OLTL Update Monday 11/15/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/15/04


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At the mansion, Kevin reads an article about Ace in the newspaper.

At the carriage house, Kelly is on the phone with someone trying to get them to trace the call she just received from Krystal from Pine Valley. After receiving no help, Kelly has a flash of the conversation she had with Krystal, realizing that she recognized the voice.

At the Palace, Marcie and Al have lunch. They kiss one another. Marcie tells him she figured out how to change a chapter in the book. Marcie then began to bad mouth Hayes Barber, who just happens to be sitting across from them.

At the hospital, Dorian is talking to David. She tells him that she has just received a subpoena for her gun. She asks David what he did with her registered gun. David tells her that he dismantled both guns and threw them out at the docks. Dorian asks him why he did that. He tells her that he has been trying to get rid of anything dealing with Paul, so who ever killed him will not have to worry.

In the study at Llanfair, Natalie is waiting for John to come. Cristian is looking through the glass door. There is a knock at the door, and it is John. Cristian looks in at John and Natalie. Natalie tells John that she has been feeling like someone has been watching her. John offers to check it out for and goes to open the door leading to where Christian is. Natalie tells him that it is okay because Paul is dead. Natalie tells John that she wants to tell him about the night with Paul. John tells her that she should probably have her lawyer present.

At the hospital, Dorian tells David she did not kill Paul and is tired of trying to convince him otherwise. David gets a call on his cell phone. It is Kelly asking for his help. She asks him not to say her name and then she asks him if he is with Dorian. David tells her yes, but says that he will be there shortly to help her. David lies to Dorian telling her that he has some Craze business to take care of. Dorian says that sometimes she regrets that she forced him into get a job. He tells her no she does not and before he leaves, he tells her that he will take care of everything.

At Lion Heart, Sonia goes to see Jessica. Sonia tells her that she is concerned for her safety. Jessica asks her if this concern from kindness. Sonia let her know that she is only doing her job as a Federal INL agent.

At the hospital, Dorian is in her office and she tells someone on the phone that if someone from the police department comes to see her tell them she is busy. Viki who is at the door asks Dorian if there is a reason, she is avoiding the police.

At Lion’s Heart, Sonia tells Jessica that she is putting herself in grave danger if she continues to write theses articles at the Sun. Jessica tells her that she needs to tell her if Tico is El Tiburon because this will mean that her marriage is based on a lie. She then begins to realize why Antonio has been working with her. Sonia tells Jessica, Tico is dangerous and lethal if someone crosses him. She tells Jessica not to be caught. Before Sonia leaves, Jessica calls after her and tells her that she miss judged her.

At the mansion, Tico goes to talk to Kevin about The Suns Articles about Governor Brooks mishandling of funds. Adriana stops by and interrupts Tico and Kevin. She says hi to Tico and tells Kevin that she got a call and it was static on the call and wants to know if Duke has come back from Texas. Kevin tells her that he has not heard from Duke. Duke comes in the door and Adriana hugs him.

At the hospital, Viki tells Dorian that she is surprised to catch her in her office because the board members of the hospital says, that she is never in her office. Dorian says that she out mostly trying to raise funds for the hospital. Viki tells her that she is not there to question her ethics and if so, the list would be small. Viki asks Dorian if she killed Paul.

At Llanfair, John asks Natalie if she is sure she does not want Evangeline present. Natalie tells him that she is only afraid of what he may think of her. John tells Natalie to be honest.

Cristian, who is still out back, writes her a note on a piece of newspaper.

Natalie tells John that Paul was becoming to be bit of a stocker and Kevin decided to give him money to leave. She tells John that she wanted to make sure that he left town, so she went over to his room, got a hold to his gun and held him at gunpoint. John asks her how she got the blood on her clothing. Natalie recalls what happened and get very emotional. She tells him that her and Paul got in struggle for the gun and when she scratched him he got really upset and throw her against the dresser and then he tossed her own the bed. John asks her if Paul raped her. Natalie starts to cry and John hugs her.

Back at the mansion, Tico asks to speak to Adrian outside. Duke tells Kevin that he seen him and Kelly on T.V and is sorry about Ace.

Outside of the mansion, Tico tells Adriana that she seems happy to see Duke back. She tells Tico that she’s glade because Duke and him are the only ones that she can trust these days. Tico says and Jessica. Adriana looks off.

David come the carriage house. Kelly tells him about her phone call and how the voice triggered her memory and she remembers meeting her. She tells David that she got a note from Paul’s room with the name Krystal Kerry and PV. David tells her lucky he works at Craze because he can look up address of their subscribers. Davis searches on the internet.

Back at the hospital, Dorian tells Viki that the police are wasting their time and should be out looking for Ace. Viki believes that Dorian has something to do with Paul’s death. Dorian tells her that she will tell her all about Paul, but she may not like it.

John asks Natalie Paul raped her. Natalie tells him did not, but he tried to. She tells him that she fought him off and he hit her and she passed out. He was a live, but she does not know if he did anything to her while, she was passed out. John asks her why she did not tell him at the cemetery. Natalie tells john that she had been with Paul for months and forced herself to love him. She constantly told people that Paul was not as bad as they thought, but when she went to the cemetery, she realized that she had become a different person. She says she did not want people to know and she did not think he would care about her. John tells her that he never stopped caring about her and she should not that.

