OLTL Update Tuesday 11/16/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/16/04


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Starr and her father sit in the diner together talking about the wedding that is coming up for their family.

Margaret is getting out of the home. She thanks the nuns for all that they have done for her. She is warned to stay away from Todd Manning. She assures the nun that she knows exactly what she has to do.

Evangeline and John discuss Natalie and how John is sure that Natalie couldn’t have murdered Paul.

Jessica and Antonio are talking in Jessica’s house.

Tico is listening to their conversation. He keeps himself hidden and continues to listen.

Antonio is trying to get Jessica to leave the house with him. He will do all the investigating that needs to be done after she has left the house, and is safe. Jessica tells Antonio that she can’t leave until she gets the evidence that she needs from Tico.

Cristian has revealed himself to Natalie. She stares at him in the darkened room, not believing that this is real. She says that aloud. Cristian assures her that this is real. He is really there. It is too much for her. She goes running out of the house, but Cristian catches her, and holds her to his body.

Bo and his date are at the diner having something to eat.

Matthew and Nora enter the diner and Matthew immediately spots his dad with his date. Nora and Matthew go over to see the pair. They share small talk. Nora sends Matthew over to another table, telling him that they are going to do some eating that night.

Matthew goes running off. Nora and Bo are both shocked when they hear Bo’s date invite Nora and Matthew to pull a chair up to the table with them.

John and Evangeline are together at the station talking about Paul’s case. John is glad that everything turned out okay, and he figures that it is time that he and Evangeline make up and get back together. Evangeline reminds him that she wasn’t joking. She will not get back with him until he figures out what is going on with he and Natalie.

Cristian starts to unravel the story of how he became a captive and couldn’t come home. He had to work in the engine room to eat. No one spoke English with him. Cristian learns that Flynn is dead. Natalie has so many answers. Cristian is glad that Flynn is gone. That is one less person to worry about.

Cristian survived being away from Natalie by making the pictures of her on the wall of his room. He hated that she was alone and he was away from her, and couldn’t be with her. She never lost hope. She always wanted him to come back to her. They share their first kiss since the last time they saw each other.

Tico comes to Jessica in the house. He warms up to her, and she is clearly nervous. She says that he startled her, as she didn’t know that he was in the house. He assures her that he only wants to make her happy. She says that she wants that too. He would like to take her upstairs, and make their marriage perfect. She isn’t going to do that, but pretends that she would like to be with him. She says that she has to go to the office, but she will be back soon. She grabs her things and leaves the house.

Tico turns to the wedding picture on his desk. It shows Tico and Jessica kissing. He picks it up and then gently puts the picture down. He then makes a fist, and punches the picture until the glass breaks.

Todd is with Starr and Matthew at the diner, having something to eat.

Todd’s phone rings. It is Antonio telling Todd that he better come now if he would like to have some information that he greatly wants.

Todd tells the kids that he has to go, but that he will see them later.

Matthew is moping at the table, staring longingly over at his parents at the other table. Starr asks what the matter is. He tells her that he would like to have his parents back together again.

John tells Evangeline that he has only been doing his job, no matter what Evangeline thinks. The discussion is getting heated.

Michael comes to the doorway of John’s office to talk with him, but he stops talking when he sees that John and Evangeline are having it out. Evangeline offers to leave, but John is leaving anyway. John offers to drive Evangeline where she wants to go, but she tells him that she is going in the other direction. John leaves her where he stands.

Michael turns to Evangeline asking what has been going on there tonight. He didn’t mean to interrupt their conversation.

Cristian and Natalie catch up over time, in front of the fire. They tell each other what their hearts have been dying to say all along. She tells him about her life, and he tells her about his. It is clear that they have missed each other. She falls into his arms, and they make love by the fire.

Tico comes over to Kevin asking what can be done about Todd. Jessica is never at home anymore. Tico would like Kevin to handle this. Kevin says that he will talk to the governor about things. Tico is extremely angry, and Kevin can sense that. Tico tells Kevin that he is to be prepared to take over as governor very soon. Kevin will be ready.

Todd comes to see Antonio, who is very angry. Antonio shows Todd a disc that Todd would like to read. It is full of information but Antonio is not going to let the man have it unless he gets what he wants.

Cristian and Natalie sit by the fire. Cristian assures her that everything is going to be fine now. Natalie says that isn’t possible. She tells him that she got involved with some people that he wouldn’t approve of. He knows that things happen to people. He only cares about them, and that they love each other. It is just he and she now, and that is all that they have to think about. He removes her sweater, and they continue to kiss.

John goes to talk to a woman that was with Paul the night of the crash. The woman’s baby was born that night, but she was told that the baby didn’t survive. John tells that he is trying to find out some news about Paul. Bianca gets very angry with the man for treating her like she would kill Paul.

