OLTL Update Monday 11/22/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/22/04


By Suzanne
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At Llanfair, Natalie phones Antonio, looking for Cristian.  He says he went to see Tico, so Natalie is worried.  Cristian arrives, so she is relieved, yet still worried.  Antonio wants to see Cris, so she tells him they will be up in the attic.  She and Cris hug.  In the attic, they talk about Tico and how he thinks Cristian is a hit man that he hired.  Viki knocks on the attic knock, wondering why it's locked.  Cris hides and Natalie comes out holding a cornucopia.  She lies that she was looking at Thanksgiving decorations.  Viki is suspicious and questions Natalie as they go downstairs.  Natalie insists that she is not hiding anything.  Viki goes to get more decorations.  Natalie unlocks the door for Antonio and follows Viki.  Antonio sneaks in and goes up to the attic.  Cris tells Antonio that he feels like breaking Tico's neck every time he touches Jessica.  They talk about Natalie and John.  Cris distrusts John and thinks he could get Natalie in trouble.  He blames him for what happened in Vegas.  Antonio sticks up for John.  They discuss Tico and who he might want killed.  Antonio doesn't want Cris to leave; he thinks it's too dangerous.  Cris insists, so Antonio asks if he's still go the gun he gave him.  They discuss their plan, etc.  They argue about the danger and about what Tico did.  Cris convinces Antonio that he is dressed enough like a hit man.  They hug and Cris leaves.  He tells Antonio to tell Nat that he loves her, but then he says never mind, he will tell her himself.  Antonio looks at the drawing of Nat that Cris did and then looks out the window.  He wishes Cris to be safe.

At Lion's Heart, Tico looks at a picture of Cris.  He laughs and says that this time he will definitely die.

Adriana and Dorian are at The Palace. Adriana is holding a copy of the Banner that has headlines about Dorian.   She is incensed that it makes Dorian out to be a murderer.  Dorian is not upset and explains to Adriana that the Banner is never unbiased when it comes to her.  She reminds her that Kevin Buchanan has done this.  Adriana tells Dorian that she had a fight with Duke about her mother.  Dorian tells her that she's sorry.  Adriana worries about all the problems they are having, including Ace missing.  Dorian assures her that there is a reason Kelly and David are gone.  She says everything will work out fine.  R.J. arrives and teases Dorian about the murder.  Adriana gets up and yells at him, defending her mother.  He assures her that he is an ally.  He sits down and reminisces with Dorian about when they were on the lam.  Adriana demands to know what they are talking about.  Dorian is reluctant to bring up the past, but R.J. explains that they were once both accused of a murder, so they went into hiding until they found the real killer.  Adriana leaves abruptly.  R.J. offers Dorian his help.  She wonders if he he knows who killed Paul.  He claims he doesn't.  He points out that many people hated Paul, and Dorian agrees that he got what he deserved.  He wonders if she was at the judge's funeral to make sure Paul's body stayed hidden.  She wonders the same thing about him, but they both deny it.  Dorian gets suspicious of R.J. , but he says he had no motive.  She says his motive could have been that he was defending Lindsay.  She wonders why they are so close.

Jen and Lindsay are at the Love Shack.  Lindsay wants Jen to leave town on a flight she arranged, but Jen reminds her that she is staying here with Riley for the Love Center dedication.  Lindsay says she doesn't want Jen to have to be around during the investigation into Paul's death.  Lindsay mentions that Paul deserved to die.  Jen keeps wondering if Lindsay is the one who killed him, but she never answers.  Lindsay claims she is concerned about Jen, but Jen says she is fine; she is worried about Lindsay.  There is a knock at the door; it's Michael, who is looking for Marcie.  He has flowers, which Jen admires.  He also has a ring that he's hiding.  After he leaves, Lindsay suggests that Jen phone Marcie for any news about the case, but Jen won't do that.  They each wonder if the other has an alibi for Halloween night.