Cristian leaves the note under the door for Natalie.

Cristian is at Asa lodge and he lights a match to set the fireplace. He says to himself for Natalie to find the note.

Back at Llanfair, John tells Natalie that she looks better and that he meant what he said about still caring about her. Natalie tells him that he is not responsible for what happen to Cristian. John tells her that he will get the charges dropped by finding Paul’s body. He gets a call on his cell phone. He tells Natalie that he has to go, and she gives him a sandwich to take with him. As they walk to the front door, Natalie sees the note and picks it up. John asks Natalie what it is.

Dorian tells Viki that Paul has more enemies than she has personalities. She asks Viki where Nikki Smith was on Halloween night. Viki tells her that she must really have something to hide since she is using that card. Dorian asks Viki if she has anything else to add and Viki tells her that John is doing, all he can to find the underlying cause of it.

At the Palace Michael introduces Hayes Barber the literary agent, to Marcie. Marcie tries to apologize for the harsh things she said about him. He accepts her apology, but Marcie does not give up. Michael tells her that it would be best if she quit while she is ahead. Marcie says that she is not sure why she would need an agent.

Antonio is at the Palace and Sonia comes up to him telling him she went to see Jessica. Antonio asks her why and she tells him that she wanted to tell her that she should back off, but she wouldn’t listen. Antonio gets up to leave and Sonia asks him where he is going he tells her that he is going to make Jessica listen. Sonia says that she guess she has to get use to this. Antonio tells her that he told her his feelings from the beginning. She tells him that she has been living with him for months. Antonio tells her that it is not happening. Sonia says she should probably move out of the loft. Antonio tells her that he didn’t mean to hurt her. He leaves. Sonia is sitting at the bar and Tico comes up behind her and places a cloth on her shoulder.

Todd goes to Lion Heart. Jessica let him and he asks where all the workers are. Jessica tells him that it is their day off. She tells him to come in because she needs help because she is having trouble following a story. Todd tells her, she should back off because it is risky. She tells him she going to do it whether he prints the piece or not. Todd goes to leave. Jessica asks him why he came by. He tells her that he was checking on her. When Todd gets outside, he calls Antonio and tells him that Jessica is there alone and he’s all clear.

Back at Asa mansion, Adriana tells Duke she caught Jessica and Antonio about to kiss. She says that Tico loves her so much and she wants to tell him, but doesn’t want to see him hurt. Duke feels bad that he wasn’t there to help those who needed him. Kevin comes downstairs and Adriana tells Duke that she will see him tomorrow and leaves.

Back at the carriage house, David fins Krystal’s address and number. Kelly hugs David and is happy they found it.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie lies to John, saying that the note is probably something her mother dropped about the Love Center. John asks her if she okay because she doesn’t look to good. She tells him it is just the Paul stuff. John tells her to take care and he leaves. Natalie looks at the note and says that it is Cristian’s handwriting, but then thinks that someone is playing a trick on her. She balls it up and throws it in the trash.

Kelly comes down the stairs with her luggage. David asks her what she’s doing and she tells him that she is going to Pine Valley. David tells her that she shouldn’t go because there is know telling what this lady is going to do. Kelly tells him that she and Krystal had a connection and that she’s going to get her son. David says he’s going with her. She tells him that he can’t because Dorian needs him.

At the Palace, Natalie and Hayes talk about her writing skills. She tells him that she use to try to imitate writers that she liked. Hayes tells her then she came out as a writer. He tells her that he is surprised that this is her first book. She tells him that she already has ideas for her next book. Hayes asks her if she would like to come up to his suite and brainstorm. She says sure, but asks Michael if it s okay. He tells her to go ahead because it is important. She asks him about her gift and he tells her that it can wait.

Antonio has snuck into Lion’s Heart, and comes up behind Jessica and startles her. She tells him that he shouldn’t be there because her husband. Antonio says he knows he will kill him. Antonio tells her that she should leave Lion’s Heart right away because she isn’t safe there. Jessica says but her husband. He tells her that he is not going to stand around and let her risk her life. Jessica then asks him to let her work with him that they can be a team together if he would just trust her.

Natalie goes to the trash and gets the note out. She has a flash of a time when she and Cristian were at the lodge making love.

Cristian is at the lodge waiting for Natalie.

At the mansion, Duke tells Kevin he was really upset when he left, but when he found out about Ace, he realized that nothing else mattered. He tells Kevin that he wants to move back in. Kevin tells him he would like that.

David convinces Kelly to let him go with her. David tells Kelly that he could help pull the heat off Dorian and help her get Ace. They leave off to Pine Valley.

Antonio tells Jessica that he never stopped trusting her. Jessica says really. Antonio tells her to be honest with herself. Tico is in the hallway picking in at the two of them.

John goes to the hospital. Dorian asks him what he’s doing there. As he stands over a covered body, he tells her that some kids found a body and the corners are going to see whom it is. John pulls the sheet from the head and it is Paul. He tells her that it looks like they have found the murder victim.

Natalie goes to the lodge. She walks over to the fireplace. When she turns around, she sees Cristian.


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