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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/17/04


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At Asa lodge, Cristian and Natalie talk. Cristian can’t believe that Jessica is married to Tico and that he is living there in Llanview. Cristian asks Natalie what happened. Natalie tells him that Antonio is on his way, but Cristian tells her that he can’t wait. She tells him that Manuel Santi was his mother’s brother. Cristian says then Tico is Antonio and his cousin. Natalie then tells him that Tico and Antonio are brothers. Antonio knocks at the door.

Blair goes to Ultra Violet to see Riley. Rex tells her that the club is closed. Blair tells him that she just needs to talk to Riley.

Across the room Lindsay, give Riley a gift for him and Jen. She wants them to go on a trip together because she thinks Jen could use the time away. Riley looks at the date and tells her that they can’t do it because they have something to do. Lindsay tells him that they have to go.

Outside of Asa’s mansion, Dorian is on her cell phone leaving Kelly a message to call her. Dorian hangs up and Kevin comes to the door. Dorian tells Kevin that she sent Kelly to the health spa to get away form all the madness. Kevin tells her that he doesn’t believe her.

Kelly and David are sitting on the side of the road in the car. Kelly has been receiving calls from Dorian and now Kevin has just called her. Kelly says to David that she wonders if Krystal knows who Ace biological mother is.

At the police station, John and Evangeline bump into each other. John says that he thought she was gone. He asks her if she’s working late. He then asks her if she would like to go out and have drinks. Evangeline says no, and John asks her if she would like to go have slices of toast. Evangeline tells John that she does not want to compromise her cases. John tells her that he wants to show her something. He takes her in his office, and she ass him what it is that he has to show her. John turns her around and kisses her.

Natalie goes to the door and asks Antonio if he is alone. Antonio says yes and asks her if everything is all right. Natalie tells him to come in and see for himself. He walks in and sees Cristian. He looks at him, walks over, and hugs him. Antonio tells him that there are things he needs to tell him. Cristian tells him that Natalie already told him and that he doesn’t care what went down and that he is his brother.

At Ultra Violet, Rex tells Blair that Riley is busy.

On the other side of the room, Riley tells Lindsay that they can’t go on the trip.

In the car in the middle of know where, David tells Kelly he is sorry for getting them turned around. Kelly says that they would be seeing Ace if maybe for the last time. David tells her that Paul probably lied about the mother wanting the baby. Kelly asks him how he knows and if he got him to say it before he died. Kelly tells David if his mother is worried like she is, she deserves to be with him. David asks her if she finds his biological mother how is she going to bring herself to give him up.

At Asa’s mansion, Kevin tells Dorian that whatever Kelly is doing, she needs to stop because she could face major trouble with the police. Dorian tells him that he isn’t all in the clear himself. She asks him how it would look seeing the lieutenant governor dragged out in handcuffs. Kevin tells her that it won’t be happening. Kevin reaches for Dorian and she tells him not to put his hands on her. She asks him if he is going to do to her what he did to Paul. She tells him that he has nothing to lose. She tells him now Kelly’s missing. Kevin asks her if she’s going to blame that on him now. Dorian tells him that he’s made many enemies. She then tells him that his mother’s kids are not as good as everyone thinks. Dorian tells Kevin that she is not going to let Ace be his victim.

Back in the middle of nowhere, David asks Kelly what’s with Kevin and Cramer women. Kelly asks him what is it with him. She says that Dorian is crazy for him. Kelly tells him that he has done things before and points them out to him. She tells him that he is not pure. Kelly tells him that she hates waiting. David tells her that maybe it’s some kind of divine intervention letting her know she shouldn’t find her.

At Ultra Violet, Blair talks to Riley. She asks him if he and his band would sing at Starr’s party. Riley tells her that he doesn’t play at kids parties. Blair leans up to him and tells him that she would be very grateful. Riley says know way. Blair then tells him that Starr has been going through something’s and he and Todd are trying to make it up to her. She tells him that Starr really likes the band and has been telling her friends that she knows the band and that they would be performing at her party. She tells him that she could pay him a lot of money. Riley tells her that it is not about the money. He tells her that she doesn’t understand. Blair asks him if she understands will he reconsider. Riley tells her no and walks off.

On the other side of the room, Lindsay asks Rex if he could help Jen, would he. Rex tells her that he has already tried even if it did end up hurting someone else. Lindsay asks him if it was Shannon.

At the lodge, Antonio tells Cristian everything has changed. Cristian tells him that he looks the same. Antonio temper tries to over come him, but he takes it easy and asks Cristian why he didn’t tell them he was alive. Cristian explains his situation being locked up and Flynn selling him off and not killing as ordered. Antonio says that Tico was trying to kill anyone remotely related to Manuel Santi. Antonio leaves and says that he is going to finish what he started to do.

At Evangeline’s apartment, she and John has just finished making love. John makes a comment about everything being better now. Evangeline says that making love hasn’t made their problems disappear, but they have just been put on hold. John tells her that nothing is going on with him and Natalie. Evangeline believes otherwise. John tells her that there is a reason why he and Natalie didn’t get together. Evangeline tells him that it is clear that she opened up to him about what happen with Paul and has left her, her lawyer in the dark. Evangeline says don’t say it isn’t personal.

