OLTL Update Thursday 11/18/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/18/04


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Asa and Todd are making a deal in the house, but Asa has conditions that have to be met yet.

It is morning now. Kelly and David are in Pine Valley outside Adam’s mansion waiting for someone that might be Krystal to come out. Kelly thinks that they should call Dorian. She has to be worried.

Dorian has been arrested. She is kicking up a storm at the fact that she has been pegged for Paul’s murder.

Blair comes into the station and finds Dorian in a tizzy. Dorian says that the weapon that killed Paul was found on her premises. Blair has to wonder who would hate Dorian that much to do this.

Antonio is at the diner with Natalie. They have called Jessica.

Jessica arrives and Antonio opens the door to let her in. Jessica wasn’t expecting to see Antonio there, but she comes in anyway. Natalie greets her sister, telling her that they have a surprise for her. Antonio calls out in Spanish, and then turns to the back of the diner.

Cristian comes out slowly. Jessica can’t believe her eyes. It is Cristian. Jessica runs to him and holds him closely to her.

Jessica sits and Cristian, Natalie and Antonio tell her all that he has been through. How Tico has manipulated every one of them. Even before they knew that he existed. Cristian suffered, but that was better than being dead. Flynn set this whole thing up back when Cristian and Natalie were honeymooning in Vegas. Cristian was supposed to be killed. Flynn’s boss had a contract out on Cristian. Jessica questions who would want to have Cristian dead. Cristian tells her that the culprit was Tico.

Tico comes to see Kevin about business, but Kevin hasn’t any time for this. He has to find his baby, and Kelly. Tico should be able to understand that, but all that he wants to talk about is business and the damn governor. Tico simply says that after the governor’s speech, Kevin will be faced with some choices and he has to be ready.

Asa thinks that Todd has Ace hidden somewhere. Todd says that this is ludicrous. Asa feels that Todd has taken Ace to make Kevin sweat. Todd denies that he has taken the child, and he threatens to write a story telling how Kevin stole a baby.

Kelly tries to call Dorian, but her cell phone is not working. The battery is dead. David tries his phone but he only gets the machine. Dorian is not home. David should try some other numbers to let Dorian know where he and Kelly are. David wants to know if Krystal is in the mansion more than anything else. He wants to just go up to the house and ask.

Dorian sees Viki enter the police station and she accuses her of being the one to frame her for Paul’s murder. Dorian demands to know what kind of lies Viki has been spreading.

The phone rings in Blain’s purse and she answers. Dorian is told that David is on the phone to talk to her.

Dorian gets some privacy and takes her call. David wants to know what has been going on with her. Dorian can’t talk now. David asks Dorian to give him a sign if she can’t talk right now. Dorian says tat she is having breakfast with Blair. David feels that something is up. He tells her that if she is in trouble, she is to blame Paul’s murder on him, and say that she has no idea where he is, which is true.

Dorian ends her call with David, and is happy now that she has spoken to David. She has spoken to David and she is sure that everything will be fine. Bo has heard part of her call, and she finds it very funny that Dorian’s fiancé hasn’t shown up to help her out yet.

Dorian is rude to Bo and doesn’t want to answer his questions. Blair reminds Dorian that they need Bo, so she shouldn’t be rude to him. Bo overheard things that Dorian said, and he wants answers, but all that Dorian will talk about is the fact that Bo has released Viki’s daughter, and arrested her instead. Bo wants answers. Dorian’s necklace was found at the gravesite, and now the weapon was found in Dorian’s possession. She maintains that she didn’t kill Paul, but she is sure that she knows who did.

David decides that it is time to look Krystal in the eye and confront her about what she knows about Ace. David promises Kelly that they are going to find her son.

Todd shows up at Kevin’s house, and is surprised to find Tico there of all people conspiring with Kevin. Todd would love to know what is going on, and expresses that desire. Asa is there, but he wants nothing to do with this meeting and he leaves the room.

Todd is being snide to Tico, and Tico tells Todd that he doesn’t understand who he is dealing with, and he had better smarten up. Todd takes that as his cue to leave and he does.

Kevin turns back to Tico who is angry that Todd is still hanging around. Tico produces a speech. It is a little different from what Kevin expected it to read. Kevin demands to have answers as to what is really going on with Tico, but instead Tico just leaves.

Jessica learns from Antonio that Tico did some terrible things. Only she, Natalie, Cristian and Antonio know what is really going on. Carlotta is out of town, and they have to get Jessica out of the house with Tico. Jessica will not leave. She has to get more information on Tico. She is sure that she is not in any danger. Cristian needs her help, but she should stay out of the house for a few hours. That puzzles her. Why should she do that? Antonio tells her that he and Cristian will be breaking into her house.

Cristian knows that they have to get what they need on Tico from the house that he has been living in. Jessica gives them some key places to search. They listen and make note of everything that she says. Antonio and Cristian leave the room.

Natalie turns to Jessica smiling. She felt like she was buried alive, but now that Cristian is back, she can breathe again. She even looks different. Natalie remembers the way that she treated Jessica and Viki and she is sorry for all that. She was a big pain, but her family never stopped caring. Jessica won’t judge her sister’s mistakes; she is not in any position to do that. She looks down at her wedding ring.

