brooks speech. He spots Tico and Jessica.

Jessica and Tico walk over to Kevin, Governor Brooks, and Asa. Tico congratulates him, and Jessica tells him that Natalie will be late after saying hello to everyone. Governor Brooks asks Jessica if her mother will be there. Jessica says yes. A guy asks Brooks if he will mention Kevin’s son, and he says it is up to Kevin. Kevin says that he doesn’t want to turn it into a political thing. Asa tells him that it may help him get Ace back. Kevin says that he will take all the help he can get. Jessica cell phone rings and she walks away to answer it, but Duke interrupts her. Duke tells her that it is good to see a friendly face. Antonio looks down at her form the catwalk and says for her to check her messages. Duke asks Jessica if something is bothering her

Across the room Brooks says that it is time for him to get ready to give his speech. One of his men tells he needs to speak to him and they walk away. Asa tells Kevin he wonders if the Brooks and the guy are talking about insider trading. Tico tells him that the governor won’t be a problem and walks off. Asa tells Kevin if he doesn’t mind he is going to go home and watch the speech on television. Asa leaves.

Tico calls Antonio. Antonio asks him where Cristian is. Tico tells him he will know after he does what he tells him to do. He tells him to look in a locker on the catwalk. Antonio goes over, opens it, and sees the gun. Antonio asks him what is he suppose to do with it. Tico tells him that he is going to get rid of someone. Antonio tells him the only one he will get rid of is he. Tico tells him if does that Cristian is dead. He tells Antonio not to think about contacting the authorities or Cristian is dead.

Duke tells Jessica that he knows what’s bothering her. Jessica says to him you do. He tells her that he knows she is worried about Ace. Tico walks over and asks if there is a problem. Duke explains to him that they are just worried about his little brother. Duke leaves and Tico tells Jessica how hard it must be for her, with Ace missing and death Cristian. Says he doesn’t see how Natalie is getting through it. He asks her didn’t she says that Natalie was having it rough because it was the anniversary of Cristian’s death. Tico tells her that there is nothing but good things ahead for the two of them.

Duke spots Adriana and goes over to her. She tells him that she came with his grandmother. Duke apologizes for accusing her mother and says innocent until proven guilty. He tells her anything she needs he is there. Tico sees the two of them and comes over. He asks Adriana what she’s doing there and that she shouldn’t be there. He tells her that there are people there that he doesn’t want her around. Duke says that he is with him on that one. Adriana thinks that he is being a protective brother, but she stays. Brooks starts to give his speech.

Jessica checks her voice mail and hears the message that Antonio left for her telling her she shouldn’t come because something is going to go down. Tico walks up behind her. She tells him that Natalie needs her. Tico tells her that Natalie can wait.

Nora and Mathew go back to the police station and takes Bo Thanksgiving dinner. Bo asks her where she ordered. Nora says how he knows she wasn’t over the stove for hours. Bo says that it beats Chinese food that they eat one year. Nora says talk about past Thanksgivings. Bo talks about the time she burned the turkey. Nora says it’s only because he wanted to bar-b-q it. Bo then talks about the time she put one in the microwave and it exploded. Mathew says that it sounds like they had the coolest Thanksgivings.

Back at the Palace, John brings Evangeline a drink. John says if he ever loses his badge that he’s going to Bartending School. Evangeline gives him a look because he is deliberately avoiding the question. John tells her that there is nothing to hold on to and that Natalie is still in love with her husband. Evangeline tells him that she sees the way Natalie looks at him. John asks her if it is the same look he’s giving her. Evangeline tells him that she knows he wants to be with her, but why do they keep hitting this wall. John asks her what she wants form him. She tells him that she wants a chance to be with him. He tells her that there is.

Mathew falls asleep on the couch in Bo’s office. Bo covers him up and says that the turkey and stuffing always makes you tired. He says, that’s not the kind of Thanksgiving dinner he had when he was a kid. He says, not the kind he wanted for his family. Nora tells him that they are not a traditional family. Nora tells him after having there little talk she is feeling a little regret. She says she having a trip down memory lane. They talk some more.

Natalie goes to Lion Heart and knocks on the door. She turns the knob and goes in. She calls Cristian’s name.

Governor Brooks is giving his speech. He pleads with someone to come forward with information about Ace’s where about.

Viki is with Jessica and she asks her if everything is all right. She says that she has a little headache and that she should leave. Tico walks up and tells her to stay and that he is going to get her something and walks away. Viki just looks at Jessica.

Tico calls Antonio and tells him to follow his directions or Cristian will die. He tells him to focus on the governor. Antonio asks him what the governor has to do with it. Tico tells him that he is the reason he has the gun.

At the police station, Bo asks Nora if she was talking about the two of them when she was saying things were awkward. Nora tells him that she may be a lot of thing when she is around him, but awkward isn’t one of them. Nora and Mathew leave Bo’s office. Outside Nora is still looking at his door. Mathew calls her and she realizes she been daydreaming and they leave.

At the Palace, Evangeline tells John that she should leave because she has a lot of work to do. John tells her that it is always work with her. She tells him that he is the one with the brief case with the files falling out of it. He tells her he only brought it in case he had a hard time sleeping. She asks him since when has he had a hard time trying to sleep. John smiles at her. John says they should stay and have another drink. Evangeline thanks him. He says for what. She tells him about what he said about thinking of her, being with her only and wanting her. John says he go get those drinks and goes to walk off. He turns back around, gives her a kiss, and says now he will go get the drinks.

Natalie is at the door Cristian is in. She goes inside, but Cristian is not there. Natalie sees the rope with blood all over it and starts to cry uncontrollably.

Jessica is worried. Viki asks her what’s wrong. Jessica says that she hope everything is all right.

Tico tells Antonio if he doesn’t kill governor Brooks, Cristian will die. Tico tells Antonio that it shouldn’t be hard because he is a killer at heart like their father. Antonio tells him that he is not him. Tico asks Antonio what he is waiting for. Antonio aims and pulls the trigger.

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