OLTL Update Tuesday 11/23/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/23/04


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David is feeling queasy and not doing well. He and Kelly are in their motel room with food poisoning. She is doing much better, but David is a wreck. Kelly is worried that Dorian needs to hear from them. She is starting to feel sorry that she involved David in this at all. David says that Dorian is fine, and that they are not to worry about her.

Dorian talks to John who tells that Dorian was seen in the graveyard the night that Paul went missing.

Jessica talks to Todd, who tells her that Sonia, would like to talk to her. Jessica is not in the mod for that. Too late. Sonia is behind them, ready to talk to Jessica.

Antonio comes to talk to Natalie. He tells her that they have to talk. Natalie can see that something is terribly wrong. She senses immediately that Cristian is in trouble.

Tico has a gun on Cristian at Lions Heart. Cristian asks Tico what he is doing. Cristian is pretending that he is not really who he is. Tico knows that the man before him is Cristian and he is not about to let this man escape death again.

Dorian is having trouble talking her way out of her troubles this time. Blair has her cornered at the police station and she sees that her aunt is scrambling to make a story to appease the police. She guesses that Dorian is trying to protect someone, probably David.

Jessica doesn’t want to talk to Sonia, but the woman is already there. Todd finds some reason as to why he has to go, and he leaves the women alone together. Jessica can’t avoid Sonia now. She must undoubtedly want to talk about Antonio.

Sonia doesn’t really have that much to talk about it seems, and wants to go, but Jessica stops the woman, saying that there is something that she has to say to her. Sonia turns, curious at what Jessica could possibly have to say.

Natalie wants to break into Lions Heart to save Cristian from Tico, but Antonio tells her that is a very bad idea right now.

Over at Lion's Heart, Cristian is fighting for his life. Before Tico has a chance to fire the gun at him, Cristian grabs it and both men struggle to keep their hand on the gun, and pointed at the other to get a good shot.

Antonio manages to stop Natalie from doing anything foolish. Antonio convinces her to let him do the work on this and get back to her.

Jessica has questions about the information that she has provided for the police. Sonia tells that she will do her best to have Tico convicted. Jessica can’t help but think that Sonia will screw up and let Tico get away. Sonia reminds her that she has spent the last 7 years going after Tico. Jessica only remembers that Sonia went after Antonio with vigor when she first came to town. Sonia knows that this is about Tico, and she tells Jessica that she never forced Antonio to be with her. He wanted to do that all his own.

Sonia turns to leave the house, and finds Antonio jogging down the stairs. She wonders what Antonio is doing there at Viki’s house of all places.

Evangeline and Nora discuss Paul’s murder case, and Nora is glad that now that Natalie has been freed, Evangeline and John can finally be on the same side. Evangeline feels that if she and John were on the same side in the first place, things never would have gotten out of control.

Dorian seems to think that she will be freed from the station after the allegations of John’s witness are refuted. She is sure that this is just like before, and that she will be let go soon enough. She laughs and poo-poos the whole event, sure that it will come to nothing in the end. David assured her that there was nothing to worry about, and he even asked Dorian to blame him for Paul’s murder if push came to shove, but she didn’t do that. She couldn’t. She loves him too much.

John tells Dorian that she better get ready for a long stay from home after the witness comes forward about Dorian being in the cemetery the night that Paul was murdered.

Natalie lays in bed dreaming…

Natalie dreams that she is lighting a candle, and that Cristian is waiting for her on the floor, naked, under a blanket. He comes to her, and they kiss. He can’t seem to get enough of her. She tells him that she loves him so much. There couldn’t be anyone else for her, and there never will be. He stands back as she takes off her negligee. She would pull it over her head, and by the time that she was free of the gown, she would look up into her lover’s eyes.

The smile would slowly leave Natalie’s face as she sees that her lover is really John, looking back at her.

John knows that Dorian was with Paul the night of the murder. Dorian can’t deny it anymore. She admits to John that she was with Paul on Halloween night.

Evangeline feels that she knows better about what happened in her relationship now. She should have left things casual with John, but then things progressed. Evangeline pushed things because she really did care. She put herself out on a limb, but she had this awful feeling that the limb was going to be sawed off.

Todd and Blair are at the restaurant talking about their lives and updating the other on the events of the day.

Margaret enters the restaurant and heads to the bar. She sees Todd and Blair sitting together. She watches them smiling, but doesn’t go near their table.

Blair sees Margaret and panics. Todd tells her that Margaret will not bother them. He is sure of it.

Bo and Kevin discuss Ace and the face that Kevin feels that Kelly and David have Ace. Bo has been wondering if Kelly and David might have been the ones that murdered Paul.