At that moment, the door opens. Kendall, who is the sister of the woman that John is interviewing, enters the room very quietly. She hears that her sister is upset and she demands to know what is going on here. Bianca tells her older sister that this detective seems to be accusing her of killing Paul. Kendall gets between her sister and the detective telling him that if he wants to talk to someone about this, he will have to talk to her. John just stares at the young defiant woman before him. She has a bruise across her face, and John just stares at it.

Michael and Evangeline sit together, and she tells him that she is having issues with John lately. She asks about Marcie, and learns that Michael and Marcie had a big fight. Some days everything seems right, but on other days, nothing works at all. That might be something that runs in the family.

John tells Kendall that Bianca has been questioned about a killing before, so this isn’t a big surprise. John only wants to know where Bianca was the night of Halloween. Bianca explains what she was doing that night. John only asked her this because there was a call made to Paul Halloween night from Pine Valley. Bianca didn’t make this call, and Kendall says that she didn’t make the call either. She gives up the details where she was the night of Halloween. John asks about Babe, and learns that she is out of town right now.

Nora, Bo and his date sit together while Matthew sits at another table with Starr. Nora feels that she has visited the pair long enough and has shared enough small talk. She excuses herself, and heads over to her son.

Bo asks his date about her day, and gets a full recap of what has been going on at the hospital.

Nora goes over to Starr and Matthew’s table, but she can’t help but listen in to Bo’s conversation with his date. They giggle like teenagers, and that seems to irritate Nora. Matthew tells his mother that she has to just be patient. Sometimes Nora can’t believe the wisdom that comes out of that kids mouth. She takes a big bite of her junk food.

Jessica goes over to Antonio’s house and finds Todd there. She wasn’t expecting to see him, and wonders what has been going on.

Todd greets his niece at Antonio’s door, and tells her that Antonio has dirt on Tico, and is going to kill him. Jessica can see that Antonio is standing behind Todd. Jessica is surprised at the nonchalant attitude that Todd has. He kisses Jessica on the forehead and quickly leaves.

Jessica comes into Antonio’s apartment and they both just stare at each other for the moment.

Natalie lays in Cristian’s arms now that they have finished making love. Cristian tells that he knows that she was arrested and that she couldn’t kill someone unless she was fighting for her own life. Natalie did admit that she was fighting with Paul, thinking that she was doing it for her life. Cristian has to ask her, “Did you kill him?”

Michael tells Evangeline how his time is as valuable as Marcie’s. She has a lot of things going on, but he hasn’t got a lot of time for him. Michael is committed to her, but he would like things to be right. Evangeline knows exactly what he is talking about. Evangeline knows that Michael will never really figure things out. Maybe Michael doesn’t want to figure things out. Michael can see that they might be talking about she and John, but Evangeline denies that. Michael says that when he and his brother falls, they fall hard. Evangeline smiles at that, but she knows that first John will have to figure out who he wants before he can commit.

Jessica can see that Antonio wants revenge for what Tico seems to have done. She knows that is the wrong attitude to take. Antonio could end up paying for this with his own life. She wants to help Antonio get Tico the right way. She doesn’t want Antonio to have to pay for this by losing the rest of his life. She begs Antonio to let her help him do this.

Cristian and Natalie talk some more. She has a surprise for him. She has kept their wedding rings. She pulls his ring out and puts it on his finger, “With this ring, I thee wed”. Cristian gets her ring out. “And with this ring, I thee wed”. Cristian slips the ring on her finger.

Margaret shows up at Kevin’s place. Todd is there. Margaret has a great big apology for Kevin for what she did to him. Margaret would like to apologize to Blair next. Todd warns Margaret that Blair will take her head off if she goes near her. Todd leaves.

Margaret remarks to Kevin that Todd really is a very handsome man. She questions whether or not Todd will really go through with his wedding to Blair or not. Kevin tells her that Todd will marry Blair.

Antonio is listening to Jessica, and giving up his idea to go and kill Tico outright. He will do things Jessica’s way. She tells him that she will have to stay in the house a while longer to play the dutiful wife. Antonio and Jessica share a kiss.

Tico is alone in the house, and he picks up the broken picture of he and Jessica at their wedding. “I have killed my mother and my father, and now Antonio will kill the governor, and he then will also die.” Tico feels that he has come too far now.

Jessica knows what she has to do now. She heads to the door, but stops long enough to turn and look at Antonio once more before she leaves.

Cristian tells Natalie about his plight. He tells how he knows that someone named Tico Santi was the one to order him killed. Natalie can’t believe her ears. She tells that Jessica is married to Tico, and that Cristian needs to talk to Antonio right away. There is so much that Cristian doesn’t know.

Natalie goes to her phone and calls Antonio, asking him to come and see her at her grandfather’s lodge. Antonio knows where that is. Natalie tells Antonio that he has to come right away, as she has something very important to discuss with him. She assures him that she is fine. Antonio will be there soon, and he will come alone.

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