OLTL Update Friday 11/19/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/19/04

By Michelle
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Lindsay reads the Banner. R.J cameos up to her and tells her she looks as depressed as she sounded on the phone. Lindsay ask him if he seen the paper. R.J says if McBain has arrested the killer why is she still worried.

Kelly and David are in the car. Kelly wants to go looking for Ace at the rest area where the phone call came from. David tells her that they could be across country by now. Kelly tells him that she wants to go looking now, so he can driver or get out and let her.

At Llanfair, Jessica and Natalie worry about what could be happening to Cristian and Antonio. There is a knock at the door and Natalie answers the door. It is John and he wants to know how Natalie is doing. He asks her if she has a minute. Natalie tells him that she told him all she knows about Paul. John tells her to relax and that he is there off the clock and there as a friend.

Cristian and Tico come face to face at Lion’s Heart. Antonio is looking at them from upstairs. Cristian says you must be Tico. Tico says he was wondering how log it would take him to show up. Tico says that his assistant said he would be arriving. Tico call him Jose, Santi operative from Puerto Rico. Cristian goes along with Tico. Tico asks him how he got in. Cristian tells him that the door was open and it looked like someone was in. Antonio comes rushing down the stairs and Cristian roughs him up.

At Llanfair, John can see that something is bothering Natalie, but when he asks her she tells him nothing. John says that he can tell when something is bothering her because she starts putting up all these walls. Natalie says that she is not. John asks her to tell him what is bothering her.

Dorian gets home and Adriana runs over and hugs her. Adriana tells her that she looks good. Dorian tells her that she came home earlier, but she wasn’t there. Dorian tells her not to believe everything she read, hear, or Duke. Adriana tells Dorian that Duke has only been there to see how she was doing and has said nothing about her. Adriana tells her that she knows she is not a killer.

Bianca (All My Children) is at a diner talking to Babe on the phone, and David and Kelly enters. While Bianca is on the phone, Krystal comes in and Bianca hangs up with Babe. Kelly sees Krystal and hides behind a newspaper.

Lindsay tells R.J. that Dorian is smart and wouldn’t hide the murder weapon in her own office. R.J. asks her if she put it there. Lindsay thinks that Jen may have had something to do with it. R.J tells her she couldn’t have. Lindsay says that maybe Jen is more like her than she thought. She tells him that Jen can’t go to jail. R.J. tells Lindsay that Jen isn’t going to jail.

Krystal tells Bianca(All My Children) that she hasn’t heard from Babe and asks her if she has. Bianca changes the subject, says that she has been thinking about the reason for babe leaving having something to do with Paul, and asks her if she has checked in to it. Krystal tells her to call her if she hears anything. Krystal leaves the diner.

Kelly walks over to Bianca and asks her if that was Krystal Carey. Bianca tells her yes. Kelly says that she should have come over there sooner and she tells Bianca that she and Babe Carey are good friends. Bianca tells her that she must haven’t talked to her in a long time because her names are Babe Chandler now.

David is across the room and he calls Dorian cell phone, but doesn’t get an answer.

Duke goes to La Boule to see Adriana. Dorian accuses him of being like his father. Duke, Adriana, and Dorian are in the study and Duke tries to defend himself. The phone rings and the answering machine picks up. It is David voicing his concern for Dorian and she turns the machine off. Dorian tells Adriana that she is going to go upstairs for a little. Adriana tells her that she will stay home so she can be there for her. Dorian leaves the room. Adriana and Duke go to the hallway and she tells him that she needs to stay there with her mother. Duke says that it is good. He then tells Adriana that it was weird the Dorian cut the machine off when David was talking and that it was as if she didn’t want them to hear him say something. Adriana gets upset because she feels like he’s accusing her mother.

At Llanfair, Natalie tries to convince John that nothing is bothering her. Natalie tells her that he really helped her the other day. She tells him that he doesn’t have to any more because she has her mother and Jessica. John asks her if he missed something because he though they trusted each other and they were friends. Natalie tells him that they are friends and she asks him to leave. John says that he is curious because she hasn’t worn her wedding ring in months, so why now.

At Lion’s Heart, Cristian pats down Antonio and tells Tico that he is clean. Tico lets Antonio know he had better stay away form his house and his wife or he will shot him down on site. Cristian walks Antonio out. Cristian tells Antonio that he will be staying to see what he can find out. Antonio tells him that he should leave with him because Tico took this to well and he thinks it is more to it. Cristian stays and leaves Antonio outside. Cristian is back inside the house. Tico tells Cristian he is sure he will be able to do the job.

Back at the diner, Kelly asks Bianca if J.R. and Babe is still newlywed. Kelly then asks her if she could give her Babe’s number. Bianca tells her that she doesn’t feel comfortable giving out Babe’s information and she leaves. David comes over to Kelly and she tells him that she thinks she’s on to something and they leave.

At Llanfair, Natalie tells John that she just feel like wearing it. She says that it is a way of starting over. John tells her that he doesn’t see what the ring has to do with it. Natalie tells him that she needs to put all of her mistakes behind her. John tells her that he thought of them as a mistake. Natalie tells him that he shouldn’t be checking up on him and that for his spare time he should be spending it with Evangeline. John asks Natalie again why the ring. Natalie tells him that she want to keep Cristian a part of her life. John tells her to remember what she told him that if she hangs on to the past too much she won’t have a future. Natalie tells him that she knows what she is doing. She tells him that she needs to go back in to spend time with Jessica. John leaves and she goes back in the library with Jessica.

Antonio hides in the bushes in front of Lion’s Heart.