Cristian runs out of the lodge to stop Antonio. He catches him and grabs him. He tells him that they should let Tico continue to believe that he is dead. As long as Tico believes that, he can do anything. They go back into the lodge. Cristian tells Antonio that he can’t tell anyone that he alive. Antonio says not even mommy. He tells him that she has taken it very hard. Cristian says to him that he does still care. Antonio tells him that she is the woman that raised him. Cristian tells him that she is their mother and that he might have been born a Santi, but it’s not who he is.

Riley comes back in Ultra Violet’s main room and Blair is sitting there waiting on him. Blair begs Riley to give her a chance. She asks him if he knows Angel of Mind and asks him to play it. Blair sings to him. Riley is impressed. Blair walks on to the stage.

Lindsay is waiting upfront for Rex. Rex comes out and Lindsay tells him that Jen has been upset about Halloween and she wants him to say that Jen was there with him the whole time on Halloween night.

Back at the mansion, Kevin tells Dorian that he is not using Ace. Dorian tells him to think about what he is doing. Kevin tells her that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Kevin calls the carriage house and gets the answering machine. Kevin asks Dorian if she’s checked with her fiancé on Kelly’s where about. Dorian looks shocked. Kevin asks her if she’s worried that Kelly may have ran off with David.

David jumps out the car after Kelly. He asks her where she is going. Kelly tells him that she was just stretching her legs and that she isn’t going to run off on her own. A song starts to play on the radio and Kelly asks him if he remembers the song. She tells him that he taught her a dance off the song. They dance in out in the middle of know where. They laugh and enjoy themselves.

At the lodge, Cristian goes into another room. Antonio asks Natalie what wrong with him, that he has dreamed this moment for so long, and how happy it would be. He asks Natalie if Cristian knows about her. Natalie says that she wishes she never met Paul. Antonio tells her that he was talking about John. Cristian walks in and asks them what’s going on.

At Evangeline’s apartment, John tells her that it is personal for him because he is the reason Cristian and Natalie aren’t together. Evangeline says that he is going to keep blaming himself. John tells her that he has told her about this before. John tells him that she is trying to be perfect. Evangeline tells him that he is trying to save the world. John tells her that he wants to make sure no one else gets hurt. Evangeline realize what she has said and tells him that she is sorry. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get hurt. He tells her that no one does. He tells her that she can kick him out, but he’s not sorry he’s there. He tells her even if he is torn apart again she is worth it. Evangeline walks over to him and sit down. She calls him name and they start kissing.

Outside of the car, Kelly looks up and tells David that the fog has lifted. They get in the car and Kelly tells him that she’s going to do the navigating. David tells her that is how they got lost in the first place. They leave and Kelly says that Ace is waiting for her.

At Ultra Violet, Blair continues to sing to Riley.

In the front of the club, Rex asks Lindsay where she was on Halloween. She tells him that she wasn’t killing Paul. Rex says that they need to find someone to take the rap for Paul’s murder.

John and Evangeline have just finish making love. John says it was pretty good. Evangeline tosses a book at him and says pretty good, it was great. John looks at the book and asks her what it is all about. She tells him that she wanted to learn about football for there next trip to see the Eagles play. They joke around about football and John cell phones rings. He hangs up and Evangeline asks him if he has to leave. He tells her yes because they have just found the gun that was used to kill Paul.

Back at the lodge, Cristian asks Natalie and Antonio what’s going on. Natalie changes the subject and asks him if he is alright. He tells her that he’s fine and asks what’s going on again. Antonio tells him his sorry and that so much has changed. He says he could have used a little brother and that everything has changed. Cristian asks him if he is just going to let Tico come and destroy their family. Antonio tells him no. Cristian tells him good they can take him out together. Antonio tells Cristian and Natalie that he has to get back and asks them if they’ll be okay. Natalie tells him that she has her car and there is plenty of food there. Cristian tells him not to tell anyone about him. Antonio tells him that he has to tell Jessica because he has kept so much from her and that she really needs to know now because her life is in danger. Antonio leaves.

Natalie and Cristian talk about Jessica. Cristian tells Natalie that he can’t believe Jessica walked away from Cristian. Natalie tells him that it was more to it. The Antonio pushed her away once he found out about himself. She says that Tico was really smooth. Cristian says that Jessica will find her way back just as he did. He says that he is glade that she was waiting.

Back at Ultra Violet, Blair continues to sing to Riley. She asks him if he will sing at Starr’s party. Riley gives in and says yes. Blair hugs him and tells him that he is going to be rich.

Across the room, Lindsay asks Rex what Blair’s doing chasing after a young guy like Riley. Rex tells her the same thing they were doing. Lindsay tells him that it was different with them. Lindsay asks him to take the rap for Paul’s murder since he said he would do anything to protect Jen. Rex tells her she should and plead insanity. She tells him that she can’t go back and he says that he can’t go. He tells her that a many people wanted Paul murdered.

Kelly and David sit in front of what they believe to be Krystal’s house.

Evangeline calls John and leaves him a message on his phone telling him good night and that she’s glade for the tonight.

Back at Asa’s mansion, Dorian asks Kevin why she should be worried about David and Kelly. She says that Kelly sees him as an uncle figure. Kevin says that Kelly had a crush on him in high school. There is a knock at the door and it is John. He tells Kevin that he’s there to see Dr. Lord. Dorian asks him how he knew she was there. He tells her that he had an APB put out on her and that she is under arrest.

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