OLTL Update Wednesday 11/10/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/10/04


By Suzanne
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Todd talks to Jessica at The Sun about the story that's coming out (Kevin and the governor's possible election corruption).  Antonio comes in and verifies that Todd got the info from him, and he has dirt on Tico, too.  After Jessica leaves, Antonio urges Todd to keep Jessica away from the stories involving Tico because it's dangerous.  Todd claims he can't control her.  Antonio informs Todd that Rack 'em Ross was murdered in his jail cell.  Todd is surprised.  Neither knows who killed him but suspects it might be the Santis.  Antonio tells Todd that if Tico can kill someone in a federal penitentiary, imagine what he can do to Jessica in his home. 

At the Palace, Viki and Tico discuss Jessica working late.  She suspects that he doesn't like Jessica being so independent and working for Todd, but he denies that he's tried to hold her back in any way.  Governor Harrison Brooks comes over and asks Viki if there is any word on Ace; she answers that there isn't.  He lets her know that he is doing everything he can to help.  She thanks him.  Later, Jessica shows up.  Viki, Tico, Harrison, and Daniel are sitting at the table.  Harrison mentions that Jessica is working for "the enemy", meaning The Sun.  Viki asks her what story she's working on, so Jessica admits she's working on a story about Vegas.  She cozies up to Tico and suggests they go there so she can do some research and they can have a honeymoon.  She asks if he's ever been there, but he replies that he hasn't.  The governor goes to leave, so Tico walks him out.  Harrison makes sure to give Viki a little hug and a special good night.  In the outer room, Tico's pal Gerhardt shows them the Sun's headlines for tomorrow that accuse them off corruptions.   Harrison says there is no truth to the charges.  They worry about there being an investigation.  After Harrison stalks off, Tico says they have to get rid of him and get Kevin in before Harrison drags them all down.  Gerhardt wonders who is giving The Sun these stories.  Tico intends to find out.  He goes back to the table and thanks Viki for coming out with him when he knows she's so worried about Ace.  Tico has to leave, but Jessica says she will stay with Viki.  Tico gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves.  They wonder what's going on with Natalie lately.

At the graveyard, Dorian and Blair are caught by a security guard as they try to dig up Judge Hernandez' grave to get to Paul.  They try to pretend they aren't digging, but the guard does not believe them and phones the cops.

At the police station, John lays out to Natalie the evidence they have against her.  Evangeline appears and advises Natalie not to say anything.  John finds out that Evangeline is representing Natalie; he continues to lay out the evidence.  John leaves them alone.  Evangeline tells Natalie that things are not looking good for her right now.  She explains that even though there is no body, she can be convicted by the circumstantial evidence.  Evangeline advises Natalie not to say any bad things about Paul any more.  Evangeline makes a list of the evidence they have against Natalie.  Natalie doesn't have an alibi, either.  Evangeline asks her what happened that night.  Natalie starts to tell her and we see parts of it in flashback.  Natalie stops short and can't bring herself to tell Evangeline about her fight with Paul.  Evangeline, clearly worried about her, suggests she talk to someone.  Natalie confides that she tried to tell Cristian, that she went to the church and lit a candle for him.  Evangeline asks John to release Natalie, but he says they can hold her 72 hours before the DA decides whether to press charges or not.  Even though he's arrested her, John still worries about Natalie and hopes Evangeline can help her.  She comments that it's so weird and hopes this doesn't hurt their relationship.  He replies that it won't unless they let it.  He wishes Natalie would let her family comfort her in her time of need.

Dorian and Blair are taken to the police station.  David arrives because Dorian had called him.  John wonders why they're there.  They are told that the priest at St. Jude's is not going to press charges, since there was no damage.  John says he has some questions.  He asks Dorian why she was digging up the judge's grave.  Dorian lies that she thought she had accidentally thrown her engagement ring into her grave when she tossed in some flowers during the funeral, but then she found it in her coat pocket.  John doesn't believe her but lets them go.  He phones someone to try to get an arrest warrant, so he can dig up the grave.

On the ship, the guard comes in to Cristian's cell to tell him that he (the guard) is getting some female company.  Later, he comes in and makes some lewd comments about Natalie, so Cristian attacks him with his home-made knife.  They get into a fight; the guard has a knife, too.  Next we see, the guard is unconscious and bound on Cristian's bunk, and Cristian has on his clothes.  However, Cris has a knife wound on his body.  He leaves, determined to find Natalie and help her.