Antonio and Cristian are alone, and they discuss what they have to do now to get Tico. Antonio gives Cristian a gun, and instructs him to hide it on his body. Cristian takes the gun, and tells Antonio that they are still brothers in spite of it all.

Dorian is still at the station and she remembers what David told her to say if she found herself in a jam. She tells Bo a story about someone else being the killer, and not her. Bo doesn’t believe her. Dorian doesn’t care. She has a bail hearing to attend.

Kevin shows up at Viki’s house demanding to know where Kelly is. He is shouting and unreasonable, and Viki has no idea why he is acting this way. She is stunned by his behavior.

David and Kelly go up to the door and demand to know where Ace is. Krystal answers the door. As soon as Kelly sees her, she knows that she is on the right track. David and Kelly press their way in. Kelly wants to know if Ace is with his real mother. Krystal is surprised to hear her say that, as Kelly maintained that she was the real mother.

Jessica goes to Tico at the house, and she begs him to let her go and see Natalie who has been very upset lately. He isn’t interested in any of this, but she begs and begs him until he buckles. He even agrees to go with her. They get their things and leave the house.

Cristian and Antonio come out of hiding as Tico drives off with Jessica.

Krystal isn’t answering any of David or Kelly’s questions about Ace. She threatens to call the police if the two don’t leave. Kelly tells her to go ahead. David decides that they should really go now. The cops getting involved isn’t what they need right now. David turns to Krystal telling her that this isn’t over, and that they will be back.

David takes Kelly out of the house, reminding her that she isn’t really Ace’s mother, and will have to explain how she got the child in the first place.

Bo shows up at Viki’s house to tell her that he was just over at Kelly’s place, and it has been tossed over. Viki is not surprised to hear that. Kevin is in the house and he tells Bo that he was the one that did the search of her place. He can’t find Kelly anywhere.

Dorian arrives at the house too. She is showered and dressed and she is ready to fight again. She is very surprised to find Bo and Kevin at Viki’s.

Blair tells Todd how she bailed Dorian out of jail that morning, and what has been going on with the case. He can’t believe that Blair used their money to get Dorian out. Blair doesn’t really see what the problem is.

They are interrupted. It is Margaret. She smiles down at Todd and Blair. “Is everything alright?” Blair and Todd stare up into Margaret’s face, stunned to find her standing over their table, as if they were old friends.

Blair gets up to talk to Margaret. Margaret seems to be under the impression that Blair and Todd and not going to get married anymore. Blair gets angry when she hears this.

Todd takes Margaret’s arm, leading her off to another table to have a little chat. Todd tells Margaret that she has been an innocent victim, and none of this was her fault. Margaret seems happy to hear this.

Dorian tells how she is out on bail for something that she hasn’t done. Kevin hasn’t any time for this and he leaves.

Dorian leans into Bo asking if he has interrogated Viki’s son about any of this? Has he asked Viki where she was the night of the murder? Bo simply laughs over that.

Natalie enters the house, and Dorian announces that the real murderer has entered the house. That is enough for Viki, she has had enough of this.

Dorian can see that it is her cue to leave, and she goes, warning that she will be back.

After Dorian leaves, Bo says his good-byes as well, and leaves Viki with her daughter.

Viki can see that something has changed for Natalie. She tries to ask questions but Natalie is very tight-lipped.

Jessica gets tico to their destination but Tico doesn’t want to go with Jessica to see Natalie. He feels that Jessica will be okay doing this by herself. He tells her that he is returning to the house and he will see her later. He pecks her on the cheek and leaves.

Jessica watches helplessly as her husband drives off and then she gets her cell phone out to make a drastic call.

Over at Lions Heart, Antonio and Cristian are looking through the house to find whatever they can to nail the man that has caused so much trouble in town.

Antonio heads up the stairs to search there, while Cristian stays downstairs to search there. Cristian goes to the front window and looks out to make sure that no one is there.

Todd has Margaret right where he wants her. He confuses her with a lot of jumble talk. He makes her think that Kevin deserves the worst that she can give him. He apologizes for Blair’s behavior, and leaves Margaret alone at the table.

Todd returns to Blair telling her that he has straightened things out and that Margaret has been pointed in the right direction.

Behind Todd, Margaret stares at Todd’s head smiling.

David and Kelly are still around the house where Krystal is. They hear the phone ring inside. They peek in and they hear Krystal on the phone. “Oh baby. Thank God! How is that little boy of yours?”

David and Kelly wait until Krystal has finished her conversation. She gets ready and leaves the house. That is when David and Kelly spring into action. They head to the door and enter the house. David redials the last number and learns that Krystal got a call from ‘Darlene’s’. It is some truck stop. David gets the address and he and Kelly head out of the house to head to the truck stop where they are sure Ace is being held.

At Viki’s house, Natalie waits dutifully for Tico and Jessica to arrive as planned while Viki takes a call in the next room. After Viki leaves the front room, Jessica comes running quietly down the stairs and heads into the sitting room. Natalie is waiting for her, but where is Tico? Jessica explains that Tico bailed out and went back home. Natalie panics. This can’t be happening. Cristian and Antonio will be in danger if Tico finds them there snooping around the house.

Over at Lions Heart, Antonio is still upstairs searching for something to convict Tico. Cristian is downstairs looking around. He hears something at the door and starts heading in that direction. Before he can get to the door, it opens, and Tico is face to face with Cristian. This is the man that he ordered killed a long time ago.

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