David is not feeling good because of the poisoning and he remains in bed reeling and moaning because of the crappy food in Pine Valley. He would like to confess his lustful thoughts, but Kelly doesn’t want to hear it. She has connected with David, but she wants things to go no further. He belongs with Dorian, and he and everyone else knows that. He denies that his lustful thoughts are not about her. He only thought of Kelly that one time as an object of lust, but he assures her that feeling has left him now. He tells her that Dorian is his number one, and Kelly knows that. She knows that Dorian is very happy with David, and Kelly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sonia goes off on Antonio as Jessica listens quietly. She hears Sonia confronting Antonio about what is going on with Tico’s case. She has supported Antonio in all of his endeavors to get to the bottom of this case, and she would like the same respect from him. She deserves to know what that something is that Antonio is hiding from her. Antonio tells that Tico was involved with the attempt to kill Cristian. Sonia wonders why he is referring to Cristian as if he is alive. Antonio tells her that Cristian is alive and in town.

Tico has overpowered Cristian. Cristian lies unconscious on the floor as Tico lords over him with his handgun. Cristian isn’t dead yet. Tico isn’t ready to kill him. Before Tico kills the man, there is something that he will have Cristian do for him.

Antonio didn’t mean to keep Sonia out of this, but things have happened so fast that he didn’t have time to think. Sonia would like to be involved now, but Antonio stops her dead in her tracks. Antonio says that they have to wait for Cristian to return with some information that they need. Sonia leaves.

Jessica can tell that Antonio is stalling. She can tell that Antonio would like to take care of Tico himself.

Dorian admits that she was in the graveyard the night that Paul was killed. She tells John that she wanted Paul to leave town so that Kelly could live her life in peace. He had been making her a wreck. Paul was broke and gambled all the time. Paul thought that Kelly had access to money, and he said that he would tell Kevin things that would take Kelly’s visitation with Ace away. Paul promised to leave town that night. Dorian says that she then left Paul, and that he was very much alive. Dorian returned to the gravesite, and she saw Paul’s hand sticking out of the grave, holding his dog tag. She knew that she would be hidden under the coffin. That still doesn’t mean that Dorian didn’t kill Paul though, even though she says that she didn’t.

Evangeline tells Nora that in spite of what John and Natalie say, she can still see a connection between the two.

Blair and Todd get a visit from Margaret even though Todd thought that she wouldn’t come over and bother them. She comes over to their table and smiles that nutty smile that she has. Blair is not happy to have to talk to the woman. Margaret has a gift for Todd and Blair. She presents Todd with a wrapped gift. Blair shouts at Todd to drop the present and have nothing to do with it.

Antonio tells Jessica that he is only making sure that Tico gets what is coming to him. He will be the one to make sure that Tico is finished.

Natalie comes running down the stairs demanding to know where Cristian is. Antonio says that he will go and find out what is going on. Antonio leaves.

Natalie worries that she will lose Cristian again. Cristian has no idea about what Natalie went through with Paul, or John. How is Cristian going to react? She shouldn’t have gotten involved with the man that caused Cristian to be hurt in the first place. Natalie only wants to concentrate on Cristian being back, and being the only man in her life.

Todd tells Blair that she shouldn’t worry about Margaret anymore. He says that Margaret has been released from the hospital, and isn’t someone to be feared anymore. Todd opens the present from Margaret, and thanks her for it. Blair still thinks that the woman is a psycho, but she won’t go psycho on them again. He is sure of that.

Kevin is in the restaurant and he finishes up his talk with Bo.

Bo leaves the table, and says goodbye to Nora and Evangeline on the way out.

Evangeline wonders if John is worried that he feels guilty over Cristian dying by his hands.

John still thinks that Dorian might be innocent of Paul’s murder, but covering for her fiancé. She says that she is sure that David didn’t do this. Dorian is shocked to find that John has been playing with her head all along. He says that her bail has been revoked. Dorian is furious and demands to have her one phone call.

A woman officer accompanies Dorian to a private office so that she can use her cell phone.

Dorian calls David on his cell phone. He can tell right away that she can’t talk. He says that if she is in trouble, she should tell the police that he was the one that killed Paul. David offers to come home right away, but she assures him that he should stay with Kelly and find that baby.

David hangs up and tells Kelly that Dorian sounded funny. Kelly tells him to go home, and she will carry on by herself. She will find her baby on her own. David will not leave Kelly at this point. He knows that Dorian is okay, and can handle things herself. He will stay with Kelly.

Tico shows up at Natalie’s house to pick her up for an appointment. Natalie answers the door. Jessica tells Tico that she doesn’t have to go home to change, and that she has clothes that she can wear out with her. Tico offers to go and tell the driver that they will be a few minutes. He leaves the house.

Natalie and Jessica panic. If Tico is there, then where is Cristian?

Antonio enters Lion's Heart. He looks around with his gun out, but sees nothing. As he is in the living room of Tico’s house, he hears his cell phone going off.

Antonio answers the phone. He can see on the display before answering that Tico is calling from his cell phone. “What do you want?” Tico responds. “What do you want? If you want to see Cristian alive again, you will do what I say.”

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