Asa arrives at the Palace and goes out on the terrace.  He was expecting to meet with Todd but instead finds Starr.  She wants to make a bargain with him so that he will give Todd his identity back, so he and Blair can get married.

Bo, Nora, and Matthew are having dinner at The Palace.  When Nora asks about a friend of Matthew's, he says that the boy's parents are getting divorced.  He asks if they fought a lot like Bobby's parents.  They can't remember ever fighting, so he asks why they got divorced.  Nora looks guilty and unsure of what to say.  They tell Matthew that they don't hate each other, they just had some problems they couldn't work out, but they still love him and are a team when it comes to being his parents.  Matthew seems satisfied with that answer, so he goes to say hello to Starr.  Bo and Nora are glad to get that over with and figure they shouldn't tell Matthew any more than he can understand.  Nora comments that she barely understands it herself, and Bo grimaces.  They steal food off each other's plates.  Bo says he is looking forward to having Matthew to himself when she goes away with Daniel this weekend.  She's excited to be away from the office.  He wonders if they are getting serious, but she quickly says that they're not; they are still getting to know each other.

Matthew joins Asa and Starr.  Starr tells Asa that she will give him back his golden spurs if he gives Todd back his identity.  He gets angry that she has them because they were from John Wayne.  Matthew admonishes them both for fighting and Starr for stealing.  He tells Asa that so many people get divorced, that he should help Starr's parents get remarried.  Asa tries to barter with Starr by saying she needs to prove the spurs are still in mint condition, and he will thinking about helping her, but she won't go for it.  She stands up and tells him that he knows where to find her, and then she goes inside.

Todd phones a source to see if he can find more info about Ross' murder.  Antonio agrees to give him another good headline if he can find that out.  Blair arrives, and Antonio leaves.  Todd tells Blair some of the stuff that he suspects Tico of doing.  They figure that Tico must have given Kevin so much money for his campaign in hopes that in four years he will take the governor's place.  She massages his shoulders as he wishes he could get more dirt on Kevin.  They kiss, and she tells him about trying to dig up Paul's body. 

Dorian and David go to the Palace; she makes some catty comments about Bo wasting his time on dinner when he should be out searching for Ace.  David demands to know what Dorian was really doing out in the cemetery.  She tries to lie, but he won't have it, so she tells him what she told Blair.  He is a bit annoyed that she's been selling off parts of the Bahdrah diamond and he is panic-stricken at the thought that they might be broke.  She tries to downplay that, saying they are just short on liquid assets.  David understand that she was giving up the necklace to protect someone she loves.  She worries that they might be arrested, but he declares that he will cover for her, as he knows she would for him.

John goes to The Palace and tells Bo about Natalie but says she doesn't want Viki or Jessica to know yet.  He has no word on Ace yet but offers encouragement to Viki when she comes over.  John asks Daniel if he can give him a warrant to dig up the judge's grave to find Paul.  Daniel won't do that because he doesn't think John has probably cause.  John tells Daniel to leave his phone on as he leaves.  Daniel tells Nora he'd like to leave early for their trip; she looks unsure about that.  Asa walks by and says a pointed hello to Nora and Bo.  Matthew tells Bo that he has something really important to ask him.  Matthew asks Bo if he can call him "Dad" now, and of course Bo is thrilled to hear it.

Dorian sees Starr and chides her for being out late again without her parents' knowledge.  Dorian phones Blair to come get her.  David abruptly tells Dorian he has to leave and rushes out, leaving her wondering what's going on.  Blair arrives and chews out Starr, who explains why she was there.  Dorian leaves suddenly to look for David.

Tico goes to The Sun and threatens to hit Todd with a libel suit.  Todd says he can't sue him if the stories are true.  Tico demands to know who Todd's source is.  He won't respond, so Tico threatens him some more.  Todd asks if Tico's friends in Vegas will help him, so Tico remembers what Jessica asked.    He decides to have a word with Jessica.

Antonio goes to the palace; Jessica sees him and meets him outside on the terrace.  She wants to talk about the other day but he kisses her instead.  He urges her to leave Tico because he's dangerous and kills people who get in his way.  She won't do it and they argue, then she walks away and goes back to Viki.

John goes to the graveyard and digs up the grave.  The guard questions him, but John tells him that he has a warrant.  John finds Paul and brings him up out of the grave.  He is about to phone Daniel when someone hits him over the head with a shovel.

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