Nora, John, and Bo are at the police station in Bo's office.  A woman, Lauren, describes seeing Paul argue with a woman in the cemetery, and then she heard a pop, which she supposes was the gun shot.  They discuss doing a line-up with the various female suspects.  John wonders to Bo why the woman took so long to come forward.  He figures maybe she likes the attention.  They wonder if she will recognize Natalie, but John says that he believes her.  He goes to get the woman ready for her statement.  Nora and Bo discuss John's feelings for Natalie for a moment.  Nora asks Bo if he has Thanksgiving plans.  He says that Paige has to work.  She invites Bo over Wednesday night for dinner with Matthew, before they go to Chicago to see Rachel.

Natalie is distracted as Viki talks briefly about past Thanksgivings.  She wishes she had some of Natalie's artwork from when she was a kid.  They hope to make the holidays more meaningful for Natalie.  She hopes Ace will be there, too.  There is a knock on the door; it's John.  He asks Nat to join the lineup.  Viki objects, but Nat agrees.  Viki goes with them.  Nat wants to run upstairs for a minute, but John says no, they have to go now.

Adriana arrives at Lion's Heart.  Tico invites her to move in with him so she doesn't get caught up in Dorian's problems.  She can't do that but asks him for his help.  She lists all the problems.  He isn't sure what he can do, since he's not a cop.  She wants him to use his connections to help prove Dorian is innocent.  He reluctantly agrees to make some calls.  She hugs him and then sees the picture of Cristian.  She is suspicious as to why he would have that.  He claims that Cristian is his cousin and that family is important to him.  She hugs him and leaves.  Cristian arrives and sees the picture.  He looks puzzled.  He turns around to see Tico pointing a gun at him and saying hola to him.

Bo drops by the Palace to get Dorian to go to the lineup.  She wants to phone her attorney, but he assures her that she has no choice, so she goes with him.

Nora goes to see Jen and Lindsay.  Lindsay argues with Nora a lot.  Nora questions them.  She asks about Lindsay's wanting a gun permit, so Lindsay explains that she wanted to protect herself from Paul.  Nora asks them about their alibis.  At the same time Jen says she was with Riley, Lindsay says she was with Jen.  Nora phones Bo to say that she thinks they should be in the lineup.

Marcie is typing away at work when her literary agent, Hayes, drops by.  He gives her a schedule for the next month for her book tour, etc.  She realizes she will need a makeover, so he gives her a card of a woman that can work magic.  He suggests lunch, but she says she has to work.  He thinks she should quit her job now that she will be a big-time author.  She looks doubtful and explains that she can't.  She needs the money.  She explains that she used the book advance to pay off her credit cards (which she had run up while in college) and she bought a power mower for her dad.  She berates herself for not being more careful with her money.  Bo comes out and meets the agent.  She asks if she can have an early lunch, so Bo agrees.  She hugs him and then kisses him.  She asks Hayes to remind her to phone Michael at the Palace in an hour.  Bo answers the phone.  It's Nora.  He sends a cop to get Jen and Lindsay.  Michael comes by, looking for Marcie, so Bo says he has an hour and suggests he man the phones.  Marcie and Hayes arrive at the Palace late.  Hayes mentions her book tour, tells Michael he is a lucky man, and leaves.  Marcie apologizes for being late.  Michael says he has to get back to the hospital soon.  He gives her the flowers.  She is thrilled and tells him that she loves him.  They sit down and he prepares to pop the question.  He tries to ignore his phone when it rings, but she says it's the hospital, so he has to take it.  He has to go because they need him in the ER.  Michael leaves sadly, limping, and looks at the ring one more time.  Marcie wonders what he wanted to tell her.

All of the suspects go to the police station for the lineup.  Dorian yells at Viki, taunting her about Natalie.  Natalie is antsy to leave.  Lindsay yells at Nora.  Bo sends a female cop to do something and then defends Nora.  Lindsay tells them to go ahead and get together already.  Jen and Nat chat nervously.  They have the lineup.  The woman recognizes Natalie as the woman she saw arguing with Paul.

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