OLTL Update Friday 11/12/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/12/04


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*Due to breaking news of the Peterson case, the first part of the recaps are missing.*

At Llanfair, Viki tells Natalie that she knows if felt like the end of the world when Cristian died. Natalie says that she wish it was. Viki says no. Natalie asks her why did it have to be him. Viki says that she doesn’t know. She says when some so young like him lose their life it makes you wonder what can you rely on. Natalie says that she knows that John feels responsible for Cristian’s death and she doesn’t know if she should trust him. Viki tells her that when she talked to John on the phone he seemed determined to see her exonerated. Viki tells her in order for him to do it, she has to let him and first she must help herself.

Cristian is in the hospital. As he comes to the doctor asks him if he can tell her his name. Cristian tries to talk, but the doctor tells him not to force it. She tells him that the nurse will be in to give him some pain medication and that she will be back after she checks his lab work. Before she leaves, she tells him that the police will becoming by to ask him what happened.

In Bo’s office, Nora tells Bo that when the two of them split she was pregnant and alone and Sam was there for her. She says she didn’t have reason to believe that Sam wasn’t Mathews father. Bo says that Sam loved her and he is surprised that they never got married. Nora tells him that they almost did, twice. Nora smiles says that she think she wanted her and Sam to work out to make sense of the mess she had made of her life. She says she just couldn’t commit to Sam. Bo tells her that he felt like he got in her way. Nora tells him that he did. Nora tells Bo that she loved him and had a lot of regrets about their marriage and divorce. Nora tells him that by the time Troy came along she knew that the two of them wouldn’t reconcile. She tells him that he had moved on and it was time for her to do the same. Nora then says talk about a rough landing. Bo tells her it was good that she didn’t marry Troy. Nora said that after that episode she had to question her judgment, so she didn’t want to be with anyone for a long time. Bo tells her that he felt the same way when Gabriel moved in. Bo says that he misses her. Nora says that she knows and tells him that she’s about Gabriel and all his loses. Bo says thanks and her to. Nora looks off and says what a couple of sad sacks they are, but it’s nothing a burger and fries won’t cure. Bo says no.

At Rex’s loft, John questions Rex. Rex asks him if their about done because he would like to see his sister who’s in jail. John tells him that Natalie isn’t in jail any longer and to stick around and explain how his finger prints got on Paul’s gun. Rex says that Paul had the gun out while he was over to his and Natalie’s place and he asked if he could take a look at it. Rex says that Natalie could have touched it anytime while they were living together. Rex then tells him so much for his evidence. John rubs his face and tell Rex that he thought he would have came up with a better one. John then questions Shannon about seeing a girl bury the gun. He asks her if she was tall and what she looked like. Shannon continues to say that it was dark and she didn’t see, but it was not Natalie. John tells her that if she’s holding out on him he won’t be able to help her when they press obstruction of justice on her. Shannon tells him that she can take care of herself. Rex tells John that he’s trying awfully hard to clear Natalie. John tells him to worry about his own situation. Rex says that he held the gun once and it doesn’t mean anything. John asks Shannon to call him if she remembers anything and she says okay. John leaves.

Rex tells her thank you in a sarcastic way. Shannon tells him he should have told her that he was trying to protect his sister. He tells her that she handed over the gun that landed Natalie in jail. Shannon tells him that she didn’t know and that she told him sorry and it wasn’t her fault. Rex tells her to leave because he needs to think. He walks to the door and opens it for her to leave. Shannon walks up to him and tells him that he better hope she don’t decide to tell John that he was the one that buried the gun because his legal problems are going to be a hell of a lot worst. she leaves and Rex slams the door behind her.

At Llainfair, Natalie tells Viki she gets what she’s saying, but doesn’t know what she wants her to do. She says that she is never going to date a guy like Paul and she knows that for sure. She tells her mother that she thought she was doing herself a favor by distancing herself from John. Viki asks her why. Natalie says because sometimes he is just a reminder of what happened to Cristian and besides that, he could never figure out what his feelings for her and she was almost relieved and then he started dating Evangeline. She says at least then she wasn’t hoping for something more than friendship Viki asks her if she sure that she isn’t hoping for it at least a little bit. Natalie says maybe. She says that she guess she’s been a little jealous of Evangeline and that she really doesn’t have a right to be. Viki asks her if John has ever lied to her before. Natalie says not since Cristian died. Viki tells her that when she came home on Halloween, she knows she is holding something back. Natalie says she doesn’t want to talk about. Viki tells her that it’s fine but she doesn’t think that she can hold it in forever. Viki tells her that she isn’t asking her to talk to her, but that she needs to talk to someone and she thinks it should be John.

John goes to the hospital to see the John Doe. He asks the doctor if she knows who brought him in. She tells John that he was left at the door. John asks her if he can see him. The doctor takes him to the room, but when they get in the room, no one is in the bed. The doctor says that someone must have moved him and she goes to check on it.

At Asa’s mansion, Asa tells Blair that if what she is saying is true, where is little Ace folks. Blair tells him that Paul is the only one that knows Ace biological mother’s real name and Kevin is making sure it doesn’t come out. Asa tells Blair that it’s a crook. Blair says that Paul has been missing since Halloween and is probably dead. Asa says that it is a bunch of bull. Blair says if he doesn’t believe her than ask Kelly, Dorian, Todd, or David. Asa tells Blair to get the hell out of his house. Blair tells him she has one even better and tells him to asks Kevin. She tells him to ask him how much money he’s been dishing out to keep his dirty little secret hidden and that there is know telling what else he’s done. Blair leaves, and Asa stands there with a look of worry on his face.