Jessica asks Natalie what John said. Her cell phone rings and it is Antonio. Antonio tells her that they may have a problem and that Cristian is still in the house. Natalie asks Jessica if everything is okay.

Cristian asks Tico what he’s suppose to do. Tico tells him that he was already informed. Cristian tells him he just likes to be well prepared. Tico sees Cristian’s wedding ring and asks him if he’s married. Cristian says no and that it is a part of his cover. Tico asks Cristian where his belongings are because he wants to take them up to his room. Cristian tells him that he will be staying at the hotel. Tico tells him that he will be staying there with him and his wife, he insists. Cristian tells Tico that he is going to head back to the hotel to get his things. Tico tells him that he looks forward to working with him.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie asks Jessica if Cristian is all right. Jessica tells her that he’s all right and that Tico doesn’t recognize him and thinks he’s suppose to work for him. Jessica asks Natalie what John wanted and if it had anything to do with Paul. Natalie tells her that he wasn’t there on police business. She tells her that he was really sweet and it felt like he really cared about her. Natalie tells Jessica that Now John is able to give her what she want and doing what she never thought he would be able to do.

Adrian is upset at Duke for accusing her mother of having something to do with Paul’s murder. Lindsay comes by to see Dorian. When she enters, Dorian is on her way down and greets her. Dorian tells Adriana that she wants to talk to Lindsay for a bit. They go into the study. Adriana tells Duke to leave. He tells her that he won’t until they straighten things out.

In the Study, Lindsay tell Dorian that she seen the newspaper and came to see if she was all right. Dorian tells her that she know that she didn’t like Paul much after he posted the tape of her on the website. Lindsay tells her that she’s glad he isn’t around to hurt anyone else. Lindsay offers to help Dorian in any way she can. Dorian gets suspicious and asks Lindsay why she’s really there. Dorian tells her to admit that she cam there to cover up her tracks. Lindsay asks her if she thinks she killed Paul. Dorian tells her that it wouldn’t be the first time she shot someone. Duke and Adriana are talking in the hallway, Lindsay comes storming out of the study, and Dorian is behind her. Lindsay says she didn’t come over there to be accused. She leaves out saying what was she thinking. Duke gives Adriana a look as to say something is going on.

Kelly says so Krystal is Babe Chandler’s mother. David tells her that he knows Babe and that he met her when he was checking up on Paul. The two of them are on the internet looking at the helicopter crash. They come across the pictures of Babe and Bianca. Kelly remembers Babe and tells David that she knew Kevin and was fixated on Ace. Kelly says that Babe has kidnapped her son. David asks her why would she do that if she has a child of her own. Kelly begins to derive a conclusion. Kelly says to David that Babe maybe Ace’s real mother. David tells her that he is so confused that he needs to sit down. Kelly tells him that he is already sitting down. David says that they are not even on the road and he is lost. David tells her once they find Babe they will find the truth. David then asks her what if Babe is Ace mother. Kelly says if she is and she’s a good person she should have him. David says what if isn’t. Kelly doesn’t want to think about it.

At Llanfair, Natalie tells Jessica that she and John were really connecting and they had broken down the barriers. Jessica says then Cristian came back. Natalie says that she should be happy, not thinking about Paul and John. Jessica tells her that she has to give herself time. Natalie asks her if that is what she’s doing with Antonio. Jessica says that she doesn’t know. She says that she thought if Antonio told her that he loved her, they would be able to pick up where they left off, but there is so much hurt because of Tico and Sonia. Natalie asks her what they should do. Jessica tells her that they talk to their mother. Natalie says that she will be able to tell their mother about Cristian soon. Natalie says that at least they know where they belong.

John goes to the bar to get a drink. R.J. tells him that he hears that congratulations are in order and that he found Paul. John asks him if he has anything to add. R.J. tells him if he does find Paul’s murderer he’ll buy her or him a drink.

Antonio goes to Llanfair. He tells Jessica that Cristian isn’t done with Tico and that Natalie might not like what he’s about to do. Natalie come up and asks where Cristian is. Antonio tells her that he should be on his way to the attic. Natalie goes up. Cristian tells her that Tico wants him to move in and want him to do a hit or something. Natalie tells him that she can’t lose him again.

Dorian and Adriana go in the study room. Adriana asks her what happened between her and Lindsay. Dorian tells her that it was nothing. Adriana says that Mrs. Rappaport didn’t storm out of there for nothing. She asks her mother to be truthful with her because she isn’t a kid and deserves to know the truth. Dorian tells her that Paul made many enemies and she didn’t kill Paul. Adriana tells her that she is going to stand by her.

John is on his cell phone and tells someone that he is on it. He calls Bo and tells him that they have a witness that says they saw Paul with some woman at the cemetery the night he was killed.

Lindsay tells R.J. that Dorian accused her of killing Paul. R.J. tells her that she needs to talk to Jen and ask her if she had anything to do with it.

David tells Kelly they need to take a break from all the driving. After putting up a fight, she agrees. David tells her that there is one problem; there is only one room with one bed. Kelly asks him why that would be a problem.

Cristian tells Natalie that he will be find and that Jessica will be there. Natalie says that she made a promise that she wouldn’t sleep without him. Cristian tells her that they can synchronize their dreams. Natalie picks the night he proposed to her.

Jessica tells Antonio that she needs to go home. Antonio says she shouldn’t go back there. Jessica tells him that Tico loves her and has no idea of what she’s up to. Antonio wants to kiss her. Jessica says, as long Tico doesn’t know who Cristian is they have the upper hand.

Tico’s at lion’s Heart and says that he knows cousin Cristian and this time he won’t cheat death. He says that Antonio will assassinate the governor in order to save a loved one and then he and Cristian will die.

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