At the carriage house, Kelly tells Kevin if he wanted to he could find out who Ace biological mother really is. She tells him that he could hire private investigators and he could get the best. She tells him that they could be on the front of the newspaper and that they could even be on Good Morning America. Kevin say he could do all of that and still end up not finding her. He says the only thing that would happen is that they would lose Ace to child welfare and not to mention maybe go to jail. Kelly says that she’s going to find Ace’s mother because if she didn’t want to give him up she deserves to have him back. Kevin tells her that her brother is dead and it’s all his fault, so why can’t she just leave it alone. Kelly says that she can’t live with it. Kevin tells her that she is going to have to. Kelly tells him that she doesn’t like the way that sounded and asks him if he was threatening her. Kevin tells her that once he gets Ace back he won’t be losing him again.

At the police station, Bo and John walks into his office. Bo says that he has someone from missing person over to his father’s house. John says that it is probably one of the first places the kidnapper would probably call. John tells him that he’s sorry and knows that it has to be tough on him. Bo tells him thanks and asks him if there is anything new on the case. John tells him that Rex says his finger prints got on the gun from handling it before. Bo asks him if he thinks it’s more to it. John says yeah, but with that clown, you never get the whole story. Bo tells John that he is going to have to watch his step from here on out because he had to talk Daniel out of filing a report with internal affairs for digging up the coffin. John thanks him for looking out for him. Bo tell him that Daniel isn’t going to be to happy that he let Natalie out without having another suspect. John tells him that they couldn’t hold her much longer and that it’s not like she’s a flight risk. Bo tells him that he appreciates the way he’s looking out for his niece, but on this one form now on out he has to play by the book. John tells him that he knows that Daniel would have never gave him a warrant. Bo tells him that he is beginning to recognize what’s going on because he has been in the same situation before. Bo tells him that he needs to figure out what’s going on with him and Natalie because he could ruin the entire case and what he has going with Evangeline.

In the hallway at the police station, Evangeline asks Nora how a Police Commissioner and a Defense Attorney ever married. She asks her if they were fighting about cases all the time. Nora tells her pretty much, but they learned to laugh at the situation and their self most of the time. Evangeline asks he how does she find humor in that. Nora takes Evangeline by the arm and takes her to a seat. She tells her that she and John haven’t been together very long and that their relationship isn’t public and now their finding themselves on opposite sides of Natalie’s case. Evangeline says that it wouldn’t be a problem if John was behaving like a cop. She says he runs around like he’s Natalie’s private investigator. She tells Nora that something more than friendship going on there. Nora says it’s starting to get to you hasn’t it. Evangeline says it’ started.

At Llanfair, Natalie tells Viki that she can’t talk to John about Paul and that she feels like such an idiot. Viki tells her that she isn’t and that she is not responsible for anything that Paul Cramer did. Natalie tells her no, just for what she did. Viki tells her that whatever it was she can talk to John about it. She tell Natalie that she knows she’s strong enough to tell him the truth even if it is frightening. Natalie tells her that it is humiliating. Viki tells her that John will understand and that he wants to help her. Viki tells her that she just needs to trust him and until she does she can’t move on.

Cristian is outside on the Patio at Llanfair looking through the glass doors.

Kevin goes to the mansion. Asa asks him if Paul stole Ace and gave him to Kelly. Kevin asks him if Kelly told him that. Asa asks him was he ever going to tell him. Kevin says it was Paul and Kelly’s doing and by the time he found out it was to late to undo. Asa says so you let this Cramer kid blackmail you instead. Asa asks him why didn’t he come to him for help. Kevin tells him that he would have paid Paul off as well. Asa tells him that he didn’t even give him a chance to help him get out of the mess and now Cramer has disappeared and the cops thinks he was murdered. Asa asks Kevin if he had anything to do with it.

Kelly is at the carriage house and gets a phone call. It is Crystal (All My Children) telling her that the baby is safe. Kelly asks her if she has her son.

In Bo’s office, Bo asks Nora if she’s all right. Nora tells him yes and that she’s been needing that conversation for a while now. Bo says he bet Daniel will be happy. Nora says yes. Bo tells her that he hope she can really move on with his life. Nora says that she hopes he can as well. She tells him that seems like a really nice woman. Bo tells her that he really likes her. Nora then says when they were married they were there ever two more annoying people in love. Bo says no, never. He then says that the two people have change and that they’re gone. Nora says yeah, they’re gone.

At the police station, Evangeline and John run into each other in the hall. John apologizes to her about the stupid lawyer comment and says that he was an idiot. Evangeline asks him if he wants to work it out. John says us, absolutely. His cell phone rings and he says excuse me to Evangeline. It is Natalie and she tells him that she wants to talk to him about about what happen on Halloween with Paul. John tells her to sit tight and that he be right over. John asks Evangeline if they can talk about it later. Evangeline asks him if it was Natalie. John tells her yes and that he has to do this and goes to walk off. Evangeline calls him and he turns and comes back. She tells him that it isn’t working for her and until he can figure out how he feels about Natalie, she won’t be involved with him anymore. Evangeline walks away.

Cristian is still outside on the patio at Llanfair looking in at Natalie.

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